A/N: Well, no one-else looked like they were going write it, so I decided to write it myself: a Rosso x Bellatrix sadistic rapefic. God, I'm twisted. XD

Before writing this, I listened to the way Rosso talked in some cut-scenes and tried to capture her accent to the best of my ability. I have never put serious effort into trying to convey a particular accent before, so please forgive me if it just looks…stupid. Some mannerisms of speech are hard to represent phonetically, especially when you're armed with an American keyboard and scant knowledge of foreign languages. And I think Rosso and Nero's accents were Italian, but I'm not positive, so if anyone knows for sure that they weren't please correct me!

WARNINGS: Slash. Profane language. Torture. Mild gore. Rape. This definitely deserves its M rating! It's not very graphic in even its naughtiest parts, but at the same time it's certainly not the type of thing you'd want the kiddies to see.

SPOILERS: None, unless you didn't know about the existence of "Dirge of Cerberus".

SPECIAL NOTES: Crossover with "Harry Potter" only in the sense that Bellatrix gets thrown into the FF world. She's the only one out of place! This fic also acknowledges the existence of Argento, who didn't quite make it in to DoC.

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Chapter One: New Pet




Rosso was bored. Bored out of her mind. Her training had finished earlier today and now there was nothing to do but prowl the endless corridors and many various rooms of Deep Ground.

Well, as many as she had access to, anyway. Those scientists and their laughable excuses for bodyguards made sure to keep her kenneled like a vicious dog whenever they weren't testing or using her. They knew her weaknesses. Had the means to incapacitate her if need be, though Rosso rarely acted up in hopes that one day they'd loosen their leash and let her outside every so often.

But no matter how good she was, it was never good enough for those miserable people. No matter how compliant she was with them, no matter how well she fought, no matter how many people and monsters she killed, they always wanted more, more, more. Like they expected her to be a damn female Sephiroth. At least Sephiroth got to see the light of day.

It wasn't right. It wasn't fun. It wasn't any way to live. Rosso do this. Rosso do that. But does anybody give a damn what Rosso wants to do?

No. Or she wouldn't be down here wasting her time patrolling the open-ground battle arena.

The area was large — several acres — and catacombed with giant, rugged, earthen pillars that stretched a hundred feet up into the ceiling. Varying hues of the same boring, ruddy-brown dirt and rock filled her vision, broken only occasionally by the dark stains of blood long-since spilt and the bleaching bones of mice and other small animals whose bodies weren't large enough to merit removal by the Cadavers Team. As usual, the place was somewhat dank and stifling in spite of Deep Ground's attempts to circulate fresher air in via the ventilation system. Tiny glowing white circles placed randomly in the walls and pillars provided weak but adequate light to most areas.

Rosso had killed many a foe down here. And she would kill many more.

Rounding a pillar, she paused to place her hand against it. Stared with utter indifference at the spot that had collapsed in two weeks ago when Shelke had failed to finish off one of Hojo's experiments in a timely manner. That beast had nearly been as big as Azule's alternate form, and had brought down a whole pillar by smashing headfirst into it while trying to get at Shelke. Stupid brute.

Rosso bit down on her lip and sighed. Tasted the coppery tang of her own blood.

Blood — how it excited her! Fresh, warm, and pouring out of her victims' gaping wounds. The sight of it was enough to drive her wild with savage euphoria; she loved nothing more than to draw it out of its fleshy container and shower in it, to feel its sticky warmth trickling over her smooth skin, to savor its sweet smell, to watch her victim die as his life spilled out of him in red rivers and lakes. Sweet, sweet blood. She could never get enough of it.

Murder was an art; a thing to take pride in. It could be executed in many different forms, but Rosso preferred to do it with style, killing her victims quickly and messily. Such a method demonstrated that she was powerful, she was dangerous, and mercy could kiss her ass.

"Fall foul of Rosso the Crimson and you're a dead man." men would say, and Rosso loved hearing them say this. Or hearing that they said it, as the case sometimes was.

She was dominant.

She was deadly.

She was not to be messed with.

She was…without something to kill.

Frowning, the red Tsviet looked toward the passage that would lead her back into the main complex where the floor was sterile linoleum and the lights were fluorescent bars cut into the ceiling. Artificial and fake, like everything else in Deep Ground save this one cavern.

She should find the other Tsviets. See what they were doing. Maybe Nero would spar with her now that their owners — that was pretty much what their captors were these days — had finally let him free of that room where they'd kept him tied to a reinforced metal column with heavy chains, constantly weakening him with small injections of pure lifestream. He could fight amazingly well for a male, she had to admit. Much better than that dim-witted Azule.

