It was only one week before the Seer, Watanuki Kimihiro's, sixteenth birthday. It was oddly quiet around the shop that day and Yuuko hadn't asked him to do anything, really. Just simple dishes and of course, sake. She told his boyfriend, Doumeki Shizuka, that he should be here, never giving details.

The archer watched the other cook silently, "Oi," he said suddenly. Watanuki didn't even dare turn to look over,
"My name isn't 'oi'." He said simply, "And I've told you that before. You're not getting a decent answer out of me until you call me by my name."

"Kimihiro," He said slightly glaring at the other, "Do you know why Yuuko wanted me over?" he asked.

"No clue" He said look at him a little, "She just holed up in her room all day. I guess she thinks I'm lonely." He hissed, "'Cause I'm not." Doumeki smirked pressing against Watanuki, his arms wrapped around him protectively,
"No need to be lonely, I'm alway here," he teased.

"Oh great," he rolled his eyes, trying to focus back on the cooking, "Impeding on my work schedule too. Soon you'll be molesting me everywhere."

"You bet." he said flattly, pecking the top of his head. Soon, Maru and Moro bounded into the kitchen,

"Watanuki, Watanuki!" they chanted, "Yuuko wants you outside!"

"Ugh, no one appreciates me anymore!" He threw his hands up as he turned towards the door and started to walk outside, "I'm cooking! I don't have eight arms!"

"I appreciate you," he said, pinching Watanuki's ass. The girls giggled,

"We'll help Watanuki!" they said, running to what he was cooking.

"Oh don't be whiny," Yuuko called from the porch, where her normal glass of sake rested in between her delicate fingers, "I have someone who wishes to speak with you and you're walking so slow." She frowned slighty as Watanuki tried to wring Doumeki's neck.

"Kimihirooo!" A blonde magician squealed, hugging (nearly glomping) the boy. He pressed him close, "Kimihiro-chan, you're so pretty..." he said softly, playing with his hair slightly.

"Yu-Yuuko. He's crushing me." Watanuki flushed, looking despairingly from the man to Doumeki to The Witch. "Who is this??" He narrowed his eyes a little as Yuuko shrugged to herslef,

"Fai D. Flowright. He's traveling with Sakura and Syaoran if you remember." Watanuki gave a look of horror,

"WHY IS HE HUGGING ME!" Fai just laughed a little,

"Kuro-wanwan!" He said, looking over at the ninja, "aren't you comming over?" he asked with a mock-pout. Doumeki could only slightly glare at the older man. Yes...why was he hugigng his 'Nookie? Yuuko mumbled,

"I think I'll let them explain."

Kurogane pushed himself off the wall of the porch, coming over slowly to the group. Watanuki looked from him to Fai to Doumeki to Yuuko and backed up a step, "What's this about?" Fai smiled, though he was still worried internally,

"Kimihiro-chan, let's go inside, alright?" he said softly, his hand intertwinging with the ninja's. Watanuki spun and grabbed Doumeki's arm, pulling him inside.

Doumeki followed without a word, though Fai staied outside, "Kuro-rin..." he whispered, "maybe he shouldn't know..." he said, looking away.

"I paid alot for us to come here for you," Kurogane said quietly to him, "Either you do it or it's never." He bit his bottom lip, his blue eyes looking up,

"I know..." he said quietly, a small smile forming as he pecked his cheek, "such a sweet puppy."

"I'M NOT YOUR PUPPY!!" Kurogane roared. Fai just laughed lightheartedly,

"Come on, Kuro-rin," he said with a smile, leading him inside. Watanuki sighed,

"What do you think this is all about?"

"I don't know," the archer replied, a hand wrapping around his waist, "I'm still trying to figure out why I'm here..." he murmured. The mage and ninja quietly entered the room, giving a smile as he sat down on the chair across from the other,

"Kimihiro-chan," he said quietly, looking at Kurogane nervously.

"I'd prefer if you didn't use the suffix -chan." Watanuki started politely, considering that was the one suffix he didn't want attached to his name, "And please use my last name to address me, considering we just formally met." He looked a little scared and confused.

"But that's just it..." he said quietly, "Kimihiro," he said, "you're parents are still alive." he said. Watanuki's eyebrows raised over his sapphire eyes, slightly in irritation and curiosity,

"They died when I was a little kid. I saw them dead with my own two eyes." His eyes were reflecting sadness but he promised he was done crying over the past.

