Alreet? I'm back. Nice to see you all. Without further ado, I give you.. Chapter four. Enjoy!


But why were they here?

And what the hell were they doing at my table?!

Diet coke in hand, I made my way warily over to the table. As I reached it, the bronze-haired angel turned to glare up at me with golden eyes. They were full of so much uninhibited hatred that I took an unconscious step backwards. Though I would not admit it, I was terrified.

The spiky-haired girl smacked him on the arm, and he turned the intensity of his scowl on her. She seemed completely unfazed by it, and smiled at him. He stood up abruptly, and left the café with incredibly smooth, graceful movements. I watched him leave.

"Don't mind Edward." The pixie spoke again, and I turned back to her, "He has problems with his temper, sometimes. Have a seat!" She motioned to the recently vacated chair beside her. "I'm Alice, by the way."

Against my better judgement, I sat down next to her. What was I doing? And where had my temper gone?

"Bella," I muttered in response.

Alice giggled, "Yes. I know. This is Emmett—" the huge, muscled guy who looked as though he should be in college—"Rose—" the striking blonde, sat on Emmett's knee.—"And Jasper."

I turned to face the last of Alice's friends, who was gazing lovingly at her. Okay, so more than friends.

"Nice to meet you all."

Despite the obvious differences in hair colour, they all looked increasingly similar. Pale skin, golden eyes, perfect features. It was actually kind of creepy…

"So… how do you know my name?"

Alice giggled again. This seemed to be an annoying habit of hers. "I just do. Don't you remember us, from the airport?"

"Um… yeah." I mean, really. How could I forget them?

Emmett snickered, "You mean, you remember Edward…"

I blushed. That was one of those stupid, inherited traits from one of the parents. I hated it. "Wanker."

Alice looked slightly shocked by my use of language, but apart from that, no-one passed comment. I rolled my eyes. Where were these kids from, a hundred years ago?

I had another stab at conversation. "Are you…uh… not eating anything?"

Amused glances flickered between the five of them, "Nope. Are you?" That was the blonde, Rose. She was astoundingly beautiful.

"Nah. I don't do lunch, so much."

Alice looked disapproving, "You know that's very bad for you."

I raised an eyebrow. The incredibly thin—probably anorexic—girl, who didn't happen to be eating, telling me that I had dietary problems? Um, okay.


I might have commented further, but just then the bell rang. Biology. Wonderful.

I stood abruptly, but they beat me to it. They were all as graceful as Edward had been. Hardly fair, really.

"See you tomorrow, Bella!" Alice chirped to me as I hurried away, bag slung over my shoulder. Yeah. Right.

I headed to Biology and sat down at my usual desk. I was the first to arrive, and doodled on my notes as the class filled up around me.

The last seat to be filled was the one next to me, but filled it was. I almost had a heart attack, as a smooth, velvet voice asked, "Is this seat taken?"

I looked up, blinking, directly into the golden eyes of Edward himself. Shrugging, I looked away as he sat down.

Oh yes.

This was going to be a long year.