The Return of Broly

Chapter 1 – Goku's Wish

Its been two years since Goku left to train Uub. Earth has been at peace for over five years, yet on this one starry night Goku sat looking up at the night sky, deep in thought with a sad expression on his face.

"Goku?" a voice called. Goku turned slightly to see his pupil, Uub, walking towards him. "Are you alright Goku?" Uub asked in a concerned voice? "Oh yeah I'm fine Uub. Just thinking about someone..." "Your wife?" Uub asked. "No. I was thinking about a man I fought and killed many years ago. That man was the strongest, most powerful opponent I had ever faced." Goku said. Goku sighed deeply and continued to look at the night sky. "Who was it Goku? Who is this man?" Uub asked, curiosity getting to him.

"Well Uub, its a long story. It all happened when we were training for the Cell Games." Goku motioned for Uub to take a seat indicating that this was going to be a long story. "Everyone had finished their training and a lot of the gang had decided to go to a local park to enjoy themselves. During their event a spaceship landed in the middle of the park. That spaceship belonged to a Saiyan by the name of Paragus. Paragus had come to Earth in search of Vegeta, claiming that the Saiyan race would be reborn and had come to beg for Vegeta to become their king." Uub quizzically looked at Goku and said "King?" "Yeah, Vegeta is the prince of Saiyan's. He doesn't seem to care much about it now though." Goku said with a chuckle. "Anyway, Paragus begged Vegeta to become the new king. Vegeta originally turned him down until Paragus told him something interesting..."


"But my lord, if you don't become our king who will destroy the Legendary Super Saiyan?" Paragus asked. "What? Legendary Super Saiyan?" Vegeta said "Yes my lord, he has been running amok throughout the galaxy. And we fear that he will attack our new home."


"After hearing about this 'Legendary Super Saiyan' Vegeta agreed to become the new king and vowed to destroy this Saiyan" Goku looked right through Uub as if Uub wasn't even there. "And? What next Goku" Uub asked, jarring Goku back to reality. "Oh yeah, sorry about that. Well, I'm going to skip a lot of the non important stuff so I'll get right to it. In the end, Paragus's son Broly was the Legendary Super Saiyan. Paragus lured us to the new planet Vegeta to be killed by his son so that they could rule Earth and the universe." At this statement Uub seemed quite shocked, but after some thought realized that this was normal for Goku. "Always you they're after huh Goku?" "Yeah, it seems that way." Goku gave a hearty laugh.

"So its Broly you were thinking about then?" Uub asked. Goku nodded and said "Broly was the strongest opponent I had ever faced until Majin Buu. I think he was even stronger than Cell. But I wish I never had to kill him. Broly would have been a great help against Buu, and a great sparring partner." Uub seemed saddened by this "So you'd rather be sparring and training with him than me?" And at this Goku clapped Uub on the shoulders and smiled "No Uub. No one can replace you. Even if Broly was here, he had a strange hatred towards me that drove him insane. I'm not sure how we could..." And at this moment Goku had a strange idea "Wait a minuet. Couldn't the dragon balls..." The next second Goku had placed two of his fingers on his forehead and used Instant Transmission leaving a very confused Uub behind.

At Kami's lookout Dende and Piccolo were participating in their nightly meditation when all of a sudden Goku appears, surprising both Namekians. "Goku, greetings. What brings you here?" Asked Dende. "Well Dende, I have a question for you about the dragon balls." At this both Dende and Piccolo were both concerned "Sure Goku, what is it?" "Well Dende, since you redid Earth's Dragon, is it possible for the new Shenron to remove all the hatred and evil from a person's heart and mind?" Dende sat down, deep in thought trying to think of an answer for Goku. "Honestly Goku, you'd have to summon Shenron himself and ask him. It should be possible, but only Shenron can tell you. I may have rebuilt Shenron from the ground up, but even I don't know everything he is capable of." Upon hearing this Goku frowned and looked towards the night sky once again. "Goku, what are you planning?" Piccolo asked "Its rare for you to want to make a wish." "Yeah I know. I had a crazy idea...but oh well. Thanks Dende." Goku then use Instant Transmission again and vanished.

At Capsule Corp. "Hello? Bulma, you here? BULMA!!" Goku yelled. "Kakarot, what do you want clown?" Vegeta demanded "Oh, hey Vegeta. I came by to pick up the dragon radar. You know where it is?" Vegeta grumbled and said "I don't want to know..." reached into a draw and tossed the radar to Goku "Hey thanks Vegeta." Goku was about to leave when Vegeta said "Kakarot, don't do anything stupid." Goku grinned and vanished.

Five hours later Goku dropped all seven dragon balls onto the ground and said "Arise Shenron." The sky turned black, with wicked lightening streaking throughout the sky. The dragon balls glowed and out shot a yellow beam of energy in the shape of a dragon. After a moment Shenron was floating in the air above Goku. But this Shenron was different, this Shenron was black and gold, but he still had the same red eyes. "You have gathered all seven dragon balls, and thus I shall grant you three wishes." Shenron said. "Shenron, before I speak my wishes I have a question for you. Is it within your power to remove all the hatred and evil from a persons heart and mind?" Shenron lowered himself to eye level with Goku and grumbled "It is." Goku went wide eyed and said, "Shenron, please bring the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly to the Earth's check in station." Shenron's eyes glowed and said "It is done." "Great. Second, please remove all the hatred and evil from Broly's heart and mind." Again, Shenron's eyes glowed and said "It is done." Goku grinned and finally said "Shenron, bring Broly back to life here on Earth." Shenron's eyes glowed and said "It is done. Farewell." and with that Shenron vanished and the dragon balls scattered across the planet. Goku then started searching, and upon feeling a familiar energy signal, used Instant Transmission.

On a snowy mountain a lone warrior stood, completely shocked to see that he was alive. After a moment he turned around and looked Goku in the face. "K..Kakarot?!" he said. Goku threw up a hand and said "Hey Broly, long time no see." And with that Goku started giggling.

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