December 22nd 1912

Dear diary,

My reason to begin writing this diary is for the new chapter of my life.

Tomorrow I will become Mrs Jack Dawson. Just to think about the day is enough to make me want to leap in excitement.

For seven long months I have thought of the day. It hasn't been easy, for any of us.

But tomorrow is a new day, and the start of the rest of our lives together.

The baby seems to feel my excitement too as she hasn't stopped kicking and squirming around inside me today.

The thought of Jack and I becoming parents at just eighteen and twenty seemed frightening at first but when we felt her kick for the first time, we knew we'd be just fine. Everything else just seemed to fall into place, why wouldn't this?

The past seven months have been the best and worst of my life. The struggle, the hunger, the waiting, the doctors bills. But I had Jack and we're a family. Even the days when I felt I couldn't wake up, just to see his beautiful blue eyes glance at me gave me enough strength to pull me through the day.

I am eight months pregnant and Jack is sure I am expecting a girl. My back is sore and ankles are swollen but despite that nothing will stop me enjoying tomorrow. My dress is ivory and long with simple beading which I helped to make myself with the help of my wonderful neighbour Betty. The veil is cream and I have a very small tiara which Betty dearly loaned me.

My engagement ring is small and gold with 2 simple small diamonds either side of a dark blue sapphire, not anything extravagant but its beautiful.

I don't need the money and diamonds and beautiful dresses now, I have all I'll ever need. My life is no longer a struggle.

I have my baby due next month, income, a quaint house and of course my Jack. What else can a girl need?