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Let me make this clear to you all, this is not a remix/remade story from the manga Dakishimete Noir! Which was written by Iisaka Yukako (so said Wikipedia). And no, I am not stealing the plot line from the manga above. I may have read a story similar to that before, and besides, this is a manga made in JAPAN where most mangas are similar to one another (plot wise, but arranged/portrayed differently of course). The beginning may sound similar but not the whole entire story I assure you, if I were to base my entire story on the manga, then I would've given credit to Iisaka Yukako since it's the right thing to do. But if you're going to complain and point fingers at me, then please leave and read some other story that will satisfy you to your liking.

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Chapter 01

The blue haired girl looked up at the dark gloomy sky, it was raining cats and dogs.

Darn, I forgot to bring my umbrella again.

Hinata didn't mind the rain, really she didn't. But due to her weak health, exposing her body to the cold rain will make her sick, or worse, catch a fever. Ever since she was a child, she was held–well more like trapped– inside her house during any cold or harsh weathers.

Hinata was always aware about her surroundings whenever she sets foot out of her own house. It became a habit to her whenever she goes off elsewhere, mainly to school or to the supermarket. Hinata never, not once, grew annoyed by it. She accepted her condition and tried her best to avoid anything that will make her ill, but the little girl just couldn't help but wonder how it would feel like to step outside the house freely for once without a care about her weak body. As if she were a regular girl… doing regular things that any normal person would do. Like maybe, dance in the rain, go to the beach, roll around in a flowery meadow, make snow angels, and maybe–

"Oi! Hinata!"

The images in her mind rapidly vanished when she heard somebody shout out from behind her. She spun her head to the person who called out and saw her friend running towards her.

"O-oh, hello Kiba–"

The boy came up to the girl and gave her an unexpected hug. The sudden action surprised her, there was a long silence.

"Umm, Kiba... what's-"

"I'm so sorry Hinata!"

Kiba interrupted her before she could end her sentence, she pushed her hands on his torso to look up at him directly. The girl did so with some struggle seeing that her friend's hold on her was still firm. Hinata scrunched her eyebrows together, "Why are you apologizing? Y-you didn't do anything wrong, right?"

Kiba shifted his eyes away slightly, "I promised you that I was going to walk you home today, but..."

The petite girl crossed her arms and gave him a look like every mother would throw at a child who has done some sort of crime. "Come on Kiba, spit it out."

Kiba scratched the side of his scalp, struggling on what to say next,

"I, well… Heh, I got in trouble after pranking one of the teachers today. Later after lunch I was caught by the principle, she dragged me to her office. And so Tsunade-san gave me an after school detention today." he lowered his head in shame.

Hinata blinked a couple of times, "You got d-detention?" she asked, and he nodded sadly.

"Yeah... on a Saturday* too! I never should have taken that dare." He let out a depressed sigh.

"I'm so sorry Hinata!" He ruffled his hair in frustration, "Gah! If it weren't for that dare I wouldn't have-!"

Hinata stifled a giggle that managed to silence Kiba, his moving hands stopped with the ruffling, his face instinctively turned to hers with his mouth a gap. Dark wild eyes met with her beautiful gentle ones. Hinata took notice of this and ceased her laughter.

"Kiba-kun, i-it's alright. No need to say sorry. I can handle walking home by myself for t-today." She gave him a warm smile.

"Are you sure?" He questioned, and she nodded.

"A-absolutely, no worries. but seriously Kiba, you have to know when enough i-is enough. I don't want to walk home alone for the rest of the school y-year." the small girl let out a soft chuckle, he could feel his face heat up in embarrassment.

"Maybe I should wait for you." Kiba's ears perked up at this, similar to that of a dog. He fixed his eyes on her with a hint of plea, he internally punched himself for wishing something so selfish. To let a girl wait for him? No, he must sadly turn that glorious offer down. Although, the mere thought of it sounded interesting. Having the Hyuuga wait for him outside in the hallway, leaning against the lockers, fiddling with her fingers, awaiting for Kiba to come out and walk her home... hand in hand– Wait, what? And just like before, he interjected.

