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Carrying Our Dreams Forward! A New Generation is Born...


West Shinjuku/November 1, 2006/4:22 AM

The Taiyoukais have been conquered.

Valkyrie Sailor Moon utilized her Silver Crystal's energy in conjunction with Houou Mars' cosmic power to repair the damaged city. In just a brief moment, the cosmic powers washed across the entire city and the beautiful aura of white light caught their eyes.

As Valkyrie Sailor Moon and Houou Mars levitated near the government building, Chibi Moon and Hiei were the first ones to greet them. Soon after them, Suzakato, Gallantmon, Seirika, Sakuyamon, Henbu, Mega Gargomon, Himura, and Youkai Inumon arrived to greet the ones responsible for restoring Tokyo.

"They repaired Tokyo like last time," Seirika commented as she watched Moon and Mars pant out of exhaustion for using up their power.

Suzakato called out to the two Senshi. "You sure you guys had to go and do that?"

"…Well, we couldn't let the city clean up after us," Moon sighed as she leaned against Mars' back. "Ah, thanks, Mars-chan."

Houou Mars slightly rolled her eyes. "C'mon, I think you can stand up on your own."

"I can't believe we did it. We defeated the Taiyoukai," Gallantmon said gleefully.

Hiei added. "With the help of someone we least expected."

"Who?" Henbu inquired.

Chibi Moon put an arm around Sailor Moon and quickly asserted. "Don't know who they're talking about, but I'm curious."

"Likewise," Himakko spoke up as he turned toward Houou Mars. "So, I see you've taken on that form again. Never thought we'd see you…"

"…use the Houou's power again," Suzakato said as he approached Houou Mars.

As she seriously frowned, she replied while facing Suzakato. "I didn't want to use the Houou's power, but it was necessary in this case."

"Well, we couldn't have done it without you or Moon," the Warrior of Suzaku said, slightly lowering his head.

"Don't say that…" Moon overheard the doubtful young warrior, objecting to what he said. "We all defeated the enemy together. This wasn't about just one of us, but all of us. We're the world's protectors. Don't forget that."

Nodding, Chibi Moon agreed objectively. "She's right, Takato. We all should take the credit here. Besides, you and the Beast Tamers are just as great as Usagi said."

"Thanks, I… I don't know what to say… ehehe," Suzakato chuckled, his cheeks blushing a bit after hearing Chibi Moon praise his team.

Seirika interjected while putting Suzakato in a quick headlock. "Just say thanks. That's all you need to say, goggles."

"Be gentle, Rika," Suzakato nervously sweatdropped.

Houou Mars smiled, closely watching Suzakato and Seirika playing around. "You guys did well." And you've grown a lot, Takato Matsuda.

"Well, it's about time you guys got here," Hiei spoke up as he saw Mizuno descending with Brimstone.

Upon arriving, Mizuno and Brimstone were followed by Yomi, Enki, Mukuro, Hokushin, and Natsume. Yomi was seen carrying Yusuke on his back, who was evidently beaten and exhausted from his fight with Kiryu. Nonetheless, Yusuke had a victorious, proud smile etched on his face.

"You guys made it!" Chibi Moon exclaimed.

"Obviously," Hiei bluntly stated.

Suzakato called out to Yusuke. "You look a little worse for wear, Yusuke. Sheesh…"

Raising his head, Yusuke responded with a smirk. "…try fighting the Taiyoukai leader when you have the chance."

"Gee, I'd love to, but it seems you've already gone ahead and destroyed him," Gallantmon said.

As Houou Mars and Hiei approached Yomi, the former lord placed Yusuke down on the ground.

"Reckless as ever, Yusuke," Hiei remarked.

"Hey, this is Yusuke Urameshi we're talking about here," Houou Mars added, folding her arms as she stared over Raizen's descendant.

"URAMESHI!!" A familiar, hoarse cry bellowed out, which garnered everyone's attention behind them.

Kuwabara raced across the street with Tsukimaru behind him.

"Kuwabara!" Sailor Moon called out.

"I've managed to bring everyone, including Kurama!" The orange-haired young man responded as Puu flew overhead with various people riding on his back, including Kurama himself.

Delighted to see their friend awake, everyone else gathered around at the center of the government building's courtyard. Yusuke opened his eyes as a relieved smile adorned his face, very happy to see the red-haired half breed revived from death.

"Thank goodness. You're back, Kurama," Yusuke said.

"I never thought we'd save him," Youkai Inumon added.

Nearly in tears, Mega Gargomon sniffled while wiping his eyes. "I get so teary in situations like these."

"I can't argue there, Mega Gargomon," Henbu commented.

As Puu descended further, Kurama wasn't the only passenger aboard Yusuke's spirit beast. Botan, Koenma, Keiko, Tuxedo Kamen, Luna, Artemis, Diana, Okami, Genkai, Saya, and Phillipe accompanied Kurama along the way.

"Yusuke!" Keiko and Botan called out to half-demon.

"Sailor Moon! Chibi Moon!" Tuxedo Kamen shouted to his lover and future daughter.

Tsukimaru noticed Saya aboard and called out to the woman. "Saya!"

As soon as Puu landed, Maya emerged from out of an alleyway with Rio on her back. Once she noticed Kurama had awakened, she raced over toward the courtyard where a large gathering commenced.

"Welcome back, Kurama," Yomi spoke formally toward his former colleague.

"I never thought I'd see you awake, Kurama," Kuwabara said as he grabbed the red head's hand and offered to let him off Puu's back. "Glad to have ya back, man."

Kurama blinked as he watched the large gathering crowding around him like crazed otaku. "Thank you all… really I am."

"Don't be like that, Shuichi," Maya spoke up as she slowly emerged through the crowd as she set Rio down. She faced Kurama, idly standing as Kurama gawked at her in shock. "I bet you never thought you'd see me again, right Shuichi?"

The red-haired half demon stammered, befuddled at Maya's presence. "M-Maya?"

"She's the one who helped revive you, Kurama," Houou Mars proclaimed. "Well, I did help her reach the Taiyoukai's fused body, but she did all the work. You should thank her."

Kurama gasped, not letting his eyes off Maya. "Is this true…?"

"It is, Shuichi," she confessed, walking up to Kurama as she openly embraced him. She put her arms around Kurama's back and smiled. "I'm back for good this time."

"Heh, oh you sly fox you," Kuwabara snickered.

Hiei slightly scoffed as he pivoted his head and eyed Houou Mars.

"I wonder if you'll ever hug me like that, Hiei," Houou Mars chuckled, teasing the dark fire wielder quietly.

"Don't bet on it…" Hiei coughed.

"Yeah, like we haven't gone past that level already."

"Don't speak about that moment in front of every-"

Suddenly, Mizuno interjected upon hearing the two fire wielders. "…speak about what?"

"Nothing!" Houou Mars and Hiei blurted out instinctively.

Mizuno scratched her head. "Um, okay…?"

"I wonder," Houou Mars said as she placed her hand on her stomach. "Could I be…? No, I can't be."

"If the Houou says so, there's no doubting her, woman," Hiei said.

"Doubting who about what?" Mizuno overheard the couple again.


Mizuno let a cat-like grin become etched on her face. "Oh, ho, ho. Sounds interesting."

Once Maya pulled away from Kurama, the red-haired half breed faced the group and smiled genuinely. Showing his gratitude, he bowed his head and directed a comforting smile toward his close friends. Yusuke walked up to Kurama and was about to hug him until... Keiko hopped right off Puu's back and fell on top of him.


"Oops, sorry, Yusuke," Keiko apologized as she got up and dusted her dress off. She slowly bent over, picking Yusuke up by his hand. "I didn't mean... I'm such a klutz."

"Watch where you're going. You're going to have our kid soon, stupid," Yusuke said playfully while fixing his bushy hair.

"Looks like I'll have to cut your hair again," Keiko sighed as she noticed Yusuke's hair grown out to demonic lengths.

Genkai chuckled to herself as she listened to Keiko scolding Yusuke. "You kids never change."

As Tuxedo Kamen hopped off Puu, he ran up and embraced Sailor Moon. Chibi Moon went up, putting her arms around her father's waist. Moon anxiously tried to hug her lover all to herself, but Chibi Moon wouldn't let her mother get dibs. Kamen put arms around both Moon and Chibi Moon, bringing his family closer.

"Aww, isn't this sweet?" Botan sniffled, her eyes filled with happy tears. She slightly cried, promptly drawing out a tissue out of her sleeve. "So much love in the air. So romantic."

Artemis snorted. "Maybe a little too much..."

"Artemis!" Luna snapped at the white Moon cat. "After all we've been through..."

"I was just kidding."

Diana slumped her head, sighing. "There you two go again. Arguing is a sign indicating that two people love each other..."

Suddenly, Diana heard Luna and Artemis purring while rubbing their heads together.

The gray cat giggled. "I rest my case."

As Saya jumped down from Puu, she ran over to Tsukimaru and embraced him. Phillipe closely followed his sister and smiled, watching his older sister hugging a man she's grown close to during the crisis. Phillipe walked up by Tsukimaru's side, catching the vampire demon's attention. Tsukimaru extended a hand to Phillipe, who looked hesitant to accept. Then, he turned and saw a smile like he's never seen before on Saya's face. It was more than a genuine smile. She had the look of a woman who had finally found her soul mate after years of being rejected by countless men. Over the years, Phillipe became wary of any man who would break Saya's heart. But, he sensed a great bond between his sister and Tsukimaru.

"If you'll give me a chance, Phillipe, I promise... No, I swear on my life I'll never abandon Saya and break her heart," Tsukimaru declared, instilled with determined valor like never before.

Taking a moment to reflect on what's transpired, Phillipe nodded and firmly gripped Tsukimaru with a handshake.

"Thank you, Phillipe..." Saya said as she walked up and hugged her brother. "Another thing..." She said while covering herself with Tuxedo Kamen's cape. She seized Phillipe's hand, placing it over her own abdomen. "Phillipe-kun, you're going to be an uncle very soon."

"Me... AN UNCLE?!" A flabbergasted Phillipe reacted out of shock. "Then, you and Tsukim... you two?"

"We did," Tsukimaru confessed.

Phillipe was visibly shaken by this startling news. "Unbelievable..." Jaguarmon's gonna go crazy over this news!

"...Apparently, I'm not the only one who's..." Houou Mars said, quickly cutting herself off before letting out any word on her 'seeds of life.'

While Kuwabara helped Yukina off Puu, Hiei was relieved to see his sister safe. He turned around, noticing Mukuro behind him.

"Is it true? You and her did what I thought you did?"

"So, you know?" Hiei inquired.

Instead of answering, Mukuro simply smiled with good gesture much to Hiei's surprise.

"Let me know when the time comes for the seeds to blossom."

Hiei said nothing, keeping any further details disclosed. "..."

Suddenly, the group turned as they watched the other Valkyrie Senshi arrived in tandem. Sailors Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto arrived simultaneously. Then, from another direction, the Duelists arrived on the scene, then, Legendary Warriors (in their H-Hybrid forms) and Chuu's group, and finally, the Kuiper Senshi, the Victory Tamers, the Sailor Quartet, and the Chimeras arrived to see their colleagues. They gathered to discuss all that they've experienced.

Amongst the large gathering, Kuwabara walked up to Yusuke.

"In case you're wondering about that bastard Demento... he's been taken care of."

"Thanks for taking out that piece of garbage," Yusuke addressed to his friend.

"Yeah, well you won't believe it. That Karasu guy... the one we thought died... he turned against Demento," the orange-haired man revealed what he witnessed firsthand before finishing the demon sorcerer.

The former Spirit Detective was shocked upon hearing this bit. "You're kidding! Well, demons don't ever have partnerships for long."

"So with Demento gone, the criminal demons will learn of the Taiyoukai's defeat," Kurama firmly stated as he walked up to Yusuke and Kuwabara. "Sailor Moon has driven away all the malevolent demons with her Silver Crystal."

"Any leftovers should be apprehended by the Spirit Defense Force team and Makai's authorities," Koenma spoke up, noting which issues would be dealt with following the invasion's aftermath. "This city may have been restored, but we'll never forget this night. And neither will the people."

"We can't pretend this whole thing never happened, cause it did," Kuwabara stated.

"You guys really should be thanking me," Maya said as she walked by Kurama's side. "I couldn't have done it without Okami-sensei giving me the Akuma Dagger."

"It's my pleasure, Maya," Okami said as he hopped off Puu's back.

"You had a hand in this, Okami-san?" Kurama inquired as he turned and directed his attention to the elder Lycan.

As he straightened his posture, Okami shook his head in response. "Correct, Kurama."

"You could've let me die... considering the past history between you and my other self..."

"It's all in the past, Kurama. You've proven you no longer need Youko to fight your battles," the Lycan pointed out, reflecting on the old days and when he fired a shot at Youko. "I believe Youko ended whatever dispute he may have with me."

"Thank you, Okami-san," the red head politely bowed his head.

As Valkyrie Sailor Venus offered to pick Rio off the ground, the young man wobbled back while shaking his head. Rio came to his senses as Venus hugged him, firmly keeping him close to her. Rio returned the favor, patting Venus' back. Valkyrie Sailor Jupiter caught Mako, who jumped right off Puu and into her waiting arms. Vega rushed out toward Valkyrie Sailor Mercury and hugged her, bringing his lover close to him.

