All is Fair in Love and War.

→ (Come On, Like a Man - #01)

Biting her strawberry-chapped lips in sheer concentration, Hinata's pale eyes pierced the computer monitor before her. She read every line of every paragraph from the latest chapter of her favourite online romance novel: Chess; Pawn to Queen (whereby the male and female protagonist strategically attempt to win each other's hearts in both romantic and albeit sexual means). Hinata crossed her legs nervously when the words began to paint a very uncomfortable image in her mind but nonetheless enjoyed every moment of it (though she would never admit that out loud).

The twenty-something secretary breathed a heavy sigh when she finished, fanning herself with one hand. However, her moment of relaxation ceased once she remembered the duties she had to uphold around the office. "Love fantasy later, work now!" she yelled in her mind as she closed the window, her cheeks flushing at the thought of someone finding out about her secret. Just imagining someone like Kiba or Tenten learning of this secret would probably be worse than jumping off a bridge and surviving it. Lucky for her, the two of them hated computers (or anything that wasn't outdoorsy related) with a burning passion.

Opening the Firefox browser on her desktop, Hinata went straight to her email for the tasks ahead.

(To : Hyuuga Hinata

From : Uchiha Sasuke

1. Hinata, when's my meeting with the board? Please make sure my files are in the order (READ: I need the red files not the black. And don't open the black or you are more than fired.)

2. Call Naruto and tell him he's a pain in the ass. I don't really care about your high school girl crush on him so don't try persuading me otherwise.

3. If a woman by the name Haruno Sakura calls, you should know what to say to her. Treat her like every other woman I've met.

4. If 3 is compromised by her showing up here, don't let her into my office.

Get this done in three hours and don't bother me either.)

After reading her superior's short and succinct message, she pondered for a while about the business she worked in. Hinata knew that the Uchiha Corporation was very successful and one of the most powerful oil tycoon businesses in the world. Her father was incorporated into a similar business and thus from a young age, Hinata knew many parts of the expectations a high-power position commanded. But with Sasuke Uchiha it was entirely different. First of all, he was scary. Like really scary. Hinata had recently watched The Devil Wears Prada and for her, Meryl Streep was a saint in comparison. The man treated everyone like they were invisible and/or non-existent to an extent that was more than fearsome, and the wrath of an Uchiha Sasuke not getting his way was something Hinata would rather not think about. And secondly, Hinata never really handled anything business-esque rather she just ran personal errands he couldn't possibly handle himself. Sadly for her, she didn't really have the courage or the position to complain about his work ethics.

But before Hinata could delve into her daily list of chores again, a tremendous loud BAM entered the room followed by a pink-haired vixen dressed in a silver sequined dress. Hinata was frightened at first but looked at the woman in slight confusion; she was most likely another one of Sasuke's associates. "Sasuke-kun, pleaseeee pick up. I know you're there!" the woman snapped her phone shut and placed it on the secretary's desk. Hinata noted how similar their phones were before acknowledging her presence once more.

"W-Welcome to Uchiha Corportation, my name is—" Hinata couldn't help but stutter in the woman's (or anyone else's) intimidating presence

"Where's Sasuke-kun?!" asked the woman harshly, with a frown creating deep creases in her forehead. "I demand to know of his whereabouts."

"I-I'm sorry but Uchiha-san isn't in at the m-moment—"

"Like hell he isn't here. I saw his Lamborghini in the carpark. Want to try again?"

"H-He has many other cars, sometimes he takes ones and then goes back h-home in a limousine," she lied. Hinata had somehow gotten used to lying on Sasuke's behalf though she didn't feel and probably never would feel comfortable with it. Especially since her body enjoyed deceiving her.

"Uh-huh. Well FYI, you're a pretty pathetic liar, but I can't really argue with that. Tell him Haruno Sakura visited and he was to call three days ago about our dat—I mean meeting. Remember: Haruno Sakura visited. I'm not his usual slut and I never will be, no matter how dirty I might act," she said with her arms crossed.

"I-I'll remember that, Haruno-san. Thank you for visiting, Uchiha Corp." Hinata smiled at Sakura as sincerely as she knew how. Despite what Sakura said; Hinata knew that Sasuke didn't really care for anyone that wasn't him or a certain member of his family. As Hinata stood up to show Sakura the door (she slammed open), the glass vase beside her bumped to the side and came crashing to the ground. The once complete glass vase was suddenly lying as broken shards on the floor.

In a flash, Hinata bent down to inspect it only to notice a coy smile above her. Did Sakura intentionally break the glass for some reason?

"Maybe you should go clean that up," she advised with no hint of consideration in her tone.

"Y-Yes, I'm sorry your visit wasn't as enjoyable. I apologize." Hinata whispered, the last statement acting as a genuine parting but unbeknown to Hinata, leaving was the last thing in Sakura's mind. And as Hinata went to find something to collect the glass remains, she had no idea what Sakura and fate were plotting.

As the bobbed-haired secretary left to clean up, Sakura made it her priority to scan around the surroundings of someone close to her darling Sasuke-kun. Of course, after this; Sakura would soon earn the title of the person closest to him. Placing her manicured hands on the mouse, she hovered to the start bar (while "wow, windows vista sucks" popped into her head) and opened the internet program.

The secretary's work emails? Great!

Sakura immediately clicked the first and most recent one from her beloved. But her wide anticipating eyes soon filled with a small aspect of hurt. Especially when reading the line that mentioned her name. Was he that really cold-hearted?

No! Of course he wasn't! If that's the way he felt about her than Sakura was more than ready to prove to him that she was above the rest! His heart just isn't ready for that type of love! She wasn't just someone who fell head over heels over him and expected nothing but his name or reputation or money! She wanted love and he was it! Sakura reached for the phone and snapped it open, forgetting all inhibitions and going straight to the text messaging part.


U may not no how much I luv u. But I do + I want to prove that to u.

U make me rlly hot, bb ;DDD but I rlly respect u + wat u do.

If u want to find out how hot I am, call meeeee, plz.

Luv u no who. ;DDD)

After her quick message, she instantly hit 'send'. Applauding herself silently for the romantic gesture she had given. But before she could pack the phone in her bag, she heard footsteps approach and quickly left and picked up another phone instead. Lithely making her way to the door, Sakura's devil grin stayed plastered onto her face till she entered her fire-red Ferrari.

Picking up the vibrating cell phone on his desk, Sasuke silently checked what was going on. He remained focus on the sender of this new text message, making sure it wasn't one of those pathetic women who were high-in desperate to date him. Somewhat surprised by who it was, he opened the contents; adding a more surprised expression to his stoic face.

Was this some kind of sick joke?

(Hyuga Hinata


U may not no how much I luv u. But I do + I want to prove that to u.

U make me rlly hot, bb ;DDD but I rlly respect u + wat u do.

If u want to find out how hot I am, call meeeee, plz.

Luv u no who. ;DDD)

His eyes darted up, as he walked towards the grand mahogany door from his office. Placing his hands on the knob, Sasuke-kun was soon greeted with a certain secretary's ass and a broken vase.

As she hadn't noticed her superior checking her out, Sasuke pondered that maybe things around the office just might get interesting. And that the next day he went to work, maybe closing the new deal for his company wasn't the only thing he was going to look forward to.