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Somewhere within Makai/October 27, 2006/10:45 PM

The Makai Realm: home world of the most powerful supernatural creatures in any realm. No human would ever consider the possibility of a world consisting of nothing but demons. Just as humans are the dominant species of Earth, these demons have ruled the Makai. They have long existed even before the first humans have ever evolved. Their ancestry could be even traced back to long before the age of dinosaurs. Though, that is only speculation.

If one was to look out and visualize the Makai Realm, they could see that the sky is scarlet in color and eternally covered with black storm clouds. The air gives off an aroma of fresh blood and rotten flesh. The aroma would be too strong and deadly for a human or any earthly creature to inhale, yet this alien world is teeming with life, both flora and fauna,

The Makai Realm is an almost infinitely large world. There is no possible way to measure how large it could be. There are still many sections of the Makai that have yet to be discovered. Even Spirit Realm is largely unaware of the activities of the deeper levels, this has given demons from these bottom levels time to let their strength and power evolve. These levels are home to the most archaic and powerful of demons.

These strong, ancient demons are known by few but feared by many.

They are the Taiyoukai.


Standing on top of a hill, a hooded figure gazed out into the vast mountainous landscape that dotted the region. This hooded figure was short with his face hidden in the darkness under his hood, though a pair of gleaming red eyes shone. Hanging around the figure's neck was a silver pendant with a depiction of a skull on it.

A thunderbolt flashed in the background as the shimmering light revealed the figure's face. His skin was pink and filled with horrendous purple spots covering his ghastly face. His hair was long and white while hanging down the back of his head. The eyes were relatively large and bug-eyed. A sinister grin formed on his face while snickering.

"Humph, it's too tranquil in this dump," the short figure snorted, his voice sounding slightly agitated. "I think would be an appropriate time to shake things up in the Makai. Don't you two think so?"

Walking out of the bushes were two more hooded figures. One of which was as short as the pink-faced demon. The other towered over both of them.

"Dr. Ichigaki, Risho, so glad you decided to lend me a hand."

The other short hooded figure unveiled himself. His face was sickly brown and wrinkled. Green hair hung down his back head. He clearly had a bald spot covering the front of his cranium. His ears were long and pointed like an elf's. He stared out at the landscape with a toothy grin.

The tall figure revealed himself, as well. His face was rather human-like. He had black, shoulder-length hair. An arrogant smirk crossed his face.

"So glad we could help," the demon scientist chuckled. "This new law imposed by that fool Enki truly sickens me. It's been almost three years since that tournament ended."

Risho scoffed while freely moving his hair back with his hand. "How can a demon survive without feasting on humans or even attacking the Human World?"

"Until the next tournament is won by a non-pacifist, there's nothing we can do. We can scheme all we want but demons such as Mukuro and Yomi will no doubt find out! I've longed to gain retribution on that damn boy and his comrades! Damn you, Yusuke Urameshi!"

"To think he's the son of the late Raizen," Risho said.

"I don't care! I hate him!!" Ichigaki exclaimed, showing his utter and deep hatred for the former Spirit Detective. "HATE!! HATE!!"

The pink-faced demon smirked as he listened to the demon scientist rant. "Ah, music to my ears. I loathe these new laws just as much as you do. I never imagined how much you hate this boy though. Eh, but I can help you extract your revenge, Dr. Ichigaki."

"These stories I've been hearing you ramble on about. Are they true?" The black-haired demon inquired. "These Taiyoukai exist?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, it is true," the short cloaked demon turned around as he pulled out a scroll from under his cloak. He opened it to unveil images of eight demons - each one artistically depicted by ancient demon artists.

Ichigaki blinked as he pointed to each image. "Are these the Taiyoukai you speak so highly of?"

"Not just any Taiyoukai. These eight are the strongest and most imposing Taiyoukai to have ever existed. These eight were around long before the Three Demon Lords came into the picture."

"Even before Raizen?" Risho asked, rubbing his chin and listening to the demon's lecture.

"Of course! These eight combined have enough power to destroy all realms within the Makai! The strongest of the bunch are classified Class-S Demons! With none of the Three Demon Kings around then, they had little trouble ruling the entire Makai."

"So, what happened to them?"

"Well, even the strongest demons were not safe from King Enma's sealing ability. On his rise to power, he sealed these eight into tightly-locked boxes so that none would be able to question his rule. In fact, these eight Taiyoukai are one of the reasons why the Spirit Realm erected a barrier to block off Class-A and Class-S demons from entering the human world. King Enma's biggest fear is another Taiyoukai invasion."

"But, you once mentioned that one Taiyoukai was seen in the human realm recently?" Risho pointed out.

"Ah, yes. Draco was one of the weaker Taiyoukai that managed to escape being sealed by King Enma. He was defeated by the Spirit Detectives if I recall," the hooded figure stated, recalling the events from three years ago. "I knew him well. It's a shame he's gone."

"So, do you have any idea where these sealed eight are?" Ichigaki asked.

The cloaked demon nodded. "I'm glad you asked, Dr. Ichigaki." With that, he waved his hands around and summoned an orb out of thin air. "I shall show you." While waving his hands, he chanted an archaic incantation. Just as he continued, a detailed image of Tokyo was revealed. "The eight sealed demons are hidden within the human world. More specifically, they are hidden in Tokyo, the home of the Spirit Detectives and their allies."

"But, why would King Enma hide them in the human world?"

"I believe he fears that a demon with enough power could break the seal around the Makai realm. By sending them into the human realm, he feels content that no demon would ever know of their existence. And that is true. No demon in the Makai knows of their locations," he explained. Then, he paused briefly and chuckled. "That is, no one besides me."

"You mean you know their current locations?!" Both Ichigaki and Risho exclaimed at once.

"Yes. In fact, not only do I know their locations, but I possess the power to awaken these monsters. However, I can't do it alone. We need to find more recruits that are willing to help make this a reality. Of course, if we truly want to kill every single human, I would suggest merging these eight monsters together to complete the ultimate Taiyoukai! The likes of which no living demon has ever seen! Yes!"

"And how is that possible?"

"It's quite simple. We need to make a sacrifice, and just any ordinary human. This individual must have a strong blend of human and demon energy. In short, they must be a half breed."

Risho smirked at the mention of needing a half breed. "Don't worry. Leave that to me. I'll find you some demons willing to serve our cause," Risho bowed, kneeling down on his left knee. "And Ichigaki? Have you finished creating your warriors?"

