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If it is in Italics in this following Chapter, it means that it is the past and or thoughts of either Bella or Edward.

Bella's POV

I looked at the wall, picked up the phone and dialed Edwards phone number. The past month, Kayla, Edwards past love, and my now nemesis came back from where she had stayed. She was coming back for Edward, and she had told me herself. Even as Edward fought to see which love would last, it had turned out that I had been losing hope myself. I cried each night, wishing that he would choose me, but the hope that I have came to known faded away today. Another vampire, Ian, had found me as Edwards trip to think went on. I surely wasn't falling for him, but the past few days I had ditched the Cullens to stay with him. Why ? The wretched 'Kayla' was there and I could barely even stand her. She infuriated me to the last level yesterday and I was done with her.

I had ended up convincing Ian to change me. I couldn't wait for Edward any longer, and plus. As my hope faded, my love for the live I led did as well. So I begged. Ian agreed, hoping for another companion in his eternity to live, and he was willing to do it. The day Edward had arrived.

As the tone beeped My heart sped racing quickly, hoping to regain my breath a tear had fallen down my cheek. I was going to miss my family, my friends. My Edward. But I learned how to dwell with it. I promised Alice I wouldn't have done this, but I just didn't want the life I had any longer. As Edward picked up I had grabbed the sheet of paper, "Hello?"

My breath had stopped, but I had regained my tongue when Ian gave my free hand a squeeze, "Edward..." I murmured. It wasn't as bad as it sounded.

"Bella? Bella, love... what's wrong ?" he asked, worried probably written all over his face at times. I stared down at the note that I had written. It was my 'goodbye'. Of course I wrote it so I knew exactly what to say to Edward and especially how to say it, but I was still dreading the fact that I had to say it to him now, "Bella, are you still there?"

I could hear Kayla's voice in the background, she had just asked Alice a question. Another tear fell down my cheek. I had to live with it either way, "Edward, I have to tell you something."

"What is it Bella?" I knew for one thing, I had one thing I had to say, and that was what I felt at the moment. Either I loved him, or not.

"Edward. I'm going to be right out clear with it," I said, taking a breath, "This past year, it was perfect. I can't say I regret loving you, because I don't. You're my first love, and shall always be my first love," reading onto the next sentence killed me, but I continued, "And I know, it's time to see who you are going to pick to stay eternity with, and I realize it might be Kayla, and I have to say. I hope you two have a great eternity together, because for one thing... we're not."

"Be--," I cut him off before he could continue, I knew there was shock in his voice, but I still continued. It was the rest of my life I was counting for, not his.

"While you we're gone, I met someone else. Not someone to replace you, but a new best friend," I heard a gasp through the phone, knowing that Alice was probably close enough to hear me, "And, I'm leaving. I found no joy in the life I lead, so I'm going to kill myself. No, I don't want you to come and stop me, but it's the only way," I heard the phone go off dial tone, and I motioned Ian to come closer.

He had found a girl around my age in the woods earlier, she was already dead. We had planned to leave her in my room to make it seem as if I had just committed suicide. We put her in my spot before Ian jumped out of my window with me on his back, clinging for the life I didn't want any longer

As Ian continued the journey to his 'hideout' or what I called his scary cave, he placed me down before kissing my forehead and whispering, "I'm sorry,". A couple of seconds later he bit down. I felt the pain for three entire days (feeling as if eternity would never come to rescure me). When I awoke, I jumped into a crouch position before seeing Ian standing in front of me smiling. A few minutes later, I relaxed and that's when it all began. That's when Isabella Marie Reynolds was born, and it was also the day that marked when Isabella Marie Swan officially died.

I looked up from my daze, Nate had pushed me with all his force before letting me sit back down onto the chair and glare at him, "Must you really do that Nathaniel ?" I asked him, my eyes pounding with annoyance.

He nodded, chuckling to himself, "Well, yes I do, love. How else will I get you to pay attention when Zel is talking?" I laughed along with him after realizing how stupid I must have looked, "Plus, you looked as if you we're hunting. You're eyes were getting all cobalt black and crap. It was scary," He said, shaking his head as if he was trying to get the picture out of his mind. I pushed him slightly making him tip over before helping him up and giving him a kiss on the lips.

"You don't know how much I hate you, do you?" I asked before turning on my heal and sitting down next to Ian.

Before this, you must have known Ian and I have been increasing which means that we have a family. Something like the Cullens, but in our opinion, we liked ours better. It consisted of Ian, Jamie, Denzel, Nate, Charlie, Zairyelia, Jared and I. We all had mates in our coven, and by the time, I should describe my family to you. Right ? I think so.

First off the bat. Ian, you should know him. He's the one who saved me from being seventy years old by this year. So, yes. It does mean that Isabella Swan died sixty two years ago, and that also means that I'm so glad that Ian was my best friend at the time, and he still is. He passes for seventeen until twenty three. He has skater dark brown hair and some chestnut shaped eyes. We always seem to make fun of him for them.

After, we go onto Zairyelia Reynolds, or known before Zairyelia Logan. We had found her about two years after. She and her best friends Nate, Charlie, and Jared just happened to be famous. I met them at a concert and just happened to go home with them when they got into a car accident. I was fighting myself to bite them or not, and I ended up biting them. Ian helped me with them and that's when Zairyelia became my best friend. Zair passes for eighteen, until twenty five for some reason. She has long dark brown wavy hair up to her belly button and one of the most gorgeous smile I have ever seen.

Charlie Morgan or known as Charlie Reynolds these days. She's the other one who completes me. She was my enemy by far when we first met. We were fighting over Zair, but we ended up becoming the best of friends in the end so basically everything between us is all good. Charlie (or charcoal and charmander which I do call her) is eighteen passing for twenty five as well. She has long red colored hair, dark brown at times but you could see the difference.

Moving on comes Jared Morelli, before known as Jared Parker. In the band Fallen Youth with his little brother Nate. Jared was like my older brother, and since now that we are 'adopted' he basically is my older brother. He 'died' when he was eighteen so he passed for sixteen and all the way to twenty six. But, that was basically all. He has ear length dark brown hair that absolutely sparkles. I'm basically jealous of the boy in all means.

Then, comes onto our parent figures. Though Denzel and Jaime weren't the leaders like I was, they were still counted as parents. We had found them both married and almost beated to death in an alley. We had saved them and from the thoughts of it, they had gratitute for what we had done. Denzel looked like a thirty five year old while Jamie looked like a Thirty year old wife. Perfect in disguise. They both passed for forty though. Denzel had black hair that basically stood up there. Jamie had light brown hair that flowed onto her shoulders elegantly.

Last but not least, Nate. Nate was my dream guy. When I met him when he was human, I felt the exact same thing Edward had felt for me (or so I think i did). I hadn't fallen for him, but during the time he was human, he convinced me. He was the first one I saved, and I'm glad I did. He is my mate, and I wouldn't give up my world for anything in the world. He has dark brown curly hair and one of the most crookest smiles I've ever seen. I loved him, and he loved me. He was eighteen, about seven months younger than Jared and he could pass for twenty six.

So that was my family. They were my eternity, and I had no other choice but to be happy with it.