Hey, y'all! So very, very sorry for the confusion! Yes, there is no Chapter 21 - at the moment.

The story: Once upon a time, FanFiction had the brilliant idea to remove the use of dashes (-) when a writer wanted to separate paragraphs. Well, I'm kind of a big fan of those when I'm indicating a duration of time or a scene shift, so obviously this made me disgruntled, because now there were no separators. So I had to go back in and fix all my stories and instead put three periods (...) where the dashes used to be. I had been lazy with my Spiderwick Chronicles story, so last weekend I decided it'd be a good time to fix it.

(It should be noted that I wasn't aware of that huge line thing at the top of the toolbar at the time XD.)

Over the summer, I had to keep some of my "brainstorm pages" on my account because we didn't have Microsoft Word on our new computer at first. So there's about 10 documents sitting in my Document Manager right now that are filled with nothing but my stream of conscoiusness. When I got to Chapter 21, I copied and pasted the chapter into the document I wanted (a blank one specifically meant for revisions), made all the corrections needed, and saved it. Unfortunately, when I went to replace the revised Chapter 21 with the original, I accidentally selected the WRONG FILE NAME!

So StormBringer128 (bless you) brought to my attention that Chapter 21 now contained possible story ideas about the Titanic, among other brainstorms that were not supposed to be seen by the general public. I quickly realized my mistake and completely deleted Chapter 21 (not the smartest idea, I know...). But I had a new problem: Chapter 21 was now GONE. As in, after I thought I'd "reposted" it, I deleted its contents to make room for another chapter that needed to be fixed and reposted. Yes, I know, I'm so smart!

As of right now, I'm way too lazy to go in and retype everything (I know...I'm so admirable). I apologize profusely for that, but I've got school, and other stories to write. So, instead, I've gone in to Chapter 22 and included a Cliffnotes version of what happens in Chapter 21. I know, you can call me whatever terrible names you want...but, in my defense, at least I'm not leaving you guys hanging.

Thanks for understanding! :)