I don't own Monk.

One more so that the number of chapters is even.

And yet there are three poems on here, not four. Oh, well. For the price of one!


It doesn't matter if it's not clean,

It doesn't matter to me.

It doesn't matter if it's not straight,

That isn't something that I hate.

It doesn't matter anymore,

I lost that part when I lost you,

If you come back,

Then I will, too.

She used to smile at me,

with a smile no one can imitate,

Her lips would turn, and twist, and smile,

And my heart would beat faster and more.

She used to laugh at all my jokes,

ignoring they were corny.

She'd laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh,

Ignoring I was boring.

She used to say she loved me,

And she'd never leave.

I like to think the first was true,

Though the second was a lie.

She left me.

I know she's gone, I know she left.

But I feel her when I return home-

She's there within that space.

I feel her within my home,

And she's giving me a place.

She urges me on, she encourages,

And helps me when I'm sad.

She tells me everything's okay,

Even when it's really bad.

I know she's gone, I know she left,

But I know I need her still.

I've kept some tears in the back of me,

For when that day comes,

And Trudy's finally killed.


These were actually the first three poems I wrote for Monk, and I just found them.