Chapter three of Expect the Unexpected! Now with 15 percent more fluff! En-joy~


The magician sighed a little, looking at Kimihiro with a content smile, "Yuuko-san was helpful," he said quietly, "though things could have gone better during my pregnancy." he murmured. Watanuki just stared at him silently. The story was a little astonishing and he didn't know whether to believe it or not. Fai just chuckled lightly, "Though there is more to the story." he said softly.

(Moving on...)

The blonde was doing well, for being six months pregnant. But still, he rarely talked, and whenever Kurogane would ask him, he'd just smile and say 'Kuro-puppy! I'm fine. I'm just thinking.' and go do something else. He currently was laying on the couch, looking aggrivated at the wall like it was the source of everything."I hope he doesn't get your foul mood swings." Kurogane said from the doorway. His voice was a little lighter than usual, his body try to slow down the stress building up, "But if you keep it bottled up then you won't feel any better." Fai blinked, his expression blank for a moment, then looked at Kurogane with a smile,

"I'm fine, Kuro-chii," He said happily, getting off the couch, "really." he added, putting a hand on his stomach absentmindedly.

"Please don't walk away from me again," Kurogane said, standing in front of him, "I can't stand it." He looked down, his expression dropping considerably as he leaned his head against Kurogane's shoulder. Walking away...was that all he was doing? It's all he ever did, really. He nuzzling into his shirt more to clear away the thought, "I'm fine."

"You're lying." He said, wrapping his arms around him. He closed his eyes tightly,

"No I'm not!" he argued, clinging tighter to the ninja.

"Why are you avoiding me? Is it because you're fine?" He asked.

"Yes." He replied hard and stubbornly. He couldn't hold back the tears that wanted to come out. He found himself crying alot...even if Kurogane didn't. Kurogane frowned. He didn't know what to say. Fai was being so difficult; this was why he was never with women. They were so moody. Fai looked up at Kurogane with misty eyes, forcefully kissing his lips. Kurogane loosened his grip a little, his hands resting on the other's shoulders. Kurogane kissed him deeply. The magician's hand crept up to cup the other's cheek. Simple effective way to make Kurogane forget momentarily.

He can blame it on mood swings.

Kurogane narrowed his eyes, not daring to close them. He pulled Fai closer, feeling his swelled stomach press against his. "I love you...Kurogane." he said softly against the other's lips.
"Thank you," Kurogane said quietly hoping Fai would stop moping, "I love you too." Fai smiled at him softly, though blinked and looked at his stomach when he felt the child inside stirr and kick. "Everything okay?" The other asked him. Fai looked back up and smiled brightly, noding happily and putting Kurogane's hands on his stomach. Kurogane smiled genuinely back at him, feeling life at his mage snuggled gently into the ninja,

"...he'll grow up fine..." he said softly.

"Of course he will," He said, "but we have to be careful." Fai nodded, though brought his lips up to Kurogane's ear and gently nipped it. Alright this time, he is thinking of it. Kurogane slid an arm around his waist. He wondered what Fai was thinking, well actually, he wondered what he himself was thinking. He brushed his lips across Fai's neck. This was one of the few times it was even partially intimate between them since Fai got this way. The blonde smiled, his arms wrapping around the other's neck, gently kissed the soft spot of skin behind his ear. It somehow amazed him how a masculine, tough ninja such as Kurogane could be so gentle, so loving. Kurogane was a little lost. He could feel a kick from the life in-between them, and his grip loosened a little. He lowered his head in the other man's neck just a little. Fai sighed contently,

"You're wonderful, Kurogane." he said softly against the other's ear.
"You never cease to amaze me," The other countered back. The magician giggled a little, playing with his raven coloured hair.

Fai wasn't that depressed anymore.


It was only two months later that things were getting bad again. Kurogane and Fai where getting attacked often...

Fai wrapped his arms around his stomach, just barely blocking the attack, though some of his hair did get cut in the process. "Why haven't we left yet?" Kurogane muttered to himself as he smashed into an enemy to his left. "You okay over there?" He called to Fai.

"Just...fine..." he replied, fighting off to the best of his abilities, "though it is getting difficult."

Kurogane slashed another one coming towards him, then ran quickly to the spot where Fai was,

"What are we gonna do then?"

The blonde bit his bottom lip,

"I...I don't know." he said quietly, crossing his arms over his stomach.

"We should hide," He said.

Fai nodded, "that's our best..." he voice trailed off and his eyes widened, "...oh shit..."

"Fai?" Kurogane said worriedly, "Wat is it?"

"I....I'm going into labor..." he murmured quietly.


Fai leaned his head on Kimihiro's, "And so, we went to Yuuko's shop and she helped me deliver you," he said softly, "she was the one to give you the name 'Kimihiro'." Watanuki was silent for a moment,

"And Watanuki was the name adopted parents?" The mage nodded,

"Yes." he answered simply, brushing away some hair that was in his son's face. Kurogane stared off into the distance of the shop's exterior. Watanuki looked up silently at Fai, unsure of what to say.