"Isn't this sweet, Seto?" Lyn asked as she and the other Duelists were back in their normal human forms. "What are the chances of us hugging ? Like right now? If ever?"

"Never," Seto snorted irritably, almost going off on Lyn. "Not after THAT stunt you pulled. You choosing the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon of all the atrocities... what an insult to a dragon's pride."

"Whoo, sheesh, lighten up," Lyn rolled her eyes. She then let a devilish smile adorn her face. "But, I'm glad I've found such a creative way to get under your skin."

"You're evil..."

"I know, but I still love you."

"Oh boy, our sis is really having a field day," Max said, overhearing Lyn and Seto's exchange.

Sam sat down and chuckled. "Poor guy."

"Oh, brother," Mokuba couldn't help but snicker. "Lyn's never going to let this go."

Joey balled up his right fist and hollered. "Yeah! So, on a scale of one to ten, how would you rate our new Spirit Fusion powers? Eh?"

"Ten, definite ten," Tristan added.

"I'd say they're more like an eleven," Mai smirked as she walked up in front of Joey and put her arm over his shoulders.

"Likewise," Duke said.

Yugi replied while standing by Tea's side. "It makes up for losing our Kas and Dragon armors. These new abilities are incredible. Don't you think?"

"I'll say," Tea replied.

"Those new powers you guys have are pretty cool," Sailor Jupiter commented as she and Mako approached the group.

"What's this all about?" Mako asked, befuddled by the ongoing discussion.

"You won't believe it even if we told ya," Yugi said with enthusiasm.

"FATHER!!" A voice called out from out of nowhere.

Okami's ears twitched as he turned around and saw Shadow MetalGarurumon racing across the city. Yui, Cammy, and Aoshi were seen riding aboard the digimon's back. Himakko and Youkai Inumon noticed Shadow MetalGarurumon coming towards the group. As the wolf digimon stopped, Yui got off and ran up to her brother.

"Himura! Thank goodness you and the others are okay!" Yui exclaimed.

Himakko embraced his sister and smiled. "Likewise, sis."

Sakuyamon nodded as she and Youkai Inumon watched the siblings hug.

"Whew, luckily I was able to pick up y'alls scent," Shadow MetalGarurumon chortled, his nose twitched as he turned and smelt Youkai Inumon's scent. As he inhaled, he coughed toward Himakko's partner. "Ugh, you REALLY need a bath. I mean seriously."

"I just had my bath yesterday, you stupid wolf," Youkai Inumon scoffed.

"That's not how I remember it," Sakuyamon added.

"Ha, see? Even your lady here agrees," Shadow MetalGarurumon snickered as he put his left paw over his nose.

"Oh, shut up," the dark canine digimon retorted.

As Aoshi ran up to his father, Cammy raced over to Houou Mars and hugged her. Hiei stepped away, giving the sisters room to themselves.

"Just look at them," Chibi Moon smiled as she and Moon watched the sisters hugging. "Man, it's really something special... just seeing Rei with a sister. Who would've thought?"

"Life can be crazy like that, Chibi Moon," Moon said as she watched Mars and Cammy. "Soon, I'll be giving birth to you."

The masked man walked up behind Moon and kissed her cheek. He placed his hands over her stomach, caressing his lover's womb.

Chibi Moon couldn't help but smile. "Fancy that. I'm really excited to see me born." As she turned, she watched the Sailor Quartet walking up behind her. "And looks like I finally have my own team. I know you guys will do well as my guardians. The other girls are going to love you."

"Right. Leave it to us," the Quartet responded in unison.

"Other girls?" Mercury inquired. "What other girls?"

"Oops. You weren't supposed to hear that. I can't tell you, yet. Maybe next time."

As Suzakato walked up toward Houou Mars and Cammy, he stopped as Suzaku probed his mind. Suzakato closed his eyes and overheard his beast spirit whispering like a kindred spirit.


"Takato. It appears Usagi won't be the only Senshi to be giving birth to a child. Houou's host, Rei Hino, has two seeds of life..."

Instinctively, Suzakato screamed out for nearly everyone to hear. "MARS?! IS IT TRUE?! ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE KIDS?!"

With that, there was an awkward silence amongst everyone.

Hiei facepalmed as Suzakato glanced around everyone turning toward Houou Mars.

"Wow! Really?!" Sailor Sedna exclaimed, ecstatic by the news. "That's awesome, Rei-san!"

Sailor Quaoar quickly added. "Congratulations!"

Sailor Varuna gaped in shock. "What? Is this a joke?"

"MARS!! CAN IT BE TRUE?!" The Senshi, mostly the Inners, exclaimed as they surrounded Houou Mars and Cammy.

Cammy blinked with befuddlement. "Sis...?"

Nodding her head, Houou Mars knew she couldn't hide the truth anymore. She turned toward Suzakato and sighed.

"Sorry, Mars. I didn't mean..."

"It's ok, Takato. Now I don't have to figure out the best way to tell everybody, but I digress," Mars said, slowly standing up while straightening her posture. "It's true. I'm pregnant. Just like you, Usagi."

Putting her hands on Mars, Moon gave her a warm and comforting smile. "It's okay. I'm just kind of glad I'm not alone. Now, we can share the experience of motherhood together."

"So, who's the daddy?!" Chibi Moon jumped up in front of Mars, almost begging for an answer.

Mizuno quickly interrupted. "Who do you think? I've figured it out..."

"Why don't you share?" Yusuke asked as he stopped to find Hiei shifting a cold stare at his direction.

"I bet it's Hiei," Moon guessed. "I've seen the way the two of you look at each other."

Mars was left speechless, but her blush was the only answer Moon required.

"Ha! I knew it!"

"Really?" Cammy piped in. "That's great, Sis!"

While watching Mars and Cammy embrace, Suzakato smiled proudly. "Well, I'm happy for her and I'll definitely be there to see her kids being born."

"We'll all be there," Gallantmon stated. "To see Chibi-Usa born and then see Mars' kids. It'll be a beautiful moment. New life being born."

"I know. Even now with the Taiyoukai defeated, life is moving quickly before our eyes," Suzakato said, upon realizing how much time has passed since he and his friends formed a bond with the Senshi, the Detectives, the Duelists, and the Legendary Warriors. We've been on such a long and quick path. This journey we've been on. The fact we've been together this long... makes me wonder how long our bond will remain intact. No, I don't feel our journey is done. Not by a long shot, but I'm seeing the coming of a new generation.

A genuine smile formed on Suzakato's face.

"This is just another direction leading to many new possibilities, guys. A new phase in our lives," the Warrior of Suzaku said as he watched the sun slowly rising behind the government building.


As they observed the large gathering near the government building, Yamaki, Riley, Talley, and Janyuu each wore a smile. They were once again relieved to see that all had not been lost and that their home city wasn't turned into a new demon realm. They could rest easy and live another day to see the next sunrise. They survived to tell how they managed to survive yet another near-apocalyptic experience.

By now, the former Hypnos team was already used to it.

Yamaki Mitsuo removed his shades and beamed toward the groups. "Well done. You guys pulled through like I said you would."

Riley smiled. "They always do."

Talley added, wiping sweat from her forehead. "I'll say. I was just about to break down in there."

Janyuu nodded sagely. Henry. Suzie. Jaarin. Thank goodness you and everyone persevered... I will never doubt you again.

"Well, at least we won't have to clean up the mess," the red-haired young woman pressed. "That same light from three years ago repaired everything. All the damage inflicted to this city is all gone."

"It was thanks to their miracles," Yamaki stated, directly his view toward the groups. "We have protectors more powerful than the combined might of this world's military in our own backyard." Putting his shades back on, Yamaki wore a composed smile. "So, Mr. Cain Bearer. Do you have any doubts about our saviors now?"


Shinjuku District/CainCorp/4:35 AM

As he stared through his window, Cain Bearer witnessed the light that washed across the city. The businessman's expression showed irritation, clearly perturbed by being proven wrong by Yamaki.

"Damn you, Yamaki," Cain cursed, clenching his right hand into a fist. Then, while taking another deep breath, the business man collectively sat down on his seat and picked up a glass. He opened a bottle of scotch and poured it in his cup. Setting the bottle on his desk, he raised his glass up. "Your so-called saviors might have won this day, but mark my words. People are going not to stand for any more of these incursions. They'll soon see that I was right and that these saviors will become too powerful to tame."

He drank his glass and set it on his desk.

"Just one mistake is all they'll need to turn the people against them," Cain deducted, pressing his hands together while facing the window. Yamaki, you're a changed man. What happened to the old you? Oh well. Not my problem. Not everyone shares your new idealistic views. These Digimon and Sailor Senshi... mark my words. They'll become mankind's biggest threats if left unchecked. It's all on your head, Yamaki. Do we put our full trust in these saviors? If they decide to enact rule over us, should we take matters to our own hands? I ask you this, Yamaki Mitsuo. What do we do?


Domino City District/KaibaCorp Building/Rooftop/5:01 AM

Following their departure from the Shinjuku area, the Duelists used their Spirit Fusion forms to return to Kaiba Corp. The aerial members of the group landed on to rooftop. Tyra also went along to see Lyn, Max, and Sam.

"Aren't you happy we didn't get left out of the fun, Seto?" Lyn once again poked fun at the CEO, much to his dismay.

Seto grumbled a bit. "We just had to receive it from Pegasus... that loon of all people."

"Beggars can't be choosers, Richie Rich," Tyra rebuked as she got up off a side of the roof. She paced toward Lyn, giving her friend a high-five. "You really know how to push his buttons."

"It's a gift."

Yugi chuckled as he watched Lyn and Tyra teasing the poor CEO. Even he couldn't help but to snicker, which led to Seto giving him a cold stare.

"Yug, so, how long do you think it'll take for us to master these new powers?" Joey wondered while staring up toward the skies.

"Beats me. It'll take a little while to get accustomed to Spirit Fusion, but I think we can come up with various of ways to turn into our favorite monsters," the King of Games pointed out as he pulled out his deck. He shuffled through while pulling out a hand consisting of various Magicians. "If I really wanted to, I could turn to any of my Magicians... even the Dark Magician Girl."

"Bad mental image, Yugi," Tristan groaned.

Tea giggled. "I have that one covered, Yugi."

"For one thing, I can't wait to possibly summon traps and magic with our new powers," Duke noted, which caused the other Duelists to nod their heads in unison.

"Now THAT would be useful should another crisis come," Yugi stated. "With those tools in our disposal, we'll be ready for whatever comes next."

"Hopefully, not for a while. I could use a vacation from all these battles," Mai said.

"We could all use one. You know we could probably ask Seto to get us a flight to New York," Tea suggested.

A skeptical Joey seemed unsure. "Eh, but this is Seto Kaiba we're talking about here."

"Lyn can convince him," Tristan said. "If anyone can pull Seto's strings, she can."

Glancing over his shoulder, Yugi watched Lyn sitting down with Seto. He smiled modestly. "Never hurts to try."

As Mokuba brought Max and Sam over to an isolated spot, he handed two pieces of paper to the brothers. Befuddled, Max and Sam grabbed the papers while scanning them thoroughly. As they read along, their lips widened into big grins.

"You two have been enrolled in Duel Academy," Mokuba smiled proudly. "You can thank me and my brother for this."

"My god... you don't know how much this..." Max trembled with ecstasy. "Thanks, Mokuba."

"And thank you, Seto!" Sam called out to the CEO.

Seto acknowledged the brothers with a nod. Lyn smiled as she never felt more prouder for her brothers.

"I know they're a bit young to start High School, but since I'm the owner, I was able to pull a few strings. Next April, they'll officially be Duel Academy freshmen," Seto reassured Lyn.

Turning Seto around, Lyn embraced her CEO boyfriend as she wanted to cry happy tears. "Thanks, Seto. You've made my brothers' dreams come true. If these new powers weren't enough..."

"Anything for you and your brothers. They deserve to become great duelists like me," Seto said. "Trust me. They'll receive the best training duelists could ever ask for. I even got them spots in the Obelisk Blue dorm, the most elite of the three dorms. It's going to be tough, but I'm sure they can handle it."

"Well, I'm not worried about Max. He's always been a bookworm. Sam, on the other hand, has always been the take-life-as-it-comes type."

Tyra observed her best friend and the CEO in each other's arms. She leaned against the side of the satellite, smirking as she turned to see Max and Sam holding their papers with all smiles. She couldn't be any more happier for how far Lyn, Max, and Sam have gone. It wasn't too long ago that all four of them were orphans in Amsterdam.

"Way to go, guys," Tyra whispered as she turned around and looked out into the skies. She watched as the other Kuiper Belt Senshi arrived to pick her up. Tyra pulled out her Henshin stick and grinned. "Let's all do our best and not look back."


Meanwhile, in an area not too far off from Kaiba Corp, the Sailor Quartet relocated with Chibi-Usa, Usagi, and Mamoru.

"Princess Serenity," CereCere spoke up as she bowed in front of Chibi-Usa.

After CereCere, the other four Quartet knelt down and lowered their heads to bow before their princess. Overwhelmed with awe, Chibi-Usa accepted their newfound loyalty to protect her. However, Chibi-Usa cleared her throat, which prompted them to stop.