And Shelke…well, she was the smallest and weakest of them all. Useless unless one needed to do something computer-related.

If only she could age, Rosso thought with disappointment.

Shelke had the body of a ten-year-old. Even if she weren't so unattractively underdeveloped, she was too fragile. Too easy to break. She wouldn't last more than a few seconds with Rosso's brand of lesbian fun. And then the Heads of Deep Ground would be pissed, and Rosso's quality of life would go straight down the toilet.

A guy in a white labcoat emerged suddenly from an adjacent room, clipboard in hand. Without looking up from it he crossed the hall into the next room.

No-one else stirred, at least as far as she could see.

The frown on her face deepened. Why do there have to be so many men here?! Would it kill them to get a few women on staff every once in a while? The prettier the better. Then I could grab one aside when no-one was looking and rape her into oblivion.

It was like the Heads could read her mind and automatically knew not to let her within a mile of anything female. So annoying. So typically male. Bad enough they wouldn't let her have her freedom, they wouldn't let her have a feisty vixen either.

Well, Nero it was then.

Rosso started for the corridor, her ever-present double-bladed gun held firmly in one hand. If only Argento hadn't gone MIA.

Now there was a woman!

Oh, the fun Rosso had had with her! Sure she was straight. Sure she was a fully-grown Tsviet more than capable of fighting off Rosso's sinful advances. But hey, at least she was beautiful. At least she had a nice rack, a tight ass, curves in all the right places, and those teasing, sexy, silvery eyes. Far better to be hurt by her than Nero. With Argento battle was more like kinky foreplay — with Nero it was just…battle.

A sudden noise!

Rosso whirled like lightning and positioned her weapon out in front of her, ready for a fight.

It was a shimmering blue portal, about eight feet wide, and pulsating with energy that made a faint crackling noise. Its bottom hovered a good four feet above the ground, casting the dirt beneath it in a dull bluish glow.

Odd. What is that, a new experiment? Perhaps something to do with lifestream? Rosso approached cautiously, ready for anything. If a monster popped out she planned to charge it dead-on, laying open one of its sides — or possibly beheading it — before it even knew where it was.

She didn't have long to wait.

Not five seconds after it had appeared the portal ejected its passenger: a flailing black form which landed unceremoniously on the ground twenty-five feet in front of Rosso.

"Damn you! Damn you Rodolphus Lestrange!" a very human, very female voice screamed, "How DARE you try to turn Lord Voldemort against me! I'm going to kill you! I'm going to fucking kill you!"

Rosso let out a squeal of giddiness — here she'd just been fantasizing getting a bitch, and be damned if one didn't fall right into her lap!

The newcomer leapt to her feet and spun to face her.

Rosso eyed her over carefully. She was pale and somewhat worn in appearance, with full black lips; long black hair that had a bit of a curl to it; and wild, dark eyes accentuated by dark green eyeshadow. Unfortunately, her body was almost completely covered in black robes, but her chest stuck out attractively, and it looked as if a nice, full figure were hiding beneath the folds of fabric.

Rosso guessed her at around thirty years of age, give or take a few. Despite her stressed-out exterior she definitely had the mark of beauty.

Oh HELL yes! Now THIS is what I'm talking about! Her heart sang with delight. Lust glittered within her crimson eyes.

Smiling broadly with barely-controlled glee, she lowered her weapon to her side. "Why hello zere, Dah-ling." she purred in a thick accent, "And who might you be?"

The woman blinked a few times, staring at her in complete and utter disbelief. Then she looked back to the portal, only to discover it missing. Her eyes darted around the room quickly before returning to Rosso. "I'm Bellatrix Black, a high-ranking Death Eater!" She produced a small, tapering stick with within an inner pocket of her robes and gestured with it threateningly.

Rosso narrowed her eyes seductively, drawing her bloodred lips into a tight, sultry smirk. "Black eez eet? How eenteresting. I am Rosso zee Crimson." She'd never heard of Death Eaters before, and she didn't particularly care what they were. In all likelihood it probably just meant they were immune to Death magic — which, hey, who wasn't — and fought primarily by casting it.

She watched as Bellatrix stared at the glowing cerulean strips on her Tsviet outfit. One ran up the front and back sides of each of her extremely long, black boots, ending where these did at the mid-calf. These boots also had a strip lining the bottom of the toes, the only place they could be found horizontally on her whole body. Three more ran over the black coverings of her chest: one between her breasts, and one over the middle of each of them. There were thin strips between each of the fingers of her black, metal-clawed gloves. And, of course, a long stripe down her back which was partially obscured by her lacing armor, but it would be a while before Bellatrix saw that.

