A/N- First, let me just say that you only need to read this if you're wondering why I haven't updated in three weeks. If you don't read this, you won't be, like, confused with the story whenever I update. I just felt like maybe I should explain the long absence of chapters. So, if you're easily bored, you don't need to proceed.

Okay, so I know that I'm technically not supposed to post chapters that are really author's notes, but I'm going to ignore the rules and do it anyway, because I need to explain why I haven't updated in over three weeks! It's basically for three reasons: first off, for that first week, I was just really busy with school and soccer practice and stuff like that. The second week, my laptop broke, after I had written two pages of chapter 5. Miraculously, I was able to open Word and re-type one page onto my mom's laptop, but the second page remains on my broken laptop, because I was too lazy to type both. It's been sitting on my floor untouched ever since, so whenever I get around to opening it, I have no clue what will happen, if Word will open, if Internet will work, or if I will even be able to log onto my profileā€¦it all remains a mystery until I try to get it to work, which I won't be able to do for another week or so or more, because I've got a load of make-up homework and tests to, well, make-up, plus all my current homework, because I was absent from school for 8 days, because of reason 3: I had appendicitis. Yes, my stupid appendix ruptured and was all infected and disgusting and I had to have surgery to get it removed and stay in the hospital for a week because I was on these stupid antibiotics that had icky side effects (I won't go into details) and kept getting fevers, therefore breaking the "no fever for 24 hours rule" that allows you to be released from the hospital. I was there from the 15th to the 23rd, and it plain sucked. I felt like absolute crap the whole time, so writing fan fiction wasn't exactly the first thing on my mind. Sorry. Anyways, I'll try to copy down the rest of the chapter onto the working computer, and then try to write some more, soon, but I'm seriously buried in this homework. I have to stay after school all the time, and I've got a freaking dentist appointment after school tomorrow because of this stupid cavity, and then I have an all-star soccer practice the next day that I can't even play at, because the doctor said no sports for two weeks, so I'm busy and tired and mad! But still, I really will try to update. So, that's about it. Hope to update soon! Bye!