Chapter 1 Behind the scenes with Naruto and Sakura

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This is the final shooting for Naruto shippuden episode 75

Naruto was out in the large training field with Kakashi and Yamato the mask jounin is about to show him rasengan.

"Naruto watch this" Kakahsi said as he show him his hand while Naruto nodded focusing on his hand, and suddenly rasengan was form on his hand.

Naruto gasp in shock" no….way…rasengan"

"And….CUT" the director said" great work everybody time to call it a day see you all next time.

The whole filming crew left while Naruto sighed in relief.

"Finally I can stop acting like an idiot thank Kami"

"We'll see you later" Kakashi said.

"Yeah take care you guys"

The two jounins left while Sakura came to him.

"Hey Naruto-kun" she said with a big smile.

"Hey Sakura-chan" he smile at her when he notice that there was one camera turn on" hey what's going on we finish shooting this week's episode so why there's another camera filming who are you?"

"Um….I'm not with the shippuiden filming crew I am here for the author of this story he wants to know you guys when the show is over"

"Great just when I didn't wanted to see anymore cameras" Naruto mutter.

"That author should mind his own business we need some privacy too" Sakura mutter.

"Well anyway is there a specific reason why you came to me Sakura-chan?"

Sakura blush while twiddling her fingers" Naruto-kun how about we go out?"

He grin" on a date?"

She blush harder" no not like that just hanging out you know like we do on the show"

He sighed" look Sakura-chan I'm finally glad that this week's episode is finally done so don't mention anything that it has to do with the show because it sickens me do you know what's it like to every time that the cameras are on I have to act like a dense idiot whose clueless about romantic relationships and doesn't do any other jutsus like shadow clone jutsu and rasengan please I am so sick of using the shadow clone jutsu I wish I learn more jutsus I mean I'm supposed to be damn main character of the show BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am damned to use the same stupid jutsus over and over again"

"Hey you're not the only one who feels the same way I am sick to played my role I mean why do I have to always hit you I don't like hitting you it pisses me off to see you get hurt and also I don't like the fact that part of my role I have to act like I'm completely clueless of my feelings for you, AH I hate it it's damn frustrating I like you since we were kids so why do I have to be unaware that I like you I hate it"

"They should give me more credit I want to get super strong so I could protect everyone but I won't get anywhere if I kept using the same damn jutsus the director of this show is stupid"

"I know Naruto-kun everybody knows that oh I can't take it anymore HEY WORLD I LOVE UZUMAKI NARUTO I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH AND I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING HIM" she sighed in relief" there I finally said it I feel so much better now"

Naruto stop covering his ears" whoa Sakura-chan that was pretty loud I hope the Sasu/Saku fans didn't hear you"

"Well let them hear me because it's true I love you and not Sasuke at the old series I had a stupid fan girl crush on him when in reality I am your number one fan girl Naruto-kun and the same goes to all those fan fiction writers who writes tons of Sasu/Saku stories they should write more stories about you and me I like reading those"

"There there Sakura-cha calm down I feel the same way too with the Naru/Hina fans I mean I don't mind but the truth is Hinata is a good friend of mine I will never see her as more than a friend, those fan fiction writers who keep writing stories about me and Hinata should stop writing them kissing her is like kissing my sister even if I don't have a family I know about that feeling"

"So Naruto-kun do you want to go on a date with me?" Sakura said while blushing.

"I thought we were only hanging out?" he said with a big smirk.

"Shit" she mutter" I mean we are hanging out hehe" she laughs nervously while still blushing.

"Sakura-chan I'm not playing my role so I'm smart Naruto when the cameras go off I really don't know if I should say yes"

"Come on Naruto-kun why do you always play hard to get I don't have to be a super genius to know that you like me very much are you getting even with me when you always ask me in the show and I say no, Naruto-kun I really wanted to say yes but my stupid role keeps saying that I have to say no another thing I hate about my role"

"No Sakura-chan is not that I am tire from shooting the episode I was thinking of going back to my apartment and gets some rest I just……" he didn't finish because Sakura grab him by his collar and gave him a passionate kiss with lots of tongue action.

The camera man filming the story for the author had his jaw to the ground thinking he will never thought he'd see the day seeing Haruno Sakura kissing Uzumaki Naruto on the lips it was a miracle come true. She broke the kiss while Naruto's whole face was red and she was giggling like a school girl and blushing.

"Naruto-kun you don't know how long I've wanted to do that it was amazing"

"Wow that was wow… was wow it was really wow" Naruto said not knowing what to say he couldn't think straight.

"So do you want to go out now?"

"You bet let's go oh but first can we bring my itcha Itcha paradise book to our date I love reading that"

"No problem I will also bring mine I love reading it too Jiraiya-sama is really a great writer"

The two left the training field while the cameraman sweat dropped" oh boy I just hope Naru/Hina fans and Sasu/Saku fans don't read this chapter because there will be a lot of flames"

Gravenimage appears holding a giant fire extinguisher" HA I don't care if they flame me I have the ultimate extinguisher with me MMMUUUWWWWWWWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I will get rid of all the flames so yes flame me all that you like HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH"

The camera man sweat dropped again seeing Gravenimage laughing like a maniac" I knew I should've go to that audition about filming girls gone wild, looks like this will be a wrap for now" he turns off the camera.

To be continued

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