"You four have served me well, but please... you don't have to treat me like royalty here," Chibi-Usa said. "All I ask is your friendship."

"Really?" JunJun was a bit befuddled by Chibi-Usa's offer.

VesVes shrugged. "Whatever you say, but we're still your guardians. Nothing will ever change that now."

"When Sailor Moon's crystal restored out orbs, our memories came back to us," CereCere stated. "We were always meant to serve you and become your Sailor Quartet. You were supposed to find us first. Not Nehelenia."

PallaPalla chirped in. "Right, right. PallaPalla's happy you and Sailor Moon ran into us again. We now have a purpose."

Chibi-Usa smiled proudly, feeling more secure and confident with a team of her own. "Man, won't mom from the future be surprised to see who my new guardians are."

"I'm sure she already knows. After all, she's me!" Usagi noted.


East Shibuya District/Inuki Residence/5:14 AM

"...And so my men have rounded up the last of the rogues," Mukuro announced to the Spirit Detective team and Spirit World's forces.

Koenma nodded sagely. "The Spirit Defense Force collected the last of Demento's followers, including Doctor Ichigaki, Risho, Tambo, Lilith, and Loki. However, we've been unable to apprehend the resurrected Karasu."

"What are you going to do with those jerks you caught?" Kuwabara asked directly.

Botan added, answering the man's question. "We'll imprison them and extract any information regarding Demento's lair. We might be able to find any clues on the whereabouts of these Demon Priests."

"So, these Demon Priests... are they still around? As in alive?" Yusuke asked.

"I believe they are. Demento couldn't have revived the Taiyoukai without their knowledge. He's not the type to lead a group without higher powers guiding him," Spirit World's prince entailed his point of view. "As such, since the Taiyoukai were defeated, the Demon Priests saw no more use for Demento. Karasu may have been a mole to monitor Demento. For Karasu to be revived... I can only assume this means the gates to the Meikai have been breached."

Gritting his teeth, Kurama clearly showed disdain for Karasu.

Maya placed a hand on Kurama's back. "Shuichi. It's okay."

"Thanks, Maya, but... I'll never rest knowing Karasu is still out there."

"We have no doubts Karasu has gone to see the Demon Priests. With Demento gone, he'll possibly act as an agent for the Priests," Koenma proclaimed as he got off the floor and stood up. "Of course, this is all speculation on our part."

"Pretty convincing speculation," Mizuno said. "I can buy all that."

"We're going to monitor this as close as we can," Botan reassured the team. "But extracting any kind of information from the Meikai will be difficult."

Overhearing the conversation, Rio stood by the front door. He didn't budge or say a word as Minako stayed by his side.

"Rio knows more about these Demon Priests than any of us do," Yusuke said. "So, why don't we just ask if he knows where we could find them."

Hiei abruptly spoke up. "He claims he has no knowledge of the whereabouts of the Priests' lair."

Okami asserted himself into the discussion. "The Meikai's territory spans a greater magnitude of space than the Makai does. It's ten times deeper than where the Makai's surface sits. If you recall, Koenma already mentioned that Spirit World's jurisdiction doesn't even cover the whole first level of the Makai."

"Wow, we're talking about a universe we've never explored, father," Aoshi said in astonishment.

"The Priests have kept a low profile. They've masked their presence from our watchful eyes. Even my father never attempts to mess with the Meikai," Koenma said with uncertainty.

"Can't you find any means of transporting us there?" Yusuke asked, raising his tone as if he sounded forceful. "C'mon, Koenma. Pull a full strings or something? You said you don't know when these Priests are gonna attack us..."

"Didn't you just hear what Koenma explained?" Kurama stopped Yusuke, cutting him off mid-sentence. "Spirit World cannot find the Demon Priests' location. Their presence is masked from their view."

"So, what are we supposed to do? Wait until they come to us?!" Kuwabara blurted out.

Koenma sighed deeply. "What can we do if none of us have any resources or means to finding a portal into the Meikai. That'll require time and precision. The Priests will undoubtedly know we'll be coming a long mile away."

"Koenma is correct," Mukuro spoke up as she turned toward Enki and Yomi.

"Even our resources cannot fully penetrate the Meikai realm," Yomi promptly stated.

"All we can do is look. You leave this to us and the Spirit World, Yusuke. You worry about taking care of your beloved fiancée and your soon-to-be-born child," Enki offered his own congratulatory regards to his late-friend's descendant.

"I appreciate the kind words, Enki... guys... but..."

Kurama shook his head as he addressed to Yusuke. "It'll be good, Yusuke. We can trust them in locating the Meikai. All we can do now is wait until then. Right now, our first priority is to care for our loved ones. You and Keiko, especially since she'll be giving birth to your child."

"Likewise with Rei and Hiei, here," Kuwabara scratched his chin. "But, why did you hook up with shorty?"

As she faced Hiei, Rei scoffed. "Not like I had a choice. Besides, it's not just one kid." She placed her hand against her stomach, caressing it while blushing. "It's twins."

"I can't believe I'm going to become an aunt!" Cammy exclaimed.

Minako overheard the commotion as she watched Rei inside the room. She beamed a proud smile toward her friend while leaning her head against Rio's left shoulder. The Demon Stone wielder winced while Minako fixed the bandages on his right arm.

"How do you feel about your friends having kids, Minako-san?"

"It'll be wonderful. It's another reminder of how quickly time has passed," the blonde-haired idol said, sitting down on the floor with Rio. She sat down on her knees and clasped her hands together. "Usagi-chan. Rei-chan. Keiko-chan. And... yes, even my esteemed rival, Saya. They're all having children. I look forward to seeing each one born. Such innocent and beautiful faces looking out into the world to see their beloved Auntie Minako." She wore a comfortable smile. "I just wonder when it'll be my time to have a child."

Nervously chuckling, Rio scratched his head. "I think it's too soon to talk about such a ..."

"Perhaps, but we'll see where life takes us, Rio-kun."

"Yeah," Rio replied.

Yusuke pivoted his head and faced Hiei. "Let's do our best in being fathers, Hiei."

"Never thought I'd hear you say that," Hiei snorted.

Mukuro added to the men's discussion. "Don't be like that, Hiei. I look forward to seeing the children born. You chose the right woman to help you nurture them and provide them with security."

"Thank you, Mukuro-sama," Rei said.

"You're more than welcome to visit us to see the kids," Cammy offered to the former Demon Lord.

"Say, where's Takato and the others?" Kuwabara glanced around the room. "They did come with us."

"Well, just Takato, Guilmon, Rika, Renamon, Jeri, Felinismon, Phillipe, Jaguarmon, Inumon, and my brother Himura," Yui replied as she stood up with Black Gabumon by her side. "Henry and the others are with the Hypnos people."

"Heh, that perverted mutt must be trying to grope poor Renamon," Dark Gabumon chortled, covering his mouth with one paw.

Minako added. "Or, perhaps... ooo, Takato and Himura must want some time with their girls?"

"Whatever they're doing, let's leave them alone," Yukina suggested.

Okami concurred. "I won't object to that. Ah, to be young and in love."

Despite getting healed by Yukina and Botan, Yusuke was unable to get up yet he faced the door. He caught a glimpse of Takato and the others conversing near the shrine's garden and fountain area.

"Speaking of which, Maya... please, tell your friends thank you," Suzuno said, turning around to face the Chimera girl.

"Sure, no problem," Maya replied.

"So, tell us Maya. Are you going to be part of Yusuke's crew?" Keiko inquisitively asked.

"Well, I'm still with Mika and the others, but we've been doing our own separate thing. I've been off training on my own," Maya briefly explained. "They know I'm doing my own thing, but I'll lend them a hand when they need it. So... is there room for one more?"

"Definitely, and if your friends want to join us, they're more than welcome," Yusuke said. "I mean you are Kurama's girl."

"You became the hero of the day, Maya," Botan cheerfully clapped her hands. "How I wish I had your bravery, dear."

"Glad to have another girl on board. We can't let this group become too predominately male," Mizuno slid over by Maya and put an arm around her. "Gotta add a little more girl power, don't ya think?"

Maya chuckled nervously. "Uh, well... sure. Why not?"

Brimstone kept silent during Mizuno's chatty exchange with Maya.

Chuckling, Rei put a hand on Hiei's lap. Hiei was slightly taken back by the Miko's approach and frowned, which prompted Rei to tease his 'manhood.' Hiei was about to retort with a derogatory response until she silenced him with a sly smirk, entrancing the demon a little.

"Sheesh, take a joke, daddy," she giggled a little.

Hiei snorted. "Hn."

Cammy looked back and forth between their exchanges. Hoo-boy, the shrine's going to be awfully crowded in nine months.

Yusuke grasped Keiko's hand as he moved it across his fiancée's stomach.

"In due time, Usagi-san and I will be mothers..."

"Yeah, but our kid's gonna be special in his or her own regard," he said. "If it's a boy, I hope he turns out like me. A punk with a heart of gold."

Keiko chuckled a little. "I'll give you the heart of gold comment, but there's NO way he or she will become a delinquent!"

Yui giggled as she and the others laughed at the couple's heated exchange. "Oh, Yusuke. You never learn."

"I'll say," Aoshi added as he picked up a Jack-o-Lantern off a counter. "I know Halloween's over, but let's at least remember our Jack-o-Lantern contest, Yui-chan."

"You win this time. I left mine at home," she said.


Phillipe picked up a pumpkin as he strolled along through the garden in the Inuki residence.

"So, what are we doing here?" Jaguarmon asked, sitting on top of Phillipe's head.

"My sister and Tsukimaru wanted to see the Spirit Detectives. They wanted to give them their thanks. Himura's in this garden, too, but I wanted to give him some space with Jeri. Just out of respect," Phillipe replied, as he turned the pumpkin around. Taken back by the spooky Jack-o-Lantern face, he set the pumpkin down. "I know we just got here..."

"I'm tired. That battle took a lot out of me," Jaguarmon sighed as she hopped on the pumpkin. She opened the top and peeked inside to see a candle, which lit the entire pumpkin from the inside. "Too bad about Halloween."

"There's always next year. Hopefully no demons decide to crash our party."

"I know. So, how do you like the thought of becoming an uncle very soon?"

Phillipe couldn't help but smile and let it all sink in. "It's mind boggling, but I can accept it. I trust Tsukimaru. He protected my sister and for that I thank him. He'll make a wonderful brother-in-law, but..."


"What do we do knowing he's a vampire demon?"

"Hasn't your sister already taken precautions? She seems adamant about moving out."

"Probably for the best. Whatever makes my sister happy, I guess."

Jaguarmon set the pumpkin aside and stared up at her partner. "You're taking this well, Phillipe-kun."

"I can't say no to my sister's happiness. She's finally..." Phillipe pressed both hands against his chest, feeling the heart rhythm in his palms. "...finally found her soul mate. The child will be a half breed, but I'll still cherish the child as either my niece or nephew."

"If it's a boy, what name do you think would suit him best?"

"Adam," the young pre-teen answered. "Adam Sagara."

Jaguarmon smiled, purring happily like the cat she was. "I like it. Now just suggest that name to your sister."

"Right," Phillipe said as he sat down and stared at the skies. "Happy late Halloween, Jaguarmon."

"You, too, Phillipe-kun."


Meanwhile, elsewhere near the Inuki's garden and fountain area, Himura and Jeri sat together under a Cherry Blossom tree.

"I'm just glad it's all over," Jeri said, leaning her head against Himura's left shoulder.

Himura concurred while caressing Jeri's hair. "Likewise..." His ears picked up on a commotion involving Inumon and Renamon. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw Inumon collapsing on the ground. "Inumon?!"

Renamon knelt over as she helped Inumon off the floor. The dark canine's eyes became swirly while his tongue hung out, looking completely dazed and confused.

"What's the deal?" Himura asked.

Felinismon walked over behind Himura and answered. "Guess you didn't hear?"

"What am I supposed to know?" Himura inquired, befuddled by the sudden cause for commotion between Inumon and Renamon.

Just then, Takato, Rika, and Guilmon walked by. They approached Himura as they, too, noticed Renamon holding an unconscious Inumon in her arms. Felinismon could only shake her head while sitting down next to Jeri.

"What's up, guys?" Takato asked.

"Well, while you and Rika were having some time alone, Renamon just told Inumon something and the news kinda made him faint," Felinismon revealed, looking over her back to see Inumon waking up in Renamon's arms.

"Spill it. What's going on?" Rika demanded.

Guilmon blinked with befuddlement. "Is Inumon okay? Does he need water?"

"C'mon, just get out with it. What's the problem?" Takato asked.

Himura immediately answered. "Renamon's going to have pups. Inumon's going to be a daddy."

With that, there was an abrupt and awkward silence between the two sides.

Rika and Takato screamed aloud in unison. "WHAAAAAT?!"

Guilmon's mouth gaped as he gasped. "Inumon's gonna be a daddy? And Renamon, is this true?!"

Renamon nodded firmly as Inumon looked up at her. "It's true, everyone."

"You're ki-ki-kidding?" After he stammered, Takato thrust his right arm into the air and hollered. "I mean... wow, congratulations you two!"

Rika put a hand over her forehead. "Renamon, how could you?"

