The Spiderwick Chronicles (The Movie)

Hello, everyone! This is my very first fan-fiction ever to be published. I'm a little nervous…but hey! I get like that sometimes.

A little about this story. Well…as I watched the wonderful "Spiderwick Chronicles", I got an idea of adding a new character to the plotline: she's a Field Faerie…and she's in love with Jared! So one of the subplots is about their relationship and stuff.


I got the dialogue from the movie…I may have added a couple of words or changed around what the characters say…but other than that, exactly like the movie, aside from the additional scenes and epilogue that were mandatory to have (considering I added a new character and all…).

Read on and have fun!



Okay, there is, like, no need to say much here. I mean, nothing happens except Arthur Spiderwick writes a bunch of stuff in that field guide of his and then I think Mulgarath finds out or something. And then the main title comes on.

Big deal! Nothing interesting happens, unlike in the prologue of Finding Nemo, where the mom and the fish eggs totally get eaten by the barracuda. Anyway, I'm not gonna say much here, cause there's no dialogue and, frankly, like I've said, NOTHING HAPPENS.


Eighty years later…


Chapter One

The moon shone brightly as the sad-looking station wagon drove up to the abandoned Spiderwick Estate. The four members of the Grace family looked up at their new house. It was old, obviously, but had a sort of feeling to it that made it seem…almost homey.

"There it is," Helen Grace sighed as she put the station wagon in park. "It's pretty much how I remember it." She laughed to herself. "I was younger than you the last time I was here, Simon," she said, turning to one of her twin sons.

"Well, it's…big," Helen's oldest daughter, Mallory said weakly, trying to sound excited. Helen gave her a warm look. At least she was trying to be helpful.

Simon looked eagerly at the house. "So I can get bigger pets here, right Mom?" he asked.

"Sure!" Helen said. "Get a cow. Get a whole flock."

"Herd," Simon corrected automatically, ever the expert on animals.

"That, too," Helen said, not really paying attention. Her mind had wandered to her other son, Jared, who was Simon's twin. Jared hadn't wanted to move, and she knew that. But she really wanted him to feel comfortable in the new house.

"What do you think, Jared?" she said, turning to face him in the back seat.

Jared hadn't heard a single thing. He had his iPod headphones in, listening to music loud enough to drown out any conversation.

"Jared?" his mother tried again.

Jared didn't acknowledge her.

It was obvious he didn't want any part in talking about the new house.

The other three members of the Grace family got out of the car. As Mallory began to unload the luggage, Helen and Simon opened the front door. Helen shone a flashlight around the entryway. It looked very old and dusty.

Simon's cat began to mew nervously.

"Shh…it's okay…it's okay, Mr. Tibbs," Simon said, calming his cat.

He sniffed the air. "It has that old people smell," he said.

His mother gave him a stern look.

Simon read the signs and decided not to make anything worse. "Just an observation, not a judgment," he assured her.

Helen handed him the flashlight and went to join Mallory.

She reached the car. Jared was still in his seat, listening to his iPod. Helen tapped her fist lightly on the car window a few times. Jared still sat like a bump on a log, either not knowing she was there or ignoring her.

Helen decided enough was enough. She opened the car door and took the headphones out of her son's ears. Jared looked at his mother.

"You're angry about the move," Helen said. "I get that. Just what are you expecting your silent protest will get you?"

Jared looked away and stared at his feet.

"Just acknowledge that this isn't the way to deal with your anger, the way you said you were gonna do," Helen reminded him. Jared was quiet.

She tried to make eye contact. "Say yes with your head," she urged him.


"Two blinks."

Silence. Jared looked at her.

"Nothing," she said, finally realizing he wasn't gonna let up. She rustled his hair and sighed. This was going to be harder than she thought.

"Mal," she said, addressing Mallory. "You and Simon take your stuff. Wait in the foyer while I go look for the main current breaker."

"Okay, Mom," Mallory said in a sweet voice as Helen walked away. As soon as their mother was out of earshot, she glared at Jared. Mallory could be sweet, but she could be very tough, as well.

"Get out of the car right now," she demanded.

"You're not my mother, Mallory," Jared shot back, plugging his headphones back in his ears. He was annoyed that his sister was trying to be the boss of him-again.

"No, I'm worse," Mallory agreed angrily, "because she doesn't believe in hitting!" And with that, she punched Jared in the arm.

"Ow!" That did it. Jared unbuckled his seatbelt, pulled out his headphones and lunged at Mallory.

Mallory pulled out her fencing sword and smiled smugly. "And he's out of the car! Thank you!" she said triumphantly.

Jared wasn't gonna let Mallory win that easily. He picked up a big stick and started fencing with Mallory.

"Stop it!" Mallory shouted. "I'm not gonna let you keep acting like a jerk!"

"I'll do whatever I want," Jared replied hotly.

"No, you won't!" Mallory told him. "Mom needs this to work, so cut it out!"

Simon was walking to the car at the moment. Jared saw his chance to win the battle.

"Simon, get her!" Jared pleaded his twin.

"I'm a pacifist," Simon replied calmly, walking to the trunk of the car.

Jared rolled his eyes. His twin brother never backed him up.

He turned back to Mallory and was able to ward off a blow from her sword. "You're so annoying," he said. "You think you know everything."

"Well, I know stuff you don't," Mallory said matter-of-factly.

"Like what?" Jared wanted to know.

Mallory just stared at her brother and narrowed her eyes. "Nothing," she said after a few seconds, and walked away.

Jared turned to Simon, who was walking by. "Thanks for having my back, bro," he said sarcastically.

"I don't do conflict," Simon said simply, and kept walking.

Jared felt his anger boil inside of him. He took the stick in his hand and began to whack the car with it. It felt good to release his anger.

All of a sudden, there was a rustle in the bushes behind him. Jared snapped to attention and looked around. Was someone-or something-watching him?

He looked toward the house. The lights had come on. His mother must have found the main current breaker.

The rustling in the bushes continued. He whipped around. There was nothing there.

Jared grabbed his suitcase, shut the trunk of the car and shook his head. He was just imagining things again.

As he stepped inside the house and shut the door, the rustling came to a stop as something came out of the bushes, looked at the house and walked away. The humans were unapproachable.

For now.