So I finished some more letters and I hope you enjoy them. There's a letter from Alice, Emmett and Rosalie. haha I had fun writing that. I'll try to get some letters up as soon as I write them.


February 14, 2009

Silly Girl,

About that mysterious box, you might have found another one with conversation hearts in it. I know you don't like presents but it's not like I spent a fortune and Alice told me you'd enjoy them. I hope she wasn't lying then I'm sorry. Anyway… Happy Valentine's Day.

Esme definitely framed picture of you in your costume and it's now sitting on our mantel. Haven't you learned anything about vampires, Bella? We don't have fangs or wear capes. But Alice thought you looked awfully cute and I must agree. I'm glad you and this Jacob seem to be good friends. I'm happy for you.

Not much is happening at the Cullen household. We don't really do much to tell you the truth. Alice and Rosalie had indulged themselves in countless shopping trips, Emmett and Jasper have been playing these stupid video games nonstop and as for me, I've been making a way along. I've composed a lot lately. Since you sent me a photo and there would be no point to give a picture of myself as I'll always look the same, I've gave you a CD with one of my songs. Bella's Lullaby to be exact. I don't know why but it reminded of you when I wrote it. I hope it helps you remember me better. I know you humans don't have the best memories.

The real vampire,



April 23, 2009


We can't let Edward have all the fun. How's my favourite clumsy human? I've been good well besides the fact I miss having someone to make fun of. You're an easy target, sorry. At least I have the pixie still. Ok… now my head hurts thanks to the psychic pixie. She wants to add something now. Toodles, Bella.

If you didn't notice, that was Emmett. I apologize for him. It's Alice by the way. Edward doesn't even know we're writing you. He's hunting with Jasper. Oh, Jasper says Hi. Bella, honey, please stay home on April 27th. I know you have plans with Jacob to go to his house but you'll get into a car crash going up and you get pretty injured. Just tell Jacob to come to your house. He'll come. Jacob seems like a good kid. He'll be a great friend to you, Bella. I assure you. And Bella, don't wear those childish shirts anymore. You're growing into a lady and those shirts you have just aren't that flattering. Rose wants to add something and Emmett won't steal the paper away from her and say anything stupid. I wish I could say I'll see you soon but Edward's forbid it. Sorry.

Hey Bella. I know we didn't get off on the right foot and I'm sorry. I'm just frustrated with you. I couldn't understand why you ran away. You have a good life compared to mine. Being a vampire isn't the worst thing, I guess. I wish that I could be like you. I envy you. You may be thirteen but you have your whole life to look forward too. Well go to go, Edward just came in. See you, Bella.

Lots of Love,

Alice, Emmett and Rosalie


May 1st, 2009


Thank your 'sibling's' for the letter they sent me, please. I appreciated it though I don't think you know they did so. Well…now you do.

That's embarrassing but if you must keep my picture up. Also, can you yell at Alice for me? Apparently someone broke into my house and stole all my clothes and nothing else. I had to go shopping with my mom. Not fun.

Guess What! I got accepted to Yale. I'm going to major in English. How cool is that? I start near my birthday sadly but it's not going to occupy all my free time. I get to watch lectures online and have web cam conversations with professors. It's awesome.

I loved the songs. I fell asleep. That sounds bad but it's a lullaby and it's supposed to relax and calm you. Good job! I can't wait to see you so you can play it for me.

Sorry, Edward. I have to wrap this up quickly. Renee and Charlie want to take me out for a celebration dinner.

Bella "Future Yale Student" Swan


June 12th, 2009


I'm very sorry about Alice. She was blocking me out that day with that new song by Britney Spears. I doubt you know it but I really didn't care that some guy was a womanizer.

Your part of the family, Bella. So it's all good. We needed a picture of you anyway. Plus, you do have the crest which I'm pretty sure you're wearing right now,

Congratulations on Yale. I went there about fifty years ago. You'll enjoy it though yo aren't actually going. You should go there for your masters and I might just tag along.

Thanks for the song comment. It just flowed out of me. If you played the piano for as lone as I did, you could compose your own song too. I bet it would be even better than mine.

Bella, stop worrying about Jacob. He'll understand why you can't hang out as much. He's starting high school and you're starting university. You'll both be busy. I don't want to hear any of how you don't feel normal. You aren't normal, Bella but you're way more normal then me. You'll fit in soon enough, trust me.

Edward Cullen


So Bella is doing courses online at Yale now. Alice stole her clothes. lmao Alice can see Jacob so he's not a werewolf... yet....

I can't believe that 43 people voted on either they want Jacob to be a werewolf or not. That was strange to see. I was expecting 20 at the most. lol So I made the results viewable now but for the people too lazy to go to it, I'll post them here.

3 people didn't care whatsoever. haha

12 people said Hale No to Jacob being a dog.

28 people said Hale Yes for a wolfie Jacob.

So Jacob will be a werewolf obviously but I'll just tell you that I'm sick of the love triangle and this fanfic is strictly a E/B fanfic.