He kissed Harry's hand. "I love you. I was forced into an arranged marriage with a woman I never loved and never thought to have a chance at love. But you changed that. You have made me happier then I ever imagined being. Will you marry me?"

Harry was in tears but he managed to squeak out. "Yes."

Lucius slid the beautiful ring onto his hand and standing up he spun Harry around off his feet in a long passionate kiss. As he put Harry back down on his feet and their lips drew apart but still inches from each other they were alerted to the fact that they were not alone by clapping. Harry turned to see all of his guests watching.

His dads were the first to come over and Harry looked at Sirius unsure how he would react. "Dad?"

Sirius pulled him into a hug. "You know I am so happy for you. I know I wasn't this time last year but I see what a good man Luc is. I am so happy for you."

Crying in his dads arms Harry was amazed at how much had changed since this time last summer. His birthday last year Draco had given him and Lucius his blessing so they had got back together but a few weeks later his dad walked in on them and out on he and Severus. Now his dad was not only giving his blessing but he was also really happy for them. But as he turned to his father he reminded himself what changed there too. He had gone from hating the man and reluctantly giving his blessing to calling him father and as excited about their baby, Sirius now five months pregnant.

Severus turned from congratulating Severus and pulled him into his own hug. "Congratulations Harry. You know I am probably one of the happiest for you."

Harry nodded and he looked at him. "I owe this day to you. You talked Draco into his blessing and helped with dad. Thank you so much father."

Draco was probably the happiest though. If anyone Harry had thought would never approve of their marriage more then his dad it had been Draco. Draco though was beaming as he hugged his dad and he practically cut off Harry's oxygen supply when he came to hug him.

Draco smiled. "I guess you have to keep your promise not to make me call you dad. Are you going to make me a big brother soon? I want that baby sister."

Harry smirked. "Your father and I are not even engaged for ten minutes and you want to know if I am pregnant yet? How about he makes an honest man of me first."

They had been speaking of children since before their first date and there was no doubt that Harry and Lucius would have one of their own sooner then later. They were both still picturing their own little girl. Especially with Remus and Sirius both expecting daughters.

He turns to Remus and asked. "I know the wedding is not till New Years but I hope since father will be Luc's witness, you'd walk me down the aisle with dad."

It was Remus' turn to be in tears. "You know I'd be so honoured Harry. It really means the world to me that you'd ask."

Reminding Remus his promise to always be the man's son went both ways. He considered Arthur like a dad but in his heart he had three dads, and a father who he knew like his mother would watch over him on his wedding day. With Severus sure to be by his fiancé's side, he'd be so touched to have both men by his side. The hard pat would be choosing only two witnesses as he knew Lucius would have Draco and Severus at his side. He had time; they planned on marriage at New Years.

Lucius pulled him into his arms after the Weasleys had congratulated him. "I already have a few plans for our wedding and both our honeymoons."

Harry was reminded that they were going to have a proper second one, longer in the summer when they had time. "I think I like the sounds of that."

Definitely the romantic of the two he knew what ever Lucius planned would be incredible. They'd go away for a week after the wedding but go for a wild adventure later after their holiday. He seemed to take after his dads for he and his dads were leaving in a few days for two weeks to Australia for the proper honeymoon they were promised as well. Harry was reluctant to leave his new fiancé so soon but he had been looking forward to the new trip.

The birthday party continued well after dinner but that night Lucius rarely left his side. "I have a very special plan for the two of just tomorrow."

Harry knew Lucius wanted to celebrate their engagement alone. "I like the sounds of that Luc. I'd like to enjoy my fiancé to myself."

The term fiancé seemed so wonderful to both of them now. Lucius had been engaged since he was fifteen to Narcissa, married at eighteen. But he had never used the term willingly. His only joy was Draco. He'd love every child he and his husband were blessed with but the marriage and his husband himself were just as precious.

Harry scooped up Calliope into his arms. "You know perhaps next summer when we take out proper honeymoon we will work on our own little one."

Lucius definitely liked the sounds of that. "I know you want to finish quidditch in your senior year. I can definitely wait till next summer to try."

Over hearing the comment Draco suggested they try right away. Harry smirked for as much as he knew Draco wanted to be a big brother, it was about quidditch. Draco had never defeated Harry in quidditch before. He had tried to convert Harry to a snake last year. The last time the snakes had won the cup was in first year when Draco was not on the team and the lions lost their last game as Harry was in the hospital wing. They had still beaten the snakes though earlier in the season.

There were toasts before bed and Sirius raised a glass. "To my son on his seventeenth birthday, his engagement to the love of his life and being made head boy."

Seeing his son's confusion on the last Severus handed him a badge. "We were told a week ago. Albus said we could present this to you on your birthday."

There was no surprise that Hermione had made head girl but he had expected Draco to have made head boy as he was the top male student. Draco reminded Harry he only beat Harry by a half percent last year. Draco did not mind his brother beat him to it.

Draco clapped him on the back. "You know when you and your dads get back from your trip, I and the guys are taking you out. You need your first pub crawl."

