Author's Notes: Hey everyone. This fic is a sequel-ish to my other story Cross Jurisdictions (CJ), but it is not necessary to have read the story. I have included the necessary knowledge below, so if you read that you should be fine. CJ was a Criminal Minds crossover, but if you don't watch it, it's also fine, because this fic is focused on NCIS, but again, read below for more details. It's set after Hiatus and will go through pre-Shalom and the rest of season 4.

Okay, so some things new readers should know about the previous fic that may be important in this story:

1. The first scene (in italics) is the last scene of the last chapter ('Hiatus') in my last fic.

2. Cross Jurisdictions involved a case whereby a man was killing the wives of Naval personnel who had been cheating on their husbands. The NCIS team was working with the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit (the Criminal Minds characters) since it was their case first.

3. Ziva went undercover with McGee as the husband who was never home and Tony as her lover who was always home. Think Undercovers from season 3.

4. Whilst this is not exactly a cross-over fic, it will frequently feature Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss from the BAU team, simply because I love the friendship that I developed between them during CJ. You can think of her as an OC, but what you need to know about her is that she lives in Ziva's building (across the hallway actually), she babysits her boss' three year old son occasionally (they have a complex relationship in my fic) and her mother is an Ambassador. Can't think of anything else to add.

5. Emily held a party for both teams at the end of the case at her place. Nice and slightly corny scene between Tony and Ziva, which essentially ended with Palmer walking in at the wrong moment.

6. By the way, this is set immediately after Hiatus. The first scene in italics is later on the night that Gibbs retired.

Hope you all enjoy this. If you have any questions or if you're confused by anything that's written, PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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Chapter One: Day One Under DiNozzo's Reign

Ziva felt nervous, lost and confused as she walked down the hallway of Tony's building. She had made the split second decision that it was he that she needed to speak to. And there she was.

She halted in front of his door, pressing her forehead to it before deciding to knock, knowing then and there that there was no going back. Tony answered the door after about a minute, casually dressed in a tracksuit pants and a t-shirt.

"Ziva?" he asked confusedly as he leant up against his door frame, "What are you doing here? It's like 2300."

"I could not sleep," she replied simply, looking away from him at the same time, "I actually don't know why I am here. I should go." And she turned away from him, but as she moved, he placed a firm grip on her arm and pulled her back towards him.

In one movement, he collected her hair in fist and pulled her lips to his own, consummating the kiss that both had been waiting for since long before their recent undercover operation. In a sweep of passion, he pulled her into his apartment and shut the door behind them, still capturing her lips in exotic bliss.

Ziva woke with a start the following morning, taking a few moments to grasp her surroundings. She blinked a few times as the blurry view of a white ceiling came into view. She rolled over to face the bedside, feeling the limp arm resting over her naked torso fall to the mattress.

"What are you doing, Ziva?" her companion asked groggily as he, too, rolled over to face the bedside table where the alarm clock was located, "It's 0600."

"We have work, Tony," she announced, pulling away from his approaching grip. She ducked out from under the covers, taking a bed sheet with her. She grabbed her clothes, which were strewn all over the bedroom floor, and walked to the bathroom.

"You know, you can change here, Ziva," Tony called out after her as he jumped out of the bed, "I've seen it before." He pulled on a pair of clean boxers and walked to the bathroom door. "And multiple times last night," he added seductively as he leant up against the left side of the door frame.

Ziva sighed and cursed him in rapid Hebrew under her breath.

"Well, that certainly did not sound friendly," Tony laughed as she pushed passed him, now fully dressed.

"I will see you at work," she called back as she walked out his door.

"Yeah, see ya," Tony muttered unnecessarily. She was long gone. He shook his head as he picked up his own clothes from his cluttered bedroom floor and threw them into his laundry basket.


Ziva fumbled through the keys on her key ring, looking for the one that allowed her into her apartment. The elevator door opened to her floor and she walked out, still fumbling through her keys, her mind not really focusing on the task at hand. She noticed FBI Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss, her friend and neighbour, walk out of her own condo and towards her, so she quickly found the right key and unlocked the door to her residence.

"Oh dear," Emily announced, stopping Ziva at her door, "Someone's doing the walk of shame."

"I don't know what you are talking about, Emily," Ziva said grouchily as she pushed passed her friend and into her condo's hallway.

"No, you probably haven't heard the term before," Emily conceded as she followed Ziva into the kitchen, "What happened last night?"

"Nothing," Ziva lied as she looked through her fridge and grabbed out a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice. She offered Emily some, which she declined with a shake of her head.

"So, what happened?" Emily asked again while Ziva drained her glass of juice in one, "Where were you? I got home at 2330 and knocked on your door. I knew you wouldn't be sleeping but I didn't know that you wouldn't be home. I thought that maybe you still had the case, but I guess not."

Ziva hesitated, avoiding the profiling gaze of her highly trained friend's eyes, and then broke the silence. "I must get to work. I have a lot of paperwork after the last case. And you need to go also."

"Fine," Emily said, throwing her hands up in defeat, "But we will talk tonight."

"Yes, okay," Ziva replied as she ushered her friend out the door before dashing to the shower.

Her mind flickered back to the previous night as she washed her body of the smell of her new team leader. Her body and soul were overwhelmed by memories of their escapade, the way she felt in his arms, the way she squirmed to get back on top of him.

Try as she might, Ziva could not escape the overwhelming sense of dread. She did not want to, could not, face him so soon. She deeply did not want to discuss that which she could provide no answer for. Why had she gone to his house the night before?


"Nice of you to finally join us, David," Tony crooned as Ziva exited the elevator.

