Escape Plan
By: Manna


A greenish blue blur shot past him, and he shook his head in confusion from where he stood guard at the end of the corridor on the floor that contained the lady of Caelin's bedroom. Instinct demanded that he find out what was going on—after all, blurs normally did not shoot down the hall at an amazing speed, and they certainly didn't do so while he was on watch.

He normally wasn't on duty so early in the day, but his arm immediately shot out and grabbed that of the blur. He was taking no chances!

The blur yelped and nearly fell to the ground, its arm buckling under the pressure of his fingers closing around it. He felt a strange sense of satisfaction in the pit of his stomach as his success, but it quickly turned into horror when he realized whom, exactly, the blur was.

"Lady Lyndis!" he gasped, letting her go before attempting to help her up. "F-Forgive me!"

She glanced up at him and smiled, gingerly rubbing her arm where red marks that looked disturbingly like fingerprints were. "Well, at least you're doing your job," she said.

"Milady, if you don't mind me asking…what are you doing?"

"Escaping," she answered, and he resisted the urge to smile at her chipper tone. "Speaking of which…hide me!" She quickly pulled his bigger frame in front of her against the wall, and he attempted to look inconspicuous as three teachers and her personal tutor walked down the corridor, peaking into various rooms to see if she was there.

When they finally disappeared after they rounded the corner to check another hall, she popped out from behind him and grinned. "That was close," she told him. "Thank you for your assistance, Kent."

He nodded and smiled just the smallest bit when she peered around him to look down each side of the hallway. Seemingly satisfied with what she saw, she started to leave, but his voice stopped her, "Milady, where are you going?"

She paused and turned to meet his brown eyes with her green. "Out," she answered. "I don't know where, yet. Just…somewhere else."

"I see…"

"Why? Did you want to c—aw, hide me again!" She ran back and dove behind him, pressing her chest against his back, completely oblivious to the blush that was starting to work its way across his cheeks.

When the danger—Lyn's own handmaid—passed, he turned around and watched a grin flicker over her features. "Lady Lyndis…you cannot go out alone."

"So you'll go with me?"

Her smile was so sweet he couldn't say no. "I will."

Just then, her expression fell, and he whirled around to see her tutor standing behind him. "I found you," the man said. "Now please, Lady Lyndis, stop these foolish games and finish your lessons for the day!"

She crinkled her nose in mock disgust and turned to Kent. "I'm sorry my escape plan failed," she told him, patting his arm reassuringly. "I guess we'll have to run away together some other time!"

The tutor gave Kent an odd look, but the knight shrugged as if he had no idea what his lady was talking about and tried to ignore the blush that immediately caught his face ablaze.


Author Notes:

Just a little ficlet. I don't really have anything else to say.