The fresh scent of the cool breeze brought the sweet feeling of a new season to the tennis courts of Seigaku.

The famous team was out and about with their usual practice routine as they prepared for an upcoming match.

"Momo-senpai, I bet you I can do a Drive B with my right hand and make you hit it out of the court," the first year prodigy called out from across the net.

"I'm going to make you regret that bet!" the second year yelled back with a smirk.

As the tennis players practiced with their assigned partners, Tezuka observed his team as he stood on the sidelines, arms crossed with a serious expression.


He turned around to find the tensai standing next to him.

"Aa, Fuji, what is it?" he asked, returning his attention back to the courts.

"What are you doing tomorrow? It's Saturday, and we have no practice or match," Fuji smiled his usual smile.

"I don't have anything planned so far," Tezuka admitted. "Oi, you over there! No snacking during practice or 20 laps!" He glared at the first year Horio who jumped up in surprise and quickly stuffed the chocolate bar into his pocket.

"Then, how about we go to the bookstore? There's a new novel I've been looking forward to buying," Fuji suggested.

"Aa," Tezuka merely nodded, still staring ahead.

"Or, you can come stay over tonight, and we can sleep in tomorrow…"

Tezuka narrowed his eyes as he turned towards the tensai.

"Fuji," he said warningly.

"Ne, Tezuka, why so shy? It's not like you're a virgin anymore-"


"Hehe," Fuji chuckled as Tezuka, who was now blushing bright red, tried hard to give him an even colder glare.

"Go back to practice Fuji or 20 laps!"

"Hai hai, Buchou."

Fuji turned around, taking a step towards his assigned court.

"I want to grab dinner at the café first before we go to your house."

Fuji paused, smiling to himself. He turned back around.

"Then dinner first it is, Buchou!"

Tezuka flinched at the nearly too gleeful voice of the tensai. Although it had already been two weeks since he and Fuji were officially going out, he was still not used to it and often got nervous around the tensai, especially when it came to…their love-making.

However, as much as he still looked cold and serious to everyone else, he was secretly happy on the inside as well.

As for Fuji, he was looking forward to the weekend. Last weekend was filled with practice, and the week before was the game. The last match had nearly worn them out as the school's doubles pair, proving true to its reputation, had given them quite a challenge. But the Perfect Pair had pulled through at the last minute and won the game 7-6. As much as he enjoyed playing doubles with Tezuka, Fuji was relieved that they finally have a free weekend this time.

"Ne, Tezuka, I forgot to tell you something," Fuji added.

Tezuka faced the tensai. "What is it, Fuji?"

Fuji took a step forward, motioning for the taller boy to come closer.

Tezuka frowned, but nevertheless, leaned forward and turned his face to the side to allow the tensai to speak into his ear.

Fuji tiptoed as he cupped his hand over the taller boy's ear and whispered, "I think Kaidoh and Inui are fighting. Look behind me."

Tezuka turned his head towards the tensai to look at the court behind him.


"Fuji!" Tezuka cried out as he stumbled back, blushing furiously with one hand covering his mouth after the tensai had planted a surprise kiss on his lips.


Tezuka blinked and turned around.

Momoshiro had dropped his racket, mouth completely open.

Echizen tipped his hat with a smirk.

Oishi gaped wide-eyed as a tennis ball flew past his head.

Kikumaru blushed bright pink with imaginary cat ears up on their ends.

Kaidoh stared dumbfounded, racket dangling by the edge of his fingers.

Inui adjusted his glasses, smiling in satisfaction.

Even Ryuzaki stood there with her mouth open in complete shock.

Tezuka blinked a couple more times at the sight of his whole team and coach frozen in their place.

He took a deep breath.


Everyone's eyes widened. "H-Hai!"

As tennis balls began flying and rackets swinging again, Tezuka shook his head before directing his attention back to the culprit, who was standing there with a so-called innocent smile.

"Oops, I guess I shouldn't have done that in public."

"30 laps!"

"Ne, but that wasn't tennis related."



Tezuka turned his head at the familiar voice and saw Oishi approach him.

"When I said that Fuji admired you, I didn't know it meant in that way," the vice-captain chuckled uneasily, sweat falling down the side of his head.

"Fuji and the buchou dating? Wow," Momoshiro whistled as he hit a ball to Echizen's side. "Perhaps we should've made a bet on that one. I'm pretty sure I would've won."

Echizen smirked. "Mada mada dane."

"Whew! I had no idea that you swing that way, Tezuka," Ryuzaki smiled as she walked up to him. She turned to look at Fuji. "So you were the one who was on Tezuka's mind all this time."

"Really? Tezuka was thinking of me?" Fuji smiled excitedly.

Tezuka groaned.