She ignored him, walking to her own desk and throwing her backpack on the floor.

"Wow," Tony continued, taking due notice of her actions, "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Or perhaps just the wrong bed." He laughed at his own joke and went back to his paperwork, ignoring Ziva's glare in his direction.

McGee, however, did not ignore the situation between his two colleagues. "Did something happen?" he asked suggestively.

"Go check up on Abby, McGossip-Girl," Tony ordered, pointing in the direction of the elevator to Abby's lab.

McGee shrugged, planning to go down there anyway to ask Abby if she noticed anything strange with Tony this morning. He logged off his computer and casually walked out of the bullpen, eyeing both Tony and Ziva suspiciously as he went by.

"So, are we going to talk about it?" Tony asked as he walked up to the front her desk as soon as McGee had left.

"Not here," Ziva told him, keeping her eyes on the report that she was reading, "This paperwork looks entertaining. Captain Mahir claims that we were in breach of his statutory and human rights when I threatened him with a weapon that he believed to be loaded."

"Jenny will take care of it," Tony claimed, pushing his palm down on to the folder as he said it, "Can we talk?"

"Where? The elevator?"

"Well, why not?"

Ziva ignored him, shoving his hand away and continuing to read the report. Tony conceded defeat and walked back into his own desk, still eyeing her with a reeling gaze.

Meanwhile, McGee entered Abby's lab with proclamation. He was slightly perturbed to see Gibbs' face gazing down upon him from every single one of her monitors.

"Want something McGee?" Abby asked without turning around.

"You see Tony and Ziva this morning?" he asked, trying to keep his eyes away from his former boss' piercing glances.

"Saw Tony," she replied, "He seemed chirpy. You know I had to get my own Caf-Pow this morning?" She turned her chair around to face him, sucking down what he assumed to be her first Caf-Pow of the day.

"Uh, I'm very sorry to hear that. Back to Tony, he was acting weird with Ziva this morning. Well, not weird, 'cos he always makes jokes at her expense, but I dunno, it was just different."

Abby simply ignored him, however, his overbearing presence caused her to react rashly. "Did you come down here for anything important, McGee?"

"Nope. I just thought that you might like some company."

"Well, then you thought wrong. I am fine. I can cope without Gibbs. Now unless you have anything important to tell me, and I mean work-related, leave me alone to work in my lab in peace."

McGee edged slowly away from her and out of her lab, clearly disconcerted by Abby's slight un-Abbyness.


Ziva walked into the bar Emily had invited her to earlier that day at approximately 2030. It was quite full of raucous and intoxicated guests playing pool, throwing darts and moving to the music on the club's small dance floor. She saw her friend sitting alone talking to the bartender.

"Ziva!" she called out brightly as she noticed her friend's presence in the bar. Ziva quickly shuffled over to her, hoping not to be stopped on the way by desperate men, and sat down on the stool beside her.

"Can I get you anything, honey?" the bartender asked as she handed Emily her next cocktail.

"Not just yet, thank you," Ziva replied and then turned to her friend, "Why are we out? I'm tired. I have not slept much in the past few days."

"Well, how was your day?" Emily said casually, deciding to start off her interrogation with a simple question.

A simple answer, however, was not what Ziva replied with. "I spent the day trying to avoid Tony." Emily's glance widened as she looked expectantly at her friend. "And the elevator," Ziva added dismally.

"Maria," Emily called out to the bartender, "Can I get a Mojito down here?" The bartender waved back at her, so Emily continued to badger Ziva. "What happened with Tony? Did you sleep with him? I knew it!"

Ziva knew that it was pointless to try and lie to her friend. Even though she could beat a polygraph test in her sleep, her new best friend worked amongst the best criminal profilers in the United States. She knew she could not keep anything a secret from Emily.

"I was having a bad day," Ziva admitted sorrowfully, taking a gulp of the drink that Maria had just passed her.

"That's how you spend your bad days? Hmph."

"I do not know what to do about this. He is my boss now and I know that there has always been something between us, especially recently, but nothing could ever happen. If my father found out..." Her voice trailed off, but Emily knew what she was going to say.

"Have you two spoken about it?"

"Not yet. Like I said, I have been avoiding him. But I know he wants to talk, which I find strange, but I do not comprehend what goes on within his tiny, tiny brain." She finished her Mojito and yelled out to Maria to make her another one.

"So tell me. I saw some of that undercover footage, so I can pretty much gauge what would have happened, but just how hot was the sex?"

"We are not here to gossip about my sex life!" Ziva announced indignantly as Maria placed her second drink of the night in front of her waiting hands.

"Oh come on, just a few details. Just thinking about gives me goosebumps." Ziva shot her a quizzical look and drank her cocktail quickly.

"It is hard. I don't even know how I feel about him," Ziva admitted as she placed her empty glass in front of her.

"Oh, you do know how you feel. Of that much, I am sure, Ziva."

Ziva looked at her friend unresponsively. She turned back to the bartender and yelled out for another drink. Emily stood up and shook her head in Maria's direction.

"Come on," Emily told Ziva, grabbing both of their coats, "We'll get a cab home. I'm assuming you took one here."

Ziva nodded, conceding defeat and following her friend out of the bar.

"We'll talk more about this when you've spoken to Tony," Emily announced as she hailed them a cab, "Which you are going to do tomorrow."

Ziva looked at her with a drowsy, yet questionable glance.

"I'm serious, Z, the sooner you do this, the better you both will feel."

"I disagree, Em," Ziva proclaimed as she sat down in the back seat of the taxi, "I plan to avoid the conversation until I no longer can."

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