Link ran out the front door and began bolting towards Kakariko Field. He didn't break stride at all until he reached the base of the large rock that held a rocky path that climbed to the top of the mountain. He stopped dead in his tracts because sitting on a narrow ledge on the side of that mountain was Ilia. She was unconscious and was quite possibly bleeding. A rumbling sounded from deep inside Link's chest, soon it had grown in power until it was a war cry; it erupted from Link bringing new power and hope to his body. He instantly spotted a group of twenty Kabata flying in the sky. He screamed again and ran into battle. As he ran his wordless yelling took from into words. "I will never give up!" He screamed this repeatedly as he slashed at the Kabata. Whenever one flew low to swipe at him he jabbed and sliced. In a backwards jab he sliced off the wing of one. It tumbled to the ground and Link finished it with a single, well-placed stab. After killing about half of them the Kabata grew wary of Link. They refused to swoop low. Link had anticipated this and drew his bow. Knocking a special arrow he fired at a clump of the monsters. His arrow collided with the chest of the middle monster. It screeched a terrible dying wail as the bomb on the tip of the arrow exploded, killing several of its surrounding companions.

He fought from early night well into the morning, clearing out all the enemies in the field to ensure safe passage back to the inn. Moblins on boars with fire arrows swarmed everywhere. They would not cease fire and often tried to shoot at Ilia. There were several close calls that only encouraged Link to fight harder. Finally Link was sure the field was empty. He hurried up the rocky ledge to reach Ilia. He turned the last corner and could finally see her clearly. Everything was stained. Her hair had streaks of red and hand prints were imprinted on Ilia's checks. Rips in her dress displayed long, jagged wounds from where the monster had grabbed her.

"Ilia," he breathed. He rushed forward and took her in his arms. He laid his face to her mouth. He could hear the sound of her shallow ragged breathing. She was alive but badly hurt. A single tear of joy and sadness combined escaped from his eye. He was about to begin their journey back when he noticed something. Something was not right. There was still an enemy around. He looked up and on the platform above them was a moblin. His bow was drawn and before Link could move he fired an arrow. His aim was terrible but he still caught Ilia in the shoulder. In his arms Ilia groaned in pain. Letting her fall into his lap Link knocked his bow and killed the moblin before it could shoot again. But the damage was done. Link lifted Ilia onto his back; he had to be careful not to disturb the arrow, and ran back to the village.

Renado insisting on tending to Ilia personally. Luda took care of Link's wounds. Had he not been so busy worrying about Ilia he might have noticed the extreme, gentle care that Luda took with him. A look of adoration never left her eyes. Link wasn't allowed to see Ilia until she was fully treated and this irritated Link beyond belief. Luda had a hard time getting him to stay away from the upstairs. Finally after 10 hours on care Ilia was proclaimed stable. She was put into a heavy sleep by some of Renado's herbs so she could rest. This would also help her wounds heal faster because they wouldn't fight the everyday resistance that her life offered. For the next two days Link never left Ilia's beside. He didn't sleep at all and finally Renado kicked him out of Ilia's room. He said he would be changing her bandages and checking her wounds and that Link should wait downstairs. The main lobby of the inn had changed little. Small wooden tables still dotted the floor and a thick carpet covered most of the wood flooring. The wallpaper had been replaced and there was a shiny cherry wood bookcase stood in the corner stocked with many different kinds of books of varying thickness now though. It was clear they were doing some renovations. A couch with only one armrest sat in the corner. Link decided to take a seat on the couch while he waited. It just looked so inviting. Within a minute of sitting down he had passed out. Luda found him a few hours later and covered him with a quilt while she giggled quietly. And rightly so. Link had stretched himself over the length of the couch. One foot was resting against the armrest while the other hung limply off the side. One arm was clawing gently at the fabric of the backrest and the other hung on the floor. Link's head was hanging off the end of the couch and his mouth was open; he snored gently.

The next morning Link awoke groggily to the sound of people talking quietly. It took him a moment to realize that he had fallen asleep and someone, most likely Renado, had moved him upstairs. He climbed slowly out of bed and recoiled from the cool touch of the floor. His boots were sitting at the foot of the bed but Link decided it would be nice to be barefoot again. He crept downstairs and spotted Renado and Luda. Renado looked up from the stove where he was cooking to smile at Link and say, "Good morning, Link. It's about time you woke up."

