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"Urzu 7 to base I cleared the target over.." "Danan to Urzu 7 you have clearance to return good job on your mission." "alright Urzu 7 returning to base...Hold on there is another armslave in the area do I take it out? over"

"Danan to Urzu 7 you have clearance to take it out now go.." Souske turned his Arm slave the Arbalest towards the direction of the other arm slave. "I wonder what that arm slave is..." All of a sudden a large blast impacted the Arbalest.

"What the?!" Souske readied the Arbalest when three more blasts hit it. "What is that thing!" He exclaimed as he looked around. A large silver and black arm slave with a wolf shaped head stood in front of the Arbalest.

"Souske.....remember me...." A voice called out from the other A.S. Souske recognized the voice but didn't remember whose it was. "Don't tell me you forgot.....my very close friend" the person called out in pure malice. Souske then remembered. "Y-you're supposed to be dead....I SAW YOU DIE!" He yelled out.

"Well you were wrong Sagara Souske! I'm alive and I'm here to finish what you started!" Souske pulled out a blade from the side of the arbalest and rushed at the other A.S. The mysterious person drew a long Katana from the back of his A.S. and rushed at souske clashing making sparks fly everywhere.

"Why the hell are you here! I though.....you died" The person growled. "I said shut up!!!" As he made his A.S. strike Souske's in the body making it slide back. "You'll feel the pain I felt....when you all left me to die!!" The mech held its arm out gathering energy then shot out a large beam.

Souske's eyes widened as the large blast impacted the Arbalest exploding it.

End of Dream

Souske Shot up from his bed breathing hard, this was the third time this week he had the same dream. He looked at himself then sighed in relief as he looked over at the girl he was in love with, Kaname Chidori.

Souske stood up and took a shower then got Dressed and ate while waiting for Chidori. Meanwhile three guys stood in the school office waiting for someone. One of the guys had red hair almost as dark as blood, silver eyes that could put you into a trance, and three noticeable scars on his face.

The second person stood next to red haired male, he had light blue hair almost as light as the sky, he had piercing blue eyes and what seemed to be a tattoo on his neck. The final male had black hair with two bangs hiding part of his face and blood red eyes.

As they waited another boy ran up to them. "Hey guys I'm back.." The guy had light red hair and blue eyes along with a necklace shaped like a crown around his neck. "So Roy when's this guy supposed to be here..." The boy with the blood red hair opened his eyes.

"he's supposed to be here in half an hour Sora so calm down...enjoy the view.." Sora sighed and leaned against the wall while brushing his light red hair back. He turned to the boys with black hair and Blue hair. "And you two are?"

The boy with blue hair sighed. "Names Rikuro...happy?" Sora sighed and leaned against the wall again. "what about you...you haven't spoken yet..." The boy with black hair looked up and crossed his arms. "I'm Sasruto...that's all you need to know..."

Sora shrugged then went back to waiting. After a few more minutes of waiting a man with silver hair and a girl with dark hair walked towards Roy, Sora, Sasruto, and Rikuro. Rikuro looked at the girl and grinned. "She's cute"

Roy whacked Rikuro then sighed. "Shut it that's Ren Mikihara secretary for this school's student counsel..." Rikuro sighed. "Alright" Roy walked over to the silver haired man then bowed. "My name is Kanan Roy it is a pleasure to meet you Atsunobou Hayashimizu"

The silver haired man chuckled. "Good to meet you to Kanan-kun..and who are those three?" Roy signaled and the other three stepped forward. Rikuro was first then Sasruto and Finally Sora, after the introductions were finished they all walked inside.

While they talked souske, Kaname, and Kyoko walked to school. "Souske can I ask you something" Kaname looked at him with a worried face. Souske looked at her. "ok go ahead." Kaname almost looked like she was going to burst into tears but she stopped.

Kyoko looked around "Oh shoot I forgot to go get something I'll meet you two at school!" She said while running off. Souske looked back at Kaname. "Whats wrong?" Kaname hugged him tightly while lightly sobbing into his chest.

