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Caitlin picked up her phone and opened it, scrolling through her contacts. She found Lindsey's picture and name, opening the options menu. She knew that Lindsey next to never answered her phone, so her best bet would be to send a text message. Caitlin entered her message and hit send. She laid back on her couch, sighing. She waited until Lindsey texted back. They conversation they had went as follows:

Caitlin: So...what're you up to? ; P

Lindsey: Nm. Just hanging out. You?

Caitlin: Waiting for your answer.

Lindsey: To...?

Caitlin: Our date this weekend...

Lindsey: Oh, that. Are you even sure that you WANT to go on another date?

Caitlin: Why, aren't you?

Lindsey: Honestly, no clue. 1 was fun, but...Idk.

Caitlin: Well, can we at least hang out?


Caitlin: As friends ONLY.

Lindsey: I'll think about it.

Caitlin: Okay!

Lindsey: I'll txt you later. Busy.

Caitlin: Byez!

After that, Lindsey didn't reply. She knew that she had an attraction to Lindsey, and on their last date, it seemed Lindsey had the same kind of attraction towards Caitlin. Ever since she and Sam had gotten into that near screaming match at lunch, Lindsey had been acting distant. She was afraid that there was something going on between them...

Caitlin laughed out loud, expelling the thoughts from her head. Sam and ridiculous. Anyone could see that they just weren't meant for each other. Not to mention, Sam seemed too reserved to do any experimenting with sexual boundaries. Then again, not many people thought that Caitlin had it in her, either. But here she was, swooning over another girl, trying everything she could to get at least five minutes alone with her, just to steal one kiss.

That's part of what she liked about Lindsey. Everyone else that she had ever gone on a date with had tried to get as far as they could the first time. Lindsey hadn't done more than hold her hand. Caitlin figured that Lindsey was one of those people who liked to take it slow, find her own pace in the relationship and keep up with it that way. She'd have to break her of that, no matter how adorable it was.

Caitlin's phone vibrated, causing her to give a start. She hadn't been expecting Lindsey to text her back so soon. But when she opened the text message, she saw that it was from Mandy instead.

Mandy: Stay away from Lindsey.

Caitlin reread the text three or four times. Stay away from Lindsey? Why would Mandy be concerned? It's not like if Caitlin and Lindsey started to date that she'd have any less time for Mandy. Mandy was one of her best friends...Now, anyway. Caitlin had gone from being devoted follower/fan to being a friend. Sort of. As much of a friend as she could be. Was it that Mandy was jealous of Lindsey? Caitlin decided to text Mandy back.

Caitlin: Why?

Mandy: Just do it. No questions.

Caitlin: I want to know why ur saying that. You know how I feel.

Mandy: I don't care, OK? Just don't hang all over Lidnsey anymore.

Caitlin: Whatever, Mandy. I'll do what I want and see who I want. I don't care what you say.

And Caitlin closed her phone. So maybe she and Mandy WEREN'T friends after all. Would a real friend, who knew how she felt, be telling her to distance herself? Caitlin chose to ignore it. She'd talk to Lidnsey about it later. But for now, she decided that she'd pass the time by making herself some dinner.

Alex stared out the window at the zooming landscape. She felt so distant, so many miles away. Even though Lindsey was right next to her, she felt so isolated and alone. The note was starting to get to her. That, and a mixture of guilt from reading it.

"What's wrong, Panda Bear?" Lindsey asked, calling Alex by her pet name. The memories made Alex crack a smile.

"It's nothing. I just have a lot on my mind, I suppose."

"Like what? You know you can talk to me." Lindsey said comfortingly. Alex nodded her head.

"Well, Mandy gave me a note earlier today to give to you."

"I guess that you read it?"


"You have that guilty face. You know, the one you used to get when you'd borrow a pencil and lose it?" Lindsey said with a smile. Alex sighed.

"That obvious?"

"Yeah. So, who was it from and what'd they want?"

"Well," Alex started. "Caitlin wrote you asking for a...second date."

"Gawd, I wish she'd get OFF of that!" Lindsey grumbled with a sigh tied into it. "It was ONE date! She's acting like she's in love with me or something!"