"Woah, no there's no need for that. Really Hinata, you'll just be wasting your time here. And also, it's raining like crazy, if you wait any longer the weather will get worse. So it'll be best to head on home where it's nice and cozy."

"A-are you sure?" She asked in a concerned tone.

"Yeah, I'm sure." He said with a hint of disappointment in his voice, but that soon faded when he snapped his fingers. "Oh! Speaking of rain, here, you can barrow this." He gave Hinata an umbrella, to which she gratefully accepted in her hands. "Oh! Thank y-you Kiba, you're a life saver!" Hinata gave him a big thank you hug. He gave out a chuckle and ruffled Hinata's pixie short hair, "Heh, no problem. Hey, did you bring your jacket?" Hinata said nothing, Kiba responded with another laugh.

"Alright alright. Here, you can take my jacket then." He stripped off his sports jacket and handed it over to Hinata, she eyed him with another concerned look. "But what about you?"

He jabbed his thumb on his back-pack, "Don't worry, I got a spare."

Hinata again accepted what was given to her, the girl bowed her head low to show great gratitude, "Thank you again Kiba, I-I'm sorry for troubling you."

The boy shook his head and gave one last pat on her head, "You say sorry too much you know that?".

Kiba gave his farewells to Hinata and headed off to detention, also known as 'HELL'. Hinata waved good bye to her friend with sympathy until he was out of sight, she then opened up the umbrella and began to walk.

Her hand clutched onto the hem of Kiba's jacket, while the other held on to the umbrella firmly against the mild wind. The rain drops danced on the plastic surface, tap tap tap. She hummed a catchy tune to go along with the changing beat, to at least keep her mind busy on the song instead of the silent walk to her home. Without Kiba by her side, the trip felt rather quiet and lonesome. She let out a sad sigh.

Kiba-kun, why do you have to be such a trouble maker?

Ever since she met him in elementary school, the boy wouldn't stop with his silly shenanigans, he would do anything to bring some humor to the people. As years passed by, his jokes became much more hilarious one right after the other, he became pretty well known due to his outrageous pranks and all... especially in high school, which made him well known among the student body and on many teacher's hit lists.

Hinata couldn't help but feel a tad bit jealous of him, he had gained so many friends and was basically open to anyone. While she on the other hand was, well... the complete opposite.

Many people consider him as the school's class prankster, a delinquent, and not to mention a star athlete. He liked running, the boy was really good at it too, which would've explained why he joined the track team. It startled a few students when they saw him training along with the other track people out on the field. Especially the girls when they saw him shirtless, that was the time when Kiba's track mates where trying to pull a prank on him to compensate all the tricks he's pulled on them. Of course it was just for laughs, the boys meant no harm at all. All they wanted was a few laughs and total humiliation for the boy. But they received unexpected results.

The Hyuuga remembered the time when she first saw the inside of her friend's locker, this was after Track practice. It contained about a few love letters, all were neatly sealed within a colorful envelope and are coated with this sweet scent that didn't mix well with the others.

He would receive these sort of things occasionally after every practice and game. His locker would always reek of this sickly sweet rosy aroma along with some home-made cookies and chocolates that she assumed were made by the culinary-art students. The boy was overwhelmed, being showered by gifts and letters that contained many of his admirers's feelings. But he grew somewhat accustomed to it over time.

Hinata caught sight of the cross walk and hopped onto the white strips, she continued on to the next with a tap on her shoe's heel, avoiding the imaginary black lava. The girl was just a few steps away from the side walk, the street sign flickered, green transitioned to yellow. At this, the Hyuuga quickened her pace until she reached to the other side just in time before the sign turned red. She continued onward, with Kiba resurfacing in her mind.

