All is Fair in Love and War.

→ (You Know Real Man - #03)

Grasping the sheets, Hinata clenched her eyes shut tight; her breath transitioning from long, sensual moans to a continuous of raspy gaps. She wasn't sure at what was happening but it felt dangerously good. It wasn't those clichéd feelings that many had, it felt more like a tingling and a restrained pleasure that was building up and up after every movement.

"I want to hear you say my name," she heard huskily whisper into her ear, but Hinata was to dazed and delirious to reply. "Say it," he repeated.

Trying to gain a bit of strength or even a momentum of it was too difficult, she just couldn't. But the voice was coupled with strong hands that made her comfortable, and made her know that he was patient. It dragged against the long inner thighs of her legs. That's all she needed.

"O-Oh Sa—"


And there was the ceiling. And a pretty, vast, ornate ceiling it was. With a blurry collection of images, Hinata wasn't sure if what transpired in her unconscious state of mind was real or a … dream. Gathering herself upwards, Hinata rubbed her eyes to full awareness. From the room (and the ceiling) she figured that she was still in the realms of Sasuke's upper-class penthouse. But by the fabrics against her skin… it definitely wasn't what she was wearing last night. A striped silk-buttoned shirt and a pair of boxer shorts replaced her less than frivolous French maid outfit. And the 'pajamas' were probably worth a lot more too. Did she change in her sleep? Or did someone redress her?

"By your confused look, it must be safe to assume that you have no recollection of the events that took place last night," Sasuke commented walking from the door he had slammed only moments ago. Hinata's light eyes stared at him questioning, every unspoken word trying to reach him telepathically.

… …. …

Sadly, it didn't work.

"What?" he asked, blatantly. Crossing his arms and leaning against a nearby wall.

Taken aback Hinata spurted out "Did we…?" her red beet blush finishing her sentence.

And for what Hinata swore was the first time, she heard him laugh. "I'm sure you would have remembered, Hyuuga,"

"B-But I remembered something w-we did together…" she whispered, enough for Sasuke to hear and in turn, become surprised. It took him less than a second to come up with a logical conclusion.

"You… had a dirty dream about me?" he questioned, his previous laughter becoming more evident now in his speech. Staring at him, her mouth slightly agape from her own confession; she wanted to hide in his sheets and never come out again. She did not just confess something like that… it was completely unprofessional not to mention highly unethical and it was just so wrong! She didn't even like him that way. At least, she didn't think she did.

For a moment, Hinata absorbed what was happening—why was Sasuke being so overly friendly to her in the first place? Hinata didn't question it at first but Sasuke had been the one initiating all their … 'romances' for the past two days. Was Sasuke the one that liked her? Slightly staring at him, as he laughed childishly; Hinata wondered whether or not she or he were really attracted to one another…

But the moment was interrupted as Hinata realised that he was still laughing. She was going to die of embarrassment.

Just. Die.

"B-But why am I wearing your c-clothes?" she asked once he got a hold of himself and stopped.

"Because I put you in them," he said immediately in the bluntest way possible. "And today is a work day, and as of this moment you are officially late. I expect you to be in my office or you can leave a resignation letter in your place."

Sasuke walked away for the day, a lingering smile tracing his face. Hinata sat dumbfounded with a hot pink blush on her own face.


14 Hours Earlier

"Care to explain the situation to us, you dirty pervert?" Naruto asked half coherently and half incoherently. His mouth filled with ramen noodles, flavouring and hot soup.

Sasuke didn't even have the stomach to look at him let alone answer. Instead he just gave a murmured sound, one that seemed befit as an answer.

"What was that?" Naruto questioned, slamming his extra (extra, extra, extra) large bowl to the wooden counter. "You know what, if Kiba and I hadn't caught you at that moment and showed up a few minutes later; we could have filed your dirty ass for fucking harassment. Because you don't have a relationship with your employees. That breaks the same amount of boundaries it'll take for all your bones to crack! You're lucky that Hinata is a nice girl and wouldn't even think twice to put a guy like you in his place, namely, a jail cell," his passage was so moving that for a slight moment, Sasuke was concerned about Hinata's welfare in the little chess game he was playing.

Kiba was slurping his own bowl without nodding at random moments of the speech. Sasuke looked at them only briefly to realise that they cared about her, some more than others and others merely out of sheer friendliness.

Sasuke wasn't like that, but he wasn't so much a typical playboy. Yes, maybe he did have relationships with more women than names stored in his head but it wasn't as if it wasn't mutually consensual—but then again… who wouldn't want to sleep with him? Not to make himself sound totally arrogant, but it was the truth.

