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Lady In Waiting Pov

" Your Majesty I need you to push" I ordered the Queen Tanya. I waited as Tanya pushed down hard. This was King Edward and Queen Tanya's fourth child. The other three have died except for Lady Mary who is seven.

" One more push" I said. I watched as Tanya pushed with all her strength and then as I brought the baby out she collapsed on the bed behind her. But something was wrong with this baby. It was a boy but it was not moving.

" What is wrong?" The Queen asked. I looked over at the maids. They took the baby and wrapped in up in a towel.

" I'm so sorry your majesty" I spoke quietly.

The Queen screamed " No please no''. I turned and walked outside where Lord Jasper Hale waited to hear the news.

" Lord Hale" I bowed to one of the kings best friends.

" What be the sex of the baby" He asked frantically.

" It was a still birth" I replied.

" Another one" He sighed.

I nodded my head " I am afraid so".

" Tell the queen to stay in her chamber for further notice the king will be displeased" He said.

" Understood your grace" I bowed down as he walked away to deliver the bad news.

Lord Jasper Hale's POV

" Your majesty King Edward" I bowed before him and kissed the ring on his finger.

" Lord Hale you have news for me on the Queens birth. Is it a boy we have all been praying for?" I rose to stand before him.

" I am afraid not you majesty. The has given birth to a still born" I bowed my head knowing his reaction wasn't going to be pleasant.

" I am sorry your majesty". He stood from his throne and began to pace.

" Bring Lady Jane to my chambers" He ordered.

" Yes your grace" I then left to find Jane the kings newest mistress. She was sitting by a window in the hallway.

" Lady Jane" I called to her. She turned around and bowed

"Come the King requests a ladies company this evening."

"Yes your grace."

Edward's POV

"Your majesty the lady you requested."

A young girl walked into my chambers. She was small but well defined. I could see the perfect outline of her breasts and her long blonde hair flowed down to her waist.

I walked over to her slowly and wrapped my arms around her waist. I pushed her hair over t one shoulder and began sucking on her neck her body was pressed up tightly against me and I slid my arms up her back to undo the ties that held her dress together. I turned her around so that he back was pressed up against me and I slipped the dress down her shoulders to reveal her breasts.

I had seen better but I was to far gone to care at the moment. I pulled the dress completely off of her and slide my hand down her front till I found her heated center. I slid my finger in her and she moaned in pleasure. I turned her around suddenly and attacked her mouth with my own. The rest of clothes disappeared and I pushed her down onto the bed and pushed myself into her. I thrust myself in and out of her over and over again until I felt myself nearing my release.

I pushed myself out of her and sat up on the bed. I looked down at Jane.

" You are dismissed" I said. Jane put on her clothes quick before leaving my room.

the next day...

We were performing this pageant for the ambassadors of Tanya's native country of Spain. Some rubbish about good and evil. We men were fighting these woman called the disgraces. I was so infuriated with Tanya that I didn't even pay attention to what I was doing as I stared out the window in costume. My thoughts raged on. Did she love me? Or was she preoccupied? My thoughts were then rudely interrupted by some fool dressed up in costume.



"BULLLLLLLLOOOOOOCCCCCKKKS!" I yelled running in with my wooden sword in the air like a dog in the hunt.

We were all paused when the idiots of the show were screaming at the disgraces to let the graces go. I looked up at my sister Alice who looked unamused and bored. I was going to get her but she realized I didn't want to deal with her rants about her future marriage while carrying her on my back down an unsteady wall. I'll save that for that dumb dance.

So I settled for the woman standing next to her. I couldn't help but stare at her. Though she was in a mask I could tell she was gorgeous. She had a pale complexion. Her body was thin and boney. Her hair tied back in a bun. What struck me was her neck, it was long and thin.

I wanted to gaze at her forever but I was once again rudely interrupted when I heard:


And once again like a dog in the hunt I sprinted. I shoved some men out of my way and climbed the fucking unsteady wall as if I were a spider monkey. No one was getting the girl but me. I was finally there and she gave me a smile. I bet she has never seen anyone so barbaric just to get a closer glance at her.

"Hello there" I said.

Could I sound any dumber?

"Hello" she said back.

I was ecstatic that I didn't scare her.

"And what is your name?"


"Your real name"

"Isabella, Isabella Swan"

I smiled, I previously courted her sister. The Swans and the Howard's were always attractive people.

"Pleasure to meet you Isabella, perseverance you are now my prisoner"

I then carried her on my back down the unsteady wall. It was the best weight on my back I ever carried. Her skin felt soft as her arms wrapped loosely around my neck. I felt the blood rush to the familiar area to my body. I needed to release badly.

"You never told me your name sir knight" Bella whispered in my ear.

As we got to the bottom of the wall. I gently set her down and lead her to the dance floor.

"Your Majesty Edward Cullen"

we got to the bottom of the wall. I gently set her down and lead her to the dance floor.

She laughed.

"You're so not you delusional little man"

I brought her to her partner.

"I'll prove it to you"

I turned my head around and moved to spot across from my sister. I could tell Isabella was giggling.


Isabella was in shock as the mask went off. I was right, I was the King of England. I was in shock as well, she was beautiful with her eyes as dark as her hair. I gazed into Isabella's beautiful eyes once again.

"Told you so"

Isabella giggled and smiled at me. I started to melt like snow and ice in springtime. Everyone around me started to dance the traditional English dances. My thoughts continued to focus on Bella and then I was interrupted for the third time during this rubbish pageant by annoying sister Alice.


"Oh be quiet Alice about the marry the old king is crazy about you."

I wanted to look at Isabella but Alice made me look at her.


I sighed as Alice kept screaming at me like a wild woman. The pageant ended I ran away from my insane sister as fast as I could. I tried to get a glimpse of Isabella one last time before she scurried off.

After that it all went down hill from there. I was in love with another woman.