"It just happened," the yellow-furred vulpine shrugged. "I could've refused..."

"But, you were ultimately won over by my witty charm?" Inumon winked at the vulpine digimon.

"Oh please..."

"Hey, you won me from Kuzuhamon, fair and square. You wouldn't have done that if you didn't care"

Himura sighed as he looked directly toward Rika. "Looks like we'll be taking turns looking after their pups, Rika."

"I think it's wonderful. Congratulations you two! I can't wait to see the pups!" Jeri said with glee.

The red-haired tomboy groaned. "You've got to be kidding me. Oh, Renamon..."

"What can I say? This is just another sign that our lives are heading in a new direction," Takato reminded his friends. "But, can digimon have babies together?"

"We can, but it depends on our data makeup. Many of us don't need to, but others can choose to," Felinismon explained, lecturing Takato on another biological - or in this case a digital - aspect of a digimon's method of reproducing.

Snickering, Inumon folded his arms. "How does it feel to a digi-mommy?"

Renamon answered bluntly. "I'll give you an answer once the Digi-Eggs are delivered."

Guilmon smiled. "I can't wait to see them. What about you, Takato?"

"Rika? Are you okay with this?" Himura asked.

"I wasn't expecting this. I mean... I knew they've become so close together," she rambled on until Takato put an arm around her. "Foolish guys. Can't learn to keep your pants on."

Takato looked up at the soon-to-be bright morning skies. A serene smile adorned his face.

"Like I said, this is another phase of our lives. We'll just see what lies ahead for us..."


Shinjuku Public High School/Front School Grounds/July 27, 2007/2:38 PM

Nine months later...

In front of the Shinjuku Public High School was a gathering of first, second, and third year students. All of which are already leaving campus following their last classes for the day. Many were leaving while others decided to remain on campus to attend to their clubs, other after school recreational activities, and perhaps even play on the soccer fields. Others simply want to hug out with their friends after school - which is the case for a specific group of teenagers.

Strolling down the front steps, a first year student walked down sporting the school's men uniform: a navy blue buttoned shirt with matching pants and black shoes. The top portion of his shirt was slightly unbuttoned - revealing a white shirt underneath. He wore his light brown hair as scruffy as he possibly could. As he stopped, he looked down at his watch.

"TAKATO!!" A voice called out from ahead of the teen.

Raising his head, Takato stared toward the group calling to him and waved.

"You guys! Sorry to keep ya waiting!"


"Hehe, yeah it's me all right. You're looking at Takato Matsuda - first year student at Shinjuku Public High. Since the Taiyoukai invasion ended, me and my friends finished our final months as middle school students. We took our exams in March and sure enough... we all passed and ended up at the same high school together! It's great. Even Rika's attending the same school... which means... ehehe... well, you'll see."


"What took ya long, Chumley?! Man, I thought we were gonna grow white beards like those lawn gnomes I see on the web!" The loud, brash cry of one Kazu Shioda was heard from afar.

Facing his friends, Takato saw Kazu, Kenta, Himura, Jeri, and Phillipe.

Kazu, Kenta, Himura, and Phillipe each wore the same style uniform as Takato. Though, Kazu was wearing a short-sleeved uniform shirt with a tie. Himura had his shirt completely unbuttoned. Jeri wore a navy blue blouse and a green pleated skirt, which was the uniform for the girls.

"What's the deal, guys?" Takato blinked, completely befuddled by their sudden rush.

"Takato, don't tell me you've forgotten?" Jeri inquired.

"You mean Phillipe's sister? I thought she and Tsukimaru-san already had their kid."

Kenta shook his head and corrected him. "Did you get hit in the head or something?"

"How could you forget about Hino-san delivering her twins?" Himura directly addressed the matter to Takato, offering a reminder to him.

Instinctively in response, Takato slapped his forehead. "That's right!"

"You're totally losing it, goggle head. Maybe these'll help you see better."

As his ears twitched, he heard a familiar voice referring him by his 'pet name.' He turned around, only to see a pair of goggles being thrown at him. With quick reflexes, Takato caught his old yellow goggles and noticed Rika sitting on top of a marble pedestal. The redhead, now donning the school's traditional girl uniform, hopped down in front of Takato.

"You never quit, do you?"

"Quit? Sorry, you know me better than that," Rika coldly smirked, which became a slight frown in the drop of a hat. "How could you forget about the woman who trained you?"

"I didn't... I've just been very busy... you know..."

"Can't say I blame him. I mean me and Kenta are running a freakin' Gamers Club!" Kazu rubbed his forehead. "Sheesh, it's tough. I never thought high school would keep ya so busy."

Jeri concurred. "And with all the homework the teachers give, I'm kind of starting to miss Ms. Asagi."

"It's not too bad. They're just training us for college and the real world, right?" Takato pointed out. "Anyway, you're right. Today, we should go and see Rei."

"Well, we better hurry. She's been rushed to a hospital in Juuban," Phillipe said. "It's the same hospital my sister is staying at right now, after giving birth to baby Adam."

"But, we can't go without Henry and the others," Takato said.


The Tamers turned around to see Henry running toward the group with Terriermon clinging to his back. Following behind him was Suzie, who carried Lopmon on her back. The once smaller child was taller and wore her hair in Chinese-styled buns.

"Hey, everyone!" Suzie called out, her speech impediment completely gone.

"Sorry to keep you guys waiting! I went to pick up Suzie since Jaarin has to work!" Henry cried out as he and Suzie reached the Tamers.

"Wow, it's been a while since I've seen you, Suzie!" Jeri was bewildered by Suzie's growth spurt. "You've grown, sweetie."

Suzie smiled, her cheeks became rosy. "Thanks, Jeri."

"Hey, hey, how could you guys forget about us?" Inumon dropped down from a nearby tree. Visible from everyone's view, there were two furballs attached to his back. In instant, Renamon teleported by Inumon's side.

"I see you two brought the pups," Himura acknowledged the two 'passengers' riding Inumon's back.

"Ok, you two. Get into daddy's arms!" Inumon instructed the two furballs. With that, the balls jumped off his back and landed into his waiting arms. "Good kids, you two are mommy and daddy's precious pups!" He pressed his snout against the furballs, promptly them to uncurl themselves and wake up.

There were two furballs: a black one and a yellow one.

Renamon scooped up the black ball. "Time to wake up, Black Viximon."

Upon hearing his mother, the tiny black-furred fox-like creature opened its eyes, revealing a set of round blue eyes.

"Momma," Black Viximon chirped as he leaped on Renamon's right shoulder and licked her face.

"You two, Yellow Kouinumon," Inumon cooed to the yellow furball in his hands.

"Daddy!" Yellow Kouinumon squeaked as she bounced up and down in Inumon's hands.

Right on cue, Jeri and Suzie's eyes sparkled as they were mesmerized by the babies. "SO CUTE!!"

Rika scratched her head. "Himura. Remind everyone how you and I have to take turns babysitting these two little terrors."

"They'll eat ANY food they see in the kitchen," Himura advised his friends. "Keep them away from your pantries and especially your bread shop."

"They eat more than Guilmon and I do!" Terriermon blurted out. "I didn't think it was possible! They're stomachs are bottomless pits! Sheesh!"

Takato sweatdropped, flailing his arms over his head. "You've told me like a hundred times since the pups were born!"

"But, it never hurts for him to remind ya, Takato," the voice of Guilmon came out of nowhere.

Once again, the Tamers pivoted their heads and faced their left direction. They noticed Guilmon, Guardromon, and Felinismon. Jaguarmon jumped out of the bushes and rushed toward Phillipe, who knelt over to catch her. Marine Angemon poked his head out of Kenta's shirt pocket, barely catching a whiff of the fresh air outside.

"The gang's all here," Felinismon remarked coolly.

"Yep and we're heading off to Juuban," Takato stated. "Let's call our parents to let them know where we're going."

"Good idea," Henry concurred with Takato.

As Guilmon walked up to Takato, he handed him a bag. It was a bag filled with sweet bread, which astounded Takato. They were all shaped like Guilmon's face with red gumdrops serving as the eyes.

"What are these for, Guilmon?"

"For Rei and her friends back in the hospital. We're going to go see them, right?"

As he held the bag, Takato nodded with a smile and put in his backpack. "We sure are, buddy. C'mon, guys. There's no time for us be dawdling. We're off to Juuban."

"It's been a while since I've been to that side of town," Kenta said.

Kazu sighed. "Same here."

Phillipe asserted, grinning widely. "It'll be good to return to my home district again. Taking the Shinjuku High exams was one of the best choices I ever made, and it was really nice of your family to let me stay with them, Himura, but still, there's no place like home, as they say."

Himura added in response. "You're welcome to stay with us as long as you want. After all, I promised Kotori I'd keep an eye on you."

"We'll see, Himura. It all depends on if my family decides to move out here."

"Ok, guys. I think we've done enough chatting," Rika said. "We're in a bit of a hurry."

"Then, let's get moving everyone," Renamon advised the group as Black Viximon slept in her arms.

Before the group started to head out, Kazu turned around and quickly bumped into someone approaching him. He fell to the ground, his back hitting the ground. Kazu groaned while rubbing his sore back.

"Oh, Kazu, I'm sorry...!"

"Watch where you're-" Kazu was about to make a snide remark until he looked up as his dumbfounded face contorted. "Gah... oh, it's you! I... I didn't mean to yell at ya like that, Kiyoko!"

Standing over Kazu was an averagely built, teenage girl who was approximately the same age as Kazu and the others. She wore the same girls' school uniform like Rika and Jeri. The girl's skin had a fairly light complexion. Her long, light coffee-colored hair reached well above her shoulders; the hair was neatly groomed but nothing too fancy. She wore a green hairclip, which held her hair together. Her face displayed a friendly disposition, which reflected her kind personality - which Kazu was attracted to.

"Kazu, I'm sorry," Kiyoko said as she knelt over to pick up the books she dropped.

Kazu quickly reached over and picked up a book. "Let me help you with those."

Kiyoko gasped. "Oh, I see. Thank you, Kazu."

As he scooped the books up, Kazu stood up and handed them to Kiyoko.

"There ya go. That's my bad, Kiyoko. Really," he apologized.

"No, I should be more careful. So, tell me, how's your club going?"

"Well, going pretty well. Kenta and I... are getting a lot of students involved. We should be getting more students involved."

"That's nice. Maybe I could join your club sometime," Kiyoko smiled fondly. She continued speaking.

"But, aren't you a part of the student government?"

"Well, yeah, but it wouldn't hurt if I participated in two clubs, right?"

Kiyoko glanced over to the other Tamers and their digimon. She didn't initially freak out at the sight of the digimon as she already seen them with the Tamers and met Guardromon during the first few months.

"Today starts summer vacation," Kazu said. "I was wondering if you weren't busy..."

"Where you all going?" Kiyoko asked.

"To Juuban. We're off to see a good friend of ours in a hospital. She's about to give birth soon," Kenta answered.

As she smiled, Kiyoko initially responded in kind gesture. "How wonderful. Congratulations to your friend. I'd like to come."

"That's good to hear. Listen, just tell your mom and dad, ok?" Kazu said as he took Kiyoko's hands. "I'm glad you're deciding to come."

"Well, I have nothing else to do. So, why not?"

Guardromon chortled. "Kazu's got a date."

"I heard that, Guardromon," he muttered, the left side of his face twitched with irritation.

"There goes lover boy trying to win over one of the most popular girls in school," Rika rolled her eyes slightly.

Jeri asserted. "At least Kiyoko's nice. The other girls she hangs around with are arrogant and tease Kazu."

Takato nodded. "I remember the first week. Kazu pulled the whole pimp routine and that backfired. The girls teased him and really insulted his 'manhood.'"

"But, then, Kiyoko came out of nowhere to save him," Himura said.

"Anyway, if Kiyoko wants to come, that's fine, but we really should get going," Henry replied.

Kiyoko grabbed Kazu's hand. "Let's go."

As he blushed, Kazu responded with a sheepish smile. "Yeah, let's. This can be our first date."

Guardromon wanted to cry if he could - seeing how he was a cyborg. "Oh, my Kazu is a grown man!"

Felinismon snickered. "Never thought Kazu would end up with a lady. I thought he'd be one of those hopeless womanizers."

"This goes to show that people can change over time," Jaguarmon said.

"What she said," Phillipe replied.

As the group came together, Takato and Guilmon faced the front entrance of the school campus. They pointed ahead, leading the way for the group to head off to Juuban.

"No more delay, guys. This is it. We're off to Juuban!" Takato declared, officially deciding their next destination.



"Yep as you can see, this is us in high school. All of us are in our first year, except for Himura, who's nearly a year older than us. The entire school recognizes that we're the Tamers and we don't get any issues with it. Still, it doesn't keep the teachers from giving us piles of homework. It's tougher than what we've experienced in elementary and middle school, but it's not too bad. I can see all of my friends practically every day. We all are involved in school clubs.

I'm involved in a cartoonist club. That's when I can freely draw my comics and enhance my free drawing skills. The school newspaper has even offered me a position to draw cartoon strips in their weekly releases. Needless to say, I've been a busy beaver. My grades are average, but nothing bad at all. I just need to focus more in class.

