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Six States of Shawn Spencer

Told by Those Closest to Him


Karen and Joy

It is hard for Karen to think of a time when Shawn is not happy. He seems to be in a perpetual state of happiness that she—and, it seems, everyone else—envies. There is this look in his eyes when he is happy; they seem to light up and capture all the light in the room. She sometimes thinks that Shawn Spencer's joy is brighter than the sun.

He seems happiest when he is around people: when he solves a case and bumps fists with Gus, when he finds some new way of getting under Lassiter's skin, when he wheedles Juliet into doing something she shouldn't. Karen has noticed that Shawn is rarely alone. When Gus isn't around he gravitates to the closet person he can find, whether they like him or not. It seems almost as though he can't stand the thought of being alone; his eyes dim and all the light goes out. But that rarely happens. Shawn doesn't let it happen.

When Gus wakes up after surgery Shawn comes careening out into the waiting room where the rest of them sit. His hair is a mess and he looks like he hasn't slept in a week, but there is a wide smile on his face; a smile, not a mere grin. Karen doesn't know that she has ever seen Shawn ever smile in pure joy before; since he's come into her world he has been full of shit-eating grins or smirks but never smiles that are as pure as this one.

Looking at Shawn Karen can't help but hope that the smile is transfixed on his face forever, because seeing someone that alive, that joyful makes the world seem a little less dark.