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Summary: ErikRaoul slash. Alphabet game.
A/N: See Alphabet Game day 01 for more information. As for why they are separated, see profile.


Z is for Zenith

by: Lucifer Rosemaunt



They'd made a deal.

Erik and Raoul had come to some sort of understanding because of Christine. They'd begun a shaky friendship - well, it couldn't really be called a friendship, but they'd stopped trying to kill themselves.

And, when Christine's fame began to increase and she began to spend more and more time away from not only her fiance but also her tutor, they ended up spending more and more time together. They knew each other's secrets and their faults. It was enough to spend quiet nights in each others company.

Then the worst or best thing happened. Christine reached the zenith of her career. She left them then. They didn't think it was intentional. She'd just drifted away from them. She'd grown up and somehow outgrown them.


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