Luda smiled at him as she finished setting a table. Then she went back to stand by her father and began stirring something in a large clear bowl. "Link how many hours did you sleep last night? Fourteen hours?" But it wasn't what she said that caught Link's attention, it was the table. It was set for four. That must mean that Ilia was finally awake. He quickly scanned the room and found Ilia on the couch he fell asleep on. She was reading, a book about horses no doubt. He was so delighted when her eyes met his that he didn't notice the large purple bruise on her check or the stitches on her arms and legs. Or the large white bandage that was wrapped around her arm where the arrow hit her. All he saw was her beautiful green eyes.

"Ilia! Ilia you're safe, you're alive, and you're awake!" He rushed across the room and gently but passionately kissed her. Behind them Renado cleared his throat. And proceeded to do this several times before Ilia finally pulled away, blushing.

"Breakfast is served," he announced then added quietly, "lovebirds."

They all sat down to breakfast and started talking. It started as casual, simple talk but then Renado asked Link, "Do you have any plans for the wedding Link?"

The question caught him off guard and he turned to Ilia. "Well, I guess we plan to get married in the village. As to when, I'm not really sure. We hadn't gotten that far."

Renado nodded. "So shall I assume you don't have a shaman to marry you?"

Ilia's eyes lit up, "Oh Renado, would you really? Could you? Let me be the one to ask you. Renado, you have helped me so many times before, would you help me again? Will you marry us?"

Renado smiled a kind, warm smile. "It would be my honor, Miss Ilia. Shall I assume that you would prefer the wedding sooner, rather than later."

Ilia glanced at Link and this time it was his turn to answer. "Yes, we have been together for so long it would be nice for it to finally be official. But there's so much to do. How long would it take to get everything ready?" Link's brow furrowed as he thought of everything they would need to prepare.

"Well, if I can get a few favors called in from Castle Town, I can probably get things together in about a week." Ilia's eyes sparkled with excitement.

"Well then you should all get to work," Luda said as she cleared away the empty dishes.

And so the day began. Renado sent off a hawk with a letter for Rusl who was staying back in Ordon, explaining about the engagement and the wedding and what the villagers could do to help and asked Rusl to send Epona. Ilia prepared the letters for her friends, she still wouldn't say who, in Castle Town. And Link was sent to find a Goron messenger to deliver the message to Castle Town. Finally the letters were written and the messengers preparing. Renado had taken Link to discuss what Link would wear to the wedding and Luda had taken Ilia to pack her bags for the next morning when she would leave with Epona. It had been decided that she would go into Castle Town alone; Link was not pleased but Ilia had convinced him Thelma would near by with the Rebel Forces that met in her bar. She would be well protected against anything that might decide to attack.

"Thank you for letting papa marry you, Ilia," Luda said. "This has always been his dream." She handed Ilia a small bag with some money inside. "Make sure you take care of yourself. If anything happens to you, Link will never forgive himself. He worries about you more than you know," a small tear formed at the corner of her eye.

"Luda. . ." Ilia whispered.

"I have to go start dinner. I will see you later, Ilia." And she hurried off.

Link spent the rest of the day with Ilia. Treasuring every moment and being kicked out of the inn by Renado for some disturbing behavior. Eventually Renado kicked Link out and made him spend the rest of the day, and night, with Barnes the bomb maker.

The next morning Ilia was off after a tearful goodbye. Ilia was perfectly confident in the outcome of her trip but Link was having trouble leaving Ilia. Luda ended up having to drag him back into town with a line of tears trailing behind them. Ilia said her goodbyes and then was off like a speeding arrow. She raced into town and during her trip, decided who she would visit first. If she went to Thelma then she might insist on sending someone with her around town. She could wait until later and if things went badly, would have to explain it all anyway. Hopefully things would go well but she would still spend close to an hour talking to Thelma and filling her in on everything that had happened. She decided to make the other trip first and then fill in Thelma.

When she reached Castle Town, Ilia left Epona by the back gate and headed into town. It never startled her just how many people were milling around the streets. She managed to reach the large wooden gates that led to Zelda's Castle. She stopped and stared at the size of the castle. It unnerved her for a moment but then she squared her shoulders and marched up the path. Her bare feet made a quite pattering on the path. She had planned on walking right past the guards but they stopped her before she could grasp the door handle.

