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The war ended horribly even though Harry Potter survived he lost the very people he would need to grow to a strong healthy man. What happens when one man is allowed to go back and change things for the better?


The old wizard stood looking out at the badly damaged school before him and bowed his gray haired head. He was a tall lean man, his long gray hair hung to his shoulders and his beard was neatly trimmed. His eyes were a deep blue behind round spectacles and his face was very pale and care worn now. His brown robes were stained with blood the poor boy's blood that lay behind him. Severus Snape did not deserve what had happened to him, he did not deserve to die alone as he had. Aberforth Dumbledore leaned on the window frame and let the tears run down his face. Too many had died, too many and he feared the rift between the houses was too great to repair this time.

He thought of Harry, the poor boy did not deserve this, that poor boy had lost his mother, father, godfather, friends and he had nearly died himself. All because of his damn brother! Aberforth turned and walked over to the body of Severus Snape and smoothed the hair away form his face and felt righteous anger. There was no hope left and nothing to live for and he felt so very, very old. He fell to his knees and remained there his heart breaking with the weight of the world on him. He had failed, he had not stopped his brother and had not seen the signs and now there was nothing he could do. Yet as he was on his knees there he saw a light come to the room and he looked up and saw an angel over him.

"What, who are you?" Aberforth asked.

"I have been sent to allow you to correct the future before it is too late." The angel said, "this world you are in is not how things were meant to be."

"I know that, I know I failed and did not do enough to stop the death toll." Aberforth replied.

"You will now have the chance to fix that, I know your heart and you will get the chance to go back and make sure that Harry Potter is raised right." The angel said.
"You are Gabriel." Aberforth said awed and humbled by the archangel before him.

"I am he." Gabriel nodded.

"How can I go back? I will go back though how can I go back?" Aberforth asked.

"With God all things are possible."

"So I will go back." Aberforth said wondering why this had to fall on his shoulders.

"In a manner of speaking, this life now will be as a dream, what could have been, you will go back and I know you will help the boy and others too. Else the world as we all know it will not survive."

"I will do all I can to not fail this time." Aberforth said turning to the still body of Severus Snape.

"So many need to be saved for if not there will be a war so great from the fall out of Voldemort civilization and possibly mankind will cease to exist." Gabriel said. "Go now and do that which is needed."

The room faded and went to black and when Aberforth woke again he found himself in his bed. He looked at his calendar and saw the date, so there was time to save more than one person this time around. He got up and realized what day this day was and he knew he still might have time to save more than one young man tonight. He got dressed, walked out of his rooms and down to the bar of his inn. He knew that today Severus Snape would come to his bar to and run into Lucius Malfoy, a fateful meeting that Aberforth was going to stop. A few hours later Lucius entered the bar and Aberforth slipped out to speak to Severus directly. He saw the boy walking along the snow covered road his face starting to show the familiar scowl and though he was so very young, barely seventeen he looked as if he had the cares of the world on his shoulders.

"You must be Severus Snape." Aberforth said stepping out in front of the boy startling him and getting him to reach for his wand. "My daft brother speaks of you, says you are a great potions master in the making."

"As if he really cares, all he cares about are his precious Lions." Severus shot back trying to brush by Aberforth. "Leave me alone no doubt he sent you to try to make me come around to his way of thinking."

"No, I heard what happened," Aberforth said and it was true, he had heard but before he had done nothing and look what had happened. "I am friends with Madam Pomfrey you know."

"You know they tried to kill me then?" Severus snarled.

"Come, let us go get a cup of tea, we can talk there. "Aberforth said.

He lead Severus to a small tea shop and took a seat in a far corner. He ordered tea and studied the boy before him. Severus was watching him with distrust and anger and Aberforth felt for the boy. This was not right, this boy had suffered enough, his parents were dead, the stupid Gryffindor boys had tried to kill him and his daft brother had done nothing to help him. Of course Aberforth had not done anything in the original timeline (or was that more of a vivid dream of what would happen what then was an archangel doing there and why did it feel like he had lived all those years?) He could feel the hurt and anger rolling of the boy and knew he had to tread carefully.

"They were wrong I will grant you that and young Black did try to kill you." Aberforth replied and noticed the look of surprise on the boy's face. "Aye he did try, he has his demons and so do you."

"I did not try to kill anyone." Severus said angrily.

"I know you did not and neither did Remus Lupin," at the flash of anger on Severus face, "look you know he would never do something so stupid as what Black did you should speak to James at least."

"Never." Severus said anger on his face.

"Well how about if it is off school grounds?" Aberforth said smiling conspiratorially . "Next Hogsmead trip, I get those wicked boys to come, and you have free reign over them as long as it is not too dangerous."

"You cannot be serious sir." Severus said looking very surprised.

