Part 3 Romantic drabbles

1. The billionare and a President

"Winema, we've been such good friends these past years, but something has changed."
R.J Brande told the President of the United Planets over lunch in her home one day.

Winema looked at him and guessed what he was getting at but decided to let him finish what he was trying to say.

"I've grown to love you as more than a friend and I couldn't bear to keep it inside anymore."
"Do you feel the same?" he said as his heart beat quickened and a small hope seemed to flutter on fragile butterfly wings.

Winema beamed a radiant smile at him. She had been right! He did love her! "R.J, I love you too!"

They got up from the table and embraced each other, for a moment not thinking about their duties or their public images. Or the kids they had with their long gone ex spouses and how they would react.

2. What if?

Garth was trying to make sense of what he felt. Was it just attraction or was it something deeper?
Tinya had kissed him on two occasions but did she feel the same or had it just been playfulness and just slight attraction that wouldn't develop further than that?

He didn't have the luxury of time to really think about things before they were alone together again and he acted on impulse and kissed her. Her reaction was what he had hoped for and more but they were both a bit dazed. They had to start somewhere but would it last? Not even Brainy had the answer to that question.
Only time would tell.

3. Drax thinks about Phantom Girl

Drax would always remember that girl, she seemed to haunt him in some odd way he couldn't put his finger on.
She was partly to blame for his hated enemy's escape but he couldn't bring himself to hate her. Instead, he kept seeing her angelic face with those doe eyes.

Eyes that could drive a poor lost soul to further madness with the knowing he would never see the likes in there.
She could have been his salvation. Wait, she still was! Wasn't she?

Author's Notes

Edit July 2010: it seems that the text for this chapter had been blended together without any clear signs or spaces
where one drabble began and the next started, i hope i managed to fix that issue.

The Garth x Tinya and the Drax in love with Tinya drabbles are dedicated to BlueRaven aka RogueKitty.

The last one was inspired by the episode "Phantoms" and my thoughts about Drax and who he would most likely be fascinated with. A friend wrote a story where he tries to manipulate her into freeing him and it inspired me to finally write a short drabble about Drax dealing with his growing feelings for Tinya.