"Where do you think you're going, Miss?" The taller one asked. His voice was tired but firm.

"I think you're looking for the marketplace. It's back that way," he pointed back the way she had come.

"No, I'm here to visit Princess Zelda. I need to ask her a favor."

"Yeah, so do I," the tall guard sighed. "Look, Miss. I'm sure you want to talk to Zelda but she hasn't told us to expect any barefoot farm girls today so you're just going to have write her a letter. Now move along." He gestured for Ilia to go and she stormed away.

Ilia stormed back through Castle Town and into Thelma's Bar. The familiar scene calmed her somewhat and she didn't know just how good it would feel to hear Thelma's voice again.

"Ilia?! Ilia, honey, is that you? It is! Welcome, honey! What brings you back here?" Before Ilia could say anything, Thelma had hurried over and wrapped her in a full body, and chest, hug. "Well, honey?"

Ilia finally broke free of Thelma's grasp and asked, "Didn't you get my letter? The Goron said he delivered it yesterday."

Thelma was confused for a moment before her confusion turned to rage. "TOMKINS!" she screeched. "HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO DELIEVER MY MAIL ON TIME?" Tomkins pressed himself into the corner, trying to melt into the wall. Thelma continued screaming at him for not delivering her mail, for what seemed to be one of many times, and finally threw him out of the bar, literally. "Now," Thelma turned back to Ilia and for the first time noticed the large diamond ring on Ilia's finger, "Oh goddesses! Look at that diamond!" She grasped Ilia's hand and pulled it closer for a better look. "Oh, honey. You have got to tell me everything." And so one hour and one Thelma hug later, Ilia had explained everything that had happened, including how she wasn't allowed into the castle. Thelma's brow furrowed, "Well I've never had much trouble getting into the castle . . . But then . . . hrm . . . well we could . . . Yes! That is what we shall do!" She turned to Ilia and smiled a strange smile. Ilia paled slightly and before she could object was in one of Thelma's back rooms getting changed.

Finally she had to emerge. There was no mirror but she knew she didn't like the outfit already. But she stepped out and Thelma gasped. She put her hand over her mouth and wheeled her to a full length mirror. Ilia gasped as well. She was dressed almost identically to Thelma. She wore a ridiculously low cut red top with black lace lining the edges. Over that she was wearing a purple coat that extended just past her elbows and then flared gently. Luckily the skirt she wore was long and purple. Tracing the bottom of it was a line of thick red ribbon. Thick brown leather straps traced her ankles and secured her sandals to her feet. Hurriedly she changed the look of horror on her face to one of fake enthusiasm. "Oh, Thelma. It's lovely."

Thelma nodded. "I knew it would be. It suits you perfectly. Now just remember when you get to the guards, end as many sentences as you can with 'Honey', giggle, and lift your eyebrow when you want to imply something. Don't forget to tell them that you're from my bar. Now one last thing," she picked up a brush and pulled Ilia's hair up into a ponytail at the top of her head. It was now identical to hers. "You're all set, go get 'em, honey!"

Ilia hurried out of the bar and felt the blush rise in her cheeks as soon as she rejoined the crowded streets of Castle Town. Oddly enough most of the people ignored her. She walked up the familiar stone pathway and stopped before the guards. Their eyes seemed to pop as they inspected Ilia's new outfit.

Like last time, the taller guard spoke first, "Good afternoon, Madam. Might I say you're looking beautiful today? Do you have business to attend to in the castle?"

"Yes, honey," she groaned and shuddered inwardly but kept a smile plastered on her face, "Thelma sent me, wanted me to talk to Zelda about something." She winked and giggled at them. She didn't expect this to do anything but surprisingly enough the guards opened the doors and let her inside.

"Do you visit the Princess often? I mean, uh, will you come by here again?"

Ilia jogged gently through the doors and stopped just beyond them. She turned back to the guards and said, "I'll see you at Thelma's bar," she winked and giggled again, for real this time because of their astonish faces. The first set of wood doors boomed shut behind her and she pushed the next set open just enough for her to slip through. Then she took out the instructions for how to get to Zelda's room. Then she started through the castle trying to find a woman that, not so long ago, she believed was after Link's heart.