"Kimihiro-chan..." Fai said suddenly, "I know finding this out is a bit...shocking," he was careful with this words, "but just know that your Father and I love you." Watanuki looked down to hide his glassy eyes, "Yeah.." The blonde gently hugged the other, kissing the top of his head,

"And...I'm sorry..." he whispered quietly. Watanuki was silent, thinking. It was weird to think that he came from these two people-but then again, he'd seen enough weird stuff in his life and in the past year or so working for Yuuko to believe this...Fai looked up at Kurogane, "Kuro-pon..." he said quietly, "you okay?" he asked. "I'm fine," he offered, "Nothing wrong."
Fai frowned a little, resting his head back on Kimihiro's. Today was an awkward day for everyone..."Kimihiro-chan, I'll make dinner for us tonight," he said, then looked back up to Kurogane, "Kuro-daddy, shouldn't the kids be here soon?" he asked.
"I'm not sure. I hope so," he said calmly. Fai bit his bottom lip, though smiled a little once the sky opened up, practically spitting out two children. "Fai-san!" Said the girl, almost running right before she hit the ground. The young boy squeaked a little, "Sakura-hime, are you okay?" he asked, helping her up. The mage stood with a small smile going over to the two,
"Hello kids!" he said happily, quickly checking Sakura for any injuries, "Journy over well?' he asked.
"Yeah, perfect!" She grinned, her cheeks flushed. Watanuki stood up. Fai grinned as well,
"Do you two remember Watanuki-chan?" he asked, awkwardly using Kimihiro's last name. "Yeah," Sakura said, "He helped us." Fai smiled and looked over to Watanuki, beckoning him over,
"Come'ere Watanuki-chan!" he said brightly. Watanuki flushed a little, looking at Kurogane before stepping off the porch. Fai wrapped an arm around Watanuki happily, though thought for a moment, "...where's Mokona?" he asked. Though, a little white puffball poked it's head out from Sakura's bag,
"Mokona's here!" Sakura smiled,
"Mokona got tired." Fai laughed a little once the white mokona sprung up to cling on Watanuki,
"Mokona remembers you!" it said brightly.
"I remember you," He said, "I DON'T LOOK LIKE POO!" The little furball started giggling,
"Says you!" it replied gleefully. Fai chuckled a little, taking Mokona into his arms,
"Okay, okay, that's enough..." He said with a smile. Kurogane stared down at his boots as Sakura giggled cutely. Fai looked over at the ninja and frowned a little, "Syaoran, please hold mokona.." he said, handing it to him, "I'll be right back," he said with a smile, though it quickly fadded as he approched the other, "Kuro-tan?" he said softly. "Hmn?" The man mumbled, looking up at him. "What's wrong?" he asked in a serious tone.
"Nothing is wrong, Fai. I've just never been the one for heartfelt family reunions." He retorted, "It's awkward." The mage looked a away for a moment,
"He's still your should talk to him a bit." he said quietly. Kurogane was silent for a moment, looking back down at his boots. Kurogane was silent for a moment, looking back down at his boots. Though awkward silence filled their space, Fai still spoke, "I guess I can't force you to do anything, can I?" his tone was bitter and hard.
"Don't you get all passive aggressive on me, Fai D. Flourite," Kurogane growled quietly, "Excuse me for not wanting to interrupt him right in the middle of his conversation."
"You could have helped me earlier, Kurogane," he said harshly, "Did you even say two words to him?!" his voice was a little louder than expected. Kurogane glared for a second. He stood up and grabbed him by the wrist and led him inside. Fai made a small noise in surprise as he was dragged, not even bothering to put up a fight. Kurogane was silent before slamming one of shouji doors shut. The other jumped a little, his anger had subsided though nervousness and fear was starting to rise. He had no idea what to expect from the ninja. Kurogane sighed a little, "I wish you wouldn't make such a goddamn fuss." Fai was surprised he wasn't half dead by now, "..." he wasn't sure on what to say, or even think. Right now, he didn't know anything. Kurogane brushed some of his partner's hair behind his ear, his gaze not as harsh as it had been. Fai blushed a little, gazing back at his lover, "...I just want to know..." he said softly, "Kurogane."
"What do you want to know?" The warrior replied.
"Why you haven't spoken to him." his voice was soft and nearly sad.
"I'm nervous." He replied quietly, "It's been 16 years and the beginning reaction was how I'd dreaded it all that time." Fai made a small noise, resting against Kurogane,"I know.." he said quietly. None of them ever voiced thier worries over Kimihiro, so neither of them knew they where thinking the same things, "but...would you have believed us the first time being told? With no explaination?" he asked softly.
"No. It's still hard to grasp." He said as a hand rested on his lover's back. Fai closed his eyes, feeling safe with his ninja,
"...I think he grew up very well, don't you?" he said suddenly. "Yeah. He's kinda wimpy though," Kurogane laughed just a little. Fai laughed a little;
He knew things would be okay, eventually.


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