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Summary: Bella moved away after her freshman year of high school after she told Edward her real feelings for him and he just ignored her after that. When she moves back as a senior to be with her best friends Alice and Rose, Edward is completely different than he was two years ago. Will Bella be able to handle it when he still ignores her? Summary sucks. I'm hoping it's better than it sounds.

A/N: So this is my first ever fanfiction. I don't know if it's any good. It might seem kind of cliche at first, but it should get different later. If it goes as plans, that is. Oh, Jacob is in this story... him and Bella are just friends, neither have feelings for each other. In fact, he's a combination of four different guys at my school, and two of them are gay... haha.

All chapters are named after a song. The songs don't always go with the chapter, but they sorta do. haha.


Chapter 1: Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya) by Ashlee Simpson
Why? It doesn't totally fit, but Edward is in Bella's head a few times, so it kinda fits.


Dances with Football Players
Chapter 1: Outta My Head

"That outfit looks really good on you Bells" my best friend Alice Brandon told me. "I think you'll defiantly make a good second first impression."

"Second first impression?"

"Yeah" she said like it was so obvious, which, once she explained it to me, it was. "I mean, everyone knows you already, they just haven't seen you in, what, two years?"

"End of Freshman year."

"Exactly, so you've changed, obviously, so you need to make a good first impression, but technically it's not a first impression."

"Yeah Alice. I got it." I loved my pixie like best friend, but at time she could be a little annoying.

I was starting the first day of my Seniors year at a new school. Well, technically it wasn't new. I went there my freshman year, and moved the next summer to Phoenix with my mom. But, I told her I wanted to come back to Forks and spend my senior year with my old friends. It took a while, but eventually I convinced her to let me come.

Alice came to pick me up and drove me to school, because I don't have a car yet. That's where this conversation was happening, in her car on the way to school.

To say I was nervous about this was an understatement. I mean, don't get me wrong, I was super excited, but seeing all these people again, especially the person I moved to get away from in the first place, was terrifying to me.

I couldn't help but think about what he would do when he saw me. Would he be happy I came back, would he be mad that I left in the first place. Would he act like absolutely nothing happened before I left and we'd be friends again? I just couldn't help the feeling that it wasn't going to be good.

"Bella!" I heard, and was pulled from my thoughts.


"We're here."

"Oh," was all I could say when I realized we were, in fact, at the school.

"What were you thinking about so hard there Bella?" She knew me too well.

"Nothing." I lied, but as I said, she knew me too well.

"Bella, don't lie to me." Then she said, as if to comfort me, "I know you're worried about what he'll say, but don't stress about it. If you need someone to talk to after you see him, find me, okay?"

"Okay," I sighed.

"Oh, and Bella?" She said as I was opening my door. I turned back around. "Don't be surprised if he's not the same person he was two years ago."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see." Then she left.

I got out of the car and walked to the office to get my schedule. I walked in and saw the same Mrs. Cope sitting behind the desk as freshman year.

"Hi," she said as she saw me walking in. "What can I do for you, dear?"

"Hi, I'm Isabella Swan. Can I get my schedule, please?"

"Oh, Bella, sure. I remember hearing you were coming back." How did she hear that?


"No problem. If you have any questions just ask, but I'm sure you have enough friends here already, seeing as you've been here before and all."

"Yes, but thank you anyways."

"You're welcome."

I turned around and walked out. As I was walking down the hall I heard someone calling my name. I turned to see who it was.

"Ah! Rosalie!" I ran over to Rosalie Hale, my other best friend, and gave her a huge hug. "Oh my gosh! I'm missed you so much Rose!"

"Oh, you have no idea Bella. I can't believe you just left me like that." She joked.

"Rose, you know it wasn't like that."

"Oh, Bells, I know. I'm just kidding." She pulled away and smiled at me. "I'm just happy you came to your senses and decided to come back."

"Me too."

Just then, a huge guy came over. Football player, no doubt.

"Hey Rosie babe. Who's your friend?" He asked, looking at me.

"Emmett," she laughed. "You remember Bella don't you? I mean, we only used to hang out with her everyday"

"Oh my gosh! Bella Swan! Is that really you?"

"Yes, Emmett, you goof. Who else would it be?" Rosalie said, while hitting one of his muscles.

"Well, she just… wow. She grew up!" That earned another swat, this time to the back of his head.

"Well, Emmett, it's good to see you too. You look pretty different yourself. Football?"

"Of course." He said with a smile.

Then the warning bell rang. 10 minutes to find my locker and first class, that should be fun.

"Well Rosie, I gotta go find your dumb ass of a brother see if he's allowed to play on Friday. I'll see you later." He gave her a quick kiss. "See you around Bells."

"Bye Emmett."

"So, what did Jasper do this time?" I asked Rose, as we walked to find my locker.

"Oh, he just failed Spanish last year and got suspended the first three games of the season." She rolled her eyes. "Meaning, Em's gonna be disappointed, this is only the second game this year."

I couldn't help but laugh. That sounded like typical Emmett. Speaking of which…

"So, Rose. You and Emmett? When and how did this happen?"

