We were flying over whatever is west of the place we were before, which is north of where we were before that. Wow I pay great attention don't I? Anyway we were flying which is what matters, we were not trapped in a cage, an isolation tank or anywhere else against our free will, and we have been for four years.

My thoughts were interrupted by Fang hitting my over my head with his dark handso- I turned off my thoughts, but not fast enough. Angel was snickering, and whispering in Nudges ear.

Fang hit me over the head with his wing again. I sent him a questioning glare, to which he pointed at the horizon. I saw what he was looking at and gasped.

We had taken down most of Itex, but there were still a few small branches left that occasionally sent a few flyboys at us, but never that many.

Angel POV

I was still giggling in my mind. Fang and max were so perfect for each other, and they both loved each other, but they didn't think that the other one liked them back. It was almost getting annoying how oblivious they were.

Sigh. It's tough being the mind reader. Huh, Max just thought Itex. I tuned into her thoughts

"A few small branches left that occasionally sent a few flyboys at us, but never that many."

And I saw the dark blobs on the horizon in her mind.

Gazzy POV

"No" my sister said from below me. Everyone looked at her, except Fang and Max, who were looking with her at the horizon.

I heard Iggy gasp, and then I heard it too. The grinding gears of a whole lot of flyboys. Awwe maaaan, we hadn't seen them in a month, and even then there were only ten, this time there had to be at least 200.

As a bonus, there was nowhere to run to, and no stream to jump in.

"We're gonna have to fight" Max declared.

We spread out and went into fighting stances. They were only a little ways a way now. I reached into my backpack and pulled aside the fake bottom, revealing my stash of bombs.

Even in a situation like this I still had to chuckle to myself, Max has been trying to find these bombs for years.

I threw a small one at the nearest flyboys. Sometimes I wonder what the town below us is thinking, like "don't those hooligans know that the 4th of July isn't for two months?"

I saw Max, Fang, Nudge, and Angel charge forward and start fighting. Max went with a customary round house kick, while Fang flew behind them to kick them at the base of the spine and short circuit them.

Angel was working with the three dimensions and flying above them to get a good shot at the head. I hope she doesn't get hurt, I would feel a lot better if she was able to play mind puppet with these guys.

Speaking of weird powers, Nudge was using her magneticness to unscrew the bolts connecting the flyboy's head to the rest of their body.

The flock seemed to be OK, so I flew over to Iggy to help him with our favorite group activity: blowing things up.

Nudge POV

Hah! This is working great! I focused the power through my hand and willed the little piece of metal to turn to the left. I felt it move, and the flyboy fell like a rock, well actually not quite like a rock. Rocks aren't usually so noisy.

I turned around and faced my next attacker applying the same strategy. Things were going great, we were creaming these guys, well not literally, oh, but wouldn't it be cool if we could like actually cream these guys? Like you know, get this humungo blender and fly towards it, but at the last second pull away so they all flew in and we could put the lid over them, trapping them in? That would be so awesome!

Focus; there is a flyboy behind you. Angel sent into my mind.

Why, by golly there was! What are the odds? I stuck out my hand and felt familiar tingling pull against my fingers, and the flyboy went down. Huh, that's weird, is it moving its arm? I thought most there circuits were in there head. Is that a tranquilizer?


Why do the wolf/people robots made by evil scientists always target me?

I was fighting three, and just barely. I gave an unexpected (to them) extra stroke with my wings, and arced over the flyboy in front of me, before pulling in my wings and diving.

On my way down I struck my foot out hitting the base of its spine. I heard a good, hearty, crack noise and the 'bot started falling. I put my wings back out, and with the momentum of the kick I flipped myself around and drove the toe of my combat boot into the next flyboy.

I pulled myself upright, flapping my wings hard. I heard I tree branch snap in the distance, with the weight of a flyboy hitting it.

I heard Nudge let out a little squeak in the background, but couldn't give it much attention, as one of Gazzy or Iggy's bombs exploded above me.

I gave an extra hard stroke with my left wing to propel myself to the right, and avoided the cascade of wires and microchips.

"Nudge!" I heard Angel shout, but again, didn't get time to think about it before getting punched in the head. My brain scrambled and I lost track of where to punch.

Up and to the right, the voice spoke into my head. Thanks Jeb, I thought back, and landed a quick snap kick.

I dropped a few feet, then snapped up behind him and put a good kick into his tail bone. He seemed to hang in the air a moment before he started to fall.

I looked around for my next opponent, but realized the 30 left were retreating.

"Report" I shouted looking around. None of them were there.

They are on the ground with Nudge. Thanks again, wait, what happened to Nudge?

She fell. The voice responded. Before he even said it I was speeding towards the ground. When he did say it, I switched into super speed.

Nudge POV

I saw the dart shoot out of the gun, and I dropped and darted to the right. A sharp sting in my left arm told me I wasn't successful.

I (unfortunately) have had enough experience with tranquilizer darts to know that I had around 20 seconds before I would go unconscious.

I immediately tucked in my wings while counting in my head 1...2... Oh god I was going really, really, fast. This is what Max must feel like while doing super speed.

10…11… hmm I need to slow down in 3…2…1… I was streamlined, going head first, and spread out my wings while slowly pulling myself parallel to the ground.

I think I was 25 feet up when everything went black.