"They will be ready soon."

"Good, good! I will be sending one of my subordinates, Loki, to gather information on our opposition from the human realm. Four days from now, we will plunge both the Human Realm and the Makai Realm into despair! Enki will have no choice but relinquish his title to me! I, Demento the Demon Sorcerer, will NOT be denied rule over every realm! The Spirit World, the Makai Realm and the Living World will know the meaning of true FEAR!!"


YuYuGiDigiMoon the Movie: The Taiyoukai Awakening


Looming Threat! Catching Up With Old Friends!


Earth/Tokyo, Japan/Shinjuku District/Shinjuku Central Park/October 28, 2006/4:03 PM

As he took a stroll across his favorite park, Takato Matsuda ignored every person that walked past him. He turned and glanced over to notice Guilmon jumping into a pair of bushes.

"Guilmon! What do you think you're doing?!" Takato scolded his digimon partner, running down to catch up to him.

"Don't you want to see the others, Takato? Henry, Rika, and Himura are waiting for us! Don't forget Terriermon, Renamon, and Inumon!" Guilmon shouted back, his voice trailed off as he ran further down.

"Yeah, but at least slow down a bit!"

Takato's new attire consisted of a black shirt with the logo of a local band, black baggy pants, black shoes, a black wristband on his left arm and a black beanie. This greatly contrasted with his old attire from three years back. He had grown through a phase as he approached a darker, Punk look.


"Hey, as you may have noticed... That's me, Takato Matsuda. I'm now fourteen years old. It's been three years since the unforgettable Rajita invasion of our planet. The planet has since then recovered... more or less. Our friends are moving on with their lives. I've been trying to cope over what happened with me and Yami Houou. To think we all survived an encounter with a cosmic entity that could have potentially destroyed our planet. All would have been lost if she hadn't been stopped. Unfortunately, stopping Yami Houou required me to kill Sailor Mars, someone I really looked up to, even if it wasn't me in control at the time. Gosh, I wonder how she's been doing lately. Well, you guys know what happened... Let's just say that those are painful memories. Even for me.

Right now, I just want to move on with my life. As you can see, I'm already grown, though I haven't started growing facial hair yet. I'm still the same baby-faced Takato."


As Takato pushed through the bushes, he glanced up to see Guilmon near his old den. With him were Henry Wong, Terriermon, Rika Nonaka, Renamon, Himura Tsubasa, and Inumon.

Each of the three Tamers looked older.

Rika was slightly taller. She wore a dark blue shirt with a white heart emblem on the front. The former Digimon Queen also wore gray pants and red shoes. A red wristband was visibly worn around her right arm. Her hair was still tied up.

Henry was also taller as he let his hair grow out slightly, which reached below his ears. He wore an orange shirt, blue jeans and dark blue sneakers. One completely new feature was the pair of glasses Henry wore. The lenses were small and rectangular, and hung on the end of Henry's nose.

Himura, like Takato, also wore a black shirt. This one had the name of a band named Burning Dragons on it. He wore black pants, dark brown sneakers and a pair of silver chains hanging out of his right, side pocket. He wore a smile on his face rather than a depressed mask.

"About time you came, Goggle-head. You had us waiting," Rika slightly frowned, tapping her foot.

Himura smirked. "Glad you could come!"

"Ready to discuss our plans for Halloween?" Henry asked, sitting down on the pavement.

"Hey, hey! Wearing that shirt again, Takato?" Terriermon pointed out. "I'm surprised your mom hasn't incinerated it!"

Shrugging his shoulders, Takato walked forward. "Hey, I love this shirt. Mom doesn't like it but that's her opinion."

"You and Himura have been in this new fashion style since you four started your band a year ago," Inumon stated. "Not that I have a problem with it. I think it looks cool!"

Himura chuckled as he looked down at his shirt. "Ever since I listened to this American underground band called Burning Dragons, I've really gotten into the hardcore punk rock music. Since I got Takato listening to their music, he's wanted us to create our own band."

"It's something we should try out. I have so many creative ideas on a name for our band," Takato said.

The red-headed tomboy raised a brow. "About time. Our band has been without a name for a year, Goggle-head. Let's hear it."

"Ok then." As Takato reached into his pocket, he pulled out a piece of folded paper. He read off several names that he had jotted down. "Let's see. First on the list... The Heart Breakers?"

"Hmmm, we could consider that," Himura said.

Terriermon scratched his head. "So, are you guys going to be breaking hearts with your music?"

"It's taken," Rika shook her head.

"Ok then, here's one Ryo suggested. How about... Brave Tamers?"

"Oh, I like that, Takato!" Guilmon smiled as he nodded in approval.

The blue-haired Tamer shrugged. "Sounds okay, but let's keep going down that list. There should be a few other names we can consider."

"Right on, Henry," Terriermon smiled as he hopped onto his Tamer's right shoulder. As he wrapped his left ear around Henry's neck, he held his balance carefully. "Whoa... Whoa... almost fell there!"

Rika folded her arms, taking note of band name suggestions. "Your creativity hasn't been too lame lately, Goggle-head. Brave Tamers sounds pretty... okay. You have any better names though?"

"You can be the judge of that, Rika," the brown-haired male replied as he read off the rest of the names. "Ok. Next up..."

Inumon took his eyes off Himura and the Tamers while shifting his attention to Renamon - who was standing several feet from him. A sly, sneaky grin crossed the canine's face. As Inumon approached Renamon, he whispered to her.

"Hey, Renamon, what do you think of Brave Tamers?"

"As Rika said, it sounds decent, but Takato still hasn't finished reading the list."

"Seems like a rather comprehensive list he's got there," the dark canine blinked, glaring at Takato. "I've noticed Himura always seems to approve of Takato's ideas."

"You just figured that out now, Inumon?" Renamon turned and looked at the dark canine digimon.


"Simple-minded as always," the yellow vulpine letting out an exasperated sigh. Her eyes shifted back to Rika and the Tamers.

"Giving me the cold shoulder..." Inumon smirked. "I know you're just messing with me, Renamon." I know you too well. The digimon thought while turning away with content.

"...The Sacred Beasts."

"Ah. Now that's a name for our band!" Himura raised his hand, expressing his approval. "I, Himura Tsubasa, approve of this name!"

"Well, it definitely ranks up with Brave Tamers," Rika shrugged as she saw no further objection. "The other names were either subpar or half-way decent. But, hey, you're really getting good with creativity, Goggle-head. That's one plus about you."

