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Falling For You

Book bag…check. Tezuka grabbed said book bag. His completed homework and books were tucked away safely. He had made sure to put in extra paper and pencils, just in case. You must always keep your guard up.

Tennis racquet…check. He slung his most prized possession over his shoulder. Nationals would not come for a while, but it didn't pay to get careless. That was the reason why he assigned laps to anyone who missed morning practice.

Shoes… check. He kissed his mother good-bye and prepared to leave. He had his bag, racquet, and shoes. He wasn't forgetting anything, was he? Tezuka opened the door and stepped outside, coming face to face with Seigaku's tensai. Ah, that's right.

Fuji…check. "Good morning," came the cheerful salutation. That infamous smile reflected his positive tone. He stood with his arms behind his back and head tilted to one side. Tezuka wondered briefly how long Fuji had been standing there.

Tezuka nodded, closing the door behind him. "Morning." It was part of their daily routine, walking to and from school together. Tezuka had been quite surprised the first time that Fuji had shown up unannounced at his front door, but he'd eventually gotten used to it. One might even say that he looked forward to it.

The two of them walked down the street with Fuji on Tezuka's left side. Because it was so early in the morning, there were no people or cars coming down the street. The sun's early rays crept shyly across the pale sky. Bright green grass glittered from crystal droplets of dew. The birds welcomed the light with a sweet chirping chorus. The only other sound to be heard was their footsteps.

No words were exchanged for Tezuka wasn't much of a talker. He was grateful that Fuji was one of very few people who didn't find the silence uncomfortable.

Pretty soon, the sound of feet pounding on the sidewalk rhythmically reached their ears. Glancing over his shoulder, Tezuka could see Kaidoh coming towards them, no doubt on his morning jog.

"Fssssssssh…morning Buchou, Fuji-senpai," hissed the snake-like player. The two of them returned the greeting as Kaidoh got near.

Tezuka stepped closer to Fuji in order to let his kohai pass. The green bandana eventually turned a corner and disappeared from sight. Tezuka could feel his arm brushing against Fuji's. Warm, his brain vaguely registered. It felt…nice. Best of all, Fuji seemed to be in no hurry to move. Both stood there for a few minutes, enjoying the peaceful morning and shared body heat.

Reluctantly, Tezuka pulled away. "We have to go," he muttered.

For a slight nanosecond, Tezuka thought Fuji's expression showed disappointment, but that couldn't be. Fuji was still smiling.

"Saa, that's true. It wouldn't be good if the captain arrived late," teased Fuji. They resumed their walk to school.


"Good work everyone. See you at afternoon practice." Tezuka dismissed the tennis team. Moaning with relief, the half-dead members dragged themselves towards the changing room.

"Just a minute," called Inui. He held up a pitcher. "I developed this yesterday."

The bubbling concoction was smoking. It also shifted colors every few seconds: from an acid green to a murky maroon to pitch black and back to green. Tezuka could have sworn that he saw something swimming around that sludge, but it was probably just his imagination. Inui grinned nastily as he displayed his beloved juice. With his glasses shining, he looked every bit the mad scientist. "Care to try?"

Inui stalked forward slowly, hand raised high above his head. His body leaked off an ominous and bloodthirsty aura. A low evil cackle echoed throughout the tennis courts. A huge thundercloud formed overhead, casting him in complete darkness. Lighting struck down and illuminated his eerie form. The pitcher flashed wickedly, the brightest object in the shadows. Shrill terrified screams rang out as the tennis players frantically scrambled away. Their attempts to escape were futile. Within minutes, at least a dozen bodies lay crumpled at Inui's feet, faces twisted into grotesque expressions and liquid running out of their mouths.

"That looks tasty," observed Fuji innocently from behind Tezuka. Several people shuddered at Fuji's evaluation. "I would like some." Inui gleefully poured out a full glass of that poisonous substance for his favorite customer.

Fuji stepped forward to receive the glass at the same time that Tezuka moved backwards to let Fuji take it. As a result, Fuji got a mouthful, faceful, and bodyful of Tezuka's back. The smaller boy stumbled backwards.

Tezuka turned around and grabbed Fuji's arm, preventing him from falling. He immediately apologized.

