Romance Galore.

Summary: It was a frosty afternoon, with the snow whirling around us—inhaling the sound of everything: My footsteps. Her's. (Sasuke POV) (SasuSaku)


It was a frosty afternoon, with the snow whirling around us—inhaling the sound of everything:

My footsteps. Her's.

I had a part-time job to get to. She had a little brother to pick up from the daycare center.

We took the same route. Or so she thought.

Her. Haruno Sakura.

Spontaneous. She wanted to play with fireworks; we were on the train.

"Ne, Sasuke-kun."


Amiable. She'd met me on the swings and declared we were best friends; I was five.

"Do you think school will be closed tomorrow?"

Kind. I had my first homemade, partly raw, cookie.

"Hn. Delayed, at the most…The history test is inevitable."



Unperturbed. My glare wasted away as she continued painting my nails.

"It's so cold…I should've worn my scarf today…"

"Stop staring. Here. Just take it."

Rash. She rambled to me about her team's victory that night—and collapsed mid-sentence.

"See you tomorrow! Remind me to return this to you."

"Jya, ne…"

Maybe it was the snow. Maybe it was my developing cold. Maybe I was just tired from getting only four hours of sleep the night before. Maybe I was just stressed out about my financial situation, with my brother constantly being fired due to aggressive tendencies. Maybe I was disturbed about my new co-worker being a former criminal. Maybe I was worried about the stock market's recent losses. Maybe.

Whatever it was, it disrupted the function of reason in my mind.

"…wait… Sakura!"

She spun around.

I tugged on her scarf, bringing her lips to mine.

Well, that was the plan, according to my irrational mind at that moment.

I'd underestimated my strength—and overestimated my scarf's elasticity. The force of my tug sent Sakura's head crashing into mine. I managed to recover my balance, spotting Sakura, who'd landed on her behind. I reached a hand down to her, only to find myself going headfirst into a pile of snow.

"Tch, stop laughing. It's not that funny." I shook the snow from my hair.

"Yes it is. Your failing to kiss me, that is..."

I looked away. "I-Idiot, I wasn't trying to k-ki-"

She tugged on my jacket collar, and slanted her mouth over mine. Her warmth engulfed me. My senses were overloaded. That lingering taste of hot chocolate. Her soft lips. Her smooth hair. Her scent. Her.

Out of breath, she pulled back and smiled at me. I intertwined my fingers in hers, wishing the moment would last forever.

Angelic. She told me she knew. All along. She'd waited. She'd hoped. She'd loved.

All along.

((A/N: That took an unexpectedly long time to write…I hope Sasuke isn't too OC in this. It's hard writing from his POV. Also. Other story updates coming soon? Probably. Reviews are greatly appreciated!))