"Wow... Rika giving me praise and saying something nice?" Takato blinked with surprise.

Although Rika had somewhat softened her former cold exterior, she somehow kept that old edge that made her the Digimon Queen.

"Don't push your luck, Goggle-head! I maybe a friend, but I have to be a harsh critic when it comes to our band."

Henry nodded in agreement. "That's right. We have to really critique our work and performance if we want to improve. There's a whole lot of competition among those underground artist groups."

"So, are we finally going to start practicing?" Guilmon asked.

"Well, you four can be our mascots," Takato smiled, coming up with yet another ingenious idea for the band. "Guilmon. Renamon. Terriermon. Inumon. You four can represent us as our mascots. I mean every team needs one."

"Oh, wow! That means..." The long-eared dog rabbit rubbed his hands together. An evil, cheesy grin formed on Terriermon's face as he visualized plush toys of himself being sold to customers. He even imagined his own face on a billboard advertisement. I get to be famous! This is MY time to shine! Hollywood, here I come!


The tiny rookie spun around as he listened to Henry.

"What's with you?"

"No-Nothing! Nothing at all, Henry! Momentai!" Terriermon laughed it off. As he turned away, his beady eyes narrowed. Oooo, Henry! You always like acting cool!

"Anyway, I was thinking we can share more ideas at the smoothie place. We can also discuss plans for Halloween. I hope you guys finished making your costumes," Himura stated.

As the mention of costumes was brought to his attention, Takato lifted his head and grinned. "You guys are going to like my costume. I put my heart and soul into it. Guilmon can tell you. Right, buddy?"

"Yeah! And he even made me a costume, too!" Guilmon jumped around excitedly.

"I hope it isn't that blasted box again. It's been three years straight that he's worn that for Halloween," Inumon groaned as he palmed his face.

"Not that damn box again," Rika frowned while crossing her arms.

"No, it's not the box."

"THANK GOD!!" The rest of the group exclaimed simultaneously.

Takato and Guilmon faced each other while scratching the back of their heads. The others - minus Rika and Renamon - laughed it off as they gathered around the dynamic duo. The redhead stared at Takato's direction as she recalled the scene near the lake on that Christmas morning three years ago. Takato had been distant following the Rajita War on Earth. He did not speak to any of his friends for almost a whole month. Rika remembered that she was the first person Takato had spoken to.

Biting down on her lip, Rika observed Takato from a distance. Goggle-head, I don't know what happened that morning but you have refused to acknowledge Suzaku for the longest time. I still haven't found out what you did at that lake but... I have to confront you about it. Why haven't you talked to Suzaku? We're here for you, Takato. All of us. Don't forget that Rei girl. But, most importantly... you can talk to me.

"Hey, Rika! Renamon! We're heading out!" Takato called out to the pair.

"Let's go, Rika."

Nodding her head, Rika watched as Renamon vanished. She quickly raced off to follow her friends. To think that nearly four years ago, she had no friends. Now, she feels lucky to have such dependable and trustworthy comrades.

Takato, once we're alone, I will learn the truth about that incident.


Domino City District/Alpine Apartments/Room 112/4:45 PM

Yugi Muto knocked on the front door of an apartment belonging to Joey Wheeler, Mai Valentine and Morpheous.


"Hi-ya, guys! It's me... the one and only Yugi Muto. I'm about nineteen years old. High school is already behind me. I'm helping Grandpa run the game shop, and with the extra money I'm making as a professional duelist, we're making plans to expand the shop into a chain. I've grown a bit taller and my voice has gotten deeper... In fact, my friends have told me that I look and sound a lot like Atem did. Life's been great since the Rajita Invasion, but there's still a part of me that sorely misses Atem. Our final duel was the hardest duel I ever fought, but after my victory, my friends I watched as he returned to the Spirit Realm.

It's been three years since then. Looking back, those were the best times of my life. Atem has helped me to find my courage and I've become a more dependant young man.

But that's enough about me. Joey's also made a name for himself as a pro duelist, and after finishing high school, he moved out of his home and settled in with Mai. Mai, who never made it big on the pro duelist circuit but refuses to take any charity, found work at a local arcade as a "Celebrity Duelist" to pay for her share of the rent on the apartment. She and Joey had shared the same space for a year. Later on, Morpheous would move in. He also works at this arcade, but I will get into that later. Tea is also working, saving up money to get into a New York dance school. She says she'll have enough money by next year. Tristan found a job at a garage, working on motorcycles, and Duke still has his own chain of game shops.

Kaiba is still working in his company with Mokuba. He seems especially pleased with one of his new projects, the Duel Academy he set up in the South Seas. I look forward to seeing a new crop of duelists hitting the big leagues! Lyn and Kaiba have been dating pretty seriously for the past three years, and it's funny, but whenever I see those two together, I swear I could see Kaiba, not smirk, but actually smile.

Anyway, Halloween is coming up and we have some big plans for a party at the arcade where Mai works."


The door opened as Joey Wheeler welcomed his best friend. Yugi and Joey both slapped high fives while Mai came walking out of her bedroom.

"So, you finally came, Yugi," Mai smiled as she leaned against the wall. It looked like as if she had gotten out of bed. Her eyes were still droopy with her hair messy. "Sorry if I look like crap..."

"No problem, Mai. I know you've been working hard."

"Work is such a drag..." The blonde groaned as she yawned. "I've had to put in a lot of night shift hours, since that's when the most business is."

"Heh, don't mind her," Joey snickered as he sat down on a wooden chair. "Pull up a seat, Yug."

"Sure," the spiky-haired male nodded while pulling up a chair and sitting down comfortably on it. "How's everything been?"

"I'm doing alright," Joey smirked.

Yugi noticed that the former Rajita general was absent. "Where's Morpheous?"

"Oh, him? He's out with Serenity right now," Joey grinned as he leaned back against the seat. "They're on a date."

"Oh, good for them. I'm glad to hear Morpheous has become adjusted to living with humans."

"He was a bit distant for a while, but he's opened up," Joey said. "Right, Mai?"

"Sure did. He really loves Serenity," Mai smiled as she picked up a cup of coffee and sipped from it. "By the way, Yugi, did you get the e-mail about the party at the arcade I work at?"

Nodding his head, Yugi pulled out a sheet of paper. "I printed this out of my computer. You bet I'll be there." The young man's smile broadened.

Mai blinked. "So, how does it feel?"

Yugi turned as he looked up at the blonde woman. "Feel what?"