"No, no, it was my fault," laughed Fuji, waving one nonchalant hand. The other was busy rubbing his nose. "I should have watched where I was going." Tezuka looked doubtfully at Fuji's closed eyes, but decided to let the matter go.

Inui popped up between them. "Would you still like to try this?"


Tezuka waited patiently outside of the library. Oishi had promised that he would only take a few minutes. However, more than a few minutes had passed already and their next class was going to start soon. Did it really take that long just to turn in a few books? Knowing Oishi, he was probably helping some girl who had asked for his assistance.

"Ah, there you are, Tezuka." Fuji suddenly appeared in front of him, breaking his train of thought. "I was looking for you."

Tezuka raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"You see, I left my dictionary at home today. I was wondering if I could borrow yours." Fuji smiled winningly.

"Couldn't you ask Kikumaru?"

Fuji's smile didn't waver. "But I know that you have it for sure. Eiji most likely didn't bring his. Besides, I like your dictionary."

"You shouldn't get careless," warned Tezuka as he pulled out the dictionary.

"Thank you. I'll try not to forget next time," promised Fuji. He grinned mischievously and reached out to take the book.

In order to show off his great timing, Oishi chose that very moment to shove open the library door and make his presence known. The door slammed into Tezuka's outstretched arm, causing the dictionary to fly out of his hand. Fuji dove to snatch it up before it fell to the floor. He landed on his hands and knees.

"Oh no," cried Oishi. He rushed over frantically. "I'm so sorry, Fuji. Did you get hurt? Do you need to be taken to the infirmary? Are you…"

Fuji interrupted Oishi's rambling. "I'm fine, Oishi. You shouldn't worry so much."

Tezuka held out his hand to help Fuji up. Fuji gratefully grabbed onto the offered limb and pulled himself up.

"Sure?" Tezuka asked, maintaining a firm grip on Fuji's hand. He held it a bit longer than was necessary.

"Yes," Fuji nodded in affirmation. He gave Tezuka's hand a gentle squeeze. "I'm fine."

"The bell's going to ring soon," pointed out Oishi, still slightly flustered. "We don't want to be late."

"We should go now, ne Tezuka?" Fuji tugged Tezuka in the direction of their next class. Tezuka allowed himself to be led. Fuji didn't bother to let go of Tezuka's hand until they reached the classroom.


"BURNING!" bellowed Taka as he swung his racquet wildly. "COME ON, FUJIKO! SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT!"

Gritting his teeth, Fuji used both hands to return the ball. Afternoon practice had just barely started, and he was already getting tired. It was just his luck to get to play against the powerhouse player first. However, Fuji wasn't called the tensai for nothing. He would find a way to win this match and make it through the rest of practice.

Fuji was winning 5-2 when Tezuka decided to make an announcement.

"Everyone, gather up!" All of the tennis members heard the stern instruction and immediately stopped what they were doing to obediently line up.

Fuji instinctively looked over in the direction of Tezuka's voice. Due to his lack of attention, Fuji forgot all about the small yellow ball whizzing towards him until it struck his cheek with a loud slap. Letting out a surprised yelp, Fuji still managed to appear graceful even as he fell onto his butt.

He grimaced inwardly at the throbbing on the side of his face. This was so going to leave a bruise.

"Fuji." Fuji raised his head to see two hazel orbs full of anxiety staring at him. "Are you alright?"

Distracted by the proximity of Tezuka's face, Fuji answered absently. "I'm OK."

Tezuka's frown did not look convinced. He tenderly cupped Fuji's injured cheek and leaned in even closer. Fuji could feel Tezuka's warm breath on his lips. "Don't lie," Tezuka commanded, applying a small amount of pressure with his hand.

Fuji winced slightly at the pain. "It hurts a bit," he admitted grudgingly. It really killed him to show any sign of weakness. Fortunately, Tezuka was the only one looking over him. Everyone else had crowded around the other side of the court to watch and laugh as Momo and Kaidoh both tackled Taka in an attempt to snatch away the swinging racket. Oishi hovered around, nervously calling for them to be careful and not hurt Taka-san.

Tezuka nodded and lightly stroked Fuji's face. "I'll get an icepack."

It was so rare for the captain to be so concerned over someone. Smiling, Fuji laid his hand over Tezuka's. "Thank you," he said sincerely.