She wandered uneasily through the many halls of the castle. She passed a few guards and household servants but no one seemed to pay any attention to her. Finally after she was sure she was lost, Ilia stumbled across the throne room. It was empty but Link's instructions said there was a door that led to Zelda's bedroom at the back. Slowly she crossed the room, her footsteps echoing across the floor. Finally she found the door and peeked down the hall. At the end of a stone passageway lit with lanterns was a set of double wood doors. They looked identical to every other set of doors but something told Ilia that this was Zelda's room. Having accidentally walked into the wrong room several times Ilia though to knock first. No one answered so she gently pulled the door open and stuck her head inside.

"P-Princess Zelda?" She said in barely a whisper. Her eyes scanned the room but found no one. It was a nice room. White stones with black diamonds lined the floors. There was a fireplace on one side of the room and a four poster bed at the other. The sheer curtains were drawn back and tied, revealing a set of pink silk sheets. A large storybook window filled the entire back wall. "Zelda?" She called again, louder this time. Again no one answered. "Well, Zelda, if you're here I'll be in the throne room for a bit. I don't really have anywhere to go so come see me when you can. And if anyone else is in here, could you tell Zelda I stopped by and that I'm in the throne room? I promise not to touch anything!" She turned and started back down the hall.

A blonde head poked out from between the doors. The owner's eyes lit up when they saw the retreating figure. Their brow furrowed but their mind must have come to the same conclusion as earlier because their eyes lit up again and their voice called, "Ilia!"

Ilia spun around, alarmed, she sighed when she recognized the head, "Hi. Hi, Princess Zelda," quickly Ilia curtsied, trying to be polite like her father had taught her to do when visiting royalty.

Zelda rolled her crystal blue eyes. "You don't need to curtsy Ilia, and you don't need to call me 'Princess'. Relax," She smiled reassuringly and stepped out into the hall. She was dressed casually in a full knee-length pink skirt. She wore a white collared shirt whose sleeves had been rolled up to her elbows. Her hair was in one long braid down her back but a few strands fell in front of her face. She smiled broadly and opened her arms for a hug, "I got your letter! We're going to be sisters!"

For a moment Ilia was puzzled but then she remembered that Zelda considered Link to be her brother. "Sisters," she repeated, hugging Zelda back.

Zelda giggled, "If you don't mind me asking, Ilia, what in the name of the goddesses are you wearing?" She giggled again.

Ilia groaned. She was still wearing Thelma's "disguise". "I stopped to see Thelma. I couldn't get into the castle and this was her solution. Scary thing is, it worked."

"Come on, Ilia. I've got some more normal clothes for you." Zelda took her hand and pulled her into the bedroom. Once Ilia was dressed in a green short sleeved dress that matched her eyes and fell to just past her knees, she decided to ask Zelda for a favor.

"Zelda? This is kind of awkward but I have a favor to ask you," she felt her cheeks grow pink again. She was just about to talk again when Zelda held up her hand.

"If it will make you feel better I can use my Triforce to figure out your question," Zelda assured her. She closed her eyes and traced over Ilia's body, pausing for effect on her diamond ring. The truth was that Zelda had read Ilia's letter and guessed what she wanted to ask. This was just a show to make Ilia feel better. Finally she opened her eyes and focused them on Ilia's. "You want me to help you get a wedding dress. You would like me to help you with your wedding. So I'm invited?" she added teasingly.

Ilia smiled, clearly relived. "Well actually I want you to be my maid of honor. Will you?"

"Of course!" They hugged again. "Now I know of a wonderful tailor here in town that can make a beautiful dress in only a few days, if you have enough rupees. It's not a bribe but these things take time. But if you pay them some extra money they can get it done for almost any date. What day did you have in mind for the wedding?"

"Well, would the end of the week be too soon? We were thinking maybe on, Saturday? Fado doesn't have to go anywhere and usually takes Saturdays off anyway."

"Sure, Saturday will be fine. Oh I'm so excited! Let's get to work."