"Just recalling what Joey told me. He told me everything about your duel... with the pharaoh. What's his name?"

The spiky-haired male answered. "Atem."

"That's right! Atem! How does it feel being separated from him?"

"It's been a bit lonely. I miss him, but I'll never forget him," Yugi turned as he glanced out the window. Narrowing his eyes, he visualized his memorable moments and the adventures he's had with Atem's spirit. "But, we all have a future to look forward to. Atem is resting well in the Spirit Realm."

"I'm sure he misses you, Yug," Joey said.


As she placed her coffee cup down, Mai smiled as she crossed her arms. "This party will surely put a smile on your face, Yugi! We're going to be partying all night long! You can even bring that girlfriend of yours, Tea!"

"Well..." Yugi chuckled, trying hard not to blush. "She's not my girlfriend. Just a friend..."

"Oh, that's bull!" Mai scoffed. "You two have been chummy for each other for the past three years. I think it's time you two really confessed each other's feelings. This Halloween night I want to see you two confess each other's love!"

Taken back by the blonde woman's loud outburst, Yugi flinched back and sweat dropped. He was speechless over what she had said.

"Mai's got a point, Yug. It's time to tell her how ya feel. I'm sure she feels the same way," Joey winked.

Yugi did not know what to say as he sunk his head and chuckled nervously. Great, the only thing I haven't manned up for yet... Just what am I supposed to tell Tea? Good grief. I kinda wish Atem were here to help me out.

"Oh, I almost forgot, Yug! Did ya hear that Pegasus found some new artifact on his latest dig?"

Mai rolled her eyes. "So, that crazy nut is excavating for old artifacts? Well, that should keep that guy busy from Duel Monsters for a bit."

"Yeah, I saw that in the paper this morning. It's something called the Staff of Apophis. I wonder what that's about," Yugi wondered. If Atem were here, he'd probably know.


Northern Shibuya District/Yukimura Residence/5:07 PM

Gathered outside of the restaurant/residence of the Yukimura family were three members of the former Spirit Detective team: Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara and Shuichi 'Kurama' Minamino. Keiko Yukimura was inside chatting with Yukina.

Nearly three years have passed since the Makai Tournament.

With Enki's new law in effect, no demon was allowed to attack the human world or devour any living humans period.

Yusuke felt relieved as his services were no longer needed with demon activity being low in the human world.


"This is Yusuke. What's going on, guys? I figured you'd be wondering what the hell I've been doing.

Well, for starters, soon after the Rajita War ended, a former Spirit Detective named Shinobu Sensui tried to open the gateway to the Makai! Not only that, but I died, AGAIN! That bastard managed to kill me, but it turns out I was able to revive myself because I'm a half-demon Mazoku descendant of one of the Makai's most powerful demons, Raizen, who wanted to train me to be his replacement when he died. The rollercoaster ride culminated in the Makai Tournament. The winner of this tournament would be declared the King of the Makai. Unfortunately, yours truly didn't win. Hell, for that matter, neither did Kurama or Hiei. One of Raizen's friends, Enki, won it in a huge upset. Though I lost, I didn't feel too bad, because Enki imposed a law forbidding demons from attacking humans. Dad, this one's for you, you crazy old bastard!

I know he'd be happy to know that Keiko will be having a kid soon. You heard right. In about seven months, I'm going to be a dad. Keiko and I are getting awfully excited over it. Though, this kind of puts Keiko's plans for college on hold for a bit. I think we'll manage to pull through, though. I'm already helping her family run their restaurant. I'm really looking forward to the next phase in my life... though honestly I have thousands of years ahead of me. It's going to suck realizing Keiko won't be alive by then but..."


"Hey, Urameshi!" Kuwabara's deepened voice interrupted Yusuke's train of thoughts.

"I'm not deaf, Kuwabara. I'm standing just a few feet from you," Yusuke scoffed as he spun around. His dark eyes narrowed directly at Kuwabara's direction. "What's up?"

"Heh, so how does it feel being a dad?"

"Keiko hasn't even had the kid yet."

"Yeah but how are you feeling about it? This is really something to look forward to."

The red-haired male walked over and put a hand on Yusuke's back. "You should feel proud, Yusuke. Neither of us would ever imagine you becoming a father of a child. I hope you're ready to live up to the responsibilities."

"Hey, you know I get along with kids. Look at me and Yui-chan."

"Yeah but this will be your kid," Kuwabara reminded his friend.

"And you're getting ready for the next phase in your life, Yus..." Kurama flinched as he felt drowsy and shook his head immediately. He managed to get his friends' attention as they checked on the fox's condition. "I'm fine. Really I am."

"Are you sure?" Yusuke inquired with concern. "You look beat."

"I've just haven't been getting much sleep. I apologize for getting you two concerned."

Kuwabara frowned. "Maybe you ought to get home and catch some sleep?"

"Perhaps," Kurama said, holding his head. "By the way, Hiei will be returning soon."

"Oh, so Shorty is paying us a visit?" The orange-haired teen grinned. "Heh, I wonder what he's been up to."

"Wait until he hears the news about me becoming a dad," Yusuke snickered. "Knowing him, he'll probably be like... Hn." The former Spirit Detective mimicked the fire demon's usual mannerisms.

"That sounds like him, alright," Kuwabara couldn't help but get a good laugh.

Kurama smirked at Yusuke's humor. "You're always there to lighten the mood, Yusuke. Thank you."

"You sure you'll be okay?"

"Don't mind me. You two have ladies waiting for you inside," the red-haired male nodded. "I also have some studying to do and reading to catch up on. I appreciate the concern."

Yusuke simply shrugged. "All right. Hey, by the way, we're going to be meeting with the Senshi. Rei wants us to come over tomorrow to her shrine."

"What does she need to see us about?" inquired Kurama.

"Who knows? Probably just to see old friends."

Kuwabara rubbed his chin. "It's been a while since we've seen those girls. It'll be cool to see what they've been up to."

"I ran into Ami recently," Kurama stated. "But, I haven't seen any of the other Senshi lately."

"Well, tomorrow will be good to catch up on all that's been going on," the dark-haired male replied, recalling the instances when they teamed with the Senshi. "I'll never forget those battles against the Rajita, Ghidorah and Yami Houou."

"I kind of wish they could have helped us out with the Sensui case," Kuwabara said.

"Well, apparently Koenma didn't feel the need to summon them. Of course, we managed to end the case for ourselves," Kurama said as he started walking off. "I'm sorry but I have to go now. I'll let you know if Hiei stops by. Give my regards to Keiko and Yukina."

