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Summary: ErikRaoul slash.

Warning(s): homosexuality (that's what slash is people)

Pairing(s): ErikRaoul

A/N: Yup, this was the Alphabet Game from the month of March. I'm just posting it now all on because I was convinced the game was dead anyway (you were supposed to find the ficlets which had been disbursed across my sites... I have surprisingly a lot. Stil, w/e now). The game had been a ficlet for each letter of the alphabet. I had two up and now here comes the rest. Why post it (besides the game being dead)? These are a sort of heads up of what fics I might start writing. Just previews.

Okay... since no one apparently reads the A/N about why I posted them separately, I'm just going to listen to popular demand and put it altogether. I guess double posting is preferable to having 26 separate stories - though I'd have to say that it won't actually be double posted... just sort of included into a story. w/e

I'd never seen so much slash on POTO though before. Lulz. That really wasn't the point though, but I'm tired of getting PM'd and it's only been one day.


A is for Advantage

by: Lucifer Rosemaunt



Raoul knew it was incredibly stupid to become inebriated in the opera house. He didn't remember the exact details but he vaguely recalled coming up with a really good justification that managed to convince him he would be fine. Actually, he'd been so persuasive that he'd believed it to be an incredibly good idea to start drinking. Now though, when he could barely tell which side the ceiling was on? Did ceilings have sides? Well, now though, if he had another scuffle with the ghost, he would surely be at a severe disadvantage. He reached for the bottle again. As though the ghost needed any more advantage than he already had.


Raoul was drunk. Again. Erik swore the boy was trying to test his self-restraint. He'd promised Christine he would be a gentleman but he didn't think she realized how much that was asking of him. In fact, Erik didn't think she understood the exact nature as to why he would need to restrain himself around Raoul. It took every ounce of will in him to not just take advantage of Raoul. Erik knew he wouldn't protest. Raoul was in no state of mind to protest anything. Currently, he was prancing about the room singing, surprisingly still on key, though his words were slurred. His shirt, for some reason unknown to Erik, had been discarded quite some time ago along with his shoes and hair tie. Oh, yes. Erik told himself he would not take advantage of Raoul - as long as his pants were still on.