The Death Eater's eyes averted then to her chest-length, dull-red hair with all its kinks and sharp locks, and her expression took on a quality of startled bewilderment. She panned down, and Rosso hoped she enjoyed the view of her bare and exposed upper thighs against the red backdrops of her dress-tail and tight thong underwear.

"Rosso?" Bellatrix repeated, comically confused.

"Yes. You would do well to remember eet."

Bellatrix stiffened. "Is that so?" She pointed her stick her. "Crucio!"

Rosso zipped to the side with unbelievable speed and easily avoided the flying red streak of magic. It hit the wall instead, having no discernable effect on it. "Oh, you're a feisty one!" she laughed, giving her blade-gun a playful twirl, "Zeese weel be fun."

Wide-eyed with shock, the black-haired magic-user tried again. "Avada Kedavra!"

Rosso dodged swiftly, leaving the green jet to hit a pillar and explode a sizeable chunk out of it. She advanced full-speed on her new lovetoy, aiming one of her blade-tips at the woman's left calf.

To her slight disappointment, Bellatrix's reaction-time was far too slow; the blade ripped through clothes and into flesh, the last few inches coming out coated in blood. Rosso continued to rush by and darted behind a pillar while her victim shrieked in pain.


Rosso's eyes burned with passion. She wanted her. Wanted her now.

But no…delay only heightened the pleasure; what worked with killing would work with sex. Nothing beat good foreplay, especially since she didn't know how long it would be before she could get another bitch.

"Fucking bitch!" Bellatrix howled.

Rosso stole a quick glance from the from the side of her hiding spot and watched her whirl around angrily, trying to find her. After a few seconds of futile searching she jerked her robes back and skirted the black cocktail dress beneath them up and to the side, giving Rosso a mouth-watering view of her naked leg and bloodied calf. She pointed the stick at the gash. "Episkey." The wound sealed up a few seconds later. "Tergeo." A faint shot of blue and the blood vanished.

So. Her magic is centered in that stick. How tragic. How sad. If she had any sense she'd put her materia in a dagger, at the very least. Strange that she needed verbal commands to get the magic to work, but then there were a lot of strange things in this world. Stranger still were the words she used — it had to be another language, created to keep enemies in the dark about which magics were being used.

Didn't matter. Death Eaters, whatever they were, were clearly inferior to Tsviets.

But oh, this one was sassy!

Having healed her wound, Bellatrix again searched for her enemy. "I know you haven't left." she growled, "I'm going to make you pay for that!"

Rosso laughed. "Please do."

"Damn muggle!" Bellatrix shrieked, "I don't know how you got so fast…"

Rosso shot out at her like a bullet fired from a gun. This time, instead of slashing at her plaything, she struck her lightly across the stomach with the flat of the blade. Bellatrix flew off her feet and sailed in reverse, her stick leaving her hand, her back colliding painfully with the ground several feet away.

Rosso was there in a flash. Her right hand shot out. Sharp, black metal claws wrapped around the tender white throat. Bellatrix choked out a gasp of surprise mixed with fear as Rosso hoisted her first to eye-level, then above her head. "No no, Dah-ling." she purred, eyes half-lidded in her trademark show of condescending superiority and confidence, "I am a Tsee-vet." She dug a claw into her neck just enough to draw blood.

Bellatrix panicked and began struggling like a fresh-caught fish, squirming, kicking, and beating against her captor in a frenzy.

Rosso's tight smile only grew. She calls this fighting? She could barely feel the blows.

The black-haired woman reached up with both hands and tried desperately to pry her fingers loose. When she couldn't, she switched to scratching them with her own sharp fingernails.

Rosso felt as though she were been clawed by a naughty kitten. It hurt, yes, but only mildly, and this pain she liked.

Bellatrix's eyes widened. She held out her hand. "Accio wand!"

The stick — no, wand — jetted back into her open palm. This was pointed hastily at Rosso's bare stomach, right above the gridlock of twisting silver armor that protected her crotch area. "Avada Kedavra!"

The blinding green flash hit her point-blank.

"Ah!" Rosso yelped, dropping Bellatrix and doubling over a little, her free hand clutching her aching gut. That HURT! It felt like Nero had punched her, or at the very least someone from SOLDIER. Punched her with electrical knuckles, because now her whole stomach was alive with an unpleasant tingling sensation. She drew her hand away to examine the mark, only there was none. Her lip curled up savagely as her now-wider red eyes bore into Bellatrix. "What man-ner of mageek eez zeese?"

Bellatrix's mouth hung open in a generous "o", revealing well-cared-for white teeth. Her eyes were saucers. "Avada Kedavra!" she yelled, this time aiming at Rosso's face.