"Will do," Kuwabara replied.

Yusuke watched Kurama walking off and narrowed his dark eyes. He sensed an aura of distress from the red-haired half demon.

"The girls are waiting, Urameshi. Let's get inside."

"I'll be right there, Kuwabara," Yusuke responded as he watched the half-fox demon walk away. "Kurama. What's been bugging you lately? Is there something you're not telling us?" His suspicions quickly grew as he worried over his friend's recent troubles.


Chiyoda District/Akihabara Shopping Center /5:13 PM

Within the Electric Town of Akihabara, three members of the Legendary Warriors, Takuya Kanbara, Izumi Orimoto and Tomoki Himi, were standing outside of a game store.

Tomoki was thrilled to see the new games that were out for the PSP and Nintendo DS. With the not Wii coming out in Japan until December, the young gamer needed something to tide him over.

Tomoki was much taller and sporting new attire. His signature orange cap had been replaced by a green beanie, and he also wore a long white-sleeve shirt, brown baggy pants and light brown shoes. Now twelve years old, he still wasn't a fully teenager yet but already was close to reaching Takuya's height.

Takuya smiled as he, too, wore a new outfit. He wore a short sleeved red shirt with a unique dragon skull design on it. He wore blue jeans and black shoes. He also wore a dark green cap, which was turned backwards.

Izumi wore a lavender shirt, matching pants and a pair of white shoes. Her blonde hair was still long and going down her back. She carried a white purse as she walked alongside Takuya.


"Hey, all! As you may have guessed, that's me, Takuya Kanbara! I'm now fifteen years old. Izumi... well she's still a few months older than me, so she's fifteen, too. And are you surprised to see Tomoki? Yep, that little guy has become a big gamer during these past few years. Kind of reminds me of myself when I was his age. Which, come to think of it, wasn't too long ago.

Anyway, Kouji and Kouichi go to the same junior high as Izumi and I do. Junpei's already in high school, and Tomoki is still in elementary, but we all pretty much hang out together after school. Izumi's the only girl in the group but she's gotten used to hanging with the guys.

Ever since the Rajita War, nothing has really changed for us. Next thing you know it, though, we'll all be in high school.

So, there you have it. Is there really anything more to talk about? Well... I've been trying to ask Izumi on a date lately..."


"Hey, Izumi?" Takuya turned over to the blonde.

She turned and blinked. "Yeah, Takuya? What is it?"

"Well, you do remember our little Halloween gathering? We still haven't gotten our costumes."

The blonde girl stopped as she smirked. "No problem. I already have mine!"

"What? You have yours already?!"

"Yep. I'm going to be an angel fairy!" Izumi stated while spinning around as if she were dancing. "With large wings sprouting from my back... After all, I am Fairymon."

"Gee, why am I not surprised?" Takuya groaned, scratching his head.

"And what are you thinking of being?"

"No clue."

"Then, I'll help you out if you want me to. I'll even take you to the costume place I went the other day. Don't worry, Takuya! I'll find you the perfect costume!"

Takuya shrugged. "Whatever but I was going to ask..."

"Yes?" She inquired, wondering what her friend had to say.

"Well... I was just going to ask you if you wanted to go out with me to the Halloween event at Kaibaland Theme Park," the Warrior of Flames blurted abruptly.

Standing away from Takuya with a shocked expression, Izumi was utterly speechless from the boy's confession. He had finally let it out.

"What do you say?" Takuya chuckled nervously as if he couldn't believe what he had said.

"Takuya... Sure. I'd love that!" Izumi nodded with approval. She smiled and reached out for Takuya's hands. "But if this is a date, you gotta pay for both of us, 'kay?" She caught him off guard, winking.

"Sure thing... Haha. I am working after all," Takuya chuckled as he turned away, groaning. Hopefully I can get paid before the 31st or I'm screwed! Ugh, can't let this mishap screw things over!


"Um, yeah?"

"Don't you think we should go and see if Tomoki found his game?" Izumi pointed to the store.

"Oh yeah, I forgot all about him!"

"You really need to pay attention, Takuya."

With that, Takuya and Izumi walked toward the store as they entered to find Tomoki playing a Nintendo DS sampler. The boy was feverishly tapping the stylus as he had already entered his 'obsessive gamer' mode.

"He's become quite the gaming addict. How cute," the blonde girl giggled as she watched Tomoki play.

Takuya glanced around the store. "Speaking of which, we should try to see if Takato and his friends would like to join us after our date."

"That's a good idea, Takuya. We should."

"Ok then, it's settled. I'll try giving Takato a call. Hopefully, he picks up." The male teen showed concern over Takato's whereabouts and his lack of communication recently. I hope Takato is doing all right. What happened with Yami Houou really screwed him up big time. It's been three years since then. I hope I can help him get out of his funk.


Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/5:30 PM

Within another section of Japanese metropolis, another group of Earth's heroes gathered at the local Hikawa Shrine. All of the "Inner" Sailor Senshi were sitting outside the steps. Cammy was also there, sweeping the outside porch with a broom.

Usagi Tsukino, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, Ami Mizuno, and Minako Aino sat on the steps as they watched the clouds slowly passing through the skies. Springing to her feet, Minako jubilantly smiled and pointed to the air.

"I know what I'm going to be for Halloween, guys! It's just been decided!"

Ami inquired as she took off her reading glasses. "What have you decided upon, Minako-chan?"

Minako quickly clapped her hands as if she were cueing for a drum roll. Then, she spun around in dramatic fashion and struck a pose that would make Haruhi Suzumiya proud. "A nurse! Nurse Minako has FINALLY come back to Tokyo, Japan!"

Then, in response, the other girls lowered their heads and sweat dropped. Their worst nightmare would soon come to back to haunt them.

Forget Yami Houou and Kaiser Ghidorah, Minako was going into Halloween as her old 'Nurse Minako' gimmick.

"Ugh, that brings me back some really bad memories," Rei shuddered. "Hot soup anyone?"


"You got that right! Hi, everyone. This is Rei Hino, priestess of the Hikawa Shrine and member of the Sailor Senshi. I command the flames and can probe out any evil presence that dares lays siege in Tokyo. I am Sailor Mars.