Harry smiled but looked at Hermione. "I think your girlfriend would protest if it was just the guys but I would definitely be up for that."

Though seventh year meant they'd be able to leave school evenings and weekends when not busy with classes and other activities, Harry still thought doing the drinking binge before the school year started, would be a good idea. Besides the Three Broomsticks was not the most exciting bar to head out to.


Harry was a bit surprised when Lucius removed the blindfold the next day after a portkey and he found they were standing on the banks of a Scottish Loch but he knew this time they were not at Loch Ness. This was a far more remote beautiful location with a small town off in the distance.

Lucius kissed him tenderly. "I thought instead of a touristy day we could take a nice walk and have a picnic, just the two of us."

Harry linked hands with him. "I really like the sounds of that. After spending all day with our family and friends yesterday, I want you all to myself."

He had considered taking Harry off to some where grand like Paris or something but though Harry was growing closer to being ready for his more extravagant ways he had wanted his fiancé to himself. He planned on making sure both their honeymoons would sweep Harry absolutely off his feet.

They walked into the small town and Harry was a bit surprised when they came to a small 17th century coaching inn. "Luc?"

Lucius kissed him. "I have booked us a suite here. I will not ask you to share my bed if you're not ready. There are two. I just wanted us to have the entire day."

Harry pulled him in for a tender kiss assuring his fiancé he knew that Lucius would not have rushed him. As of yesterday they had his dad's blessing to take it further for Harry was of age but Lucius knew Harry still needed to have it taken slow. After confronting his Uncle and then his former friend's attack, Harry needed time.

A friendly looking woman greeted them. "You must be the nice couple who are staying in our Wallace suite tonight. Your room and picnic basket are ready for you."

Lucius smiled and took the key from the woman. "Thank you for arranging this for us."

As they walked through the six room inn Lucius explained that it was a small family operated business run by the older woman and her husband. Most of the guests sat down together for dinner in the small dinning room and there was a quiet parlour as well. He remembered how Harry had been fond of the history when they had been there for their second date when they had been at Loch Ness.

Lucius led him into a beautiful room in the eaves of the hotel where there was only one king-size bed but he pointed the couch in the sitting area. "It pulls out."

Harry smiled and kissed him. "I am not ready to have sex but I think we can manage to share a bed. Besides you're an old man, won't want to hurt your back."

Nipping his fiancé on the nose Lucius assured Harry that it would take more then that to hurt his back. The room definitely had wonderful old charm with some beautiful prints on the wall and even a muggle style claw foot tub in the bathroom. There were even a few bouquets of wild flowers that Lucius arranged for.

They eventually left and headed through town and out along the loch on a hike. Harry smirked. "See you are an old man my love, you need a cane."

Lucius playfully smacked him on the arm. "I assure you where we are going you might wish you had a walking stick my love and I won't be carrying you."

Though Loch Ness had been beautiful it was nothing Harry thought to this place. It was so beautiful and remote, not a tourist location, a few farms here and there and the village where they were staying. They hiked through the beautiful fields of heather and up through some of the more hilly trails where he saw Luc had a point. His amazing fiancé took pity on him and found a walking stick for him. They had a picnic lunch on a butte with an amazing view of the lake as well as the town across.

They were heading back when the bad weather started and Lucius kissed him. "I guess even in summer in the highlands you can't expect good weather all the time."

Harry took his arm for apparition. "Well then I guess we will just have to snuggle in front of the fire back at the inn and enjoy some of the owner's stories."

When they arrived back at the inn the old woman smiled and ushered them into the parlour where the eight other guests were all trying to stay warm and dry, some playing board games and others talking. Harry and Lucius took up the muggle chess board and laughed at the novelty of pieces that did not talk and fight. Harry had seen normal chess for years before Hogwarts but it had been so long.

As they went into the dinning room for a dinner of lamb stew and bread Lucius apologized. "This wasn't exactly the romantic night for two I wanted for you."

Harry kissed him. "You could not have stopped the bad weather. Besides I am having an amazing time with you."

Though the plans had definitely changed from what he intended Lucius agreed with Harry that things had worked out well. After dinner they enjoyed sitting curled in front of the fire in the sitting room while the owner shared stories from his family who had been in the area for hundreds of years. They had worked as stewards for the noble of the area and the coaching house was all that was left of the original estate. There was some mulled cider on the cool summer evening and music to follow.

Later that night Harry came from the bathroom in boxers and reached over and drew Lucius in for a long tender kiss. "Still joining me in the bed?"

Lucius pulled back and smiled. "If you mean it. I want you to be comfortable my love. You know I am fine with the pull out bed."