"They weren't your biological parents," Fai said seriously, "we are."

"You're a man." Watanuki said plainly, and he stabbed himself mentally for sounding like Doumeki. He looked away with that answer, bitting his bottom lip, "Kurogane...a little help here?" he asked. Kurogane sighed,

"There's nothing I can say." Fai's clear blue eyes started watering,

"...I knew we shouldn't have came..." he murmured, getting up and walking outside again. Kurogane stood up as well, looking down at Watanuki gruffly,

"You can't even consider anything can you?"

Watanuki stuttered in response,

"B-but you're both guys! How could I be your son? My parents look exactly like me! How do you look like-"

Kurogane stomped off, and Yuuko entered silently and she whispered to the older pair of men that had just left before she came in.

"You made him cry." Doumeki pointed out bluntly, "you should be more open-minded."

"Doumeki Shizuka I WAS NOT SPAWNED FROM TWO MEN." He flushed in anger.

"Watanuki, darling." Yuuko said form the door, "It's going to cost so much to prove to you that they're trying to tell you the truth." She touched her cheek dramatically, her smile spelling nothing other than pure evil even though it was meant to be innocent. Watanuki shoved his face in his hands and groaned loudly. Doumeki's arm tightened a bit as he pecked the top of his head,

"Think of it this way; you work here until the day you die and then some paying off this debt plus everything else," he said, "or, give Fai-san and Kurogane-san the benifit of the doubt. Then again, you can dismiss everything." Watanuki pulled away from him,

"I'll be back." He pushed past Yuuko at the door and made his way down the hall. That's the smartest and longest thing I've ever heard out of him...


Fai sat on the steps, leaning on Kurogane, who was sitting next to him. He knew he was an idiot for even considering comming here-- of course Kimihiro would deny this fact. After all, they where rarely in his life...they couldn't be..."Kuro-rin..." he said quietly.

"What?" Kurogane asked a little irritably, incapable of romance.

"I'm sorry...for the trouble I caused you in this. I really shouldn't have..." he murmured, "even considered it." He couldn't help the silent tears fall once more. Kurogane leaned over and wiped some of the tears off his face, "It's fine. We'll both be in debt until we're dead anyway."

Suddenly Watanuki crouched down next to Fai, handing him a tissue, "I'm sorry Fai-san. You're story's just kinda far-fetched."

Fai smiled a little at his ninja before gasping lightly and looking over at Watanuki, not expecting him. He graciously accepted the tissue,

"Yeah I know..." he said with a bitter laugh, "not like I could help that." he said with a forced smile. He looked at him, he looks like his father... he thought. Watanuki sat down shyly,

"I just don't know how to believe you." He let out a sigh and the wind ruffled his hair.

"I understand, Kimihiro," he said quietly, placing a hand on his shoulder, "but belive it or not, you are Kimihiro Flowright."

"Could you at least give me a plausible explanation?" He asked quietly. Fai smiled a little, gently wrapping his arms around Kimihiro,

"how about telling you a little story on what happened around sixteen years ago," he said softly, "that will clear things up." Watanuki made a small noise from the close contact of the unfamiliar man. He smelled kind of like flowers and had a certain air to him that just struck Watanuki as magical. Kurogane was silent still.


"You know what the truth is, don't you Doumeki-kun?" Yuuko asked, sitting next to him. Somehow magically her pipe was in her hands and she took a long drag from it. The silent archer looked up at Yuuko, nodding,

"that idiot doesn't, and that's what matters."

"He doesn't like to change. He's been living the same way since his 'parents' died. Being with you was a big change for him and he doesn't want anymore big changes right now." She sighed heavily, smoke circling around her beautiful form, "That boy doesn't realize that change is a necessary part of life. You and I, we've been changing alot of things for him lately, because we love him. But he doesn't acknowledge." She smiled softly, "It's fine I guess."

"But he can't deny this forever, right?" he asked, his brown eyes showing concern though his expression still lacked.

"If he chooses to, he might." Yuuko said plainly, "Watanuki's future just can't be read. But I think that he will accept the two of them." Doumeki nodded a little,

"Me too."


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