I have not so much to explain. It is a Jordan X Eva, but in the start of chapter 2 it is a little Aikka X Eva. Just watch, OK?

Chapter 1

Eva sighed and sat down in the cockpit in the Whizzing Arrow 3. (In this story the Earth-team have a kind of three pilots, not one. The other two's name is April and May. They're twins and fly something which looks more like rocket-seat. They don't have normal weapons. They have arrows (not magical), small balls with lot of magic (they saying some magic words and they balls getting 'on'. April using arrows usual in fight and May using sword and dagger (it's really strong, and can cut past crog-armor easy).

Jordan came up in the communication. "Molly, you ready?"

"I'm always ready, Jordan. Don't worry," Eva smiled. Jordan nodded and went off. She looked at the twins. They looked a little bit nervous. Eva sighed again and the race started.

The floor opened up under them and the other racers. Eva pointed up the reactors, but something was wrong. The reactors won't start. "Molly, set the reactors up!" Don said.

"I'm trying, sir. They won't!" Eva said.

"What's going on?" April asked.

"The reactors are not under control. Something has taken them of," Koji said.

"English, thanks," Jordan said.

"What Koji trying to say is: The reactors doesn't work," Stan said.

"But that's mean..." it came from May.

"May, try yours!" April said. May tried. It didn't worked.

"Impossible! I checked my star-racer right before the race," May said.

"Mine doesn't work either!" April said.

Eva started to yell of fear. Everything got to black and the communication was dead.

Sorry it's was so short. The next chapter is longer