Drawing his fiancé towards the bed and down with him he dissolved into the warm arms and passionate kissing of Lucius. Lucius took such pleasure as Harry's mouth opened and his tongue slid inside the young man's mouth and his hands went to Harry's chest. Harry did not stiffen or draw away as he had the last time but just put his hands behind the man's neck and kept him in place. Eventually Lucius' mouth left his and latched on to one of Harry's earlobes eliciting a wonderful moan from the boy's throat which deepened and his mouth trailed down his neck, his teeth gently grazing the skin here and there, sinking fully into the collar bone. He looked up with such a smile when Harry hissed from the sensation when Lucius latched on to one and then the other of his lovely pink nipples. He stopped as he knew Harry was not ready for him to go further but as he came up to Harry and pulled him close Harry surprised him slightly by repaying him. He was a bit less adventurous when Lucius but he felt Harry's teeth tugging his earlobes and fingers tracing his bare chest and nipples, tweaking them with his fingers and not his teeth.

Eventually Harry settled snuggled into his arms and Lucius kissed him tenderly. "I love you so much Harry. You have made me happier then I ever imagined."

Harry smiled as his fiancé's hand played with his engagement ring. "Luc you keep making my dreams come true. I am the lucky one. Thank you."

As Harry drifted off to sleep he knew Harry felt lucky for many reasons including feeling like he did not deserve this happiness. He had been so worried Luc would leave him over his Uncle and then over his friends. Lucius did not care how long it took. He'd prove Harry was worthy of his love and that he'd never leave him.

He looked down at the ring Harry wore. "I kept my promise that would be on your finger this summer. I will keep my promise to be with you always, my love."


Though slightly reluctant to leave Lucius and sad they had not done the trip before his birthday Harry had to admit that he was still excited. The three of them had spoken for some time about where they wanted to go for they planned it unlike New York. They had considered a number of places but Australia had been the final choice. It was a mix of both their wedding and honeymoon, a touch of the city as well as the wild. They'd be staying in Sydney but they would be going to Cairns and some other locations as well.

Lucius kissed him. "At least this time I don't have to worry about any good looking blokes stealing you while you're away. I do wish the ring was flashier though."

Harry smacked him gently. "I don't need some five carat diamond on my hand for people to know I am engaged and stay away. I promise you are my one and only."

Groans and a reminder that the portkey was about to leave had Harry leave the arms of his fiancé and join his dads. They had gone to the international portkey terminal in London so that they could have a one portkey trip. It would be easier on the five month pregnant Sirius whose baby bump was going to be under concealment charms for the next two weeks. They were going to be staying at a muggle hotel in Sydney though they would be combining wizard and muggle activities.

It was his dad who looked bit green when they arrived in Australia and they planned it so they arrived in the late evening so they could sleep right away and not worry about jet leg. Though they took a portkey there was still a strain on the body for longer trips and since Sirius was pregnant that had grown. It was not late yet though and after settling into their Sydney harbour hotel suite with amazing views of the Opera house, they headed out for some dinner.

Sirius groaned when they board a boat though. "I thought we were just going for some dinner. First a portkey and now a boat."

Severus handed him a bottle. "Well then it is a good thing my love that you are married to a potions master. I made sure I had something for sea sickness."

They would be spending a lot of the two weeks travelling for they were doing things like Ayers rock and the Blue Mountains, Penguin parade down in Melbourne and the rainforest as well. They had decided that the first day in Sydney they still should take advantage of even with a cruise before dinner and a trip to the opera house.

The boat was not too bad on his stomach and they all loved the sunset over the harbour and the stop at the opera house which was really beautiful. They stopped at an Aussie pub for dinner on their way back towards the hotel. There was a rugby game going on so there were plenty of people in the pub but they got a table.

Sirius swallowed some of his hamburger and laughed. "I have muggle television and I never understood these weird sports they have. I'll take quidditch any day."

Harry shrugged. "For playing I agree but rugby isn't too bad to watch. I remember being forced to watch lawn bowling and cricket with my relatives."

As they chowed down on burgers and soda for Harry and Severus took pity on their pregnant companion and stayed away from alcohol, the excitement of the other people in the pub as it turned out to be a major game, spread to them. They were cheering as loudly for the home team as the other patrons by the end of the game and Sirius encouraged the other two to accept when one of the patrons bought a round of beers at the end to celebrate the win.

As they headed back for the hotel Severus smiled. "I know it must be a bit odd to be away from your fiancé so soon but we're glad you still joined us."

Harry hugged them both. "We have been planning this for months and I wanted to come with you as much as you wanted me to. I would not have missed it."

They had considered going earlier in the summer but they had not really known when or how Lucius had planned on proposing. They had been told the weather would be slightly warmer in some of the southern locations they were going if they waited till August. Harry laughed to think this was what Australians considered winter.

Harry looked at the pendent he had been given by one of the fans. "I think we need to go to a rugby game for real if we can before we go home. It was cool."

Sirius even agreed with that when they got to their suite. "There are not too many exciting things I can join you two in. I'd be up for cheering in the stands next."

Though he had assured his son and husband he wanted them to do the activities, Sirius could not do the rock climbing or diving with Harry and Severus. They had made sure there were plenty of things he'd do with them as well though. They were all looking forward to the aboriginal cultural adventure the next day and wondered if they'd have any luck throwing boomerangs though after the wedding in Africa the spear throwing might not be too hard.