Despite the number of confessions given to him by so many girls in the school, he denied to go out with any of them. Hinata was curious at his constant refusal, and so she decided to ask him why face to face, hoping to get a straight answer out of him. In the end, the Hyuuga only received a blush from the boy, followed by an out of the blue knock-knock joke. He can be so strange sometimes...

Poor clueless Hinata.

When the girl ended her thoughts about her friend, she came to a stop. Her eyes caught something moving, a dark snake slithered on the cold concrete sidewalk, that she almost stepped on. A startled 'meep' escaped her lips, she took a couple of steps back until she was at a fair distance. Relief washed over her at her quick impulse, but that feeling did not linger for too long. Dread quickly consumed her in a matter of seconds. Something wasn't right here, the snake wasn't moving away, it's movements were abnormal, unfitting.

Hinata noted that the snake's scales were dark and furry, she quickly came to realize that the thing wasn't a snake at all, but a tail. The Hyuuga's eyes trailed away from the end of the tail, in hopes to identify this non reptile creature. But she only managed to find the creature's identity to be concealed by the leaves of a mere bush.

Curiosity took the best of her, she hesitantly took a step forward and stooped down close to the shrub, her stiff cold free hand tentatively pushed aside the leaves to reveal what she least expected to see. Stricken, her hand retreated away from the bush to cover her mouth, she held in her breath unknowingly, and her grip on the umbrella tightened.

The girl stood there in place, not moving an inch under the pouring rain.

It took her a while to finally regain her strength, and the ability to breathe again. She mustered enough strength and courage to look inside the shrub once more. She felt an imaginary lump in her throat and her eyes squinted at what lied in front of her.

It was a cat, it's fur color can be barely identified in the shadow. The smell of rust filled her lungs, the stench was just so unbearable, so agonizingly powerful, similar to before. She wanted to run away from the scene. But this time Hinata stood firm and still, and fought the urge to puke. Her nose twitched in disgust upon recognition of this strange smell. It was blood.

She looked down at the feline sympathetically, its breathing barely audible under the rain, the cat's body probably immobile due to the wounds that were inflicted upon the poor thing. It pained her to see the animal in such a state. She wanted to help the cat, take the little fellow home and nurse it back to health.

And that's exactly what the little Hyuuga is going to do.

She inched herself forward to the injured feline and extended her hand at it. Upon doing so, she managed to break a small arm of a branch off. The cat's ears perked up at the sudden 'crunch' noise, its fierce eyes snapped open and caught sight of the girl. The cat groggily growled at her, giving the girl a warning. Her hand shrinked back at the cat's reaction, this pierced Hinata's heart dearly. But, that didn't stop her. No way will she let the poor thing die out here in the cold rain. She put aside her feelings and continued on furthering her advancement on helping the animal.

"Don't worry, I-I won't hurt you." Hinata said with full honesty, the cat stared at her still, his fangs still bared. The girl simply ignored its hisses, "I will never hurt you.. so please, just let me help you."

The growling ceased, its ears slowly lowered, as did its guard. Hinata took the chance and gently cradled the cat into her arms, "Don't worry, I've got you." She covered the cat's body with her jacket, and picked him up, away from the cold ground.

"You're safe now. " she mumbled as she brought the creature close to her chest. The cat wiggled closer to the warmth that was omitting from the girl's body, the feline's eyes fluttered shut, clearly too tired to hold it open. Hinata gave a small smile at her victory and began to head her way back home with the sleeping creature in her arms.

Hinata was finally done. She treated all of the cat's wounds and gave the little fellow a nice warm bath. "Phew, th-that was a lot of work, but in the end... it was all w-worth it." She buttoned up her fresh clean pj top, the girl then looked down at the sleeping feline.

