Author note very important please read.

Hey guys I am so sorry I haven't updated this story in such a very long time since last December I have been very busy with work and I just haven't been in a writing mood I haven't written in 5 months so it's been hard to get back into writing. Also my computer has been giving me problems and I had to go at get it fixed I got a virus on my computer so that took a couple days to fix it. I'm sorry I know all of you are waiting and I hate when I have people waiting I'm so frustrated with my own self because I should write a chapter but then I don't I am going to have to read the last three chapters to find out what I wrote because it has been a long time lol. And I know I have left you all hanging with the big cliffhanger at the end. I have a million ideas for this story but it's like I can't put it on paper it's just like I know what to write but when I start to write I get a really big blank and I just stare at the blank page. I promise you all though that I will try to update soon because I don't want any of you to wait another 6 months or so before I get the next chapter out. So please be patient like you have been and still stick with me when I have new chapters out. Thanks and again I am really sorry for not writing the next chapter yet but it will be soon.

Samie :)