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Rage. Malevolent. Evil. Aggression. Heinous. Deception.

All these words were rolling in Itachi's head once Hinata exposed the truth of her lost innocence. It was like an arrow straight to the heart and pass through it. Since the beginning relationship with Hinata, Itachi seriously wanted to give himself to her but she deny him constantly and he couldn't hold his temper. So instead forcing her, because he did respected her privacy, he sleep with any random hot girl he found in the club to please his urges. And now, they both lost their virginity to any random people except each other.

The moment was intense, Itachi gulped and was about to speak but shut back his mouth. He didn't know what to reply and yet has so much to say. Hinata could tell his reaction but surprise to see that he didn't say anything that would keep him calm. Feeling the high pressure and 'defeated', Itachi just changed his expression to relaxation and turned around to leave. Hinata watched cautiously as her ex leave as defeat he should feel.

Relief of his departed presences, Hinata smiled in triumph while a side of her emerge as a great goddess. She never felt so alive and bright. Winning against Itachi sure was the turning point of her new life revealed rapidly. Eventually she'll have to thank Sasuke for participating in her game, even though he didn't volunteer, Hinata still wanted to reward him.

"Oh Haji!" she snapped her finger, but in a polite way to show that she didn't intent to do it in a demanding order.

In a few second, a handsome man in his formal servant uniform appeared behind his excited mistress that he strictly obey, "Yes, lady Hinata," he bow slightly, showing his interest and ears to her only.

"Haji, I need you to make a phone call to a certain someone for me," she said happily.

"Of course Lady Hinata," he said, "Anything else?"

"Perhaps we should invite Kanami, she would be thrill to see him. What do you think Haji?" she stare at him for a second to hear his gentle answer.

"Whatever please you my lady," he smiled toward her overwhelming day.

"Excellent than," she softly clapped, as she walked out of the room than came back with the phone number of Sasuke Uchiha.

Later that day, Kanami finally reached to Hinata's place. She was running out breath for going to ever place that Hinata might be in but for some weird reason she thought less of finding Hinata in her own home, 'This better be the last place. Oh why didn't I thought of this place first to come,' she thought, walking toward her door and rang the bell.

In a few minute a servant answer and told Kanami that Hinata was busy in her room. Kanami became oblivious toward the servant and ran to Hinata's room.

"Hinata!" Kanami burst straight in her friends room without any permission and startle her.

"Kanami! Ever heard of knocking," Hinata approached near Kanami with disturbances, "You startle me," she said.

"Sorry Hinata, but I came here in urgent message about Itachi," Kanami was breathing heavily, not giving her lungs time to expand, than cough in result of not breathing propertly.

"W-What?" hearing that's man's name gave her spine a real chill and explosion. It anger her mind to even mention his name let alone hear it from someone else beside her.

"It's true. I received an envelope stating about his arrival, here in Konoha-"

"That's enough talk Kanami. As much I like being inform about vaild facts, but to this issue, I dismiss the statement about his appearnce in Konoha. Beside," Hinata's frown turned to a smile which surprised her friend, "He won't be disturbing us for a long time,"

Kanami looked puzzle with her head tilt to one side, "What do you mean?" she asked as Hinata walked toward her closet that are full with fashionable dresses and matching shoes to go with. It alert Kanami;s head that Hinata got something up her sleeve. Once again, her best friend is on her mischief game.

Later, on that day, Sasuke got a call from an unfamiliar person. He was instructed to appear in Hinata's household. The man on the other end spoke gentle and proper elegant fit for a gentleman. Sasuke was about to protest until he was hang-up and didn't speak for himself. He wasn't going to go, but decided afterward when Naruto couldn't stop blabbing about the broken television. Sasuke ditch Naruto and arrived to the huge house. After Sasuke left, someone knocked inside the apartment. Naruto was furious and enrage toward the people who broke his door. Things started bad to worse on his day, until that person who entered made a deal with Naruto.

In the house in one of the wealthiest woman in the country sat across from the son of one her competitor. Sasuke wasn't thrill or excited for being in a presence of a true woman, to be honest, he was furious out of his mind as Hinata smiled proudly of her day that felt like an insult toward his face.

"Why am I here?" he snaps, after receiving his dinner plate and not eat it. He glared at Hinata while ignoring the young lady sitting next to her.

"Why are you upset?" she asked politely, not offended of his snap. Instead showing of fear, she offered Sasuke more champagne. In response, he frowned for her silly distraction. She saw his sudden disappointed yet annoying expression.