These past three years have been a little better for me. I've recovered from my horrifying experience as Yami Houou. That alone changed my view of life. I've begun to realize that there are certain entities out there that could destroy planets, even galaxies. Yami Houou was a bringer of death. I never could have imagined being the vessel of such a powerful cosmic force. I owe my thanks to Takato... he's the one that helped exorcise the evil of Yami Houou.

If it weren't for him, and Sailor Moon to an extent, I wouldn't have been able to conquer my darker half. Having Houou reside within me is sort of like a double-edged sword. It is a blessing and a curse. Despite its tremendous power, I would rather rely on my own intuition and strength to overcome my enemies. I am my own independent woman. I must be strong for my friends and my sister.

Speaking of my friends... Ami-chan is going out with a really hot guy named Vega Hunter. She's also returned to Tokyo to attend medical school so she can become a doctor. She was in America for a short time but moved back since she dearly misses us. The same goes for Usagi and Mamoru-san. Oh, and Usagi just found out she's pregnant with Chibi-Usa! I am so excited for when the baby is due in eight months! Mako-chan has been going out with the duelist Mako Tsunami. Minako... Well, she's still our crazy lovable Minako-chan. She's already getting rave reviews from her new CD that debuted last week. She's number one on the top sellers. I'm so proud of her!

Haruka-san and Michiru-san are still a couple. Hotaru-chan is now in college. Setsuna-san and little Karin have rounded up five new Sailor Senshi. I was overwhelmed when I saw them. It's great that we've added some new members to our side: the Kuiper Belt Senshi. Hopefully, their training goes well. I'd like to see these girls in action. I was very impressed when I had heard they defeated Sailor Animamates we haven't even heard about! Speaking of the new girls, two of them moved in with us at the Hikawa Shrine. It's nice to have Helena and Tyra staying with us. I promised to teach Helena how to overcome her shyness toward cute boys! Tyra was a little bit of a headache at first, but we've gotten along better since then. I'm so happy she and Lyn have reconciled their differences!

Anyway, Halloween is coming up. We're all planning to get together. I already have my costume ready. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong. Then again, every time I think that... something bad happens!


"...Oh and I think I should carry around a huge syringe! What do you think, guys?" Minako asked.

Makoto chuckled as she stood up. "I don't think you should be carrying around a giant needle, Minako-chan."

"That's right! You'd be crazy carrying that around!" Usagi stated as she paused. The odango-haired girl realized what she had just said. "Wait a minute! This is Minako-chan we're talking here!"

The dark-haired Miko stood up as she let out an exasperated sigh. "And you've just realized that now, odango-atama?" She crossed her arms and shifted her eyes back to Cammy. "How is it coming along, Cammy-chan?"

"Almost done, sister!"

"You're really putting your sister to work, Rei-chan," Usagi said.

"She volunteered. Besides, she does this to keep herself from getting bored. I wish you were more like this with Mamoru-san."

"I do clean up around the house!"

Ami giggled as she approached Usagi and set her book down. "We know but you will have to work extra harder for when you have Chibi-Usa. You will have to take responsibility as a mother. You understand, Usagi-chan?"

"Yeah..." The blonde lowered her head, staring at the ground. It was unbelievable how long it has been since she was a klutzy, lazy and irresponsible teen. She would often reflect on those memories and cherish them. But, she would have to look forward to a new future and the next phase in her life. "I'm going to miss all the things I did back then. When I was younger..."

"You can still do those things, but you'll have to spend more time with your child," Rei said, standing beside her best friend. "Look what I've had to do to take care of Cammy-chan. I know she's only my sister, but I've had to look after her like she was my own daughter. I've had to sacrifice a lot of my free time and devote it all to her. Now she's learned to handle things on her own. She really doesn't need me, but I'll always be there for her."

Usagi let out a sigh. "Thanks, Rei-chan. I needed that."


"Hmmm, if only Karin and her friends were here. They'd tell us what they're going to dress up as," Minako wondered.

Ami replied. "I believe they're still training in the park."

The Senshi of Love nodded as she folded her arms. "Right, I forgot about that detail, Ami-chan. Karin-chan is whipping those girls into shape."

Rei smiled. "I'm glad Karin-chan and Setsuna-san are taking time to train them. That's exactly what we should have done during our free time. They can't afford to get lazy since they'll be taking up the mantle of Sailor Senshi."

"Yep, I'm so proud of those girls!" Usagi smiled, nodding her head in approval.

Makoto turned and looked at everyone. "And do we know what we're going as for Halloween? I'm thinking about dusting off my old Xena outfit."

"The same cosplay costume you wore from that anime-con event?" Usagi asked. "Cool choice."

"Well, I'm going as... a Goth Lolita chick," Rei smirked.

"Whoa! That's a change!" Minako exclaimed.

"I was only joking, Minako-chan," Rei shrugged, keeping a straight face. "I've already decided to go as Mulan and…"

Suddenly, without warning, the skies above them darkened as a cloud materialized magically out of nowhere. The five Inners gathered around to witness this strange phenomenon. Recognizing this, Usagi witnessed as a portal opened and out came a human figure falling down.


Usagi was laying on the ground as a girl sat on top of her. This mysterious girl opened her eyes while holding out a key above her head. The girl's hair was in a similar odango hairstyle but shorter and pink instead of blonde. Her eyes were well-rounded and red. She wore a white top under a blue jacket, a blue jean miniskirt and red shoes. Strapped on her bag was a pink backpack. Sitting on top of her head was a tiny gray cat with a half moon crescent stamped on its forehead.

"CHIBI-USA?!" The girls exclaimed in unison, surprised by her unexpected arrival.

As Chibi-Usa picked herself up, she was much taller - several inches taller than Usagi even! She looked down and giggled as Usagi was laying on the ground.

"Hi, guys! I'm back!" Chibi-Usa greeted the present-day incarnations her of her Guardians. She kneeled over and helped Usagi to her feet. "Sorry about that, Usagi. I have to be careful of my landing." She turned and winked to the girls. "There you go!"

As she dusted herself off, Usagi embraced her future daughter. "You could have called!"

"With what phone...?" Chibi-Usa hugged the younger incarnation of her mother.

"It's good to see you again, Chibi-Usa," Ami was delighted to see the young girl back.

"You've gotten big, girl! I remember you were just a runt!" Minako was astounded by the growth of the pink-haired girl. "You're even taller than me!"

Makoto smiled. "Though, you won't likely reach my height, Chibi-Usa. Still, it's great to see you back. Did your mother allow you to come here?"

"Yeah, she did," Chibi-Usa pulled herself off Usagi as she pulled out a letter for them to read.