Rosso sprang aside like a jackrabbit and the curse tore another chunk out of the wall. Ignoring her discomfort, she held out her weapon and fired two Flamespells at this reluctant victim.

"Crucio! Crucio!" Bellatrix called, producing two consecutive red blasts of magic from her wand, one for each Flamespell. She scrambled out of harm's way and watched as the bursts of magic met one-on-one and cancelled each other out.

Her magic flies swifter than mine, Rosso observed, but it lacks the quality of homing in on its target. Since the magic's aim was only as good as Bellatrix's, and she had nothing to compensate for her complete lack of physical strength, slow speed, and poor reaction-time, this encounter was in the bag.

Rosso decided that this phase of playtime was over. Time to get into the heavier, more fun parts.

Before the black-haired vixen had time to come to terms with the fact that her shot had, indeed, missed, Rosso was coming at her again. "Avada —"

Rosso swerved behind a pillar.


This spell missed by a mile.

Slowly, far too slowly for her own well-being, Bellatrix registered where her target had disappeared to. In the time it took her wand to sweep over the pillar Rosso pounced on her, tearing the horrid stick out of her hand violently. Breaking it in half with a mere twist of her fingers, she tossed the pieces to the ground and seized Bellatrix by the wrist. A jerk of this wrist and a sweeping motion with the flat of a blade to the back of unskilled legs brought her down hard on her back. She started to roll over, but Rosso's foot stomped down on her midsection, pinning her flat.

"I-I don't understand!" the Death Eater stammered, face pale with fright, "That first curse to the belly should have killed you!"

In spite of her still-smarting mid-section, Rosso laughed. "I told you, Bellatreex dear, I am a Tsee-vet. We are eemune to zee Death mageek."

Just when Rosso thought she couldn't get any whiter, Bellatrix blanched a couple of shades more. "What exactly is a Tsee-vet?"

Rosso smiled, this time showing teeth. "We were dee-signed for keelling. We are creatures of deadly pre-ceesion and powere. Supeerior to you een every way. Theenk of me as your Mee-stress."

"What could you possibly want with me?" Bellatrix made the mistake of asking.

Rosso stared longingly at her chest.

Then she cast the bladegun aside and fell down upon her, straddling her tightly between her legs.

Bellatrix made a sharp cry of surprise and tried to buck her off, but to no avail. Spitting like a wildcat, she launched a furious assault with both fists, punching and clawing at her red-haired opponent.

Rosso caught her arms and positioned her hands over her head, holding them there easily with one hand. Bellatrix seemed amazed at how strong she was. Sweat began beading on her forehead.

Now that her victim was effectively helpless, Rosso used her free hand to tear through the clothes covering her breasts like they were nothing. Bellatrix screamed like a panther as the claws shredded strips of flesh away along with cloth.

Delicious. Rosso eyed the present she'd just torn the wrapper off of. Bowing her head down, she licked at some of the blood at the top of her unwilling lover's chest.

"Oh my fucking bloody god," Bellatrix panicked, her chest heaving more rapidly than ever before, "you're a lesbian!"

Rosso gazed into those terrified black eyes and smirked. "Took you that long to feegure eet out, Love? You are raz-eer slow on zee draw." She kissed her cheek — roughly — and Bellatrix flinched strongly.

Gently, she pressed a claw to the spot her lips had just touched. Applying just a little bit of pressure, she traced a fine line of red down to the corner of her mouth, ending at the luscious black lips.

"Mmm," she moaned softly, eyelids fluttering, "Such a deleecate creature."

Bellatrix struggled with all the vigor she possessed. Then, apparently giving up, she said "Wouldn't you rather rape another Tsee-vet?"

"Ah, but zey would not be so easy. And zere are no ell-ee-gible females." Without warning she lashed out with her pointer finger and struck the area just above Bellatrix's right eye, sinking her claw in deep.

Bellatrix began screaming loudly, and it occurred to Rosso that this kinky foreplay could not continue until she had her properly gagged. Letting go of her woman's wrists and drawing her claw out of her face, she hastily tore off a sizeable strip from the arm of one of the long, black sleeves. It took less than ten seconds to knot it up to the proper thickness and gag her with it, silencing that attention-drawing scream. Jerking Bellatrix's head up, she tied it tightly in the back. "My apologies," she said in that same sexy purr she'd been using throughout most of her dialogue with her, "I was getting ahead of myself. A new pet needs a leash, a collar, and toys."

Bellatrix moaned fiercely into the gag, blinking blood out of her eye.

Rosso grinned devilishly. "And…I know just where to get zem."