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Hush little Baby



It was night time, a little pass nine, 9:35, and a very taut string was viciously being pull by a soft and elegant finger. The string was a foot long, bright white and was very thin, it wasn't special. So why not torture it, but the thing was that, the string wasn't stretchable. It would've been more amusing if it was, rather than having your index finger with left-over red horrible marks. Unfortunately, Hinata wasn't the mood of caring what her delicate finger's think, it's what she thinks of screwing the string up! She wanted to keep on pulling it separate until it's cut into two. The situation of the string that it'll do good for Hinata's slight moody aggression and obsessiveness.


Little by little, Hinata slowly pull the string with only two of her index finger, the bloody red skin of hers didn't bother, nor it hurt. It only made the pain more intense and a bit pleasurable.


Just like that, the useless, lifeless string was pointless. It wasn't that must fun, "Stupid shit," she said, throwing the two new piece of strings and looking disappointed as she got up from her bed. She wore just a black tang-top and a pink undergarment, nothing unusual about wearing two separate colors into one ferocious body. She walked through her short hallway and made it to her small yet exquisite kitchen. She stared at the blue time clock, telling the time by the long hand pointing at seven and the short one pointing passing nine.

She sigh in boredom and sickness, not the kind of fever but the kind of desperate, "Boring," she said to herself, than turn to stare at her wide plasma television set. It was in high quality condition, brand new and she just look at it as if she just got it. The television, she received it a long time ago, and she just barely recognized it.

So instead of looking for something to do in her lonely spare time, she decided to watch something. Walk toward the expensive couch and sat on it, looked for the remote than turn it on. With a click, the bright light of the new world communication just flashed at her as she changed from channel to channel.

Click Click Click

"Boring boring boring... Urgh!" she was so frustrated with the pathetic channel that she throw the black remote on the floor like she did to the two piece string. But unlike the light weight string, the remote made a louder noise, "stupid thing," she bend her head down with two hands place on her head to try to relax. She sigh heavily as the t.v. kept playing on whatever program she left it on and was listening a bit of it's sound.

"... So Kelly, how old were you when you were pregnant?"

"ummmm I w-was 17"

"And you would say this was your turing point of a huge chapter of your life,"

"Well not exactly,"

"Humm, why would you say that?"

"Well, before I had a child, I was lost. Afraid of how it would of feel for the first time, even with my ex being beside me, it was a overwhelming experience. But when I went through it, I felt different for some reason, as if it change me"

"So your saying, it was a good thing that you did have sex, thus having a un-planning child in the process,"

"Not exactly good but, it made me more a bit happy,"


"You see, all my life I was bored of the things that I did, and always in pressure of pleasing my parents and over think things all the time. It was too much. I was just sick of all of it! I watched other people with better lives than I am in, it got me thinking when couples are together. It made me want to do what other people do. It surprise me how they draw me with just non-verbal communication, they just do it,"

"Yes, and your satisfy with the choice you did when it came with a child?"

"You know what, I don't regret whatever I did, it's like a bigger challenge for me,"


"It's seem we need to go for another commercial break, we'll be right back,"

Hinata's eyes widen a bit of wondrous, a very deep righteous wondrous. Suddenly, the television became silent, the clock stop, and her world became dark. The only sound she could hear was her own beating heart. She slowly licked her dry lips as he her hands slowly slide from her head down toward the clear taste of her neck.

Soon, her black reality world crack once she spoke two additional words that have never been escape from her precious mouth before, "A child,"


"A what?!"


"A what?" the woman repeated again but this time as a whisper, "Are you serious?" she asked, staring at Hinata in shock and confusion.

"Yes, I'm serious," Hinata answered, picking her shiny white tea cup from it's little flat plate and took a sip.

"Why?," asked Kanami, looking rather sad than shock as she did a few second ago. She knew well of Hinata's life and what she went through to get where she is now, but never in her young woman life that Hinata would ever thing of a 'child'.

"Isn't obvious Kanami, just look at me," Hinata expanded her arms apart to show her innocent friend, but from Kananmi eyes Hinata looked great. Like a perfect model with a ferocious body. So what's the deal? Kanami shock her head in response to Hinata's so call 'obvious' demonstration.

"I won't be like this forever, I'm not immortal, I age," she said.

"I don't see this as to having a baby,"

"I want to live a new life, I want something to do,"

"What about your family's company, isn't that enough to do," Kanami inform, trying to protest against her close friend's decision.

"Please, that shit could run it self if I let it, but even with its distraction it won't be enough for me to be doing something 24 hours. Beside, I want to 'do' something more fun and worth living," Hinata looked at another direction, straight through their view of a balcony. The day was light and welcoming as they picked the right place to discuss Hinata's desire.