"Naruto, what I do behind closed doors, is what I do behind closed doors. Realising prior events or having actual evidence should be a prerequisite before you decide to lecture me about anything. Even women. Goodbye."

Before the two could stop him, Sasuke had already walked towards his Aston Martin. And so the two only men, only stared at each other in astonishment and disgust.

"Gross. What a hentai," Kiba commented and Naruto agreed. "But you have to admit, Hinata looked pretty cute in that outfit." Naruto had to agree with that too.


12 Hours Earlier

Driving through a lightened tunnel, Sasuke had more time to contemplate about what was happening.

"U-Uchiha-san, please d-don't—"

He couldn't take that scene out of his mind for awhile but nor could stop himself from imagining what he could've done to her either. He felt a migraine coming on as two parts of his body hold conflicting interests. Because there was a beautiful woman lying in a very appealing outfit on his bed and there was also the risk of danger and a lot of other hot—

Ring. Ring.

Sasuke pressed the receive button on his Bluetooth enabled car.

"What?" he greeted coldly.

"Well, hello to you to. Is this how you greet the love of your life?" the feminie woman asked in a seductive drawl.

"No. Now what do you want?"he asked straightforwardly as his eyes drilled mental nails to the LCD screen display, the name forever haunting him. Karin.

"Just reminding you about that meeting we're having, and the settlement that we all agreed on. And I was wondering whether or not you and I should do something afterwards… maybe we could have a repeat of those nights when we used to do things."

"Karin. No," his voice seethed a type of loathing that was reserved for only a few people.

"But Sasuke-kun—"

"I said, no."


Even though Karin was an associate of his, and visited him every so often; there wasn't a time where he didn't grimace at the thought of it. The scarlet haired wrench was an annoyance, sort of like that other one he used to know. But in order to take his mind of it, he somehow managed to see a specific text messages in his car: the one Hinata had sent him. Then, just by looking it; he knew what he wanted. And what he wanted was someone who was under him.


10 Hours Earlier

Opening the grand doors into his bedroom, Hinata still laid unconscious on the bed. He noted her similarities to that of a dead log and mentally chuckled to himself. Silently in the dark, he began ambling towards her, watching her as she breathed. Once he was close enough, he could see her chest pushing up and out after each breath. Slightly aroused, Sasuke slowly unbuttoned his striped shirt, letting it lay stranded on the ground. He took another moment to stare at the woman on his bed, not realizing at how slow and patient he was because Hinata was the only thing he could think about for the moment. The length of hair, the flush of her lips and the ivory of her skin.

Watching her arch herself towards him due to his presence made him grip the sheets tightly. Sasuke positioned himself over her, his legs and arm allowing her to be underneath and between him. He moved his hand to the black lace of her outer-corset, tugging at the strings lightly for everything to come undone. Holding her to peel the layers of clothing from her skin, and all which was left, was a surprisingly beautiful naked body on his bed.

He was beginning to sweat from the sensual excitement that she elicited from him. His onyx eyes gazed at her from top to bottom, and his mouth yearning for something to taste. Sasuke slowly (and painfully) reached for Hinata's collarbone. Blowing on it warmly, he was rewarded by the sound of Hinata's short gasp and a slight squirm. But then it hit him…

At how creepy and pathetic the situation was. He really was a pervert. Shaking his head, he removed himself from the placement he put himself in. Thankfully, no one walked in on that one. What was he thinking… from the start of this… just because he and Karin had some sort of fling in the past and the text message, didn't mean he had to take do this to Hinata. However, as he moved away a slender arm grabbed his own, tightening their grip on him.

Sasuke looked towards that direction.

"N-No, don't stop… Sasuke," she moaned.

He didn't just imagine that, did he? He shook his head, incredulously once she dropped her hold on him. Bending down, Sasuke picked the shirt he left there and dressed her in it. He also gathered a pair of boxers, and took all her clothes into the wash—choosing to keep one as a reminder at how much of a closet pervert he really was. Sometimes a man has his weaknesses, even seemingly cold heartless ones, just like Sasuke.



As Hinata leapt out of bed, she noticed that there were a new set of clothes on the chair adjacent to where she was standing. Moving towards it she noticed how designer the clothes were (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Vera Wang) but wondered where something crucial was.

Where were her panties?

A note was situated on the table beside it, she squeaked at the message.

(Hyuga Hinata

If you are wondering where your undergarments are, I have them.

Try and find it if you can.)

Maybe she should start writing her resignation letter.