They had decided to make this a family trip this year in more ways then one. Harry and Lucius had not only brought their three but Draco and Hermione with the kids and Harry's dads had come along as well. Tonks and Remus had been invited but they had been busy but they and their two sent their love. Lucius had kept his promise to his husband to show him the wonders of the world. They had been married for ten years now and Lucius had taken him to every corner of the globe at least once. They returned though to their favourite, a natural wonder of the world, the Great Barrier Reef, to celebrate their anniversary. The kids had been before but Alex and Adri who were eight now had only been four and their little brother had been nursing. They had been blessed just over three years after the twins with a beautiful third son for Lucius, Ewan Nestor who was the opposite of the twins, Harry in every feature but he had Lucius' blue eyes and not Harry and the twins' green eyes. Though he loved all four of his kids, Adri would always be Lucius' secret favourite for she was his one and only daughter. He had yet even to have a granddaughter.

Draco had been working for his dad for some years now but Hermione was a senior partner with a major firm. They had been blessed with two beautiful little boys since they were wed. They had married six weeks after the twins were born in a beautiful Oriental garden themed wedding at the manor. They had waited till Hermione finished law school so though married nine years their eldest son Lucas Draco was six and their younger Michael Scorpio was three. They had not told Lucius but they were trying for number three with hopes for a daughter. Harry knew. Their sons had been named in part in Lucan's case for their fathers.

Harry smiled when the last of their guests arrived before their yacht they chartered for a week was about to cast off. "It is about time you four got here."

Severus kissed his son on the cheek. "You know that we took your sisters to the zoo and as you can imagine we had quite the time pulling them away from it."

His fathers had got their wish of two daughters close together in age and were never disappointed to only have one son, Harry. Lila had turned ten a few weeks before

And her little sister who would go to school with the twins had turned eight in October, little Cyllene Medea.

Harry bent down and kissed his sisters. "Glad you two could pull yourself away from the elephants and come. I promise the boat is pretty cool as well."

Lena kissed his cheek. "You know we want to come with you Harry and you promised to take us to see the blue penguins remember when we get back."

Ruffling his sister's curls he assured her they still had some time before they had to return home. Their actual anniversary was at the end of the week on the yacht. Harry had taken over teaching DADA some years ago from Remus d since he and his father were teachers, they did need to be back by the 6th. Harry had loved his work with the governors and still held is seat, and had been a guidance counsellor position for five years before Remus had actually retired. But he was happy to be teaching now. Lucius still commuted from the school and he kids loved living there though they all could not wait till they actually started.

Lucius drew his husband in close and kissed him. "To think it has been nearly ten years. I can never thank you enough for how amazingly happy you make me."

Harry kissed his husband tenderly. "I could say the same. I can not even imagine my life without you and our beautiful children any more."

His life had never been easy. He had been orphaned young. Abused and molested. And after facing Voldemort had faced jealous friends and nearly been raped. But there had been so much happiness. His dads, his godfather and Tonks, his husband and kids, Draco and Hermione, the Weasleys and his true friends. He would give up none of it. The horrors he had survived made him stronger. And would make him a better father to his kids He'd do anything to ensure they never suffered as he had.

Harry looked at the horizon as they cast off. "A perfect way to celebrate a decade of marriage and may more to come."

Author note: Ewan Nestor Malfoy: Ewan (English) young warrior for Harry not only as hero but as the DADA teacher, Nestor (Greek) traveler, for the globe trotters

Lucas Draco Malfoy: Lucan (Latin) a variant honour to Lucius also means light. Draco (Latin) dragon, honour of the baby' dad and constellation.

Michael Scorpio Malfoy: Michael (Hebrew) who is like god, honour of Hermione's dad, Scorpio (Latin) scorpion, constellation of the zodiac, for Black family

Cyllene Mede Black: Cyllene (Greek) is a mountain nymph and the name of a moon of Jupiter for the blacks, Medea (Greek) cunning for her Slytherin Papa