I just wanted to let everyone who has read my stories that I will not be updating them anytime soon….So yeah it's finally official. I love writing but it's just soooo time consuming and I'm a teenager so I need to have a life….Not to mention school will start soon and I need to focus on that and not stories. I will continue to read twilight fan fictions but I can't write anymore. I'm on the computer writing way to much when I should be out hanging with my friends and family or doing homework. I hope everyone understands. And I am so happy with everyone who has reviewed my stories and loved them. You guys believed in my stories when I didn't so thanks and bye…Omg I'm starting to cry I have to go.

P.S I'm not sure what to do with my stories...I don't want them to be put and collect dust so if anyone want's to continue them I would be very happy...Just PM