Rika had adjusted to a co-ed high school after being in an all-girls school through her elementary and middle school years. She's still regarded as an 'ice queen,' feared by men and admired by the girls. When word spread that me and Rika were going out, the guys have all wondered... 'HOW THE HECK COULD A GUY LIKE ME WIND UP WITH A WITCH LIKE HER?' I don't know how to explain it, but Rika has warmed up much more, though we do have our moments. She and I have taken part in local Digimon and Duel Monster tournaments. Rika's in charge of the card dueling club, which frequently joins forces with Kazu and Kenta's gamer club.

Henry, the genius of our group, is the school's top student. He's involved with the digital technology club. He's a straight-A student in all classes. He's definitely more focused in his work than any of us and tutors us when we have trouble with anything. Terriermon really has a field day teasing Henry, calling him a 'geek.' But, hey, they say geeks have better chances of surviving in the real world than jocks. That's just life. Various universities from across the country have taken notice of Henry. It's safe to say Henry's future is looking better as time goes along.

What I can say about Jeri? She's involved with the theatre arts club. She and the other students take part in the production of the school plays. She and Himura have been going out... a lot. Heck, even more than Rika and I! She's opening up more around Himura. She does pretty well in her classes. Nothing much to say about Jeri, but I'm happy for her. Oh, wait... I forgot to mention Felinismon often sleeps on top of the school's roof to wait for Jeri every day. Guess Felinismon has nothing better to do.

Phillipe gets the second best scores out of all of us. His grades were so good that an elite school in Juuban asked if Phillipe could enroll, but Phillipe wanted to stick with us. Of course, to avoid trips from Shinjuku back to Juuban, Phillipe moved in with Himura. Now, they're as close as brothers. Granted, they're not related, but Kotori's passing has drawn them closer.

Kazu and Kenta run the popular gamers club. They've gotten a lot of attention from the student body, especially one girl... Kiyoko Sasaki. Kazu and Kiyoko met on that first week entering our first year. He tried to play like a player on the girls, but they didn't buy into it. They ended up teasing him for being a hopeless romantic. Poor guy. But, when they took the teasing too far and tried to harass him, one of their own friends stepped in to defend Kazu. Kiyoko saw the kindness behind Kazu's 'class clown' exterior and accepted him for who he truly was. Needless to say, these two are ALWAYS bumping into one another. It's always by coincidence or fate, who knows? I'm happy Kazu found a girl he can talk to. Kenta's single, but I think he's focusing on his studies more. Not that he's complaining or anything. He gets the third best scores out of us.

Suzie's still in elementary, but luckily she no longer has that speech impediment. She's grown quite a bit. Henry and Jaarin are proud of their little sister.

Ai and Makoto. I haven't seen them much, but they are Suzie's best friends in school. Impmon comes around once in a while, though he and Calumon have been hanging around each other often. Guilmon and I often go to see them. Jeri even asks Impmon how Leomon has been doing. All Impmon can do is smile genuinely.

Kiyoko doesn't really hang around with us often. Just mostly with Kazu. She's a nice girl. Not so surprisingly, she wasn't freaked out by our digimon. Then again, the whole city knows about our digimon partners. She likes our partners. I wonder though... could she be a new Tamer in the making? We'll see where fate leads her.

Gah, I'm rambling! I really need to go and see how Rei's doing. Today is the day she's giving birth to her twins!

This is Takato Matsuda signing off. Later!"


East Shibuya District/Front Gates of Inuki Dojo & Residence/3:00 PM

The young Spirit Detective lineup, Yui Tsubasa, Dark Gabumon, Aoshi Inuki, Cammy Hino, and a new individual, stepped out of the front gates.

Behold the new member: Rio's younger sister, Kohana Kuroshishi.

The pre-teens were dressed in their full school uniforms. Yui, Aoshi, and Kohana were in their second year of middle school, while Cammy, a year younger than the rest, was in her first year. They attend the local East Shibuya Junior High, which wasn't too far from where Takuya and company attended school. Crossing from Shinjuku to Shibuya was simple for Yui as she could take a train on her own while heading off to Inuki residence to pick up Aoshi. Then, they would do their routine of waiting for Cammy to get off her train. It has become a routine thing for the three pre-teens, having learned to find efficient short cuts to crossing each prefecture.

"We really need to get to my sister right away," Cammy said while hurrying along with the others following her.

Yui called out. "We'll get there, Cammy-chan! I promise you!"

"Saya gave birth two days ago and now it's Rei-san's turn," Aoshi said.

Kohana chortled, her competitive spirit kicked in as she raced ahead of Yui. "Let's see who can get to the train first."

"I think Cammy-chan's already beaten us to it," the dark-haired girl scoffed as she watched Cammy sprinting like a track star.

Dark Gabumon chuckled. "Can't say I blame her. She's gonna be an aunt!"

"Cammy-chan's looking forward to it and we should, too!" Aoshi said with a big smile.

As Kohana turned her head, a white miniature version of Shishi appeared on her right shoulder. The girl initially responded to her spirit creature. "Shiro?"

"Twins, eh? Labor's gonna be a bitch for that woman," Shiro nodded sagely.

"No duh," Kohana replied.

Yui smiled as she noticed Shiro conversing with Kohana. "How's it going, Shiro-chan?"

"Doing just fine, Yui! Just chatting with my soon-to-be big-breasted fr-"


Shiro was already seeing stars as Kohana smacked him across the head. Kohana covered her chest while her cheeks flushed, indicating the girl's embarrassment.

"Must be my reflexes," Kohana whistled innocently.

Yui rolled her eyes. "Oh brother..."

"HURRY UP, GUYS!!" Cammy called out from the distance.



"Hi ya'll! Yui Tsubasa speaking to you for the first time. With the fall of the Taiyoukai, life has settled down for us. Prince Koenma has officially named me, Aoshi-kun, and Cammy-chan as the new Spirit Detectives. With Yusuke and the others being less active, Koenma was in need of a new team to look after the city. I've been named the leader of the team. Dark Gabumon is our official mascot. Cammy-chan is our spiritualist and Miko. Her sixth sense really does come in handy though I can see spirits just fine. Aoshi-kun lends support being the muscle of our group using his Lycan form.

Oh, how could I forget Max and Sam? The brothers have left us unfortunately, but we're proud to say they're official Duel Academy students. They left in March. We do get e-mails from them from time to time. I think Sam realizes Aoshi and I are together, but he's happy for us. Right now I look forward to seeing those two come back. I hear they've met some prodigious duelist named Jaden Yuki. Sounds interesting. Can't wait to see what new cards they have and dueling tricks they've picked up on.

Mokuba helps his brother run the company. We see him occasionally, but we've all been busy. Lucky Mokuba. He's CFO of the best gaming company in the world! Kudos to you, Mokuba.

Last, but not least... Kohana Kuroshishi. She just transferred to our school this year. We've learned about her through Minako who has been going out with Rio. You see... Kohana is Rio's younger sister. Best of all, get this... she can see spirits like I can! That white little Shishi dog is her animal spirit. His name is Shiro. Isn't he cute?! Yeah, he's cute, but he's a little pervert. He always loves picking on Kohana's... talent. Yeah, can't believe I said that. But, I have to admit... for a tomboy her age... I'm surprised her chest is starting to grow out! Anyhow, I digress. She's the latest member in our team. Kohana and I had our differences... we still kinda do. We're rivals, but friends in the end. We had a fight after school on the first week. We scored a draw and that's how we became friends. Funny how life works like that. Once she realized I could see Shiro, she asked me all about the spirits and I told her about my role as a Spirit Detective. Koenma let Kohana join my group and we've taken out a few apparitions in town.

We're officially successors for Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei. But, I doubt we'll be legendary like those four. Just give us time. We'll catch up.

I think Himura's right for saying that I'm beginning to act more like Kotori, just less tomboyish. I do have my feminine side.

We're off to see Cammy-chan's older sister in a Juuban hospital. Rei-san's about to give birth to twins! I bet Hiei and Rei are both looking forward to it. Rio and Minako will be there. My brother and Inumon said they'd be at the hospital, too. Wow, this really is a big day. First Keiko-san giving birth to Raizen Jr., then Usagi-san giving birth to Chibi-Usa, Saya giving birth to Adam, and now this.

We're looking at the next generation. After us, it'll be these newborns taking up the mantle.

Anyway, we have to get going. See ya at the hospital!"


West Shibuya District/Outside NHK Broadcasting Center/3:15 PM

Takuya Kanbara joined Izumi, Kouji, Kouichi, Junpei, and Tomoki as they crossed through a pedestrian's crosswalk. All of them were dressed in their school uniforms. After receiving an email from Takato, Takuya informed the group about Rei's about to be due with her twins.

"Wow, can't believe she's going to be a mother. Has it been 9 months already?" Junpei wondered, baffled by how quickly time passed.

Izumi responded, smiling proudly. "I can just imagine how Hino-san must feel. Having children can change a woman's life."

"They say a woman matures the moment they have a child," Kouichi said.

"That's what happened with our mother, Kouichi," Kouji said, hanging his briefcase behind his back.

"Same with my mother," Tomoki replied.

"Have you talked to Jaarin and the others?" Izumi approached Takuya, noticing her boyfriend holding his cell phone.

Nodding, Takuya answered while holding his cell phone. "I'm sure Vega's over there with Ami-san if Rei-san's about to give birth. I don't know about Jaarin and Sam. They've been doing their own thing."

"I'm sure they've already been told, but I doubt everyone will show up," the large teen responded, checking his watch.

Takuya sighed. "You could be right, Junpei. Oh well. I'm sure they'll send their congratulations to her and these twins. Let's hitch a ride on the nearest train. Let's go. There's really no telling when these kids are gonna pop!"

With that, the six Legendary Warriors sprinted off toward the nearest station to Juuban.


"Takuya Kanbara here. All of us except Tomoki are in high school. We all attend West Shibuya High School. Izumi, Kouji, Kouichi, and I are in our second years. Junpei's in his third year. Izumi and I are an item. Kouji and Kouichi really catch the eye of the girls from our school. Ha, ha. Junpei's a part of the school newspaper. Tomoki's a middle schooler in his second year.

Jaarin's been a busy girl with college and handling a part-time job as a waitress. Actually, she has two part-time jobs! One as a substitute teacher and a waitress. Busy, busy. Oh, she's also going out with Sam Joseph.

Vega's still going out with Ami Mizuno. There's been rumors these two are planning marriage, or was that Mako and Makoto? I got them mixed up.

Dimitro's been helping Vega work on some games in Hunter Technologies. Rumor has it... they're planning a revival of Sailor V games, but don't hold me up on that one.

Anyhow, can't say much. Later, guys!"


Domino City District/Alpine Apartments/Room 112/3:27 PM

Upon hearing the news of Rei's giving birth to twins, Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler, Mai Valentine, Morpheous, and Serenity Wheeler were heading out to take the train toward Juuban. They received a message via cell phone e-mail from Lyn and Tyra.

"Today's the day, isn't it?" Serenity asked as she picked up her purse. "Morpheous, how do you feel about this?"

"What can I say? It'll be a proud moment for Princess Mars," Morpheous replied while putting on his coat and hood.

Mai picked up the apartment keys and watched Joey walk out of the restroom. She smiled, twirling the keys in her fingers. "About time you got out, hun."

"Those stupid burritos gave me the runs!" Joey remarked, rubbing his stomach. "Never again, ok? That's the last time I'm having cheese and bacon burritos."

"Well, that wasn't exactly a Mexican restaurant," Yugi replied, typing away on his laptop while answering an IM from Tea.

"Chatting with Tea again, Yug? How she doing in New York?"

"Doing great. It's been a month since she's been there," the spiky-haired young man answered, turning his chair around. "She loves it there."

"New York is heaven," Mai said. "Lucky girl. She gets to get out on the town whenever she wants."

"Well, she's going to dance school there. She has little time for fun," Yugi promptly stated.

Serenity smirked, putting an arm around Morpheous' right arm. "I heard from Tristan and Duke. Tristan's having a lot of fun in his European trip. He's been sending me a lot of pictures."

"And he hasn't sent me ANY?" Joey scoffed. "That jerk."

"He's going to send everyone pictures. Don't worry."

"Duke's been promoting his new line of Dungeon Dice game packs in America like crazy," Morpheous said.

"Too bad none of them can be here," Yugi sighed. "Well, Tea said to tell Rei congratulations on being a mother."

"So, what are we all waiting for? Rei's kids could pop out anytime now! Let's step it up, guys!" Mai said as she stormed toward the front door.

"She's right! I don't want this chance of seeing the kids!" Serenity exclaimed as she and Morpheous paced toward the door.

After typing his last message, Yugi closed his laptop and put in his case. Carrying his laptop case, he walked out with everyone filing out of the apartment. Yugi closed the door behind him and let Mai lock it with the keys.

"Hey, Yug. does Kaiba know?"

"I'm pretty sure he does, Joey. Now, let's get to the train station, guys."


"Yep, it's Yugi Muto. Well, as you can see, not every one of us is present. So far, it's been me, Joey, Morpheous, Serenity, and Mai hanging out the most. I still share an apartment with Joey, Morpheous, and Mai. We each pay rent and bills as usual. We're still active Duelists and take part in local tournaments.