"Maybe she is? I don't know. I never talk to her." Alex suggested. Lindsey adjusted her sunglasses on her nose.

"So you wanna do something before I drop you off?" Lindsey asked. Alex shrugged her shoulders. "C'mon, Alex, I know there's something you wanna do."

"Nothing I can think of, really."

"Well, you wanna just hang out at my place? Maybe watch a movie or something?"


"Cool. That'll work." Lindsey said, finalizing the deal. She recalled that she was supposed to be doing the same thing with Caitlin. The thought made her wonder, was she REALLY that likable? Caitlin was drooling over her nonstop now, and Sam had practically screamed that she was jealous over Caitlin. Lindsey pushed the thoughts out of her head. She'd be spending the next few hours with her oldest friend.

"Hmmm...Looks like rain." Lindsey said, observing the sky. A flash of lightning illuminated the sky, causing Alex to let out a high-pitched squeak. "Don't worry, you're safe. We're insulated by the rubber of the tires."

"You sure?" Alex asked nervously. She was sitting in the fetal position in the seat.

"Positive. Not to mention, we're here."

Lindsey pulled the car into the driveway of a small house, three bedrooms at the most. As the car came to a stop, rain began to pour from the sky. Lidnsey and Alex sprinted to the door and Lindsey fumbled with her keys, trying to find the correct one. She slid it into the lock, opening their way to dryness.

"Sorry about that. I can never find that stupid key. I have WAY too many..."

"Maybe." Alex replied with a small laugh. She shivered a bit.

"Come with me. You're gonna catch something if you stay in those clothes." Lindsey said, grabbing Alex's wrist. She led her into a mid-sized master bedroom, nothing particularly fancy inside. There was a queen-sized bed on a simple frame, a dresser, and a bedside table with a lamp and alarm clock on top of it. Lindsey walked over to a door, opening it, revealing a vast amount of clothes that Alex could hardly believe actually fit in the small closet.

"What are you okay with me wearing?"

"Anything, Alex. Your choice. I'm just gonna change into a tank top, though." Lindsey answered. She walked over to her dresser and opened one of the drawers, grabbing a black tank top. She tossed it on the bed and grabbed the bottom hem of her shirt, lifting it over her head and off of her body. Alex watched Lindsey closely, admiring how her toned body shone in the dim light of the lamp. She was gorgeous, the kind of perfect that Alex wanted to be, or to at least have. But no matter how many times she'd tried to hint it, tried to force Lindsey to see how she felt, it never seemed to sink in.

"Yeah, I'll be in the living room. Just come on out whenever you're done." Lindsey half-whispered, snapping Alex out of her head. The only evidence of what Alex had been thinking regarding her true feeling was the line of pink that had settled on her cheeks.

"O-okay. Thanks." Alex stammered. That was a little too close...

Lindsey smiled and left the room, closing the door behind her. Alex was alone in the small bedroom, left to her thoughts and Lindsey's clothes. She approached the closet, rifling through the shirts. She slid hanger after hanger to the side, not finding anything that she was really in the mood to wear. She came upon a plain black t-shirt, and decided that she'd settle with that. Switching over to the other side of the closet, Alex went in search of pants. It didn't take her long to find a pair of red plaid sleep pants. She grabbed them from the hanger and slid out of her wet clothes and into Lindsey's dry ones. Taking her clothes into her arms, Alex walked into the living room. Just as she crossed the threshold, a flash of lightning lit up every corner of the room, and shortly after was a loud clap of thunder that shook the house. Alex let out a shriek, dropping her clothes on the floor. She began to kneel down, but was prevented from doing so by the pair of arms that had wrapped themselves around her. Lindsey lifted Alex into a standing position and held her close, letting the girl bury her head in her shoulder. There was another flash, and another boom, but this time Alex didn't even squeak.

"I think the power's out." Lindsey whispered. She slowly walked Alex over to the couch, sitting her down. "I'm gonna try and find some flashlights or something, okay? I'll be right back."

Alex looked up at Lindsey with wide, tear-rimmed eyes.