As they gathered, they gawked at the handwriting made by Neo-Queen Serenity. Rei glared toward Usagi and let out a sigh.

"She still writes in simple hiragana! Yep, that's definitely you," the Miko poked fun at her friend.

"What can I say? I like to keep things simple!" Usagi nodded, crossing her arms with pride.

Noticing everyone gathered around Chibi-Usa, Cammy slowly paced toward them and went to investigate what the commotion was all about. Cammy glanced over to Chibi-Usa and blinked with bewilderment.

"Um, who's she?" Cammy stared quizzically at the pink-haired teen and pointed toward her.

"Ah, this is the perfect time for me to introduce you to Chibi-Usa-chan," Rei walked over and grabbed her sister's hand. As she pulled Cammy closer, she called over to the future girl. "Chibi-Usa-chan, I'd like to introduce you to my younger sister Cammy. Cammy-chan, this is Chibi-Usa, otherwise known as Princess Serenity II from the future."

"Really?! This is the same Chibi-Usa you told me about? The same girl I saw from your photo book?" Cammy looked back to her sister and to Chibi-Usa.

Usagi put a hand on Chibi-Usa's shoulder. "Rei-chan recently discovered she had a half-sister several years ago. Cammy-chan was actually born from a different mother."

"Really?! Wow, that's so cool!" Chibi-Usa smiled as she approached Cammy and shook her head. "Nice to meet you, Cammy-chan! I'm from the future. Just so you know... I hope you aren't freaked out."

"Me? No way. Not after all the stuff I've been through."

"Really? So, you know they're Sailor Senshi?"

Cammy nodded in reply. "Yep and their secrets are safe with me. Besides, I have powers of my own. I've helped them fight some really powerful villains."

"Wow, so you've been out in the frontlines of battle like I was," Chibi-Usa was impressed, listening to Cammy and nodding her head. "You should tell me some of your stories."

"You got it."

The gray cat hopped off as she glanced around - obviously searching for Luna and Artemis.

"Luna and Artemis are not here. They're back at my home sleeping," Usagi said.

"I was hoping to see them," Diana replied, her voice still retaining that cute tone.

"I'll take you and Chibi-Usa there later," Usagi smiled as she turned to the pink-haired visitor. "After that we can go see Mamoru-san. He'll definitely be glad to see you again!"

Chibi-Usa spun around as a smile curled on her lips. "I'm sure he will! I'd like to see what he's been up to."

"In the meantime, let's all go and get some ice cream together. We have a lot to catch up on, Chibi-Usa," Rei said. "Tell us how the future has been."

"Sure thing! I have a lot to tell you guys about Neo Crystal Tokyo!"

And with that, the Sailor Senshi started walking back to the shrine with Cammy and Chibi-Usa already chatting with each other. Already, they seemed to be hitting off better than Rei and Usagi were from the start.


Elsewhere within Tokyo/5:45 PM

Far from Juuban District, a sneaky individual was out to spy on several of Tokyo's heroes.

The sun was beginning to set in the background.

Standing on top of a billboard and staring out into the city was a humanoid feline . His body was relatively thin. His skin was pale. His hair was black with purple streaks. A pair of long purple cat ears protruded on the sides. A pair of purple hairs twirled behind his back. He wore a purple neck collar, a purple belt at the waist, a pair of gray gloves, a black shirt and a pair of black pants. His feet were covered in blue slip-ons with clawed feet sticking out. The cat-like human's eyes were golden as they carefully observed the city's activities.

"Hn. I can't believe how large this city is. And look at all these filthy humans, meow," the cat-like human purred with delight. "Lord Demento wants me to find our greatest threats. I should be able to find those retched Spirit Detectives and their allies in no time. Should be fun collecting some data for that sorcerer. He just better pay me a good sum when my job is complete!" Yes, I also can't forget that no good fox Yoko and the demon Hiei are friends to the son of Raizen! "I, Loki the Nekomata, will NOT fail! Merow!"

As Loki leaped off the billboard, he vanished and made his move across Tokyo. His first assignment: Locate and carefully monitor the Spirit Detectives.


Unknown Base of Operations in Makai/7:23 PM

After observing Loki's progress through a jar of water, Demento waved his hand across the surface of the water and the image faded. He turned and walked back to his throne. Before he reached his seat, Risho dropped down from the ceiling and landed behind the sorcerer.

"Demento, Dr. Ichigaki was able to revive someone using a blood sample from the remains of a slain demon."

"Oh, really?" Demento turned as he expressed slight interest. "Who might this ghost from the past be, Risho?"

Just then, before Risho could answer, two new arrivals quickly descended from the ceiling.

One was a male, green-skinned demon with a medium-build about 6'3" in height. He had a pair of gargoyle wings folded behind his back to support him during his flight. His eyes were round and yellow with tiny black irises. He smiled with a toothy grin as his lips looked similar to those of a shark, his teeth sharp and glistened. A long, purple tongue hung stuck out as sticky, green saliva dripped from the tip of the forked tongue. Protruding from his head and all the way down his spine were long, rows of green spikes. He wore black pants, an orange belt around his waist and a pair of matching black boots with red lines around the edges.

"I, Tambo, am here to report for duty, Demento."

The other was female, shorter in stature at about 5'5", with a pair of bat wings folded across her back. Her body type was delicately nimble and her skin was lusciously pale. She wore a black tube top which pushed up her busty bosom. Her legs were covered in a silver silk-like material and she wore black high-heeled boots. While running a hand through her long, red hair, her golden-yellow eyes stared at Demento.

"Likewise, I am Lilith," the female demon answered in a seductive tone.

"Glad you two could arrive on such short notice," Demento replied. "You came just in time, too."

"Huh, these two," Risho looked at the new arrivals.

"So, what do you want us to do, Demento?" asked Tambo.

The demon sorcerer answered. "Stay here until I give orders. Anyway, as I was saying, Risho… who did Dr. Ichigaki revive from a blood sample?"

Shifting his eyes toward the darkness, Risho noticed the pair of shimmering red eyes. The sorcerer probed this mysterious individual's demonic ki and smirked.

Demento noticed the shadowed figure in the background. "Ah, yes! I knew it! So, Dr. Ichigaki revived you! Excellent! So, are you willing to aid us on our mission to revive the eight Taiyoukai?"

The figure uttered a chuckle that would be enough to chill one's blood.

Lilith scoffed as she sneered at the figure. "He's certainly a man of few words."