Tea's finally achieved her dream of taking dance classes in New York. It was just recently in December where we all went to New York thanks to Kaiba providing the expenses. Tea insisted on finding the dance school and we helped her out along the way during our vacation. The school she was looking for accepted her. As soon as June hit, she left Domino City. She and I still keep in contact through e-mail and IM. She's really enjoying her time and she'll be visiting us in September. I think the program is for two years. That's plenty of time to get adjusted to American life. Can't wait until my girl returns!

...Did I just say that? Yes, I did.

Tristan's currently out on a European tour taking part in motorcycle competitions and sightseeing. From what I know, he's been to England, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy. He'll be staying there another week before he returns home. Otherwise, he's still the same Tristan and working in his garage.

Duke's promoting his new products in America. Who knows? If he goes to New York, he might see Tea there. Just as long as he doesn't put a move on her, heh.

Serenity is still going out with Morpheous. Nothing's changed between those two.

Mako Tsunami's and Makoto Kino are still a couple. I heard they're planning a wedding very soon, but not sure when. I think it's in six months, but I'll have to find out the details.

Seto Kaiba's still running his company and has been overlooking that Duel Academy lately. Mokuba's been helping like as usual. I hear Lyn's got an interview for a job in Industrial Illusions' Egyptology department. Pretty cool, huh? Lyn's gone from a street brawling orphan to a mature career woman. I know Seto doesn't like Pegasus, but I think deep down he's proud of Lyn.

Lyn's brothers, Max, and Sam, recently left at the end of March for Duelist Academy. When they left, I told them to keep an eye out for a kid I had met a few weeks before, Jaden Yuki. Sensing a strong dueling spirit in him, I gave him my Winged Kuriboh. Why did I do that? Well, let's just say I have faith in this boy. I see him as the next King of Games. It sounds crazy, but I've had visions lately of this boy. It's up to him how he wants to take his dueling career further. More on Jaden later.

We're off to Juuban! See ya!"


Domino City District/Kaiba Corp Building/CEO's Office/3:44 PM

There was a knock on the door of Seto Kaiba's office door.

"Come in."

As the doors opened, Lyn Stromberg walked in fully garbed in a lady's business attire. She walked in, carrying a tray of two glasses of water. She set the tray on Seto's desk and picked up her water glass.

"How did it go?" Seto inquired, picking up his glass.

"I got the job," she answered, wearing a proud smile.

Seto gawked in response. "You mean..."

"Yep, I'll be working for Industrial Illusions starting tomorrow. I'll be heading up the I2 Egyptology Department," the blue-haired young woman responded with a wink, drinking her water glass. "Mmm, Pegasus was impressed with my credentials. I suppose he learned that I was working with Ishizu before. He knows I'm well inversed with ancient Egyptian history and offered this job. He feels no one else is more deserving than I am."

"And is the fact that you're my girlfriend is another reason why he selected you?"

"I guess he really wants to get under your skin."

"That son of a -"

"Aren't you happy for me, Seto? I mean, this is something I've always dreamed of! No offense, but I couldn't stay cooped up in this place all the time. I need to get out and explore other ventures."

Seto turned around and got off his chair. He approached Lyn, settling his hands on her shoulders. "Lyn, don't think my issues with Pegasus mean I disapprove of you working in one of his departments. I'll support you 100 percent."

"Are you sure about that?"


Lyn set her glass down and pulled Seto forward, grabbing a hold of his business tie. She pulled him close enough to put her arms around the man's shoulders.

"Prove it, Mr. CEO," Lyn said as she pressed the bridge of her nose against his.

Instinctively, Seto leaned forward and kissed Lyn's lips. The woman followed along, kissing the man while feverishly moving her hands his back. Seto reached down, letting Lyn wrap her legs around his waist as he closed the curtains behind him.

"Is this good enough for you?' He asked, giving Lyn the tongue treatment.

Lyn giggled, pulling Seto's tie off. "Oh yeah. Definitely."

As Seto fell back on his chair, Lyn straddled on top of him while holding onto his tie. They kissed like mad. Just as Lyn removed her coat, Mokuba barged right in at the scene and blanched in shock. He watched as Seto and Lyn noticed him standing at the door Lyn forgot to close. Lyn jumped off Seto's lap while adjusting her top and her hair. Seto took his tie from Lyn and put it back on.

"Uh... I... hope I didn't come in at a wrong time?" Mokuba chuckled. Shoot, is this what they do behind closed doors? Way to go, bro!

"Mokuba, you know better than to knock!" Seto slightly snapped.

Lyn apologized. "No, it was my bad. I accidentally left the door open."

"Luckily, no one was in the lobby outside," Seto's brother responded.

"What did you come here for, Mokuba?"

"Well, bro, Rei's about to give birth to her twins."

"Today?!" Lyn gasped. "C'mon, Seto, we have to go. Tyra's going to be there and I want to see Rei's kids."

Looking over at the paperwork piled on neatly stacks of three, Seto sighed and stood up from his chair.

"What do you say, bro?" Mokuba inquired.

"Sure. Lyn, sometimes you just have to get out, right?"

"Yep, and this would be a good excuse to leave the office," Lyn proclaimed. "Besides, we've done so much for Rei and the others. I think we owe them this visit. When it comes to owing someone, I always make it up to them."

Mokuba agreed, shaking his head. "That's right. Let's get going, you two."

"Fine. We better take the helicopter then. It'll get us there faster," Seto suggested as he walked along with Lyn.

Just as Lyn and Seto stepped out of the office, the blue-haired girl stopped as she remembered something important. Though they have been gone since March, Lyn couldn't stop thinking about her brothers.

"Seto, about my brothers. I heard from them. They're doing well, but... still I worry for them. They're on their own without me."

Seto turned around and took Lyn's hands. "They'll be just fine, Lyn. They're being tutored by the best duel instructors in the world. The next time you see them, they'll some of the best duelists you'll ever see."

"That's right. I wouldn't worry about them," Mokuba said.

"Yeah, but they e-mailed me something about some missing dorm students. I wish I were there..."

"Don't. They'll be fine, Lyn. They have Spirit Fusion powers like we do," Seto reassured his worrisome girlfriend. "They'll manage for themselves. Also, I'm sure they'll want to hear from us about Rei's kids."

Nodding, Lyn gave in. "You're right. It's just the big sister instinct in me telling me to worry for my brothers."

Putting his arm around Lyn, Seto Kaiba escorted his girlfriend down the hall. Mokuba approached the elevator as he pressed the 'up' button. Lyn managed to smile as she leaned kissed Seto's cheek.

"Thanks, Seto."



Azabu-Juuban District/Juuban Second General Hospital/4:23 PM

Gathered together outside the medical facility were members of the Sailor Senshi, Kuiper Senshi, and the Spirit Detective team.

Yusuke and Keiko sat together as the latter carried a black-haired infant boy in her arms. Kurama sat with Maya by his side, likewise with Kuwabara and Yukina. Shizuru, Kuwabara's sister, crushed her cigarette on the ground, since smoking isn't allowed inside. Mizuno and Brimstone stood near marble pillars, which horizontally aligned and covered the area near the entrance. Vega walked back and forth near the entrance, waiting for Ami to emerge out of the hospital with the 'news.'

Makoto and Mako sat together, waiting like the others. Minako and Rio were standing side by side, facing the hospital entrance. Haruka, Michiru, Hotaru, and Setsuna sat on benches together like they family they were.

Karin turned toward the entrance while waiting for news to come out regarding Rei and her soon-to-be born twins. Taylor, Jami, Helena, Christina, and Tyra stood behind Karin. CereCere, PallaPalla, VesVes, and JunJun sat on another bench, kicking their feet up one at a time.

"I hope Rei-chan will be ok," Minako murmured, clasping her hands together.

"Her and the twins," Rio replied.

"But, giving birth to twins is painful just thinking about it," Makoto remarked. "Saya only had to give birth to one child."

"Have faith everyone," Hotaru reassured everyone. "Rei is a very strong young woman. She'll be alright."

"She's got a point. Even I have high hopes Rei'll be okay," Haruka asserted.

Michiru spoke, twirling a lock of her hair. "Besides, Usagi, Chibi-Usa, and Hiei are in there with her."

"She's got a point, guys. We know all Rei better than that," Yusuke said. "That girl has a spirit that keeps her going. Child birth is a bitch and Keiko here can tell you that firsthand, but Rei will pull through this."

"Just like Saya did," Mizuno said.

Suddenly, Chibi-Usa came running out of the entrance as she heavily panted. She stopped to catch her breath as Diana, Luna, and Artemis ran up behind her.

"You guys... it's time!" Chibi-Usa managed to shout.


"Wouldn't you know it? The little ones are about to come out.

Oh, yeah, guys. Yusuke Urameshi here. Guess you want a heads up on how everyone is doing?

Starting with yours truly, I officially became a father in May. Keiko gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I've named him Raizen Jr., to pay my respects to my old man. I'm sure he approves and is looking forward to seeing his great, great, great, great, great grandson fully mature. I can tell you the kid has a strong grip like his good old dad! Hehehe, the little guy's gonna be strong. Keiko has been bitching at me to let not Raizen Jr. pick up on my bad habits. Hey, I know better. I'm going to be a good fatherly figure! I promise!

Yui officially became my successor. She, Cammy, Aoshi, and that Kohana girl, Rio's younger sister, have been doing a good job taking care of Spirit Detective business. Though, the kids are hoping to fry some bigger fish than usual. Some demons just won't learn to obey the laws. Typical. Oh well. Yui and her crew will slap some justice into them! Keep the Spirit Detective tradition going, team! Ha, ha. Yeah, that sounded lame, but I'm proud of those four.

Kuwabara's been taking care of university work and has been going out with Yukina. Nothing else much to say, but I think Shizuru's starting to cut down on smoking. God forbid she gets lung cancer or something. We wouldn't want that.

As for Kurama, he's finally moved out on his own. He's been going out with that Chimera girl and old friend from his junior high years, Maya Kitajima. They've been a couple since the end of the Taiyoukai conflict. He hasn't gone back to Makai, but who knows?

Mizuno and Brimstone have been staying with Okami. They're mostly helping around the dojo and babysitting Suzuno's infant girl Hina. Those two may be excellent fighters, but they have a lot to learn about caring for a child. It's hard work I tell ya. But, yeah, those two have been staying on Earth for a while. They actually prefer living amongst us than going back to the Digital World. Which is fine, those two are always good company.

On another note, Tsukimaru and Saya finally became parents to a son. They've named their boy Adam. It's a nice name I admit. Good for them.

Hiei's the bigger story. Today is the day he becomes a father of two kids. Rei's going to be giving birth to two precious souls. Call me crazy but several nights ago... I saw Hiei crying. Not in sadness, but in joy. His tears turned into Hiruseki stones. I saw him holding two of those stones as he went into the hospital. Could they be birth stones for the kids? I think so. I understand how Hiei feels. To think my first impression of the guy was an arrogant asshole who relished in enslaving the human race, but... over time... man, once I learned more of his past... he really had a tragic life. He finally let it all out learning he was going to be a father. Because he wants to ensure these kids don't end up living a bad life just he did. With a woman like Rei, she'll make sure to provide these kids with the best care they could ever want.

In a way, both Rei and Hiei faced troubled childhoods. Hiei was banished from the Koorime people and thrown into the Makai wilderness. He had to learn to kill and steal to survive. When he learned about Yukina, he went out of his way to receive the Jagan eye transplant. That leads to him meeting with us. Lo and behold, that's how our crazy adventure started. In Rei's case, she's had to see her own mother die. Her father wasn't there for her. I truly understand why she resents her father and the majority of men in general. But, overtime, I think she's softened up. Her full maturity will come full circle once the kids are born.

Anyway, going off on a tangent here... Genkai's health has been declining. I think she knows her final years are approaching. Although she stubbornly refuses help, we do our best to keep an eye on her. I know for sure she won't be revived if she dies. Here's hoping you get better, Genkai. We're all thinking of you.

Koenma and Botan still haven't found any backdoor to infiltrating the Meikai. Rio's been reminding us time and again about his brother. Whatever those Priests are up to, they're patient. Why do I have this bad feeling they're going to attack when we least expect it?

But, this isn't about the Demon Priests. This is about the next phase of our lives.

A new generation's about to be born. Hiei's going to be a father!"


Juuban Second General Hospital/Emergency Room, Third Floor/4:40 PM

"PUSH, REI-CHAN!!" Usagi's voice rang out.

"C'mon, girl! You can do it!" Yuuichirou roared as the Miko squeezed his right hand. Even while supporting her, he frantically whimpered while his poor hand was being crushed. Shit! Her grips' stronger than I thought! She could kill me if she wanted to!

"OOOOH!!! SHIT!!! FUCKING SHIT!!!" Rei roared out, her voice deepened while pushing with every fiber of her being. She tightened her grip, holding both Yuuichirou and Hiei's hands. "AUUUUUGH!!!!" She stopped, taking a few deep breaths as sweat dampened her face. "Uh, uh, uh." Her voice deepened, shifting an evil glare toward Hiei. "I'm going to fucking kill you when this is all over."

Unhinged by Rei's threatening remark, Hiei gritted his teeth and tried to hold in his pain.

"You'll pay for putting me through this torture! You'll pay, Hiei!"