Alex grabbed one of the pillows that was on the couch and curled around it. She held it close, waiting for Lindsey to return with some for of light. Yet another flash illuminated the room, followed by the loudest blast of thunder out of all of them so far. Alex held her scream in, a tear falling down her cheek in its place. Shortly after, she heard Lindsey return and place something on the table. Alex looked over to see Lindsey strike a match, using it to light a candle. Then she used that candle to light three more, all of which she let sit on the coffee table. Lindsey took a seat next to Alex, who immediately abandoned the pillow, substituting it with Lindsey.

"It's just a storm, Alex. You're going to be fine." Lindsey said, trying to reassure Alex. She had known ever since they started hanging out that Alex was deathly afraid of thunderstorms. Lindsey had always done her best to make her friend feel safe during these acts of nature, whether it was by holding her or singing silly songs, or making shadow puppets by candlelight. She'd always managed to find a way. But this time, all she could do was hold on to Alex, hold on to her and let her know that she was alright.

An hour or so passed before the worst of the storm was over. There was still a heavy downpour, but the thunder had gone. Alex remained where she lay, her head on Lindsey's lap and her arms wrapped tight around her. Lindsey had one hand on one of Alex's arms and the other was stroking her hair affectionately. Lindsey assumed that Alex was asleep.

"You're definitely a character, you know that?" she whispered, a small smile on her face. "You really are. You manage to bring the best out of a crappy situation, which is something amazing in itself. I just wish I could tell you everything, Alex. I really do..."

Lindsey closed her eyes, allowing her fatigue take her over. She was exhausted. She wasn't sure if she'd actually fallen asleep, but there was a period of time that she was in a state of semi-consciousness that she wasn't pulled from until Alex sat up. Lindsey's head jerked up and her eyes opened. She rubbed her eyes and looked at Alex, who let out a yawn, stretching like a cat. Lindsey smiled at the sight.

"Feeling better?" Lindsey asked. Alex nodded.

"Yeah. Are you? You look a little less tired."

"I'm alright. Work's just taking a heckuva lot out of me."

"Where do you work?" Alex asked, sitting cross-legged on the couch. She held the same pillow from earlier in her lap. Lindsey let out a quick yawn.

"I do some stuff here and there for WOOHP. Again."

"Really!? Wow, after what happened, I thought you'd NEVER go back!"

Lindsey chuckled. "You know, I thought the same thing. But I just couldn't leave."

"Why's that?"

"There's just too much there that I refuse to let go." Lindsey answered. Alex's stomach did a back flip as she felt Lindsey's hand drift on top of hers. She didn't know whether or not it was an accident, but she gently took hold of Lindsey's hand, which was abnormally cold.

"You're freezing!" Alex exclaimed, grabbing Lindsey's hand in both of hers, rubbing it.

"I'm fine, I promise."

"No, you're seriously freezing..." Alex said, placing the back of her hand against Lindsey's cheek. She climbed on top of Lindsey, straddling her at the hips, and wrapped her arms around her. Alex hadn't noticed it before, but Lindsey was shivering.

"Uh, A-Alex? Is this really necessary?" Lindsey stammered. She struggled a bit under Alex, trying to squirm free, but the girl had no intention of letting her go.

"You're freezing cold, Lindsey! You're even shivering!"

"There's..." Lindsey started, whispering in Alex's ear. The warmth of her breath caused the hair on the back of Alex's neck to stand on end. "...more than one reason for someone to shiver..."


"Well, I could be sick. You never know. Or maybe..."

"Maybe what?"

"Maybe I'm shivering for the same reason that you're blushing."

Alex didn't have a chance to reply before Lindsey pulled her into a deep kiss. Alex's heart was pounding in her head. almost drowning out the exclamations of pure euphoria that were fighting to escape. She was in bliss, shock, even. But all of this was overcome by another emotion, something completely different: fear. Alex pulled away, pausing to look at Lindsey before she jumped off of the couch. Lindsey stood as Alex broke into a run, going outside, the door slamming behind her. Lindsey sprinted after her, into the pouring rain, not even bothering with the door.

"Alex!" Lindsey called. Alex was standing at the end of the driveway, her back to the house. Lindsey walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Alex..."