"Last year. Winter formal. He just asked me because he couldn't find any other girls to go with, then we just kinda hit it off from there. We thought it would be weird and all, and wondered what would happen if it didn't work out. You know, how would it affect our friendship and all. But, that hasn't happened yet. Actually, I'm totally in love with him Bells."

"Oh, Rose. That's great!"

"I know right. Now, what's your first class?"

"Um," I looked at my schedule. "Ughh, Calc."

"Ew, who wants that class first?"

"I think you mean who wants that class as all."

By this point we reached my locker and I was putting my backpack in.

"So Bells, have you seen Alice this morning?"

"Yeah. She drove me here. Why?"

"Oh, uh, no reason, really. I just need to talk to her about something."

"Oh. Well- oh, there she is." I pointed behind her.

She turned around. "Oh, thank God. I'll see you around Bells."


"Alice!" she yelled as she turned away from me.

The bell rang again, five minutes until I needed to be in Calculus.

I grabbed a notebook and shut my locker.

I turned around to find the stairs. I headed up and started looking for my Calc class.


My morning wasn't very eventful.

First hour Calc was pretty boring. Just the teacher droning on about what we would be doing this year.

Second Hour Spanish was a little better, but only because I had Rose in that class.

Third Hour I had English. We got syllubuses for what books we'd be reading this year. I'd read over half of them already.

Fourth Hour: Free Period. That'll be fun.

Then it was lunch. I ran into Alice and Rose on my way to the cafeteria. We got food. Pizza. It wasn't very good, but it was edible, at least.

I sat with Rose and Emmett, and Alice & Jasper. Jasper was Rose's brother, the one who failed Spanish last year. Apparently Alice and Jasper have been dating since tenth grade.

I still hadn't ran into him yet. I was kind of hopping I wouldn't.

"So, Bella," Alice started. "You have any boyfriends there in Arizona?"

"Actually, I did have one last year."

"Really?!" That one came from Rosalie.

"What was his name?" That was Alice.


"Awww. Was he cute?" Rosalie again.


"So, what happened? Did you break up?"

"Yeah, we I dumped him in April. We dated for about four months."

"Why did you do that?"

"He just started being a jerk and stuff like that, so I ended it."

"Oh." Apparently they wanted something more exciting than that.

"Yeah." Was all I could say.

I was looking around the cafeteria, just seeing everyone. I saw some people I recognized from before I left. I also saw many people I didn't recognize. Underclassman, no doubt.

And that's when I saw him. The person I left to get away from. My best friend before I moved. The person I used to be totally in love with.

Edward Cullen.

My eyes stopped their wondering in a milisecond. I couldn't help it. He looked pretty much the same. He was still gorgeous, with his bronze hair that stuck up in all the right place, and his stunning green eyes that I used to always get lost in. He was wearing a green and white stripped Hollister polo. The only thing different was the pretty little blonde hanging all over him. She looked like she was flirting, and it was painfully obvious, but apparently it worked, because he turned his head and started making out with her.

"Bella... Bella... BELLA!" I was brought back to the peopne surrounding me. I looked around, and the were looking at me questioningly.

"What?" I asked as casually as I could.

"What were you staring at?" Rosalie asked me, as she followed me gaze to where I was looked seconds before. When she saw him, she froze. "Oh. Bella..."

"Hey, I'm fine. Okay? It doesn't bother me," I lied. In reality, it pained me to see him sucking face with some blonde bimboed slut who I didn't recognize. I knew I never really got over him, so that's not why I was so surprised.

I should've known he would move on eventually. I mean, he never even returned my feelings in the first place. I guess I was just surprised to see he was dating a girl like her.

"What are you guys talking about?" Emmett asked, confused.

Alice had obviously known what we were talking about, because she was looking at me with worried eyes.

Rosalie was leaning into Emmett, apparently telling him what we were talking about.

"Oh" he said.

And just then, the bell rang. Off to AP World History.


I got in a few minutes before the bell rang.

The room was broken into two sections, both with desks facing the middle of the room.

Twelve desks on the side with the door.

Twelve desks on the side with the window.

I sat on the side that had the door, in the fourth row, second seat.

About 30 seconds after I sat down, I saw someone walk it. He smiled at me.

"Hey Bella." He said. "I didn't know you were back."

"Yes, Jacob. I am." I said in an annoyed voice. Me and Jake so somewhat friends before I moved. It was a weird sort of friendship. It was mostly I pretended he annoyed the shit out of me, even though he didn't, and he prentended to do stuff that annoyed the shit out of me. He really only talked in Geomety, the one class we had together. Other than that we kind of ignored each other.

He sat down in the desk behind me, and I was going to turn around to 'complain' about it, but the bell rang and the teacher walked it.

"Welcome to AP World History. My name is Mr. Philips. I expect you all be smart enough to not need one of those stupid syllabuses, so I'll just say I expect you to be on time to class and do you work, and you'll be on my good side."

Just as Mr. Philips was saying that, the door opened and in walked the the person I didn't want to see.


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