"Relax, Rei! Easy!" Usagi tried to calm her best friend down. "It's ok. Breath, breath."

Ami turned towards her mother, Dr. Saeko Mizuno. She was a middle-aged, blue-haired woman wearing a full white doctor's female uniform.

"Mother, we're going to need more towels!" Ami called out. "Let's hurry!"

"I'm on it, dear!" Dr. Mizuno replied as she hurried toward a cabinet and pulled out a fresh stack of towels.

Taking a few deep breaths, Rei closed her eyes. "..."

"It's okay. Just hang in there. We're all here, Rei-chan," Usagi whispered in the Miko's ear.

"I think I see a head popping out. The first child is about to come out!" Ami exclaimed. "Rei-chan, you're doing great."



Meanwhile, Mamoru and Rei's grandfather stood outside the emergency room with an infant Chibi-Usa in his arms. He winced after hearing Rei's cries and profanity fill the entire emergency room. He and the infant could hear her screaming from behind steel plated doors.

To think I was in there with Usa-ko last month. What a stressful day that was. Mamoru thought.

"Oh, my dear Rei. My granddaughter..."

"She'll be just fine, Grandfather Hino."

Just then, Mamoru noticed Tsukimaru pushing a wheel chair with Saya on it. The woman carried an infant boy in her arms, who was already asleep in his mother's arms.

"I'm surprised he can sleep through all that," Mamoru chuckled.

Tsukimaru smiled. "Our Adam-kun's a deep sleeper."

"He sure is," Saya said, kissing her child's forehead. "My precious little angel."

"We can hear that woman all the way from Saya's room," Tsukimaru said.

"She's finally giving birth to the twins. This is the day we were all looking forward to."

Sighing, Saya looked over Adam. "Rei and I have half-breed children. Even though they won't be fully human, we'll still love them."

"You and Rei will both be wonderful mothers. Usa-ko sure has proven that to me," Mamoru reassured Saya.

"Thank you," she said.

Finally, the screaming ceased as a pair of babies' crying echoed from behind the door. Mamoru immediately sprang to his feet and whirled around, listening to the faint baby cries emanating behind the doors. Tsukimaru and Saya eyed the door as they, too, heard the cries.

"It's finally done," Usagi's fiancée lowered his head, murmuring. "Thank goodness."

"Thank goodness. It's over," the old man sighed with relief.

"Hey! Guys!" Minako's voice rang out from down the hospital.

As Saya, Tsukimaru, and Mamoru turned around, they saw Minako leading everyone as they filed in a big crowd. Amongst them were Chibi-Usa, Luna, Artemis, Diana, Makoto, Rio, Yusuke, Keiko, Hotaru, Setsuna, Haruka, Michiru, Kuwabara, Yukina, Kurama, Maya, Karin, the other Kuiper Senshi, Mizuno, Brimstone, Vega, Shizuru, and the Quartet. They all waited as the doors opened.

Finally, as the doors opened, Ami and Dr. Mizuno wheeled out Rei Hino on a wheelchair. The dark-haired Miko carried two towel bundles with the babies inside. Hiei, Yuuichirou, and Usagi accompanied them out of the emergency room.

Holding the babies, Rei's lips curled into a happy, proud smile like any mother would.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have twins. A boy and a girl," Mrs. Mizuno announced to the group.

Just then, Yui, Dark Gabumon, Cammy, Aoshi, and Kohana finally arrived at the scene. They pushed through the crowd, allowing Cammy to go by. The younger sister's mouth dropped as she laid eyes on the twins in Rei's arms.

"REI! Are they really...?"

The Miko nodded, letting Usagi pull open the towels covering the babies' faces. The two babies were unveiled: a boy with short, spiky hair with a streak of white in the center, similar to Hiei. The girl had short sea green hair like Yukina's. Cammy approached Rei's side while gazing at the two newborns.

"You're officially an aunt, Cammy-chan," Rei asserted.

"Aren't they just cute?!" Usagi squealed with delight.

Rei's grandfather happily hugged his great grandchildren. "Rei, they're beautiful children. I'll help you raise them well." He lamented joyful tears. "Oh, my precious granddaughter has really blossomed before my very eyes!"

Rei sweatdropped, shaking her head at her grandfather's reactions. "Grandpa... really... c'mon now."

One by one, the crowd filed in to greet the newborns. The girls' reactions were mixed with awe and love for the children. As Yukina came closer to see the twins, her face lit up with joy at the twins.

"Hmm, hey! Look at the girl. She has a hair just like you, Yukina," Kuwabara observably pointed out.

Once Yukina came to this realization, her smile faded as she shifted her attention toward Hiei. The dark-haired demon, with one hand bandaged, blinked with befuddlement.

"Hiei, we need to talk," Yukina insisted.



Taken back by Yukina's change in demeanor, Hiei walked through the crowd as he followed Yukina into another lobby.

"Huh? Yukina?" Kuwabara wondered as he watched his girlfriend escorting Hiei away from the scene.

Yusuke, Kurama, Mizuno, Brimstone, Keiko, Shizuru, Rei, Usagi, and the other Senshi realized what this meant. Only Kuwabara remained oblivious to the truth.

"Why are all of you guys looking the other way? What's the big deal?" The dumbfounded orange-haired male looked back and forth. He shook his head and whirled around as Yusuke pat his back.

"Kuwabara, it's been a long time coming, but it's time we let you in on the truth."

"What do you mean, Urameshi?"

"Yukina is Hiei's sister."

Just like that, Kuwabara's world was completely shattered. He awkwardly stood frozen, his face contorted with disbelief.


"Just as I said, man. The little ugly freak you thought was Hiei's lost sister... is your girlfriend."

"Lies. She couldn't be... but..." He turned toward Rei's newly born daughter. His eyes analyzed the child's sea green hair. "Yet, Rei and Hiei... their daughter..."

"Koori," Rei frowned. "Her name is Koori. The boy is named Ryuuhi. What Yusuke is saying is the truth."

"So, you were in on this, too?"

"I was. I kept it a secret just like the others told me," the Miko chided the man.

Overwhelmed with shock and denial, Kuwabara lowered his head. "How... could I have been so blind? No... Shorty is Yukina's brother?" They all knew but me? He trembled, letting the truth finally sink in but, a part of him refused to accept it. "You all... kept this from me..."

"Hiei was the one who told us to keep silent on the matter around you," Kurama said. "He felt you should know only when the time was right."

"And looks like that time finally came," Minako sighed.

"It couldn't avoided," Makoto replied.

Cammy looked up at her sister. "Shouldn't we...?"

"No," Usagi answered for her Rei. "This is something Yukina and Hiei have to settle on their own."

"That's right," Rei said, holding the twins in her arms. Houou, are we doing the right thing?

'Yes. As future Neo-Queen Serenity proclaimed, this is a matter that must be settled between siblings. You're giving them space.'

"Hey, guys! Sorry we're late!" Another group of voices called out.

Everyone turned around as they saw Takato, Guilmon, the Tamers, and their digimon partners arrive. Yui ran up toward Himura and informed him about the newly born twins. Takato and Guilmon rushed through the crowd. They allowed the teen and his partner by. As Takato ran, he accidentally tripped over Guilmon's tail and fell face-first in front of Rei and Cammy.

"Ouch, are you ok?" Chibi-Usa asked as she knelt over, offering Takato a hand.

"Thanks, but I'll manage Chibi-Usa," Takato said while dusting himself off. He stood upright and noticed the babies in Rei's arms. "So, they're finally born."

Usagi clasped her hands and smiled. "Aren't they just cute?"

"Hard to believe I'm standing right here already a freshman in high school and you're already a mother of two."

"How time flies, huh?" Karin asked as she approached Takato. "Go on. I think Rei would allow you to touch her kids."

Rei opened up the towels, letting Takato and Guilmon be the next individuals to gaze upon the newborns. The teen walked over while tapping Ryuuhi's left hand. Guilmon sniffed Koori's head, attracted by the girl's sweet scent.

"They are cute, Takato. And they're asleep," Guilmon chuckled.

Takato nodded. "I know. Congratulations, Rei-san."

"Thanks, Takato-kun."

"Hey, where's Hiei? I want to send him my congrats?" Takato noticed the absence of the black-garb wearing demon.

Everyone, minus the Tamers, became awkwardly silent. Takato was befuddled by the silent treatment as Cammy spoke up for everyone.

"Well, you see... Takato..."


As both were in an isolated lobby area, Yukina and Hiei had space to themselves to discuss important matters. One regarding the truth behind their family bloodlines.

Hiei had no choice but to confess. There was no way out since Koori was revealed as a Koorime girl.

"Why did you keep it a secret, Hiei? Why...?" Yukina demanded, her eyes slowly filled with tears. "You kept the truth to yourself all this time. You forced me to search far and wide for my supposed brother... who you said might've died. Why put me through such hardship?"


"Please, Hiei. Let me speak... for once, I want to be the one to let it all out!" Yukina retorted, showing a frustrated side to her that was completely alien to Hiei. Alien to anyone really. The normally calm and sweet girl wasn't going to let anyone speak for her at this very moment. "You could have told me right there and then... but, you chose to avoid that. What are you afraid of?"

"..." Hiei tried to turn his head.

"Look at me, Hiei."

"Yukina, I only did this... as a means to protect you..."

"Protect me? From what?"

"When I found out you were taken in by that bastard Tarukane, I was relieved to know you were still alive. I thought I wouldn't find you again," he proclaimed while pulling out two Hiruseki stones.

Yukina gasped a bit, recognizing the stones.

"This is yours," Hiei said as he relinquished the Hiruseki that she let him borrow.

Taking the stone, Yukina pressed it against her chest. "...at the same time, I think some part of me has always known."


"You said before you left for the Makai that I shouldn't put my hopes in finding a brother that could be possibly dead. Do you remember?"

"I do."

Yukina smiled as she put the necklace around her neck. "Right there, I answered: I guess, that is the sort of advice a girl might get from her brother. Right there and then... somehow, a part of me figured it out. I figured out that you are my brother, Hiei. It was that moment you lifted my spirits." She approached Hiei, grabbing his left sleeve. "Just let me clarify, I'm still kind of upset you didn't tell me from the start. But, after you assured me that my brother could possibly be dead, I can finally lift the weight off my shoulders and stop looking. Because, you... my brother... you're right here."

"Our mother is gone. That can't be changed, but we've started a new family."

"Yes, I know. Rei-san has given birth to twins. Twins just like us."

"Ryuuhi is the boy and Koori is the girl. They're Hina's grandchildren."

"And I'm their aunt. Hiei, would you allow me to be their loving aunt?"

"Would you allow me to be their father?"

Yukina nodded in approval. "Of course, you can. Let's help Rei-san raise them well. Let's show them the love we never received as kids."

Putting his Hiruseki necklace around his neck, Hiei sighed and let it all out. "Just one thing..."


"Do you love Kuwabara?"

"I do. I just don't want you two... fighting. Can you at least do that for me?"

"Yes," Hiei conceded. "As foolish as he is, I can't deny you the right to be with the one you love."

"Thank you, brother," Yukina said as she fully embraced her brother.

Hiei folded his arms around Yukina, making Hina happy at last. The twins finally revealed their secret kinship. It was long overdue, but better late than never.

Kuwabara slightly poked his head as he watched the twins finished their sibling embrace. The man was relieved, knowing Yukina carried no grudge towards her brother.

Good for you, Yukina. Shorty, looks like we're really going to be like brothers soon. He thought, smiling like the goofball like usual.

"Hn. Did you forget that I could read you telepathically, fool?" Hiei didn't even turn his head.

"Eep!" Kuwabara freaked out.

Yusuke laughed out loud. "Nice try, doofus. Why don't you just go in there and give Hiei a brotherly hug?"

Hiei snorted. "I'm going to kill you both."

Overhearing the boys laughter, Rei smiled as Usagi and Takato wheeled her toward the lobby where the siblings were.

"DAMN! YEOUCH! THAT LITTLE RAT BIT MY FINGER!!" Minako's screams echoed from out of the corridor they left behind.

Usagi sweatdropped. "That son of yours is protective of his mommy."

"He bit poor Minako-san's finger," Takato couldn't help but chuckle.

"Now, now, don't bite people's fingers, Ryuuhi-chan," Rei giggled as she kissed her infant son's forehead. "Oh Starry Night..." She hummed one of her favorite songs she wrote as a teen, letting it serve as her babies' lullaby.

Once Hiei and Yukina stepped out of the lobby, they turned to see Rei holding the twins. The siblings approached the woman as Hiei scooped up both babies in his arms, putting his face close to theirs. Usagi, Rei, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Takato, and Yukina watched Hiei sharing his heartfelt moment with the newly born twins. Hiei officially became a father on this very day, which he will never forget for the rest of his long life.


"Well, I suppose it's my turn. Rei Hino here..."

"And Usagi Tsukino."

"Guess you wanted to have a little say in this matter, Usagi?"

"Just that we're both proud mothers."

"I'll say. Anyway, I've officially become a mother of two precious angels. Ryuuhi and Koori, both of them are half demons. Kinda ironic how a Miko and a demon forge a bond, allowing two newborns into this conflicted world. But, we'll do our best to ensure they grow up with a wonderful childhood. On the subject of my father, I'll allow him to see them if certain conditions are met.