"How's your cheek?"

Fuji smiled at Tezuka. The tensai had been requested (ordered was more like it) to sit out for the rest of practice despite his protests.

"Better," he replied optimistically. He removed the icepack from his face. "See, the swelling's gone down."

Although Tezuka didn't say anything, Fuji could clearly see the relief expressed in Tezuka's eyes.

Meanwhile, Eiji was running around the courts trying to find Oishi. He finally spotted Oishi talking to the Freshman Trio.

"Nyaaa, Oishi!!" he exclaimed. He raced forward at full speed. "You'll never guess what happened…waahhh!!"

Eiji tripped over a poor little first-year who was picking up tennis balls. The first-year knocked over the full cart of balls. Bright neon balls rolled all over the courts. Someone stepped on a ball and fell down, knocking over a nearby teammate. Soon, everyone was tripping over a ball, causing another person to trip over a ball, or making someone else fall down. It was complete pandemonium. It was like someone had set up a line of dominos and pushed over the first one.

Neither Fuji nor Tezuka were exempt from the chaos. Someone slammed into Fuji from behind, causing the startled boy to lurch forwards. He braced himself for a quick lesson on the effects of gravity.

'That's strange', thought Fuji when he landed. 'I don't remember the ground being this soft…or comfortable.'

"I got you." The deep voice came from beneath him. Apparently, in addition to being soft and comfortable, the ground could also speak. The ground sounded a lot like Tezuka though.

"Eh?" Fuji glanced down. It was Tezuka. They were both on the ground with Fuji lying on Tezuka's chest. Tezuka had apparently cushioned Fuji's fall, having wrapped his arms around Fuji in a protective embrace. It was quite cozy, being in Tezuka's arms.

"Nyaa! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" wailed Eiji as he ran over. Tezuka and Fuji quickly got up to reassure the upset red-head that it was just an accident and that no one had any permanent injuries (emphasis on permanent).


"Hurry up," yelled Momo. He bounced his leg impatiently as Ryoma strolled lazily towards the bike. "We haven't got all day!"

Ryoma climbed on. "What's the big deal? We're just getting hamburgers like any other day."

"'Like any other day?'" repeated Momo incredulously as he pedaled furiously. "Today's the big day for all hamburger lovers! We get a free burger for every two that we buy!"

"You're going too fast," Ryoma complained. "What if someone gets hit?"

Momo snorted. "Well too bad for them. I'm in a hurry. Besides, I bet that there's not going to be anyone in the way."

"You just jinxed it."

Sure enough, two walking figures appeared in front of them. "Watch out!" shouted Momo. "Biker and rider coming through!"

The taller of the two figures threw himself at the shorter person, knocking them to the side and safely out of the bicycle's path.

"Geez," griped Momo. "What idiots would try to keep me from my free hamburgers?"

Ryoma smacked the back of Momo's head. "Idiot! That was Buchou and Fuji-senpai! We should go back and apologize."

All of the blood drained out of Momo's face as he pedaled even faster. "All the more reason to hurry. They'll kill us if we go back!"

Ryoma tugged down the brim of his cap. "Mada mada dane," he grumbled under his breath. "They're going to kill us anyways. What's the difference if it's today or tomorrow?"


"Well, that was interesting," commented Fuji from his position on the ground. Tezuka had his hands on either side of Fuji's head and was above him.

"They'll be getting laps tomorrow."

Fuji chuckled. "Hm, the ground seems to have taken a liking to me today."

Tezuka let out a long sigh. "I'm sorry."

"No need to apologize, Tezuka." Fuji wrapped his arms around Tezuka's neck and kissed him hard. Tezuka's eyes widened behind his glasses, but he was unable to move until Fuji broke off the kiss. "That will do."

"What…Fuji!" he spluttered.

"Something wrong?" asked Fuji brightly. Tezuka was speechless. Fuji took advantage of the opening to kiss him again. "I've wanted to do that all day," he confessed. Fuji's blue eyes glittered playfully. He was obviously enjoying every bit of this. "And now I've got you where I want you."

Tezuka was paralyzed with shock as Fuji captured his lips for the third time. When they finally parted, Fuji beamed up at him.

"Saa, shall we go to my house to study?"

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