"Fine," she sigh, laying the expensive bottle of alcohol on top and adjust herself than stare at Sasuke's dark eyes, "You're here to celebrate with me and my friend. There, I told you……" she grabbed the bottle back and pored grape taste of champagne in her glass. Sasuke on the other hand wasn't impress nor steady to her answer.

"That's it," he said.

"I wasn't going to be explain, I answer you," she drank and lay it back down. Kanami felt in a tie. One side, she was with her trusted friend and yet confuse of her new method. While on the other direction, her friend's breed suitor, did have the right to know where he stand in her plan. She wants to help Hinata but don't have the word. It was hopeless and overwhelming at the same time. So she drank up her whine and wear it out.

During the next hour of destruction with our unusual couple, someone threw half empty bottle of wine, while the other person dodge and argue some more to anger that person. The fight got to out of hand until they finally got to close and realized that they forgot why they were fight. No one in that long table room ever remember what they did because they got too drunk. Kanami fell asleep from where she sat. But it was Sasuke and Hinata who moved in a more comfortable and private room through the whole night.

The next day, Kanami woke up with a huge hang-over for the first time in her life and made a promise to never tell no one about it, especially her boyfriend. Which led her to leave the house quick and forget about Hinata. On the up stair rooms, Sasuke and Hinata woke separately. Sasuke woke up early and found out that he just had sex with the same woman he despise and yet relief it wasn't no one else. He got up quickly and change, but his movement disturbed Hinata's slumber and woke her up. She secretly watched Sasuke change back and leave silently, not having any sight of knowing she watched him leave.

Over the next few weeks, Hinata waited patiently for her period to miss. She doesn't tell Sasuke about her plan because she knew he'll get furious at her for devising him for her own temptation desire. She wanted to make it up by inviting him over but since their last night together, she was unable to. She would rather wait.

As for Sasuke, he tried to move on but since those night of lust and hot sex, he couldn't stop thinking of his own desire. The craving of releasing tempt him to fuck again but he couldn't 'do it' with another woman. He wanted the woman who pleased him and accepted him. But, instead of having the guts to confront the woman he desire, he masturbate constantly while thinking of that hard erotic night with her.

After the first month and three weeks, Hinata was defiantly in progress of pregnancy. Her vomits came often at mornings than at night. Kanami was happy for her friend and celebrated by shopping for baby clothes, to prepare for the upcoming arrive a newborn heir. They did everything together while Hinata was in verge of a new life with a child.

Eventually, her happiness wouldn't last forever, because word spread like venom. Not only her family knew about her pregnancy, her ex found out. Itachi was the only one who did not like good of the newborn. In fact, the thought of Hinata giving birth to a child that wasn't his disgusted him, but what really revolted him was that it belonged to his own little brother. It was degrading and raging. No one expected Itachi Uchiha to be envy toward his less interested brother, that's because Itachi never was, until now. His plan was simple, kidnap Sasuke and kill the unborn child in her womb but make it seem it was Sasuke who did it. Make them both suffer than just one. Kill two birds with one stone, how brilliant.

Naruto was the secret man working under Itachi's control, in exchange for revenge on Sasuke. It was payback for ruining the most enjoyable technology that this world had ever created, also, Itachi promise to replace the old television with a new one, a better one. Naruto agree without question, and did as he was told. He sneak in Sasuke's room one night and drug him to sleep. Than prepare his body for the preparation.

Hinata was indeed fat. The woman gained extra weight in her stomach than she could imagine. It was the seven months, and already she was having trouble bending, let alone use the restroom. The servants try to help her mistress but she demand for no use of extra hands. She wanted to do her own labor out of her own two human hands. Sometimes it was hard, but it was the bliss of her new born. One day, she walked in the park to better her breathing, Kanami left to get some ice cream. Hinata waited quietly by the small river and watch her wide reflection in curiosity. As she try to bend down to see really close on her reflection, a sudden dark figure appeared behind her. Hinata saw the figure's reflection but was too late. He pushed her.

It was too soon and quick, she couldn't pull herself up or swim properly because of the extra weight. Just barely out of the water, she saw Sasuke in shock. In a instant, she thinks it was Sasuke who push her, to kill her child. He stood there for about seven second, watching her drown on a five feet deep river. He snap himself back to reality and reach to save her. By the time he got her out, he found out the water temperature was extremely, than just remember that it rained two days ago and it was still cloudy. Hinata was shivering uncontrollably and was in a lot of pain. The push on her back and the splash on her stomach seriously damage her. Kanami came back and found Sasuke carrying Hinata.

