Hey everyone thanks for reading all my storys

Hey everyone thanks for reading all my storys. And I hope you read this one People Can Change.at the moment this story will be rated T but if you guys want more detail I will make it Rated M because I kind of want Troy and Gabriella to have a physical relationship but also having the fun loving fluffy stuff too. So if you want more detail just ask and I will wich this too Rated M. anyways here is the summary and I hope you enjoy I will have the first chapter up sometime this week so please please please read and review I love hearing from all of you tell me what you think.

People Can Change (Might be Rated M)


15 year old Troy Bolton was a geek, had gaped teeth, big glasses and nerdy cloths. Troy is best friends with Chad. Troy has a crush on Chads Step-sister Gabriella, but Gabriella doesn't feel the same way about Troy. She tells Troy that he is a geek and not interested in him. After that Troy is sent to boarding school and never saw Gabriella again until 3 years later. Troy is now 18 and he is home for the summer from Boarding School. Troy grew out his hair, had braces to fix his gaped teeth now there straight. He lost the glasses and got contacts. He also got into Basketball and was really good at it. He is Chad best friend still. Gabriella sees Troy shooting hoops in his backyard and didn't now it was Troy until Chad said it was him. Fist time seeing him in three years. the more Troy hangs out at there house she starts to get a crush on Troy. What will happen when Troy See's Gabriella. Will old feelings come back and start to fall for her again. Read to find out. Troyella, Chaylor, Zekepay.

Well there you have it the summary of my new story so what did you think. If you have any ideas then ask and I will for sure put them in my story and credit you. Again please please please read and review I love hearing what you think of this story so far.

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