Alex shook her hand off, refusing to look at her.

"Alex, please, don't do...Look, I know that I probably shouldn't have done that, but..." Lindsey started. She sighed, hanging her head. "I wouldn't take it back, even if I could."

"Lindsey," Alex said, turning slightly. "How do do you feel about me? Honestly?"

Lindsey blinked. She let the question soak in.

"That's a fair question..."

"I know. I need to know, okay? I don't wan to keep playing this game, Lindsey. I can't do it..." Alex explained, turning to face Lindsey. Lindsey's eyes were on the ground, as if she were ashamed to look at Alex.

"I don't know...if I want to answer honestly."

"Why NOT!?" Alex asked, angry at the response. Lindsey sighed, running her hands through her hair.

"You were one of my first friends here, and you've always been the best friend I've ever had. You're always there for me when I need to talk, even when I don't know it yet. We have the perfect relationship, Alex."

Alex ran the words through her mind again. We have the perfect relationship...She was glad that it was raining, relieved that Lindsey couldn't see the tears that she was crying. She needed the truth, and her tears might change Lindsey's willingness to tell it.

"I would hate to ruin that relationship, Alex."

Alex fell to her knees, her arms falling limp at her sides. She could no longer hold in her sobs, which were now escaping loudly. She held her face in her hands, not wanting Lindsey to look at her like that, worried that she'd think less of her. Alex felt hands on her shoulders and looked up to see Lindsey, a solemn look on her face.

"I didn't finish. Alex, I feel stronger for you than I probably should. And no matter what, I'm not going to deny that...that I love you, Alex. I love you."

Alex threw herself into Lindsey, knocking her over. She continued to sob into Lindsey's chest, the girl's arms now tight around her. Lindsey stroked her hair, giving her a small kiss on the cheek as well.

"Alex, please don't cry. I hate to see you upset." Lindsey whispered. Alex sniffed hard a few times and wiped her face before looking up at Lindsey. There was a small smile on her face that was, in a way, terribly sad. Alex placed a hand on her cheek, leaning in, pressing their lips together. Their bodies melted together, a pleasurable heat coursing through Alex's body, seeming to flow directly from Lidnsey. Alex pulled away, holding Lindsey tight.

"We should get inside. We'll both die of pneumonia if we don't." Lindsey said. Alex nodded, but made no effort to move. She didn't want to let go. She never wanted to leave. Suddenly she felt herself being moved a bit, Lindsey shifting beneath her, and then she was being lifted off of the ground. Alex's head was against Lindsey chest, listening to the steady but quickened tempo of her heartbeat. Her arms were wrapped tightly around her as she let herself be carried into the house. Alex closed the door behind her and Lindsey as they passed the threshold. They were both soaking wet, dripping water all over the carpet, and then the couch as Lindsey laid Alex down. She turned to walk, but was stopped as Alex grabbed her wrist.

"Towels." was what Lindsey offered as an explanation. Alex pulled Lindsey down in response, as if saying "Not necessary, hun!". Lindsey positioned herself over Alex, supporting herself above her. They both began to shiver as the air-conditioning kicked on. Alex snaked her arms around Lindsey and jerked her down.

"'Sharing body warmth is the most effective way to stay warm.' Remember?" Alex said with a grin. Lindsey kissed her nose.

"I'm glad you remembered."

Alex blushed as she felt Lindsey's hand move up the back of her shirt. A shiver crept up her spine.

"You alright?" Lindsey asked. Alex nodded. Lindsey kissed Alex's cheek as her fingers played across her back. She pushed Alex's shirt up, leading Alex to take it off. It hit the floor with a soggy squelch, leaving Alex in her bra and the borrowed pair of pants she was in. She pushed Lindsey into a sitting position, agile fingers moving to unbutton the sopping shirt that stuck to Lindsey's body. It landed on the coffee table. Alex slid out of Lindsey's sleep pants and her panties at the same time, tossing them both aside carelessly, immediately moving to assist Lindsey with her jeans.

"You wear boxers?" Alex asked, grinning devilishly. She heard the heavy pair of jeans slide to the floor.