"I am, you lot need to try to talk, and you have a right to confront all of them."

"Then I will come, but do not expect them to leave unharmed." Severus said.

Next Hogsmead trip true to his word Aberforth gave a room to all five boys. Naturally he took their wands though he knew Severus was pretty good with wand-less magic and put up charms to both watch the boys and keep anyone else hearing what was said. He was surprised that three of the boys had rounded on Sirius Black at once and were shouting at him using words Aberforth knew their parents would shocked at. Peter was watching looking concerned and worried and it seemed he was trying to back up Sirius. Severus finally realized he was not the only boy yelling at Sirius at the same time the other boys realized they were all teaming up together!

Sirius had tried to stay haughty and arrogant as if this was no big deal but he saw the hurt in James and Remus eyes and saw them defending Severus and he broke down and actually began to cry, to say he had not really meant it and he had not been thinking. That he had been angry and had wanted Severus to go away and had been wrong in his actions. Remus was crying too and Sirius walked to him and begged him for forgiveness. They hugged and James and Severus found they were standing side-by-side watching the strange scene before them. They of course stated they still hated each other and would not be friends at all. How wrong they were this time…

October 31, 1981 Godric's Hallow:

Severus Snape got to the wreckage of the house first and staggered in. He saw first James slumped against the wall, wand at his side a look of defiance permanently on his face. Severus had his wand out as he dashed up the stairs and ran down the hall to the sounds of a crying baby. He saw Lily slumped against the cot with Harry still in her arms. Severus looked around for any sign of the evil dark lord Voldemort but saw nothing and he scooped up Harry, he had to protect Harry at all costs. He felt anguish for his good friends for friends is what James and Lily were. After Severus had a talk, no correction the yelling match in Aberforth's inn and James and Remus did all they could to be nice to him and actually stop treating him so badly, that and the fact that once James's parents learned Severus was an orphan (Aberforth had a hand in that thank you very much) they had insisted he come spend the summer.

It had been a hard and wonderful summer, hard because Lily was there and it was clear she was in love with James and wonderful because Mr. and Mrs. Potter had taken him under their wing and treated him along with Sirius Black as adopted sons. It was here that Severus learned the awful truth about Sirius Black and his family, he had assumed that Sirius had a great childhood and was raised with love and spoiled. That was far from the case, Severus had a hard upbringing true, his father had never made much money and when he got sick it got worse. He did not like magic but he did love his son and as long as Severus did not do magic around him he was fine. When he had died his mother had followed soon after leaving him alone in his sixth year at school. Yet from what Severus learned Sirius Black's life was pure hell, his mother was a demon and once his father died his mother became even more unhinged with him. He was no longer safe and so came to live with James's parents.

That had been five years ago and now, now James and Lily were dead, Lily so lovely at her wedding looking so happy and having eyes only for James. Severus had been happy for her! She was so in love with James it was clear that they had to be soul mates, why else would two opposites be drawn together? Severus became a brother to her and he found he had liked that role as it seemed to fit. Yet now as he picked up Harry and stopped the bleeding of the cut on his forehead tears gave way even as he tried to soothe the baby boy. He heard a commotion downstairs and he stormed down the stairs knowing who was here, he had trusted Black, thought he was above this and he had betrayed them all! He saw Black and hatred welled up in him and he had his wand out aimed between Sirius's eyes.

"Give me a reason Sirius, one reason for me not to kill you right now!" Severus snarled.

"I didn't do this please!" Sirius said tears shining on his face. "Let me have Harry!"

"No, you will not kill him too!" Severus snarled then he cast his first unforgivable. "Crucio!"

"Severus no!" Someone was shouting as Sirius screamed and writhed on the floor. "Stop, stop!" Remus cried forcing Severus's to stop torturing Sirius. "We will take him, them to Hogwarts, Slughorn will have Veritaserum we can get the truth that way!"

"I want him dead!" Severus snarled.

"I wish I was dead!" Sirius sobbed, his sobs so hard he was having a hard time breathing and was trembling violently, "I switched, I switched with Peter he was so lonely and I wanted to make him feel he meant something and feel wanted!"

"Severus we have to go now." Remus replied binding Sirius with ropes he conjured up. "I must you know, just until we know the truth."

Severus would not give up Harry and walked out with Remus pocketing Sirius's wand as he did so. They Apparated to the gates of Hogwarts a place Severus had not been for over three years. He had been so busy getting his potions mastery and working on several new potions of his own he had not come back in all that time. He walked up to the school with Remus and Sirius and up to the hospital wing where Poppy on seeing Harry rushed up and took the baby boy from him. She fussed over him and checked him over before she healed the wound to his head the only damage on him. The headmaster came in looking grave and saw three boys crying, one bound, a baby being tended to by Poppy and he sighed heavily. Poor Harry now an orphan, it really was nearly too much for the old wizard.

