"Let's do it like they do on the discovery channel!"

The raven haired teen nearly choked on his tea as he heard the blond sing out the lyrics to 'The Bad Touch'. Naruto had been playing it for weeks, before Sasuke deleted it from his MP3 player, and computer. How he got it back, he didn't know. He wasn't good with computers, and always had to ask Sasuke to download the songs for him.

"To make me rise an hour early just like Daylight Savings Time!"

Naruto came out of the room he was in, earbuds in his ears as he danced and sang along to that god awful song. He danced his way over to the fridge, while Sasuke sat where he was, rubbing his temples. He should have just crushed that MP3 player. Naruto turned from the fridge, grinning at Sasuke. He dug out the MP3 player, hitting the pause button. "How the hell did you get that song back?" Sasuke said, glancing at the blond boy. Naruto continued grinning. "Kiba downloaded it for me!"
Well Kiba will now be getting a black eye. But for now, Sasuke needed to get his hands on Narutos MP3 player. He stood up, walking around the counter to Naruto, who had his back turned to the raven haired boy while trying to reach something in the cupboards. Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto's waist, setting his chin on his shoulder. "Eh? What'cha doin' Sasuke?" He didn't reply, his hands sliding downward.
Naruto blushed, glancing down at his hands. "Wh-What are you doing?" One of Sasukes hands slid down to Narutos thigh, the other to his pocket. Sasuke distracted Naruto with the hand on his thigh, while his other unplugged the earbuds from the MP3 player. He pulled out of his pocket, then pulled away from Naruto. He got what he wanted so he was done. "Hey! What the hell Sasuke?! Come back!" Naruto whined, turning around.
"Nah." He replied, walking to the living room. He deleted the song quickly, setting it on the table. Now to deal with Kiba. He headed out the door, calling a be back later to Naruto.


"Hey Kiba?" "Wha-"