Is this where I belong?

Chapter 1: Where Am I?

(IMPORTANT! This story has been discontinued, for details look to the author's note that's Chapter 17. I apologize for the inconvenience.)

This story is AU because Kira from Gundam Seed is now a girl and is older by one year, so is 17. And she also crosses over to the Gundam 00 universe. After Jachin Due and the battle with La Creuset, Kira is floating in space in the Freedom. So this story picks up right in the last episode of Gundam Seed. There are also different parts changed like Kira has never activated SEED mode. So she'll probably remain in the Gundam 00 universe unless I do a sequel.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Seed or Gundam 00 and probably never will they belong to Sunrise.


Bold-yelling or when somebody raises there voice.

Kira's POV. Inside Freedom's cockpit.

As Kira floated aimlessly in space she went over everything that happened in her mind. The battle seemed to go on forever. The blackness of space was still outlined with the explosions and lights of the GINNS and the few Gundams attacks. Even though the fighting seemed to be dying down shots still could be heard. Kira herself was currently

surrounded by the carnage and parts of the destroyed Providence piloted by La Creuset. Breathing heavily, still in shock from just being barely missed by ZAFT's sabotaged super weapon GENESIS. Knowing that he couldn't possibly survived.

"Did everyone make it?" Kira couldn't stop herself from panicking slightly. She could barely move from the shock. Even though she wasn't hurt everything from just now seemed to hit her at full force. She knew people must have died. But who did she lose now? Finally snapping out of her daze Kira straightened up and checked the controls of the Freedom. Checking the screens for any threat. Seeing none Kira visibly relaxed. The Freedom was barely damaged which was a miracle in itself.

"What was that feeling before?" she thought. Kira could've sworn that she felt something in her head. Almost like a headache. It worried her a little since it was during a battle. But since she didn't feel anything now, she decided not to be to concerned unless it happened again.

Kira couldn't help but shake her head. "Why is peace so hard to achieve?" she muttered. Once more flashbacking to all the battles she fought in. First seeing her home Heliopolis be destroyed and knowing she was partly to blame. Then fighting her best friend... "Athrun... Please be alright."

"Can peace truly exist?" she thinks. But with no sudden warning a strong electric current ran through Kira's body.


Frantically trying to steady herself as she tried to hold onto the Freedom's controls. Trying to desperately find out what was going on. Was she under attack? While something at the back of Kira's mind told her to stay alert. Looking around Kira saw something she didn't think possible.

"How is that possible!" she thought shaking her head slowly. Before her eyes was a vortex. Almost looking like a funnel. But the strangest part was Kira could see many images. Mobile suits fighting in all kinds of terrain. Gigantic solar panels. Many people talking and arguing. To focused on the sight before her, Kira didn't notice the Freedom being pulled in. As if being attracted be some invisible force. But Kira couldn't stay conscious anymore. Feeling herself blackout Kira disappeared into darkness.

End Kira's POV.

Cagalli's POV. Accompanied by Athrun looking for Kira.

"Where could you be?" Cagalli felt her sense of dread grow. Neither her or Athrun found a sign of Kira anywhere. Neither found even a piece of the Freedom drifting around it was like she disappeared...

"NO! She has to be alright! Kira been through so much! I can't lose her too!" She just found out Kira was her sister. She had a second chance at having family and she wasn't going to lose it. Cagalli would look for Kira until she found her, she wouldn't give up on her!

"Kira please be safe," Cagalli whispered.

End Cagalli's POV.

Location Bridge of the Ptolemaios.

"What's this?" a quiet voice asked.

"What's wrong Feldt?" another voice asked.

"A heat source was detected." Feldt replied.

"WHAT, nothing was there before!"

"Seems like there is now. Try to find out what it is and display it." A women with long dark hair with a flask in her hand said. Her eyes becoming more serious then just a few minutes ago. This women's name was Sumeragi Lee Noriega.

"What could have gotten this close to the Ptolemaios without being detected. We didn't even start the plan yet!" She thought. While she was thinking these thoughts Feldt managed to locate the unidentified object and zoom in displaying it to the crew.

"That isn't possible!" Many voices said. Right before their eyes was a Gundam! Something only Celestial Being had. Currently the Gundam was drifting as it the person inside piloting wasn't controlling it. But something everybody noticed was that it was

dangerously close to the solar panels of the orbital elevator. It could easily be detected!

"Send one of the Meister's to retrieve it! Check to see if it's a threat!" Ms. Sumeragi said.

END POV of the Ptolemaios.

Kira's POV.

"Where am I," Kira thought to herself groggily. Her body felt so tired like she was on the verge of being unconscious. Looking around she realized that her surroundings weren't the same. The blackness of space was so dark and absolute. None of the carnage of the battle was around. Kira was surrounded by nothing but emptiness. Looking around she realized that a familiar sight was just near her. One of the images she saw before was the exact same as what was before her. The gigantic solar panels! As a cold feeling washed over her.

"I can't possibly be in a different place!" Kira desperately tried to keep calm. But it was hard when she realized she wasn't alone. Coming in fast seemed to be...a Gundam! Before Kira could lose consciousness she saw it reach out to her as if trying to hold on to her...

End of Chapter 1

Note: Wow this is my first story so I would like some reviews and feedback tell me if its good or not. Also keep in mind Kira was transported to the Gundam 00 universe in the very beginning. So they didn't begin their interventions yet. So everything is starting from the beginning. I was also debating whether Kira should have been found one of the military or not. But the other Gundam Meisters won. Basically my reason for writing this story was the thought of how someone like Kira would think of an organization, like Celestial Being and what they're doing is right. While also reading some amazing Female Kira fics thus this fic was born!