"Well? I would like to actually hear your answer," the wicked sorcerer demanded.

"I will, as long as I find a certain individual. Someone I've longed to torment," the voice poke in a cruel, sadist manner. "As a matter of fact, I think we may be able to use him as the sacrifice you require to grant the Taiyoukai the power to form the ultimate demon."

Demento nodded as he listened. "And who is this individual you have in mind?"

"Well, let's just say it's someone with a fondness for red roses."

"Ah, I see," the sorcerer stared at the dark figure. A wicked grin curled across the demon sorcerer's lips. "Don't worry, my friend. If it's him you are looking for, then I have no objection. He will certainly be the perfect sacrifice! All we have to do now is wait for Loki." Demento raised his left fist and boasted with pride. "Once he gets back, our plans will finally be in full motion! The Taiyoukai awakening is at hand!"

As Demento finished, he glanced up at the ceiling and visualized an impending age of darkness. The fate of mankind was once again in a predicament.

The three years of peace following the Rajita War would end on Halloween night.


Juuban District/Outside Hikawa Shrine/11:24 PM

Later on in the evening, as the Hino family and Yuuichirou were inside the shrine, Rei was sitting up on her bed while reading a manga. She had a good time with her friends listening to Chibi-Usa's tales from Crystal Tokyo.

So far, things were going well in the future period.

As she flipped a page, Rei slightly blushed as she turned to a romantic scene in her manga "Oh, don't leave her. Please, stay with her, you goof!" The Miko continued reading on with sheer anticipation. The tension was already building as her heart raced. What will his choice be? Leave her or stay with her? Why can't real life romance be this good?!

There was a knock on the door as Rei cursed under her breath. Putting the manga aside, she hopped off her bed and slid open the door. Helena stood outside in her pajamas. Rei also looked on her left side to see Tyra leaning against the wall.

"Helena? Tyra? What are you two doing up?" Rei asked as she closed the door behind her. "Is something troubling you, guys?"

"There's someone here to see you," Helena answered.

"Who?" The Miko paused as she sensed the presence of a demon. She quickly looked over to her right and spotted Hiei hopping out of a cherry blossom tree. "I see now. Thanks for letting me know."

"No problem," Tyra said.

Rei smirked as she turned toward the demon. "Well, well, Hiei-kun?" She winked, teasing the dark clad demon.

Hiei looked away as he snorted. "Hn."

"Well, I guess I'll leave you two alone then? C'mon, Tyra, let's leave them," Helena looked back and forth as she raced back into the shrine. "See you in the morning, Rei."

"Goodnight, Helena. Night, Tyra."

"Whatever," Tyra shrugged as she escorted Helena back to her room.

Once the two girls went back inside, Hiei and Rei were the only ones standing outside. The wind blew past between them as a stare down ensued between the two.

There was silence.

Then, Rei finally ended the tranquility as she cleared her throat.

"I should have introduced you to those two. They're actually part of a new Sailor Senshi team. That was Helena and Tyra. Helena is Sailor Quaoar and Tyra is Sailor Varuna. They're both Kuiper Belt Senshi."

"Hn," Hiei noted.

"Welcome back, Hiei-kun. It's been a while, hasn't it? How's the Makai and business with Mukuro been?"

"Not anything that is your concern."

Rei scoffed. "All right then. How's Mukuro doing?"

"Doing well."

"That's good to hear. Glad you decided to come back."

"What? You missed me that much, woman?"

Shrugging her shoulders, the black-haired Miko crossed her arms under her chest and pressed her bare feet on the dirt covering the ground. The wind blew against her as she brushed her hair away from the face. Hiei blinked while waiting for a direct answer.'

"Maybe. I'd say it was pretty dull without you here."

"Hn." The demon uttered, staring at the girl's feet.

"Is there something you need to tell me?"

"Perhaps. I just came back from seeing Kurama."


"He seemed troubled."

"What do you mean? Is he okay?"

"I don't know. He wouldn't tell me. Once I left his residence, I came here."

Rei expressed concern. "Really? This isn't like the Kurama I know. Something must be eating him, but what?"

"The reason may be due to some trouble that is brewing in the Makai."

"Trouble? What kind of trouble?"

Hiei put it briefly. "There might be a demon uprising. Mukuro senses it, Yomi senses it, Enki is becoming aware of this, even I'm growing suspicious."

"But, I thought Enki imposed that new law that prohibited demons from attacking the human world."

"Yes, but there are some that aren't willing to abide by the laws. There are some vermin planning to revive ancient, powerful demons from an age long before the rise of the Three Demon Lords."

"Ancient demons? I don't like where this is going..."

"I suggest you gather your colleagues."

"All right. You warn the boys about this. This isn't anything we should ignore. And you know what?" Rei briefly paused, staring at her hands. "Houou has been warning me of an impending threat coming."

"And she is correct." Hiei said, shifting his eyes toward Rei as he dashed toward her and unsheathed his sword.


The Miko remained still, unfazed by the demon's quick move. She turned as she saw a purple winged insect fall to the ground.

"What is that thing?" Rei blinked as she knelt over. She watched as it vanished into thin air.

"A Makai insect. I'm sure there will be more of them. This is just the beginning," he informed her.

"All right, Hiei. We need to tell everyone. I suggest we do it quickly."

Hiei merely gave a small nod. "Hn."



Takato: Ok, guys! Time for band practice... What the heck? Suzaku?

Suzaku: Takato, this is urgent. Please, you must retrieve the card containing my power.

Takato: I don't know if I should, especially after what happened last time. You think I haven't forgotten?!

Minako: Eh?! Saya?! You ungrateful witch! Attempting to steal my spotlight?!

Saya: ARGH! What are you doing in MY studio?!

Minako: YOUR studio?! Ha! Give me a break! (laughs)

Yugi: Tea... I was wondering...

Tea: Yeah, Yugi?

Yugi: Well...

Makoto: Ok, so what is this Taiyoukai business?

Yusuke: What?! Taiyoukai?! There are more of those things out there?!

Rei: They're sealed but this demon sorcerer you think is a likely suspect to release them?

Cammy: And what is with Kurama?

Kurama: I'm fine... really I am...

Demento: Ah yes. Wonderful work, Loki. You've collected more than enough data on our enemies.

Chibi-Usa: Next time...


Loki the Nekomata Spy! Preparations Made!


Takato: Suzaku. I don't know about this... should we reunite or not?

Suzaku: Takato, we must reunite... for there is a new evil rising...


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