"Wait... fun and worth living?" Kanami repeated the last four words that caught her attention more than the whole sentences. She recognized those method, or more like the ways of the Hyuuga. You see, the background of Hyuuga, they seem to have some gross craving. This craving only happen to them when they reach to a certain point of their life (in any age, even as a baby) and will tame this obsessiveness when they have it. For some reason the Hyuuga kept this as a secret but it wasn't a secret when Hinata told Kanami. And when she found out, Kanami have been witnessing Hinata slight obsessiveness. Once happen when Hinata reach the end of her Junior year as 12 class rank. She had good grades, high expectation, and was growing her fierce body. Overall, it wasn't what Hinata focus on, instead she wanted revenge from these teasing girls. During her first year as a new student as a freshmen, two girls humiliated Hinata. They made fun of her, and always find a way to make Hinata feel more sad than she already was. Gratefully, Hinata grew out of her protected shell and planned a villainous plan, one that will ruin them, just like they broke Hinata. By the end of her Junior, and the seniors were about to leave school, Hinata was crazily obsess of getting those senior girls back. So she switched their perfume product with a the smile of a sunk, switched their make-up with a itchy powder, and our of an ordinary, threw a piece of chewed gum one of their precious hair. It was one awful last of their high school life that they ever had, and will never forget.

After thinking what might occur in the future, like it did in the past, Kanami had a slight prediction of Hinata's new desire, "Are you planning of torturing someone?" she asked.

Hinata smiled, than spoke without a glances at Kanami's youthful face, "Not exactly," she stared down at the vast growing city, with loud signaling sound, cars transporting passenger, people crowded as they walked to their daily place. All looked well, but not as quite as entertaining as Hinata wanted, "More like a temptation desire," her smile widen as Kanami shook her head in disgraces, yet still support her friend no matter what.

"Than if I can't stop you, how are you going to get a baby? Are you going to adopt?" Kanami picked her mid-warm tea and took a sip.

"I should adopt but what's the fun in that," Hinata turned back and laughed lightly, "I should find someone whose willing to give himself to me, but than again, there is no fun in that as well," she thought.

Kanami eyes widen, "What's that suppose to mean?" not getting what's her friend's intention of having sex with a man, or wanting to do it freely. Probably she wants more than a free 'will' man.

"What I mean is, why should man have all the pleasure, it should be me who should be on top," Hinata giggled in excitment while Kanami sigh, "How about a virgin?"


"A virgin Kanami," Hinata declared as a few gushy wind passed through the steady balcony, but it didn't bother neither of them as Hinata proceed her thoughts, "Someone who never 'done it' but wants to but has no experience,"

"But wait, aren't you a virgin?" she question staring at her excited friend in curiosity.

"Define 'virgin'," Hinata smirked.

"You didn't!?"

"Calm down, I never did, geeze," Hinata heard her friend relaxed as she found out that Hinata was still pure, for now, "Anyways, that's the type of person,"

"But aren't you suppose to know him before he let you have sex with him. I mean, there are types of guys who are virgin but finding 'the one' that you are looking for is going to be hard," she instructed, drinking her tea a second later.

"I know that, I'm only 24,"

"Guys now a days lose theirs by that age or already have lost it," she said after finishing her tea, "Its going to be hard. Your option are the timid ones, and their usually the geeky ones,"

"Hummm yeah but..."

"But what?" Kanami waited for Hinata answer. Hinata turned back at the view again, and saw a image of her flashback. The flashback made her think of her old self as a freshmen and lower. She wasn't a complete unfortunate looking little teen, but she sure knew the differences of people and their hidden personality.

"There are the weaks, secure and gullible," Hinata made the most bright smile since the beginning of this tea picnic. Kanami fear of the outcome of this new obsession.


Knock Knock Knock




"Sasuke! Sasuke! Open this door damn it! I leave here too!" the loud mouth blond man shouted as he hit the door for his friend to open, but it wasn't responding, "Come on Sasuke, it wasn't that bad!"

After a minute of annoying hard knock, Sasuke finally open the door and force a quick pull on Naruto's shirt, "Whoa!" than landed roughly on the floor, "Ow,"

"Dumass," Sasuke mummer as he walked toward the couch and sat to watch the television (for some reason the television has some weird type of solution to people's problem these days). Once Naruto got up, he walked in front of Sasuke, blocking his view to the screen with a glaring stare. Now Sasuke regretted bring Naruto back inside, he knew(again) Naruto was going to something stupid to get Sasuke to listen, so he turn off the t.v. and spoke.

"I was wa-"

"What is your deal!?" Naruto shouted, as if Sasuke was some little child being looking down at.

"I don't want to ta-"

"So you were worship by girls, for goodness sake man! It isn't that big of a deal,"

"They. Try. To. Rape me. Idiot!" Sasuke quickly got up and began walking out of the t.v. room and straight toward his room, but Naruto grabbed Sasuke arm to stop him, "Let me go,"

"You really should be happy girls try to rape you, it's every freakin' guys dream. I still don't see it that you always take it as a negative way," he said letting Sasuke's arm free.

"Because," Sasuke gently rubbed his arm, "I don't want to have sex yet,"

"Then your fuck up, guys now-a-days lose their virginaty by this age. What are you, 24, 25-"

"I'm 23 stupid,"

"And yet, you still need to get laid,"

"How much that I need to tell you, I don't want 'it', I'm capable of getting it when I'm ready," Sasuke was upset when he got sick of this pointless conversation, so he walked away and left a disaster Uzumaki.

Naruto sigh heavily than landed himself on the couch, next to the spot that Sasuke sat on, "He really need a girl, or at least get fuck. I bet one fuck will seriously change his screw-up life," the 25-year-old Naruto reached to the remote and turned it on to watch something as he think a way to help his lonely friend.



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