They quickly took her in a near hospital to prevent any damage. Sasuke was nervous and anxious. The day he got kidnap, he didn't know what to do, they tie him and sent him somewhere. Than, after a few trips with his eyesight gone, he found himself drowsy and blur out of his mind. Once he got them back, someone push him in the scene at the part of Hinata falling. He didn't know how she fell or how big she gotten, it was too sudden for him. He dash to rescue her and got to safety. Than, the next thing he remember is standing at the waiting room. Waiting for her to be safe as Kanami sits down nervously.

Than, a few more minutes late, the doctor told them her condition was steady but were unsure of the child. Sasuke wasn't aware of her pregnancy until the doctor inform directly, this was a total shock, especially when he found out it was his. Kanami told him the truth, she confessed the words that should been in his ears since the discovery of the unborn. His reaction wasn't a surprise, Kanami knew he would over react to a sentimental state because Hinata told her about Sasuke's weak points. He was a gentle man with lack of response to any lady in his presences. And now, here he was, in shock of his own unborn child that might be in serious danger or in verge of death. Sasuke took it heinously with slight of vengeance running in his blood.

They were allow to see her but not too long, they needed to start with some process to put Hinata in a better condition for her child. Kanami allowed Sasuke to take all the time, she knew he needed the last minute with her. Once he was inside shivering, he couldn't start at her round stomach or at her pale face. He was in guilt and terror. The time he spend with her was enough to speak with her, barely.

"W-Why are you here?" he breathing was lacking and her eyes with semi open. She could barely move because of the pain in front.

"I-I'm sorry......" he was lost in words, spoke softly but his lips were next to her ears to hear better. Sense of touching her brought in more guilt but decline his pathetic attempt.

"Is that all," she said, talking in a mummer, "Do you hate me?" she asked.

"....... no.... I don't hate you," he answered as he force his eyes away from her stomach and not touch it.

"Than why are you hear?" she didn't know why she asks these foolish questions when she the answer wasn't that hard to understand. Of course he was here to apologize for his action awhile ago. It was his fault that she fell and almost drown. She remember clearly of his face and the way it expressed when he stood there staring down at her and watched her drown into her death with her baby. He may not hate her, but she clearly does.

Sasuke couldn't answer, because he didn't know how. What should he say? I want you? Lets be together and raise a family? No! He wasn't the type to confess so easily. But why is he desperate to touch her and warm her. Is it love?

Time up! His chances to be with her was over. The nurse showed him the way out and left the building. That night he left straight from the hospital to his lonely apartment. Naruto didn't welcome Sasuke home because Naruto was sleeping in his own room with his special big television that he got from Itachi. On that same night, he made a vow to leave the place and to return back to the Uchiha Mansion with his parents and brother, where he truly belong. He started packing and cleaned his room through the whole night and made a call for a cab.

.......buy you a diamond ring

The next morning, Sasuke was back at the place that changed his family lives. He wasn't a very rich as a kid but when his father business hit hard at top, things were getting easy for them. He entered at the breakfast table and surprise them, especially Itachi who frowned in annoyances. Both the parents were thrill to see their baby son return back with his family. Itachi refuse to be in any part of his family reunion and hug his little brother, so he left quietly. No one noticed his disappearance until his mother call for him. Sasuke wasn't surprise. Though, he did went to talk to him and discuss about something personal.

"Did you know her?" Sasuke asked after going deeper in the conversation with Itachi.

"Not only I do, you did too," Itachi said, not showing any caring words for his brother interest to a certain girl. Sasuke was confuse about the last part, so he let Itachi to continue, "Four years ago, I went out with a girl. Her name was Hinata Hyuuga. You may not remember this but, you broke a picture of her when you worked for me back than. Your distracted mind was too careless and lack memory to even recognize her face in the picture. You saw her perfectly but decree the portrait and replace the glass," his explanation made sense. Sasuke didn't know how to react, but he was curious about Itachi's action after he found out about the picture. Before Sasuke got the chance to say another word, Itachi walked toward him and instantly sock Sasuke left cheek. Sasuke saw stars after the hard hit, than found himself on the ground with right hand on his cheek and left on the floor.