"Tibby!" Dumbledore called and a house-elf in spotless pillowcase appeared and bowed.

"Go get master Slughorn, tell him we need Veritaserum in my office." Dumbledore said looking from Sirius then at Severus with a look Severus did not like. "We will need enough for more than one."

"Yes master Dumbledore." Tibby said disappearing with a crack.

"Surely you do not think I am a death eater?" Severus said getting upset. "I never did join that monster!"

"He didn't headmaster." Remus backed up Severus.

"All of you to my office now." Dumbledore said firmly.

The boys followed him out and were headed up the stairs when Severus found himself tripped up by a tripping hex and his wand summoned from him. He tried to get up but a staff came across his back making him gasp in pain. He found himself forced to his knees by rough hands and his right arm was twisted cruelly behind his back. He found a wand pointed between his eyes and he followed that wand up to the very angry face of one Alastor Moody. Moody had a horribly scarred face with long grizzled gray hair with one normal eye and one blue magical one. Severus realized he was being held by Aurors and he struggled and got hit for it. Panic began to fill him, surely they did not think he was a death eater? He had not joined, yes for a time he thought he would but he had not. One of the Aurors began to unbutton the sleeve of his left arm and exposed his pale arm to Moody.

"Sir please I am not one of those." Severus begged crying freely still, he did not want to go to Azkaban he had truly not done anything wrong! "Please believe me, use Veritaserum on me but please don't take me to Azkaban!"

"I don't see a mark." Moody said after he had touched Severus's arm with his wand. "Still there is Black now t' deal with, keep him with you." Moody said to his Aurors regarding Severus.

"Sir please don't take me to Azkaban please…" Severus sobbed as he had no control over his emotions as he was going into shock from the loss of two dear friends. "Please I am not a death eater please sir!"

"Boy if you don't shut up now I will have ye beaten!" Moody snarled at him.

Severus was drug up the stairs his hands bound behind him, he tried so hard to stop crying but could not, even with Moody here. He should not be upset with Moody, he had run with a rough crowd in school he would not deny it and he was the godfather of a suspected death eater Lucius Malfoy (he could not believe that Lucius was one, he had always been so good to him and helped him so much in school, how could he be a death eater?) It was only natural that Moody would think he was one. Yet after the interrogation with the Veritaserum it became clear he had at not betrayed the Potters and really was telling the truth. Now there was the question of what was to be done with Harry as he had to be kept safe and out of the spotlight.

"I can take him." Sirius said quietly. "I know I am not the best man or wizard but I will do right by the boy."

"I was thinking of him going to his aunt and uncle." Dumbledore said.

"Over my dead body!" Severus snarled standing up anger on his face. "They hate magic and I will not have the son of Lily and James go to those people! You will have to kill me first headmaster!"

"He will need to be protected, there are those out there who will wish to harm him." Dumbledore replied calmly.

"They would not look for him in the muggle world." Remus said thoughtfully. "I do have a house, it's not much really but it is very muggle and near a very nice little village of charming muggles. I hear that Frank Longbottom's mother lives not far from there and she could come in now and again to help in the motherly duties."

"Yes and there is my dear cousin Andy, she would love to help out, she has a daughter, I think she is almost Hogwarts age now too."

"Yes and if Severus wishes he can come and stay too." Remus smiled.

"Very well then, that is settled." Dumbledore said smiling, "raise him well and keep him safe!"

Severus was hoping this was the last he would see of the foolish old headmaster for a very long time. He walked out glaring at Moody who was still standing watching what was going on and stormed down to the Hospital wing. What Severus did not know was how wrong he was regarding the headmaster and where his life was headed. He looked down at the sleeping baby boy and took out a small necklace with a crystal on it and charmed it so that only Harry could remove it and so it would grow with him. It would keep him safe and that was all any could hope for now…

I know that it seems Severus is OC here but in fact he is not, he is very cannon in his actions and the way he is acting. At this stage he is a frightened young man and here he has not joined the dark lord Voldemort. He still has his rough edges, those would not be taken away. There will be more back story with him and Aberforth as this goes on but for now suffice to say that Aberforth has worked long and hard with him.

As to a few things here, Gabriel is the archangel that appears Christina tradition as the angel that appeared to Mary to tell her she would be baring the son of God. She did question how that was as a virgin she had not laid with any man and he is credited with saying "with God all things are possible".

I find Aberforth an interesting study as we don't know a whole lot about him. The little we do see of him is in the last book and he seems so bitter and cold. This could be due to many things, the glimpses we get are that his life has not been easy and that he is not very trusting. That is it, we are left to fill in the blanks and I will try to do just that though I do not claim to know him well at all I will try here to show why he does the things he does.

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