What else is there to say? We're not a married couple. Personally, I want to keep it that way. Hiei deserves to be a free soul and without marriage to tie him down. Though, I consider Yukina my sister-in-law now. Cammy-chan has become an aunt. What does this mean for Yuuichirou? He's happy for me and has vowed to provide care for my kids being the uncle figure. Of course, I also have Cammy, Tyra, and Helena to help me care for the kids.

Usagi here gave birth to Chibi-Usa one month ago. She and Mamoru will be getting married in a month. We're all looking forward to that."

"And you're all invited! Come one, come all!"

"Eh, you trying to bribe the viewers, Usagi?"

"No... I... wasn't."

"As I was saying, the other Senshi have had their own relationships. Ami-chan and Vega remain together. Vega's really done a good job getting our once shy Ami-chan out of her shell. Good for her. Good for them. Mako-chan and Mako are getting married later in the year. Somewhere in November or December. We have plenty of time to prepare for their big day. Minako-chan and Rio have moved in together, sharing a condo with Kohana.

Haruka-san, Michiru-san, Setsuna-san, and Hotaru-chan have been doing very well. They're still close like a family, probably faring better than most other families I know. Karin-chan's been busy leading the Kuiper Senshi. I've heard they've undergone rigorous training in the Time Gate dimension and have thwarted a few discrepancies across the time space, some dealing with dimensional pirates. Don't know the full details, but sounds like they've been busy.

Anyway, Karin-chan is still living with Setsuna-san and the others. She has it good. Taylor's still living with Mako-chan. Christina's moved in with Minako-chan as she shares the condo with her, Rio, and Kohana. Jami is still living with Ami and Dr. Mizuno. Helena and Tyra still live with me while helping me raise my kids.

Chibi-Usa stayed until August. She and the Sailor Quartet left for the future. Who knows when we'll be seeing them again."

"I hope very soon."

"You and me both, Usagi. Chibi-Usa really feels proud for leading her own Senshi team."

"Yep, just like her mom."

"You still have some ways before you become Neo-Queen Serenity. Then again, you two still write in basic Hiragana. I remember that letter she sent... she's just like you, Usagi!"

"...you didn't need to bring that up, Rei-chan."

"Oh, ho, ho, I know, but still funny as hell. Oh, right. I digress again. But, I feel our days as active Senshi may be winding down, Usagi. I've been so impressed with the Kuiper Senshi. They're steadily improving. They'll be ready to evolve into their Eternal-level stages. Then, eventually even gain their Valkyrie forms. They're catching up quick."

"I know. I think we're needed less. I mean there's no other bad guy to face now, right? We're done until the Crystal Tokyo age."

"We can relax now. Besides if Chibi-Usa and the Quartet return again, we'll have less to worry about. We could retire if we wanted to. Ah, to enjoy the rest of our days as normal young women with families to care for."

"Oh yeah."

"But, of course... I doubt that'll last long. Who knows what could happen next. As Setsuna-san says: the future always involves uncertainty. It's better we be prepared, Usagi."

"Right, Rei-chan!"

"See you again everyone. Even though this is the end of another chapter in our lives, the adventure has yet to end. This is Rei Hino, take care."

"Usagi Tsukino. Love and kisses to you all!"


Meikai/Demon Priests' Main Lair/6:04 PM

Deep within a disclosed, castle-like chamber setting, three tall hooded figures stood behind three altars. On the side walls, there were lit torches, providing the only available light sources for a darkened room.

These three figures turned toward the front and noticed Karasu kneeling before them.

"Demon Priests, I've come to give a status report."

The middle figure, acting as the main figurehead, hissed, his voice sounded similar to a serpent's. "What do you have to report?"

"Spirit World is currently attempting to find an entryway into the Meikai."

"Humph, is that so? Then, let them."

"Lord Long?" Karasu murmured, his eyes glowed red as he lifted his face. His body froze with terror as the main figurehead, Long, induced a terrifying gaze with yellowing, glowing eyes. Such power. Even I still can't comprehend the power of the Demon Priests... too overwhelming. No wonder Enma banished these three away.

"Prince Koenma and his father, Enma, want to attempt to go to war with us? Let them. We'll be ready. But, even with their best resources, it will take them a few years at most to even reach this dimension. We have all the time in the world to prepare. Isn't that right, Kyo? I'm sure you can wait a little longer to see your beloved brother?"

Facing the opposite side of the chamber, the Priests saw a man wearing black armor, but his face was barely seen.

The armored man smiled evilly in response, letting the Demon Priests know that he was willing to wait.

"In due time, we'll overthrow the Spirit World. Once we have gathered the two other pieces to the ritual, we'll have all three Demon Stones and use them to revive our lord... the first Taiyoukai lord," Long continued to speak.

The taller hooded figure, on the left, added in a deepened tone. "Our lord, Arago... will be revived through the chosen vessel - the one to possess all three Demon Stones. Yes, not even Spirit World and Makai can stand up to the terror Lord Arago will bring forth."

The shorter third hooded figure, on the right, answered. It was the voice of a mature woman. "Kiryu and the other Taiyoukai were merely pawns to test the strength of our enemies in the human world. The Spirit Detectives led by Yusuke Urameshi have improved, but I doubt it's enough to defeat us."

"Patience, my friends. Their day will come. When it does, the Spirit and Human Worlds will fall. The Meikai will rise to prominence. In the name of Lord Arago..."

The Priests shouted in unison. "IN THE NAME OF LORD ARAGO! HAIL LORD ARAGO!" Their unified cries emanated throughout the chamber as their followers shouted in chorus. They all hailed the name of the first Taiyoukai lord.

Standing up, Karasu chuckled devilishly and removed his mask. He licked the sides of his face, smiling evilly. "Kurama. You and your friends have simply delayed the inevitable. The true nightmare will come sooner than you can think."


Digital World/Sector 34593/Great Phoenixmon Mountain Range/Main Rajita Chamber/6:37 PM

Standing atop a white platform, a figure looked down at a massive gathering of hundreds of Rajita soldiers. There were many high-class and low-class soldiers standing together. Draconian Guardians, Foxzards, Bio-Vivians, Brutes, Winged Seekers, and other newly evolved Rajita species filled the chamber.

The figurehead, wearing a metal helmet and mask like the Shredder, was their new leader. This is the one Ghidorah had given life to before his untimely demise at the hands of Yami Houou.

Nagah stood by the leader's side. Her brief time as Rajita leader was over. She fulfilled her obligations and completed the new leaders' training.

"Lord Gamera," Nagah whispered, bowing her head. "I kindly step aside and allow you to take over."

"Thank you, Nagah. You've done your job well, but now it's time... for change," the new leader, Gamera, spoke in a low, menacing tone. As he raised his head, a dark green aura surrounded him as it instilled fear and admiration to all of his followers. Raising his right hand, Gamera bellowed out to his followers. "From this day forth, I will rule our people. As Ghidorah's heir, I will see to it that we destroy all who dare oppose us!"


Turning his head, Gamera watched as thirteen figures emerged out of a door behind him. The thirteen figures remained hidden behind the shadows, concealing their identities from the legions of soldiers.

"You will all be led by my thirteen generals. They've been selected out of a crop of hundreds, but these thirteen are my elite. Follow their orders as you would my own. Nagah will now serve as my chief advisor."

Bowing her head, Nagah complied. "Thank you, my lord."

"Let this be the dawning of a new era... the rise of the Neo-Rajita Empire. And most importantly... the fall of the Sailor Senshi and their allies."

With that, the hundreds of soldiers roared out in unison, their screams and chants filled the entire room.

Nagah watched as Gamera sat down in his throne. She turned away, sighing. I've given all my power to Gamera. But, in the end... will it be worth it? Gamera, convince me you'll be different from your father. But... seeing you... I have my doubts.

"Nagah, you will continue to serve me well. Correct?" Gamera asked, his face hidden behind his metal helmet-mask.

"Yes, my lord."

The Neo-Rajita leader calmly smiled behind the mask, which concealed his face. "Good. Very, good. Commence the Rajita-Digimon Hybrid project."


Digital World/Underground Chamber in Demon's Castle/6:56 PM

Seated in his throne, Demon opened his eyes as a figure slowly emerged out of the ground.


"Lord Demon, I've done more research on the whereabouts of the pieces."

"Yes?" Demon inquired, his tiny blue eyes narrowed darkly. "What do we know about the pieces?"

"There have been barriers placed over the pieces, but I'm conjuring up spells to nullify the defenses. However, it will require more time..."

"More time. You're always asking for more time. We've had plenty of time to capture the pieces by now..."

Madoudramon nodded. "Yes, but Huanglongmon and Granasmon themselves placed these barriers over the pieces. It won't be easy."

"Then, get on it. We can't afford to lose any more time."

"We will have the pieces. I can promise you that, Lord Demon."

As his eyes conveyed irritation, Demon was clearly getting impatient. "For your sake, Madoudramon, you better."

Turning away, Madoudramon dismissed himself from the room. Before teleporting out of the room, the dark warrior's face evidently conveyed pleasure. When Lord Valmarmon is revived, you won't be the one barking orders anymore. 'Lord' Demon, you and the other despots of this world will be the ones bowing before Lord Valmarmon.


Unknown Location/7:00 PM

A shadowed figure sat on a crystallized throne. "My love. Everything is falling into place just as we predicted. The Eight Taiyoukai lords have fallen in the early hours of All Saints Day in the sixth year of the new millennium."

Just then, the Prophet emerged out of the crystallized floor. The shadowed figures turned and faced him, recognizing his imminent presence. "Then, all there is left is for us to wait until the third month of the ninth year of the new millennium."

The female figure stood up from her throne. She uttered a low chuckle, filled with pleasure. "Good. Then, we have plenty of time, my love. In the meantime, we'll arrange a meeting with the new Neo-Rajita leader. We have much to discuss."

"The pieces have all been set. The Dawn of Chaos will come in 2009..." The Prophet announced.


Azabu-Juuban District/Juuban Second General Hospital/First Level Lobby/7:22 PM

Later that night, everyone who had not yet come to see the newly born twins arrived at the hospital. This included the Legendary Warriors, the Duelists, and the Chimeras.

Sitting outside, Yugi and Joey drank sodas and talked about this upstart kid at the Duel Academy, Jaden Yuki.

"Wow, so that kid you gave your Winged Kuriboh to... he's in Duel Academy with Max and Sam?"

As he nodded, Yugi reflected back to the day he bumped into Jaden. "From what I hear, he's showing promise. He's well on the way to becoming the next King of Games..."


Domino City District/March 8, 2007/10:04 AM

While conversing on his cell phone, Yugi was chatting with Tea. Little did he realize, a young teenage boy with reddish brown hair came running straight at him.

"...right. I'll call you later, Tea. Take care," Yugi said as he hung up.

Suddenly Yugi heard a whisper coming from his deck. "Kuri Kuri..."

"Watch your back! Gah....!"

The teenager bumped face-first into Yugi's chest, causing him to fall back on the pavement. The teenager dropped his Duel Disk while his cards scattered to the floor. Jaden frantically picked up his cards.


"You're a duelist, aren't you?" Yugi asked the teen.

Jaden turned and smiled at Yugi. "Yep, I'm going to try out at the Academy."

"Heh, you don't say," Yugi reached into the deck holster on his belt and pulled out a single card.

The carefree teen picked up his belongings and answered. "Yeah." He put on a goofy smile, laughing like nothing happened. Then, just like that, he paused and recognized Yugi's face. "Hey... you're..."

"Why don't you take this?" The King of Games offered the card. "Something just tells me this belongs with you."

Jaden took it, awestruck by Yugi's presence. "Wow, for real?"

"Good luck," Yugi bid his farewell as he trailed off.

"Hey, wait... I'll... I'll make you proud!" A modest Jaden bowed as Yugi walked off with a smile. "Thank you! I'll make you proud!"

Yugi stopped briefly to give Jaden a 'thumbs-up'.

Looking back at the card Yugi gave him, Jaden saw the Winged Kuriboh. Suddenly, he heard a low whisper coming out of nowhere. Jaden blinked and was confused.

"Huh...?" Jaden glanced around. "What was that? Ah! Uh, oh! The exam!" With that, he hurried off and put new card in his deck. "I can't be the next King of Games... if I'm late to the games!"


Duelist Academy/Front of Main Academy Building/July 28, 2007/3:12 PM

Jaden Yuki opened his eyes, reflecting on the day he met Yugi Muto and received the Winged Kuriboh.

"Thank you, Yugi Muto," Jaden said earnestly. "I'll repay you someday with a duel, and then we'll see who the true King of Games really is. Just you wait and see..."

"Jaden! C'mon, there's a duel going on right now!" A short green-haired boy wearing a Slifer Red uniform called out.

Jaden, also wearing his Slifer Red garb, albeit with the red shirt unbuttoned, turned as he saw Syrus Truesdale. Accompanying Syrus were Max and Sam (in Ra Yellow uniforms), Bastion Misawa, Chumley Huffington, and Alexis Rhodes. They waited as Jaden ran up the stairs towards them.

Like the passionate duelist he truly was, Jaden's grin widened. "Right. Let's get our game on, guys!"




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