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What had happened? One minute Harry, Ron, and Hermione had been in their tent, discussing the possible locations for the remaining horcruxes, and the next Hermione was in a panic, grabbing everything important and shoving it into her handbag frantically. Within seconds, she had emptied the canvas tent and was grabbing onto Harry and Ron's' sleeves, preparing to apparate. The sensation of being squeezed through a tube was worse than usual, lasting longer.

When it disappeared, both Harry and Ron stumbled. Harry landed in a faceplant against a flagstone floor, but Ron regained his balance quickly and decided to voice his bewilderment.

"What the bloody hell was that all about, Hermione?" he asked, getting no answer. When he turned to see why, he found her pinned to a wall by the tip of a sword held by a longhaired man with a scowl on his face.

Harry pushed himself off the floor, straightening his glasses.

"Yeah, and why did my face hit stone floor instead of grass and dirt like it normally does?" he asked slightly grumpily. He also turned when he got no reply, but Ron was already working to fix the problem. He had already drawn his wand and was aiming it at the man with raven black hair.

"Expeliarmus!" he shouted, and the man's sword went crashing to the floor.

A white-haired midget ran up, attempting to drag the man backwards by his hair.

"Don't be so mean, Kanda! She hasn't done anything wrong!" he managed to yell before a deathglare was directed at him.

"Yeah, Yuu, don't be so mean to the lady," came a voice from behind Harry. He jumped around to look at its owner. Floppy red hair nearly covered a green eye and an eyepatch, even while restrained by a green headband around the guy's head.

The deathglare was immediately redirected at this new arrival, accompanied by the sword, though exactly when the man named Kanda had picked it up, Harry wasn't sure. He carefully sidestepped to avoid being accidentally injured by the sharp weapon.

"Shut up, baka Usagi. You too, Moyashi."

"My name is Allen, you jerk!"

Hermione still had her back pressed against the wall, stunned. When Ron and Harry repeated their questions, however, she stirred.

"I… I meant to take us to the cliff over the cave where you and Dumbledore found the locket, Harry, but… I guess something went wrong. I thought we could find a clue there. I have no idea where we are now… I panicked when the wards around out camp were breached."

Understanding dawned on Ron and Harry.

"Harry, is it possible for something to have been built there since you last saw it?" Ron asked quietly, looking around at the trio of strange people that were now glaring, talking, and laughing.

Harry shook his head, not voicing what he was actually thinking.

What the hell is going on?

The three weirdoes took notice of the bewildered trio once again as Hermione began digging through her bag. She pulled out a small volume entitled The Art and Limitations of Apparition.

Flipping through to a chapter on accidental miscalculations, she sat and began to read.

"What are you three still doing here?" Kanda asked with a glare.

"Who are you people?" the white-haired kid asked innocently.

""Hi! I'm Lavi, nice to meet you. Where're you guys from?" contributed the third.

"I think I like the Lavi guy best," Ron commented under his breath to Harry, "He's more polite than the other two."

Harry nodded almost imperceptibly, then proceeded to answer all three of their questions.

"I'm… Harry, and this is Ron. That's Hermione over there with the book. We're still here because we don't know where 'here' is, and I don't think I should tell you where we're from. It's nice to meet you…" He trailed off, waiting for the other two to introduce themselves, although he had already gathered their names from their argument.

"This is Allen, and that grouch is Yuu, though he prefers to be called Kanda," Lavi answered, eyeing Ron's brilliant orange hair interestedly.

"Pleasure," Ron answered distastefully, glaring at Kanda.

"Aha! I found it!" Hermione shouted from behind them.

"Aha! You found what?" Allen asked. Hermione ignored him and spoke to Harry and Ron.

"I think I may have accidentally transported us into the town near the cliffs. You know, the one with the orphanage Riddle lived in when he was young," she said, careful not to say Voldemort's name in case she might shock the others unaccustomed to hearing his name spoken aloud.

Harry was ready to accept this explanation when Allen and Lavi interjected with questions.

"Who's this Riddle fellow?"

"What orphanage?"

Ron and Harry glanced at each other, wondering if Hermione was wrong for the first time in her life. Allen and Lavi waited expectantly for an answer, ignoring Kanda as he let out an irritated 'che' and walked past them.

Harry spoke first.

"Riddle is… well, he was… no, he still is…" For some reason, he seemed to be having troubles speaking. He looked to Ron, who shrugged as if to say 'don't look at me mate, I won't do any better than you'.

"Tom Riddle is a boy who stayed in an orphanage until he turned eleven, and then went to a… private school where he learned… more advanced stuff than he was learning before and now he's…" damnit, why was it so hard to explain? He'd barely remembered the Statue of Secrecy in time to amend his story! "Well, he renamed himself 'Voldemort' and is… terrorizing our country."

Lavi looked thoroughly confused, but Allen seemed to have caught that Harry hadn't been telling the whole truth.

"Does this 'Voldemort' happen to be really fat, walk around with an umbrella and wear a tall top hat?" Lavi asked, wondering if the Earl had created an alias in another part of the world.

Harry burst out laughing. Voldemort, walk around with an umbrella? It was unthinkable, and Harry would be ashamed to be trying to kill him if he did. To be more exact, he'd be ashamed of nearly being killed by Voldemort if he wore a top hat.

Now Allen was confused, too. This 'Voldemort' obviously wasn't the Earl, and judging by Harry's reaction, he thought the comparison quite funny. Hadn't he ever heard of the Millennium Earl?

"Why are you laughing at me?" Lavi asked, sounding hurt. He turned to Allen. "Allen-neko, Harry is being mean to me!"

Hermione looked up from her book when she heard the endearing Japanese word. They couldn't be in… no that was way to far from where she had intended to go. But then, the fact they hadn't heard of Voldemort made sense if…

"Is it possible we're in Japan, Allen-san?" she asked, carefully composing her face to hide the laughter that was bubbling in her throat as she realized the boy had just been called a cat.

Allen blinked. "Japan? No, we're not in Japan. We'd all be dead long ago if we were in Japan."

It was Ron's turn to be confused. What was so wrong with Japan that they'd all be dead if they were there?

A girl carrying a clipboard walked up to Allen and Lavi, opening her mouth to tell them something before she noticed the other three.

"Who are you three?" she asked, not realizing the less-than-courteous Kanda had posed the same question less than a minute before.

Lavi turned to answer her question immediately.

"Lennalee, this is Harry, Ron and Hermione, who randomly popped into existence in front of Kanda a few minutes ago."

Lennalee blinked.

Hermione was glaring at Lavi, and looked about to burst into shouts.

"That's Granger to you, Lavi."

"Well excuse me for not knowing your family name."

Ron decided that he didn't really like the redhead as much as he had thought he did.

"Well, what are we standing here in the hall for?" Allen asked suddenly, "It's time for lunch and I'm starving!"

Lavi and Lennalee both burst out laughing.

"Yes, God forbid the most bottomless stomach in existence be deprived of a meal," Lavi said through gasps of laughter.


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