Finally the big day came. Link and Ilia had decided to marry in the center of Ordon Village. A small tarp had been laid out for Link, Ilia, and Renado to stand on. Chairs had been arranged for all the guests: everyone from Ordon, Barnes from Kakariko, Impaz who took care of Ilia for a while when she lost her memory, Prince Ralis and a few other Zoras, the rebels from Thelma's bar, some Gorons, the man who sells lantern oil just outside of Ordon and his sister, and the woman who ran the fishing store. Link had chosen Colin to be his ring bearer and asked Rusl to be his best man. Rusl had been the one who had guided him; he had been his father figure for as long as Link had lived in Ordon. Renado was standing behind Link, waiting for Ilia to arrive. Today Link was dressed in the traditional Ordon Wedding garb. He wore a long sleeve collared white shirt. Much to Link's annoyance, he was wearing a pair of uncomfortable pants. They were white pants with gold vines twisting around the legs. A blue belt was secured neatly around his waist. In Ordon blue was the color of heroes. It was a simple belt, only a few notches and no patters on the leather. The only distinguishing mark was belt buckle. A large silver piece with the Ordon Goat Horns symbol engraved upon it. His hair was tied in a small ponytail at the back of his head, ensuring that it wouldn't fall in his face. His sword, sheath and shield had been confiscated and hidden before the wedding. Link shifted his weight uncomfortably from foot to foot. His heart was pounding and he was very close to terrified. This wasn't something he had ever felt before; usually he was excited before a fight with a monster of any strength. He reached instinctively behind his head. With the familiar weight of the master sword in his hand, he was sure to feel better. Then he remembered that his sword had been taken from him. Behind him Renado placed his hand on his shoulder. In return Link tried to roundhouse kick him. Renado saw this coming and moved out of the way.

"Link, there is a reason we took your sword away. This is why." Renado smiled at Link, "Do not worry, all your fear will disappear when the wedding begins." As he spoke the tempo changed. Everything seemed to shift. The people turned expectantly as the musicians changed into a song with a steady beat. First down the well-worn path came Beth, Ilia's first flower girl. She sprinkled purple flower petals down the path and then took her place at the front of the mat across from Link. She smiled at him and he couldn't help smile back. He had never seen Beth in a dress before. Now she wore a light blue sleeveless dress with a thick emerald green bow wrapped around her waist. Advancing down the aisle now were Uli and Thelma. The crowd murmured appreciatively at Uli's dress. It was the same color as Beth's but Uli's has skinnier straps and was cut slightly lower. It hugged her curves in the right places and fell with ruffles to her knees. Simple lace lined the neckline. The people were less satisfied with Thelma's dress. It was cut a bit too low for a bridesmaid dress and was a bit too tight, hugging her body in awkward places. Thelma didn't seem to notice; she smiled and kept winking at the men in the audience. They each took their places along with Luda, Ilia's second flower girl. Then everyone rose from their seats. Rusl and Renado gasped quietly next to Link. Emerging from behind a curtain of white silk was Ilia and her father, Bo. Link's breath caught in his throat. Peering up from behind a thin veil of netting were the two greenest eyes Link had ever seen. It took him a moment but slowly he advanced down her body, looking at her dress. It was made of white silk. It was strapless and a flowered lace covered the bust. The dress hugged her body, accenting her curves and hiding any fault that Link never realized existed. Her skirt was very full and long, under it she wore no shoes. She wore a train as well, connected to the back of her dress was a flowered lace train. Bo walked her down the flower-covered path and stopped a few feet from Link. Bo tried to look stern but couldn't hide the joy in his eyes. He kissed Ilia and turned to Link.

"Take care of her, Link. She's the only family I have."

Link stepped forward, "Not the only family, you have a son now too." He looked Bo in the eyes and smiled. He saw a tear trace down Bo's cheek before Bo wrapped him in a hug. They pulled apart and Link took Ilia's hand in his own. They stood at the altar under an arch intertwined with purple Forget-Me-Not flowers. They repeated Renado's words and said their Hylian vows.

Finally Renado said, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. Link, you may kiss your bride." They kissed and everyone starting cheering. Beth and Luda took places on either side of the newly wed couple and began throwing flower petals. Link broke the kiss and then swept Ilia into his arms, much as he had done the day when Ilia had been kidnapped. Only now she was awake to enjoy it. She smiled at him and wound her arms around his neck. She kissed him again as he began to carry her back towards his house, their house. And forward into their new life, together.

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