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Roy was helping around with the preparations for next weeks dance as he thought to himself. "how ironic that I wake up a week before another school dance...." He kept thinking as he kept decorating the auditorium.

Souske and chidori were working on the stage and doors while sage aquired the rest of the equipment that was going to be needed in the dance. About three hours into the preparations Roy's eyes began to drift to and from consciousness. "ngh..."

Roy was holding his head then he looked around at the room and noticed that something was wrong because he suddenly felt weaker than usual. "w-whats going on?" he mumbled as he fell forward and blood dripped from the scar on his face and the back of his head.

Roy struggled to stand as the blood dripped into his eyes. He winced as he finally stood up and walked towards the exit. "I need to.....find help...." He mumbled as he kept walking. Everyone else was in the house practicing for the dance but they noticed Roy was missing.

"Hey do you know where Kan is?" Rikuro called out to sasruto and Sora. Sora just shook his head and Sasruto shrugged as well. "ugh....we can't get any practice if Kan isn't here..." Sasruto stood up. "I'll go look for him..." He mumbled as he walked out of the door. Sora and Rikuro just looked at each other then at the door then shrugged.

Roy then fell to the ground out cold. Blood was dripping from his scars and making a small puddle around his head. Chidori and Souske were finishing when they head the thud. "What was that?" Souske called out. Chidori looked over and saw Roy on the ground. "Its Roy something must have happened!" She said as she ran over to him.

Souske followed and noticed Roy on the ground with a small puddle of blood on the ground. "we need help...Chidori stay here I'll go find someone." Chidori nodded then souske rushed out and ran into sasruto. "S-sasruto!" He said in between breaths. "I.....need.....help.....Roy.....is bleeding....Badly" Sasruto's eyes widened as he followed Souske.

Roy stood up on his own and was limping to the door as his clothes were stained in blood. Sasruto then walked in and caught Roy and helped him walk. "Roy you have to go to the hospital......we may have what you need but this is serious were taking you to a hospital to get checked."

Roy just nodded as he and Sasruto walked to their house and walked in making Sora and Rikuro's eyes widen. "Roy!" Sora called out as he picked up some keys and ran outside. Rikuro followed Sora. As they pulled up in a car Sasruto helped Roy into it and they drove off to the hospital.

As they kept driving Roy went out cold. Sasruto looked over. "Sora speed it up!" Sora grinned. "ok then" He pushed down on the gas as they went faster and faster. It was about fifteen minutes and they made it. They took Roy in and some medics saw him as they rushed him into a room.

The three stood outside wondering what became of the person whom they knew for years. Sasruto sighed. "someone has to tell Miku about this..." Rikuro and sora shook their heads. Sasruto then scratched his head. "Fine I'll tell her you lazy bakas...." He said as he walked out. "sora give me the keys to the car..." Sora nodded and tossed him the keys.

Sasruto caught them and then he walked off and got into the car and drove off. He thought as he drove. "He's been acting strange ever since he met that girl......I have to meet her and find out what connection she has to roy..." He mumbled as he kept driving.

Souske, Chidori and sage sat on the stage waiting to hear any news on what happened when sasruto walked in. They all looked at him then Sasruto sat down on a chair. "He's ok he just has to get re-stitched and get some medicine cept I have questions for all of you..."

They all nodded and looked on curiosly. "Well you guys know Roy somehow.....now tell me.....souske how do you know him..." Souske sighed and looked over at sasruto. "well we were both in the same part of Mithril for a while..."

Sasruto nodded. "Then tell me why do you two hate each other or at least can't stand each other..." Souske sighed again. "during a mission a few years back before I came here.....we were supposed to stop an illegal manufactorization of Arm slaves....but I had to leave him behind because his arm slave was almost destroyed."

Sasruto looked at him as he processed the info. "even after we left him there he came back alive...and he rejoined Mithril....ever since then he's held some sort of hatred towards me..." Sasruto sighed and looked over at Sage. "Ok now tell me how you know him..."

Sage thought. "I think I knew him as a little kid....I was around six when I met him then two years later he went missing..." Sasruto thought then stood. "sage come with me....there is something I need to tell you...." Sage looked then followed.

They both stopped outside. "You heard Roy was in Mithril right.....then its because of you hes hurting himself....." Sage was confused. "I don't get you..." She thought as she said that. How could Roy be hurting himself because of her. He had merely confessed his felings for her shortly before the accident.

Sasruto looked at her. "Its because he's in love with you that he's hurting himself.....his body is at its limit....is this continues he will die...." sage's eyes widened. How could this happen, she thought as she stopped tears from reaching her eyes.

Sasruto looked at her. "If he's that important to you.....we'll save him.....and make sure he won't die..." Sage nodded as she walked back into the auditorium then sat back on the stage thinking. This is my fault, why does this happen to me, why! As she thought she suddenly broke down and cried.