"I know you've been dreaming about dying! I know you dreamt you were going to die while piloting Arbalest!" She cried out while sobbing. Souske's eyes widened. "I...I'm not dreaming about dying and I'm off duty right now so there is no fear of me being put in that much trouble again" He said trying to calm her down.

Kaname hugged him even tighter as she kept sobbing into his chest. "Please don't leave me Souske..." Souske hugged her back and closed his eyes. "I don't plan of leaving you any time soon...anyways how did you know?"

Kaname pulled away. "I heard you talking in your sleep...I heard you saying that you wanted to come back to me...but then you froze and clutched your heart as if something was happening.....please...Souske...Don't leave me." She said as she continued sobbing into his chest. Souske hugged her again then gave her a small kiss. "I told you...I'm not dying any time soon..."

She looked up at Souske then kissed him back. "Promise me you won't die..." Souske took off his dog tag from mithril and put it around her neck. "I promise I won't die...not as long as you hold this..." Kaname smiled as Souske wiped away her tears, then they both kept walking to school.

when they got there they noticed a group of students around the principle's office. "I wonder whats going on?" Kaname said as she walked towards the group then she noticed it was all girls who were starring at the four new arrivals.

Roy walked past the crowd then gave Souske a quick glare saying 'piss me off and you're gonna get it'. Souske looked back as he Saw Roy run past a gate and walk into a room. Sora, Rikuro and Sasruto were standing still as the girls stared at them.

Sasruto whispered to Rikuro. "Isn't Dez-San gonna get mad if you flirt with other girls..." Rikuro's eyes widened. "you're right I'll just stay like this...oh crap we gotta follow Kan lets go!" he yelled out while running.

Sasruto and Sora both sighed and crowd of girls was going to Follow when a teacher walked in and got in the way. "TO CLASS ALL OF YOU! NOW!!" She yelled out as everyone went inside.

While in class Souske sat next to Chidori which was no surprise as they had been together for about a year now. A teacher walked in and the class all said in conjunction. "Good morning Eri-sensei" She turned and signaled for some people to come in.

Souske and Chidori's eyes widened. "What are they doing here!" Souske yelled out accidentally making everyone look at him as if he were an idiot. Roy sighed and then as he looked around his eyes locked on a girl with black hair and dark green eyes.

The teacher finished talking then signaled for the new students to introduce themselves. Sasruto went first. "I am Sasruto and I came here to finish my studies other than that I've lived in Japan for a large portion of my life...I've only recently began to travel so...thats about it.." The teacher pointed to a desk and Sasruto nodded sitting down.

Next up was Rikuro. He grinned and looked around. "My name is Rikuro and the same as Sasruto I've lived in Japan for a large amount of time and I am going out with a wonderful girl so for all the ladies...Sorry but I'm taken" Most of the girls giggled as Rikuro stood there grinning and looking around.

The teacher sighed and pointed to a desk in the front corner where he sat down and pulled out some manga and began to read. The next one up was sora. "My name is Sora and yeah that's all...I'm into collecting certain things and I'm currently in a group...I've traveled for many years but I'm hoping maybe this will be my permanent home..."

The teacher pointed to a desk in the back where Sora sat down and looked on as Roy was the last one left. "So mind telling us you're name?" The teacher called out but Roy was mesmerized by the girl's eyes until another girl stood up and whacked him over the head with her bag.

Roy felt the hit then shook his head. "yes?" He said with a confused voice. "Oh I am Kanan Roy...I come from many places but my birthplace is Mexico I lived there for a few years then came here...I take kendo and I am part of a group...that is all.." The girl whispered to Roy. "remember the goal is to protect her not fall in love with her..."

Roy looked at the girl and whispered. "I know that Miku...but you know what position I'm in especially since I know her already even if she doesn't recognize me....." He said as he walked to the back where he was told to sit then sighed. He growled at the thought that he was guarding the life of the person he was in love with. As he sat there thinking class began.

-end of chap1

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