"You thought I wouldn't find out about you and her!" Itachi than kick Sasuke directly on the stomach, causing him to bounce up and cough out blood. Than again, he made his kick twice as hard than the last. Sasuke was on the lavish ground panting as he cough out blood on the floor than at his hand. Sasuke became semi conscious and was in pain than ever. His brother own brother beat him for loving the same that broke his heart. Itachi grabbed Sasuke's hair brought him to stand than punch him again on the stomach and than on his cheek. Sasuke didn't fight back because he was never in these type of situation before, especially with Itachi. He was a professional. Itachi grabbed Sasuke's arm, preventing him from falling, than punch right, left than up. The older brother was panting from his assault. Sasuke saw notice his brother was getting tired but wasn't going to end it early, "You bastard, because of you I can't touch her,"

Than, it came to him. It was Itachi. Itachi. It was he who kidnap him yesterday and caused Hinata to drown. It was him. Of course, it make perfect sense. Before Sasuke could react or had any strength to fight back, Itachi pin him down, trying to choke his own little brother to death, "I warned you. You left me no choice. Die Sasuke! Die........" Itachi was choking his own brother. Sasuke was desperate for air. He clawed on the floor as Itachi shake his neck, making death come quick, to end Sasuke's life. Sasuke's eyes slowly fall and himself. He was about to give until he mustered up his last strength and sock Itachi off. Sasuke abruptly crawled away from the spot to the wall, next to the window. He used the curtain to lift him to stand steadily. Itachi got up and was piss, "Damn you brother. You should've done that...."

"No, you're the one who is warn,"

"Heh, how foolish we truly are,"

"Perhaps I am, but what are you?" Itachi did not reply, he merely made a small smirk on his face until rampaging straight toward the window after Sasuke moved out of the way. He fell from a six story high floor and landed dangerously on his head. Sasuke barely made any movement after Itachi's fall. He was bleeding from his mouth and had bruises on his stomach. Everyone from the house heard the glass crash and ran outside to see the commotion. Once everyone were outside, Sasuke lost conscious and was taken to the emergency room. As for Itachi, he never recover from the fall. That last fall was his final performance. If only he went back in time to tell his brother what he really was, maybe that fall wouldn't be his last. He would of realize he was just insane, that his defeat endure him more than he realize. Everyone would of know, but at least lived to notice it. But it was too late.

At month later, the Uchihas pay a special honor to their strongest member in the family. Itachi's parents were heart-broken. His mother cried endless since the beginning of the ceremony. Sasuke was there to pay a special tribute to his dead brother and made a small speech to him. Before the funeral was over, Hinata appeared with dozen of white flowers on her hand. She ignored Sasuke and placed the white flowers on Itachi's grave. It was the first Hinata actually cried for Itachi. Sasuke followed her after she walked away.

"Hinata, wait...."


"I said wait!"

"Leave me alone!" she struggles to free herself from Sasuke's grip.

"No. We need to talk," he demanded, grabbing the second hand as she pulls herself away from him but he was too strong for her but the more she pull, the worse it got inside his stomach.

"No. We have nothing to talk about-"

"What about my child!"

"He is-"

"Your friend told me everything," Hinata ease herself than stare at him. She saw his eyes in pain and neglect. She should have told him the truth and maybe this wouldn't have happen, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want you to know that I have deceive you,"

"But you have. You never told me you dated with my brother-"

"I didn't know he was your brother until I found out his death. I thought you weren't related to Itachi-"

"Yes I was! He was my brother and your ex. You lie to me,"

"Lie! I never lie to you. I only deceived you but lying I am not,"

"Why? Why did you play me?"


"Tell me!"

"I-I ....... I....." she whispered her words, mortify to speak the truth.

"Well!" he grabbed both shoulder and shook her once to force her eyes to stare at his.

"I'm sorry...." she stared down, away from him as she tell him, "I was desperate and need of new experience. I hunger for pleasure but finding the right suitor wasn't easy until you came. Something about you desire me to reproduce and help you miraculously. You are different and for that, I was bliss," she blushed after she was done and kept her eyes down from his. She saw her stomach at it's size and form. Just one more month and soon, a new heir will be born. But what about the father; will he join her? Or will he hate her for deceiving him and leave? Her answer was found by a kiss from the father himself. Sasuke lifted her head than kiss his child's mother. They both knew what would be next.

One month and two weeks later

Trust me people, just because Hinata was pregnant, that doesn't count the fact she was able to have sex before her child's birth. After she gave birth to a health boy, the next thing in her mind was to get marry.

Sasuke wasn't the one who propose.

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