"Tezuka, I'm glad you finally took my advice," Ryuzaki smiled proudly as she patted his back. "And don't worry. I may be an old lady, but I'm still young at heart with an open mind and fully support you and your sexual orientation."

Tezuka smacked his head.

This. Is. Not. Happening.

"But Fuji, make sure this doesn't effect your tennis," the coach warned. "I'm less worried about Tezuka, but you, I want to make sure that you do not slack off at all."

"Don't worry, Ryuzaki Sensei." Fuji opened his eyes to reveal clear, blue orbs as he faced Tezuka. "I'll play serious. Anything for my buchou."

Tezuka felt like throwing up at that moment.

"All right, then I'll let you two be," the coach nodded as she walked away back towards the bulletin board.

"Ne, Tezuka. I forgot to tell you. I brought your things that I never got a chance to return to you."

Tezuka blinked, puzzled. "My things?"

Fuji frowned. "You know. Your purple shirt and black pants and umbrella, from those first two times."

"Purple shirt and black pants…" Oishi crinkled his eyebrows as he looked down and pondered to himself. "Wasn't Tezuka…the party…" Suddenly, his eyes widened as a realization dawned on him and his face blushed bright red.

"Tezuka! You and Fuji!" He looked at his captain, then at the tensai, then back at the captain again. "You two! At the party!"

Tezuka groaned again, shaking his head as his face fell helplessly into his hand.

"Oishi, what's wrong? Why is your face so red?" Kikumaru asked curiously as he walked over from the court.

"E-Eiji! Well…" Oishi stammered, smiling uneasily. "Um, you see, well, er…" He glanced to his side at Tezuka glaring at him warningly. "I…think we should practice more on that Australian formation!"

The redhead blinked. "I thought we have that one down-"

"It's never bad to get better," Oishi laughed uneasily, quickly pulling Kikumaru by the wrist back to the court.

"Tezuka, perhaps I shouldn't have brought those things since you're staying over today anyway," Fuji smiled.

"Fuji, get back to practice! Where's Takashi?"

"Oh, I forgot to mention. He's taking a bathroom break. He accidentally drank Inui's water bottle during our water break."

Tezuka sighed. "What was in it this time?"


Tezuka blinked. "Aa, why didn't you try it as well?"

Fuji flinched. "I wasn't thirsty."

"But isn't that your favorite drink?"

Fuji grimaced, remembering the last time he drank Aozu at the bowling alley during their recreational activities. "It…doesn't fit my palate." Suddenly, Fuji's eyes widened as he saw a small smirk form on Tezuka's lips.

"But why don't you test it today? We are using Inui's special drink as a penalty for next week-"

"I'll pass," Fuji quickly added, chuckling uneasily. He forgot that despite his blockhead appearance, Tezuka can be quite clever at times.

Fuji secretly smiled within. Only he was allowed to see that side of Tezuka.

"Ne, Tezuka, why don't you go check my bag if I got everything. I'm not sure if I brought the right umbrella back because it looks so much like Yuuta's, and he accidentally left his in our house a few days ago."

Tezuka nodded. "I'll go take a quick look." He walked over to the bench where all the bags lay as Fuji walked back to his court to wait for Takashi.

Unfortunately, Inui had once again left his odd concoction overnight the day before in the locker room, bottle open and all, which had brought a lot of unsettling…creatures, into the clubroom. Now all their belongings had to be left on the outside benches during practice as the school spent another chunk of its budget cleaning up the mess in the locker room.

Tezuka reached Fuji's bag and picked it up, noticing too late that the bag was already open and all of its contents fell out, including some of Fuji's books and a plain looking notebook.

Tezuka sighed as he bent down to pick up the mess. He reached out for the open notebook that was sprawled out on the ground when he caught sight of something unusual on the page it was turned to.

That's not Fuji's writing.

Curious, he picked up the notebook and read its contents.

His ears and cheeks slowly turned a bright shade of red.


"Yes, Tezuka?"

"200 LAPS!"

Author's note:

Thanks for reading, but oh, it's not over yet, as there is a SEQUEL!

Everything may be fine and dandy for now, but what will happen when someone threatens to tear these two apart? Our favorite couple will have to deal with a no sex for a week punishment and a surprise, unexpected guest who decides to visit Seigaku!

Please check out the sequel, "The Harassment of Buchou: Second Match!"

Thank you all again for reading this story to the very end and for leaving comments and writing such great reviews. This being my first Prince of Tennis fanfic, I actually didn't expect it to be this long (and this angsty). It was originally supposed to only be a short, comical story. But, the characters seemed to take a life of their own as they developed throughout the chapters and their emotions evolved.

It looks like the Perfect Pair will be my main focus!

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