Chapter 1


It's been 70 years since I saw him, since I've heard his voice, since the last time we touched. I still remember hi s last words 'it would be like I never existed' they replay over and over again in my head. I also remember our last touch, his lips pressed to my forehead, my eyes closed and when reopened, he was gone. My last memory of him, not a happy one, and I see it in my head every day, hoping that we would meet again and leave each other in a good memory to remember him by. But it will never happen, he didn't want me , so he won't even be looking for me , I'm supposed to be dead, he thinks I'm dead. I bet you his enjoying his distractions. I bet you he has forgotten all about me.

So, I'm a vampire and have been for 70 years I'm stuck in my 18 year old body, but look different. My skin is chalky pale; it even looks more pale than normal because of my brown hair that goes all the way down to my waist. My eyes are no longer than brown, he loved, but a soft gold. I'm classed as a vegetarian vampire because my family and I live of animal blood. I live with my family, who are, Summer, Heidi, Natasha, Chris, Nathan and Luke, there all together of course. Summer with Chris, Natasha with Nathan and Heidi and Luke. I am the only one by myself and that's not going to change ever.

It was a week after he left; I decided to go to our meadow, the one he took me to, the one where we confessed what we felt. I knew he wanted me to forget him, but I didn't want to let go. I walked through the clearing towards the meadow. Once I was in the meadow, I laid down on the cool grass and dint move an inch, just remembering him there with me. I must've been there for hours, because the next thing I opened my eyes and I was surrounded by people, but when I looked again, they were chalky pale and had gold eyes, they were vampires.

I remember exactly what happened. I got off the ground and stood there frightened.

They introduced themselves, and said they were lost, and that is why they ended up there. But I knew it was a cover up story, they were really out here hunting. I knew this. They didn't have a clue that I knew about their kind.

I remember a brief conversation, saying things hoping I didn't upset them. I wanted to say all these things, but I held them back.

I knew the things I wanted to say and with my luck one of them bubbled up to my mouth and escaped my lips without my permission.

"I know, what you are, use are vampires, but don't worry I won't tell anybody, you don't need to be afraid." I remember saying this and standing there waiting for a reply, but instead my reply was getting bitten on both of my wrists and then everything went dark. I remember feeling arms cradling me and the next thing, feeling like I was flying.

The next thing I know, I was in pain, and wishing I was dead, but I knew what was going on and reminded myself, chanted tom myself It's only three days, just three days.

The next thing, I opened my eyes and seeing everything through new eyes. Then laying my eyes on my new family.

It was about 2 weeks later, that I discovered my power, well discovered my powers. I've got 2. I can mind-read and see the future through visions. These powers remind me too much of them, but I didn't choose them, they chose me.

Well, my family and I have moved around a lot in the last 70 years, and right now we're moving back to Forks, they place I fell in love, the place where my hear t was broken and the place when I left my old family and friends behind, to be with my new family.

Tomorrow, we start school; again, Natasha and Nathan are our parents, our creators. Summer and Luke are brother and sister, Summer and senior and Luke a junior. Heidi and Chris are twins and both seniors, all their last names are Lane. As for me, I'm Bella, playing a junior role once again. My last name Masen, Bella Masen, it sounds right doesn't it?

I chose Masen, so he would be a part of me forever, our human memories fade, so I try to remember him every day so I will never forget. He was the missing piece of me, and he will always be in my heart. I will never forget him and I will always love him, that part of me as never changed and it never will.