This is my first poem on here. Set at the end of Starcrossed.

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The Time For Goodbyes

The seconds blew by me,

As I stood all alone,

My mind in a fog,

My reasons unknown.

All truth I'd been told,

A lie, I now knew,

The man that I'd loved,

Hated me, too.

He'd left me alone,

He'd left me to die,

I don't know how I can blame him,

I don't know why.

I am a traitor,

To my love and my land,

I have betrayed all I love,

All I can.

My morals are broken,

Just like my heart,

I'd call out 'line',

But I've forgotten my part.

The ones I once worked with,

Are plotting their hate,

I know some would forgive me,

But I'd never have a place.

The sky is a pink, melding into a blue,

My wings are wrestless,

calling for the new.

They know it's all over,

I suppose I do, too.

But my love will never fade.

John Stewart, I love you.

I know he doesn't care anymore,

I know his love has died,

I know he hates me,

But he let me survive.

I know that he hates me,

I know and I know,

But I know that I love him,

So, I have to go.

I hear him approaching, and I hide all my tears,

It isn't right to show your fears.

I know that he hates me,

But he'll know that I care.

John Stewart, I love you,

He tells me he's there.

How I wish he could say that,

With love in his eyes,

But I know he can never-

It's time for goodbyes.


Sorry about that. Just wanted to try my hand at poems ; )