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My First Monk Poem


It was cold within that room,

With all it's melodramatic gloom.

The walls were dark and painted white,

The rooms were lit with a crackling light.

The Captain stood, his posture straight,

He'd told me that I had to wait.

I sit here on this metal chair,

My hands running back on my curly hair,

My thoughts running wild, a horrible fate,

As I think of ideas that I really hate.

The thought of her gone- the thought of alone,

The thoughts then broken by the ringing phone.

I straightened and stood, with a nod at my boss,

And I took the phone, and was told of my loss.

My legs turn to jell-o,

As I whisper, 'Oh, God, no,'

And felt a hand on my shoulder I knew.

He said that it hurt him, too.

He whispered that he was sorry for me,

Then he left me to a scene I wanted no one to see.

I stood with my hand, running down the gray wall,

Feeling emptiness crowd me, as I hung up the call.

The dial tone ended, abruptly and quick,

As the clock watched down at me, with a tock, and a tick,

The seconds blew by me, the minutes came, too,

And I was left in that room, doing all I could do.

The tears were refreshing, so glad I could cry,

My Wife, my Life, my Trudy, had died.


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