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"So what were their names again, Charles?" Ian asked eagerly as we walked back to our car in a rush. We were heading home during lunch to ditch sixth period. We all knew that there was blood testing today, and we would rather be at home than in a place where we could expose ourselves solemnly.

"I told you, Ian." She growled at him, "Alice, Edward, Kayla, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Esme, and Carlisle. Do you ever listen to me?"

Ian glared at the floor, I grabbed his hand. Whenever Ian glared at the floor, that wasn't a good thing. Usually it meant something like, 'Oh, he is not having a good day' or 'oh no, i did something wrong again.' And whenever he had those days, I, Zairyelia, was never happy, "It's nothing, babe." He said smiling at me, "I just really need to talk to Ella."

I stared at him with my head tilted to the right slightly, "Why do you need to talk to Ella?" I asked in a hushed tone.

"It's really just some old business we need to take care of," He squeezed my hand before looking back at Charlie, "Did you tell them our names, Charles?"

She shook her head, "I said they'll just have to meet us at home, well all of you guys at home."

He nodded, "Good."

Ian slammed the car door while all of us started to pile into the car, "You're driving?" I questioned as I got into the passenger seat. He smiled and nodded, grabbing my hand in the middle of the seat, "You got all the fun this morning, I might as well get some right now."

I giggled as he turned the car on and backed out. Nate looked at Ian from the side mirror and I stared back at him questionably. He shook his head, quickly glared at Ian, then looked out the window. I glanced to Ian, he shrugged and mouthed "It's nothing". I sighed. This school year is starting out so well.


How dare they have the confidence to come back to damned Forks! I mean, who the hell do they think they are?! I gripped the steering wheel tighter, and Zel squeezed my hand in worry. I shook my head. I really have to tell Ella about this. You okay Ian? I looked to Zair and she frowned at me. I really did hate it when I made her sad, but this story just wasn't met for her, it wasn't even meant for any of us except for Edward and Be... Ella. No one else.

Ian, calm down. I looked back to Charlie who was looking at me sadly, I'm sorry if it was my fault. But, you always said that if there was a vampire, we had to be nice and invite them over. I glared at her and muttered, "Ever heard of the word, Sarcastic, Charles?" She shivered and looked away, holding Jared's hand she cuddled into his body once more. They were in love, as we all were. But sometimes, I knew that Ella wanted more than Nate could give her. It was practically obvious.

Ian, you're lying to us. I can feel it. Admit it, I looked back at Nate and shook my head. That's when I said it out loud, "It's not my business to handle. It's Be-- Ella's business." They all stared at me wide eyed, but I just blocked all of their thoughts out of my head and kept on driving. Zairyelia kept her hand in mine and I knew that she kept it there only for moral support. I sighed, if only eternity were easier than it was now.

- - - - - - -

We arrived at our home after ten minutes of tension. I let go of Zel's hand before getting out and speeding inside, "Jamie?" I asked, she appeared in front of me in a matter of seconds.

"Yes, darling?" I looked around.

"Do you know where Ella is?"

Jamie nodded and smiled, "She just arrived. She's up in her room, Ian." I nodded.

I mouthed, 'tell her' to Zel and she gladly nodded and smiled and walked over to Jamie before calling Denzel. He appeared beside Jamie and Zel escorted them to a seat before she started the story. I ran up the stairs and knocked on the door. Nate opened it, his hair already messy (though his hair was naturally curly), I looked at him, and he stepped out, "Hurt her, I'll kill you Ian." He muttered into my ear before walking down the steps slowly. I sighed, taking a breath not needed in, I walked into Be-- Ella's room and saw her sitting down on the bed. She walked up to me and gave me a light hug.

"What do you need, Ian boy?" I laughed. Her classy nick name.

"I sincerely, need to tell you something." I said, taking a seat on her bed and patting to my right, motioning her to sit beside me.

"What is it?" She questioned. Her eyes were watering, since she could manipulate emotions, I could tell she was manipulating her own. Ella and I knew that they would bump into us sooner or later, but we never thought it would be today. Ian, don't tell me that they're here. I met her topaz eyes and sighed, a few tears slipped out of her eyes, Oh God, please say no. I shook my head.

"Ian can't lie, remember?" And then she wrapped her arms around me. I sighed and pulled her into a big bear hug, "I'm sorry Ella. I'm sorry." She sat there and cried into my shoulder for an hour before stopping, and then crying again. It was going to be a long day. I could feel it in my gut.


I cried in Ian's arms for what had seemed like eternity. I loved my powers, but I hated it when I had to manipulate the emotions that made me sad. Especially crying.

They were back, they as in my old family. They as in the people I had tried to run from my whole entire life and now. My whole entire eternity. I love them, and I hate them. I sniffed, inhaling Ian's scent before wiping my eyes and turning back to my normal pale self. I scooted over and looked Ian in the eyes, "Are they coming?" He nodded. I threw my hands to my face again and cried, "Oh God!" I melted back into 'crying mode' and started to weep in sorrow.

When another few hours finally passed, I regained my strength and stood up, having the sniffles wasn't my favorite thing to have. I wiped my eyes and looked at the clock. Four Fifteen. I nodded to Ian and he got up as well, grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the room and into our music room.

The music room. Oh, how I love that room. It was where I spent most of my time, other than my bedroom of course. The rest of the family was already there, tuning all the instruments. I laughed, Nate looked dumbfound. He was trying to tune my own guitar. I walked over to him and put my hand over is. He looked up and smiled back, "Feeling better?" He asked before kissing my forehead and handing me 'Lily'. Yes, I named my guitar. Have a problem with that?

I laughed, "Yes, a whole lot." I turned to wink at Ian and he laughed. Let's show them how we do, right Ian? He laughed and just nodded. Nate kissed me on the lips.

"God, I missed you today." I laughed.

"Eager much, Morelli?" I asked.

"Never more than I've been at the moment," He kissed me once more before whispering in my ear, "Will you ever tell me what's wrong?"

I shook my head and sighed, putting my ear to his chest; knowing that I wouldn't hear anything other than his breathing, "Probably not." He sighed and kissed my forehead once more.

"Well, at least you're mine forever." I smiled, but in my point of view, forever is at least until I find out what I want to do with the rest of eternity. Plus, did I even love Nate? Or did I still love Edward? I sighed. Life is rough.

"Well let's get this show on the road," Jared screamed. We all laughed.

"Yeah," Charlie replied, "They're coming right now, so we might as well show them how the Reynolds and Morelli family roll, yo." I rolled my eyes. This was my family. You got to love them.

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