She has done a thorough inspection on the cute little guy, there were no signs of any infections. Meaning that the cat was rabies free, and well enough to stay over the night until she can find a good pet store that's willing to foster the little fellow. A mewl was heard, the cat snuggled its cheeks against the pillow it was sleeping on. Hinata silently awed at the sight, never would she have ever imagined herself to do something so reckless. The girl silently thanked the Gods that her cousin Neji wasn't living with her, because he would never approve something like this to happen in the house hold.

Neji was a few years older than her, he is now off to college in the states, studying in a medical school. He would occasionally call her once a week to see if she's taking her medications or not and making sure that she's doing well with her studies. Despite the great distance between both her and her cousin, Neji never seems to stop worrying about her.

All thoughts about her cousin ended when something peculiar caught Hinata's eyes, that's when she discovered the little silver collar lying on top of her wooden drawer. The girl remembered taking the collar off of the cat before she bathed the creature. Upon removing it she noticed that it has left a line on the cat's neck. Hinata picked up the strange oversized ring and looked closely at it, she gently stroke the metallic collar carefully with her curious fingers.

There was no address or phone number engraved on it, except for a strange symbol that she could barely make out.

"How strange." mumbled Hinata.

She stopped with her observation and ever so gently laid the alien object down. She made her way to the bed and set her petite body right next to the cat, careful on not to wake the little fur-ball up. She then petted the feline on the head, the cat reacted with a soft purr, it's ear flickered every time she touched them, Hinata gave out a small giggle. Her eyes slowly wondered the cat's body, she felt her heart ache at the sight of the bandages and the distinct line around its neck. The thought of the mean owner abusing the little creature frightened her, she mentally shook the thought away.

"Who would do such a thing to you?" she mumbled. The cat's ears perked up at the girl's question, he gave her a long stare and gave out a small meow. The girl quickly looked back at the cat and gave him a nervous chuckle. "A-ah, sorry. I-I didn't mean to interrupt you and y-your nap." she scratched the side of her cheeks, the girl let out a nervous chuckle, clearly embarrassed to have awaken the cat with her little slip out. Her forced laughter quickly died however as the grim expression made its way back to her pale face.

"By the way, the p-person who did this to you, whoever did it must truly b-be a selfish, cold person."

Hinata's face began to soften, "A beautiful cat like you, should b-be handled and treated with love... don't y-you agree?" The cat did not respond, there was a long silence.

"O-oh right…. You don't understand a w-word I'm saying."

Hinata let out a little chuckle and mentally slapped herself.

"I think I've gone crazy."

Hinata gently reached for the blanket and brought it up to the both them. The girl was careful when it came to the cat, she scooted a couple spaces away in order to set a good distance between them. She didn't want to accidentally knock the poor cat, although she knew fairly well that she wasn't a rowdy person in her sleep. But still, she likes to play things safe.

Hinata gave the cat one last smile and mumbled 'good night'. The little Hyuuga slowly drifted away in her slumber. Little did she know that the cat was still staring at the girl, with its crimson-red eyes.

The sun's light beamed through the blinds, lighting up the room with a warm greeting. The light kissed Hinata's face, making the girl's eyelids to flutter open. Her eye sight was a bit blurry, she groggily rubbed her eyelids and her vision slowly adjusted to her surroundings. But she has failed to realize that the cat was no longer there beside her, instead...

"Good morning, princess."

Two strong yet lean arms snaked around Hinata's small waist, "Did you have a good sleep?" He asked in a low tone. Hinata felt something gently nuzzle against the back of her neck, hot air tickled her ear after every exhale that was made by the figure behind her. Hinata froze in place, her eyes widened in shock.

There was a long silent pause.


Hinata shrieked at the top of her lungs, making the roof of the house shoot up 5 feet in the air.

to be continued...

*To those who were a bit confused, in Japan, the school days can last from Monday to Saturday. Yes Saturday... it's horrible ._.

any who I hope you guys enjoyed this, I re-edited the whole thing. So it should be free from most errors.