"M-maybe...Is there something wrong with that?" Lindsey asked, blood rushing to her face. Alex yanked her down. Their noses were touching.

"Not at all."

"Good." Lindsey whispered, regaining her composure. She slid her arms under Alex and unhooked her bra, holding it up triumphantly as if it were a trophy. She tossed it aside and leaned in, kissing Alex passionately. Lindsey separated herself, only to begin kissing a line down Alex's neck, to her collarbone, to her breasts...before she got any farther, she heard the phone ring.

"" Alex gasped. She was biting her lip, her fingers digging into the couch as she tried to contain herself, It was like her skin was on fire, and every time Lindsey's lips touched her, it was like adding another match to the blaze.

"Ignore it." Lindsey replied. She continued where she left off. She was making her way down Alex's toned stomach, taking care to go slow. She wanted Alex to want it and to know how close she was to getting it. The phone stopped ringing.

"A...a...ans...Oh, God...Answering ma...Jeeze...answering machine..." Alex interrupted again. Lindsey traced a line up Alex's stomach with her tongue and looked her in the eyes.

"It can wait, whatever it is."

Alex's face was bright red, and she was beginning to sweat. Lindsey flashed her a seductive smile before continuing on her stomach. Now she was down to her hip, so close. Lindsey heard whoever had called start their message, but tuned it out. She was slowly moving away from Alex's hip...closer...closer...

"L-l...Lindsey! You m-m...God, I hate myself...You might wanna actually listen!"

Lindsey sat up, listening. She heard the end of the message. Alex recognized the voice, but was too messed up to think straight. She couldn't have identified it if she'd wanted to.

"I...will be right back." Lindsey said as she got up, walking into her kitchen. The message cut off as soon as she got to her answering machine. She hit the playback button. One new message.

"Lindsey, this is Jerry. There's been an incident. We need your help. I know you just got back from your last mission, but you were gone for hardly a day. I do hope that you get back to me. I hate it when you turn your work phone off...And good job disabling all of the surveillance and WOOHP tunnels in your home. I know why you're our best. Just remember, this mission is of dire importance, and if you take too long, I will have no other choice but to come retrieve you myself. Have a lovely evening!"

Lindsey groaned.

"Who was it?" Alex asked from the living room.

"Jerry...He..." Lindsey's voice trailed off as she listened hard.

"He what?"

"Alex, get some clothes on."

"Wha...what?" Alex asked, confused.

"Just do it and hurry!" Lindsey shouted as she ran into the living room, sliding as she turned to get into her bedroom.

"What's going on?"

"Jerry's on his way!"


Lidnsey nodded. Alex jumped over the back of the couch and ran into Lindsey's bedroom. She practically dove into the closet. Lindsey leapt over the couch, grabbed up a. armful of wet clothing, and leapt back over the couch, running into her bedroom. Lindsey tossed the dripping pile into a corner and opened one of her dresser drawers, only to hear a sharp knock at her front door.

"Hello? Lindsey? I know you're home. Your vehicle is in the driveway."

"Shit!" Lindsey hissed. She fell over and pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She picked herself up and left the room. "I gotta get the door, come out when you're dressed."

Alex hurried to pull a pair of gym shorts and a baggy t-shirt on. She peeked into the living room to see Lindsey chatting with Jerry. What did he want that was THIS important?

"That's ridiculous!" Alex heard Lindsey shout. She walked into the living room.

"We've already delayed this long enough."

"Jerry, you're killing me! I just got back. At least give me some time to unwind." Lidnsey pleaded. Jerry shook his head.

"We can't afford it."

"Send someone else, then! I'm not gonna be able to complete another mission on my own."

"Well, would you like me to get your old team together?"

"Yeah, if you want them coming back in body bags..."

"I'll go." Alex chimed in. Jerry and Lindsey both turned to face her. Jerry turned back to Lidnsey.

"Would that be alright with you?" he asked.

"Yeah. That would work." Lindsey answered, giving Alex a small smile. Alex knew that it was a silent thanks.

"So if you ladies would come with me, we can get back to WOOHP for your briefing."

Alex and Lindsey smiled at each other and followed Jerry into the driveway, climbing into the black WOOHP SUV.